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The Cosmic Fire Dance

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Arctic cold. 

Frozen body, frozen breath

Trapped in a tundra, I live.

Only a river moves,

Nay my thoughts

Pitch black and ugly,

No respite from the tar, the dirt that flows through.

Depression, anxiety, helplessness at the root lies fear

Fear fear fear flowing over and over and over

No respite, no way to breathe.

I stay frozen forever in time, lost to the world.


And then a step. 

A tinkle, a jingle, a chime.

Over and over and over.

A peal of bells, the sound loud and jarring

Breaking the ice, the time, the flow.

Beside me, above me, around me

Forcing air through my lungs

Warm air through my lungs.

Chuckles and laughter,

the steps and bells moving faster and faster

Breezes, warm as the summer air

Swathing through the tundra

Bringing life.


A man, Nay, a God. The God. 

Laughs, sways, dances

A spark at his stamp

Taka dheemi

Sparks and flames growing and growing

My face splits, a reluctant smile 

breathing and breathing

Taka dheemi dhit dhit

The river flows cleaner

Black to gray to white

Taka dheemi dhit dhit tai

My thoughts clear,

His steps speed faster and faster

Flames spreading giving and giving,

Taka dheemi

My eyes cannot look away

His smile soft

My heart bliss

Taka dheemi dhit dhit

My knees drop to the floor, head touching the grass

My soul sings, an image seared in my eyes

Taka dheemi dhit dhit tai

I bow to the Nataraja, lord of cosmic dance,

I bow to the Bholenath, saviour of life,

I bow to the Great Mahadeva, God of Gods.