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Advent 2014 Fics

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Harry handed his ticket to the bored attendant and scanned the auditorium.

Lily waved at him, and he hurried down the aisle to the seats. He excused himself as he crawled over several other already seated theatre patrons.

He hugged Lily, and dropped down next to Severus.He gave him a small kiss.

It was only a few minutes later that the lights dimmed and a stately woman stepped on to the middle of the stage.

"Thank you all for coming to our Christmas Pageant," she said. "All of the children have worked hard, and are thrilled that you could be here. Enjoy the show."

Ellie was too young to have a larger part; she was an enthusiastic part of the chorus, Jason had a larger role, being willing to actually waltz with the girls as part of a party scene. Harry thought he was reasonably good at it, or he pretended well enough.

At the reception, Ellie came running up. "Grandpa Sev! Did you see me sing?"

Severus picked her up and gave her a hug. "You were very good!"

Jason brought them cups of punch. "It's pretty awful," he admitted.

"Ah! But you were very good!" Harry praised him.