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Moments That Take Your Breath Away

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He sent the call to voicemail. It was the fifth one in the last hour. He’d lost count of how many he’d received since he left the week before. He was on a mission and failure wasn’t an option. Not when so much was at risk.

This time a text message chimed through.

call us please. we’re worried

He had every intention of replying, but then he saw his target. Sliding his phone back in his pocket, he put his sunglasses on and followed.


He was out of contact for days. Weeks even. But he accomplished his mission and he could go home. He turned his phone back on and waited for the flood of messages and missed calls.

There were a few missed calls from Chin and Kono, but the rest were from Danny. He looked at the last incoming text message and a ghost of a smile crossed his lips.

Danny: you’ve been gone for far too long. Chin and Kono don’t put up with my rants the way you do. I’ll deny it to my dying day, I miss your driving…I miss you. I love you

Steve replies back with what he’s sure to put Danny at ease.

I miss you. I love you. See you soon.