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[Prequel Side Stories] Where My Home Is

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Taiga came home from rehearsals just in time for dinner, he dropped off his bag inside their room first and took off his coat before proceeding to the kitchen where Juri was. Juri had his back turned to him as he was chopping some tomatoes.


“Welcome home.” Juri greeted him without looking, his whole attention was on the tomatoes he was chopping.


“Juri~” Taiga put his arms around Juri over his shoulders and kissed his cheeks, the left one first then the right one. Juri smiled but still did not give him the attention he craved. “Juri~!” Taiga jumped on Juri, wrapping his legs around him and putting his entire weight on Juri.


Juri almost lost his balance if he was not able to hold the kitchen counter. “Taiga! We would have fallen down. That’s dangerous.”


Taiga chuckled. “But we would have fallen down together.”


Juri patted Taiga’s head. “Get off, baby tiger. The pasta might get over cooked.” When Taiga got off of him Juri turned around and kissed Taiga’s nose. “Go take a bath first. Dinner will be ready after you’re done.”


Taiga nodded his head but gave Juri a naught grin to which Juri just laughed.


“I’m a little bit scared that you might be planning something. But I really have to get back to cooking.”


Taiga timed his bath, he tried to clean himself up the best he can in time with how long Juri usually cooks pasta sauce from scratch. He wrapped his towel around him and went to their bedroom.


“JURI!” Taiga screamed.


Juri heard him from the kitchen and ran to the bedroom in panic, but Taiga was nowhere to be found.




Juri jumped to his feet when Taiga appeared behind the door. Taiga was laughing at him, half naked holding a towel around his neck.


“Don’t scare me like that, Tai.” Juri took the towel from Taiga’s neck and dried Taiga’s hair.


Taiga was taking steps to get closer to him but Juri kept taking a step back. It was all going according to Taiga’s plan, when they were close enough to the bed he tackled Juri down and locked their lips together. Juri was not one to deny him and held Taiga by his hips as they shared a passionate kiss, tongues dancing together.


Taiga pulled away from their liplock. “Warm me up?” He whispered in Juri’s ear before he attacked Juri’s neck, kissing, sucking and nipping as he went. Juri’s moans filled the room and Taiga just couldn’t get enough of the sound. Juri rolled them over the bed so that he would be on top.


“Someone’s hungry for attention tonight.” Juri grinned and leaned down to capture Taiga’s lips once more.


Taiga raised up his legs to wrap them around Juri, his towel falling on the bed exposing him. When Juri moved down to kiss his neck, Taiga took one of his hands and started sucking on his fingers. Taiga could feel Juri’s chuckle on his skin.


“Maybe craving for more than just attention?” Juri raised his eyebrow. He moved his now wet fingers between Taiga’s thighs. “What’s one plus zero, Tai?”


“Huh? Your dirty talk’s getting weird but one - ” Taiga gasped as Juri put a finger inside him.


Juri laughed victoriously for catching his boyfriend off guard, marveling at the sight of Taiga’s beauty painted with arousal as the room was now filled with Taiga’s voice.


“One plus one?”


“Tw - two.” Taiga barely manages the word out as Juri added another finger as he played around Taiga. Juri’s name rolled out of his mouth as he caught his breath. Juri knows well how to pleasure Taiga and he is completely on high now.


“Two plus one?” Juri whispered in Taiga’s ear.


“Thr - ” Taiga was unable to form the words anymore as he shivered under Juri’s touch, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Weakly he reached for Juri’s shirt gently pulling it up.


Juri pulled out his fingers and let down Taiga’s legs on the bed. “Dinner’s getting cold you horny tiger. Dress up and meet me at the dining room.” Juri fixed his shirt and chuckled as he went out of the room.


“TANAKA JURI!” Taiga called out of frustration.


Taiga ate dinner while glaring at Juri, he was angry right now with Juri being such a tease but he would never pass on Juri’s homemade tomato sauce pasta that he knew Juri perfected to suit his taste. Juri merely chuckled at him and went on to finish his dinner.


“Wash the dishes for me, okay? I need a bath too.” Juri said as they cleaned the table. He kissed the back of Taiga’s neck before leaving the kitchen.


Thinking they might pick up where they left off, Taiga waited for Juri in their bedroom while scrolling through his phone. Thirty minutes passed and still no Juri. Juri’s phone was in their room so it was not possible that he ended up playing games while in the bath. Taiga went out of their bedroom and found Juri in the living room watching anime.


“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” Taiga said as he sat down next to Juri. “I’ve been waiting for my cuddle and you’re here watching anime!”


Juri laughed. “I think you were waiting for more than a cuddle. And honestly, you should take this time to rest. You’ve been coming home from rehearsals late for the past days and you deserve to get some rest.”


“Exactly! I’ve been coming home awfully late for the past few days. I usually just pass out after dinner. I finally got to be here early and my boyfriend would rather watch anime!”


Juri pinned down Taiga on the sofa and locked their lips together, gently and lovingly. Taiga’s hand runs through his hair, pulling him closer to him as their kiss goes deeper. Juri pulled off their kiss and stripped Taiga down to his boxers before he planted kisses all over his body, sending Taiga’s body into a frenzy when he started kissing his thighs. Taiga pulled Juri up and rid him of his clothes too. The two of them are fully exposed on the couch.


“You asked for this, Tai.” Juri whispered in a low voice over Taiga’s ear which sent shivers down his spine.


Juri wrapped his hand around Taiga’s erection and he felt Taiga’s lip shiver in their shared liplock. He pulled and tugged gently at first, running his thumb over the head and spreading Taiga’s cum all over him as Juri increased the speed of his hand movement.


Taiga broke off from their kiss, trying hard to catch his breath as Juri was moving faster now. He dug his nails on Juri’s back, his knees slowly raising up. All Juri could hear now was Taiga’s moans and his name being called out with a voice filled with a mixture of lust and arousal. Juri laughed victoriously as Taiga arched his back in pleasure. Juri plugged his fingers in Taiga’s mouth, letting it dance around with Taiga’s tongue. When it was wet enough he moved it over Taiga’s thigh, slipping them in Taiga one by one.


“Tai, the condoms are in the room.”


“Fuck the condom!” Taiga’s jaw clenched.


“Oh, I thought I was supposed to fuck you?” Juri was messing around, having too much fun with how Taiga’s body was reacting to his actions.


“Just do me already, Juri!” Taiga slammed his hands on Juri’s chest as hard as he could.


Without hesitation, Juri did as he was told. He pulled out his fingers from Taiga and teased a little at his entrance before burying himself inside, feeling Taiga’s warmth all over him and a moan escaped his mouth. Taiga tugged on his hair and pulled Juri in for another heated kiss. Juri swallowed up every one of Taiga’s moans and gasps as he moved his hips to the rhythm that Taiga likes, angling himself to hit the right spots. Juri ran his hand over Taiga’s body before wrapping it around Taiga’s erection, moving in time with his thrusts.


“Juri…” Taiga could barely speak and his body shivered.


Juri tightened his grip and increased the movement of his hand until Taiga finally climaxed and released his cum all over their stomach. Juri was close to follow, clutching the sofa as he filled Taiga’s inside with his release. He pulled out of Taiga and dropped to the other side of the sofa. The two of them panting, catching their breaths.


“You really wanted to finish your anime so badly you couldn’t even be bothered to move this to the bedroom?” Taiga complained as soon as the two of them were able to regain a little composure.


Juri laughed, still a little weak. “Who was it that was so badly aroused again as soon as he walked through the door?”


Taiga flushed. “Enough! Don’t say anything more.”


Juri stood up and took Taiga by the wrist to their bathroom. “Let’s clean ourselves up before bed, horny baby tiger.”


The two of them soaked in the bathtub for a while. Juri looked around his bathroom, there was so much more things in it now compared to when he had not yet met Taiga. Taiga has a lot of his stuff in his apartment already.


“Tai, I have a lot more stuff in this apartment now than before. Mostly, because you have your own stuff here too. You’ve been spending the night quite often lately as well.”


“Are you bothered by it?” Taiga played with Juri’s fingers. “I mean, I could take them all back but really I don’t want to have to bring a heavy overnight bag everytime I come over.”


“Then don’t…” Juri was searching his head for the right way to say it but he chose to just let the bullet out and hope for a positive response. He held Taiga’s hand, Taiga gripped on it hard. “You don’t need to bring a bag or anything for that matter if you just move in already.”


Taiga loosened his grip and turned around to face Juri. “Are you asking me to live here with you?”


“Do you really need me to say it again? It’s closer to the uni compared to your house anyway. You already have your own spots and things here. And…”


“And what?”


“Well,” Juri chuckled nervously. “Uni can get really exhausting and all that. Being around you… well… being around you makes me feel at ease and it’s so much better spending free days with you than with anyone else. I don’t know, I can’t explain it too well. Can you just say yes?”


Taiga laughed. “Glad you finally caught up with the hints I’ve been dropping. I purposely been leaving my stuff here to get you to say that, I was losing hope already honestly.”


Juri pulled him in for an embrace. “We’re hopeless, aren’t we? Knowing what we want but just can’t get to seem to say them out loud.”


“But still, we get through each other, right?”


Juri nodded. “Let’s go get dried up and dressed. I need my warm cuddles from my pretty boyfriend.”