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Sometimes the Sunshine is too Bright

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Gulf's residence. Morning.


Bright heard Gulf and Mike snickering. He had been practicing how to walk like one of the girls he'd seen in the runway. At first, he tried Naomi Campbell's signature walk, but after the fifth time he tripped on his foot, he decided it wasn't for him. He collapsed on the couch as his legs started to show fatigue from standing and walking in heels for weeks.

"I'm in pain, I need new legs." He groaned.

"You need a new everything." Mike said then gestured towards his face and the rest of his body, "Together, these aren't really working for you.

"Oh, including friends?"

"Who'd be friends with someone as moody as you?"

Bright stood up to tackle Mike, but Gulf blocked him with his body. "Children, the show is tonight. I'm pretty sure Boonsri would like his muse intact and unscathed." Gulf felt Bright lean his full weight on him, with the man towering over him, he almost toppled backward.

"Why the hell did I do this again?" Bright said. He slumped his body on Gulf's and allowed himself to be hugged and patted on his back.

Mike popped a cherry in his mouth then said, "To bring honor to us all, Mulan."

"Why did I do this? I'll fall over. It's one thing to walk on a runway, it's another thing to walk in heels on a catwalk!" Bright complained and sat back down on the couch, he brought Gulf to sit on his lap and cuddle the man like a teddy bear.

Annoyed, Gulf lightly elbowed his stomach and squirmed away, "You had plenty of time to say no, Bright. There's no backing out now, dumbass."

"Kidnap me? The ransom doesn't have to be high."

Mike made a face, "Who'd kidnap someone broke?"

"For my body, you dick!"

"They already have you, why ask for a ransom?" Gulf threw popcorn at him.

"Why am I born with this damned face?"

"Seriously?!" Mike shrieked in disbelief, "Seriously? You have the audacity to complain about being born handsome. I ought to kick your nuts, Chiva-aree!"

"You won't understand, asshole."


"Children! Focus! You, Mike, go get yourself ready," Gulf said and kicked Mike's shin for him to get moving, "and you, Narcissus, snap yourself out of it. You've practiced hard and you're a professional! You'll do great. Do it for Green. Show up for him. He saw your walk and never complained. Pretty sure he knew what he got himself into."

Bright feeling a little offended crossed his arms over his chest and pouted, "A hug would've been nicer, you meanie!"

"Come here, you big baby." Gulf gave the taller man a tight power hug, then released him when Bright started to pat his ass, "Stop molesting me and get your thirsty ass ready!"

"Sorry if this offends you, but I'm not into bony asses."

"You wish you could have this, but! STALLING. Get your dumbass ready." Gulf kicked his shin and Bright grumpily stomped into the guest room where Mike was.

As soon as Bright got in, Gulf heard Mike shriek, "Perv!"

"Do I really need friends?"


Greenhouse of Glam's Fashion Show. Evening. 



Bright, Gulf, and Mike turned there heads to where the shrill voice came from. Green rushed to Bright and pulled him away from his friends. Right behind him was Guy to reassure his friends that everything was fine.

"Oh, Bright! I'm so happy you're here. I was really worried when I didn't hear from you for a week. Guy stopped me from checking up on you and told me to give you time."

He felt guilty for making the designer worry. He gave Green an apologetic bow, "Sorry, I guess I was too engrossed in practicing my walk."

"Oh, no, no! It's okay, I'm glad to know that you've taken this seriously. Thank you for coming~" Green said after he pushed Bright inside a room and made him sit in front of a blindingly bright vanity. The mirror was covered with a white sheet.

Chaos was going on outside the hall and once Green shut the door, everything became quiet.

"Okay, just wait here. That door is the washroom if you need to freshen up. I'll call the makeup artist. The show is in an hour." He left before Bright gave him a reply.
Alone, Bright decided to send Gulf and Mike a group message. He wanted them to know that he was just fine. 


Hu dis? - M
Such a dick. - B
Id say break a leg, but I saw uve been doin dat 4 d past wk.kekeke - M
**DEAD** x_x - G
Saying goodbye to OLD friends. - B
You'll do great, Bright. - G
Thanks. I hope touching your flat butt would give me luck like a genie's lamp. - B
Roflmao ahahahwbakdabbdw - M
In the market for new friends. - G

Fooling around with his friends helped him relax a little bit. It wasn't until the makeup artist knocked and entered the room that he put his phone down.



Lobby, Greenhouse of Glam's Fashion Show. Evening.


Win arrived with his sister and while he was used to the upper-class's small talk, he silently prayed that the ground would open and swallow him whole. The meaningless and pointless babbling about acquaintances, they never really cared about, was giving him a huge headache. His sister, however, fared much better that he did.

She had always been such a conversationalist. She could turn any subject into something interesting to talk about, whether she was, Win could never tell. She was also a great actress.

He excused himself to get some fresh air outside. The air-conditioner was too cold and it was making his nose numb.

On the way to the patio, he passed by the most beautiful, most handsome, and well-dressed people that seemed to walk out of a catalog.

All of them tried to stop him from reaching his destination. Who wouldn't? He was, after all, the heir to the Opas-iamkajorn fortune. But he already had his turn around the elites, and he found that most of them were either only after his money or completely vapid that he wished the wall would say yes to his marriage proposal.

A few more steps and he was out, he could only heave a sigh of relief.

"Too much in there for you too, huh?"

Win whipped his head to the right, Gulf was there, the Traipipattanapong heir.

"I thought I'd never see you hanging around these parts again." Win said, completely surprised that Gulf was in a public event after years of being absent from the scene. They really weren't friends, per se, however, they do share a distaste for much of the pretentiousness that went on inside high society.

Gulf gestured to him, "I could say the same for you. I thought you're bored of this lot. Didn't expect you to attend Green's fashion show."

"I'm here with my sister. She just said to dress up, I didn't know this was our destination."

"Ah, I see."

"How about yourself?"

He flashed his smile to Win, his deep dimple was visible. Quite rare these days, even win knew that himself. "I'm here to support a very special friend, who was more reluctant to come here than I was."


"Hm?" Gulf looked at him with his eyebrow raised. Win just wagged his own in response, and that earned him an eye roll, "Very, Win, but just wouldn't be your type."
"We wouldn't know until you introduce us."

"Fat chance, playboy." He said then playfully hit his companion on the arm.

Win cut his reply off when Gulf's phone beeped, he gave him time to check it. 

"Gotta go, Metawin. See you around." He patted his upper back.

"Wait, before you go, how would I spot your friend?"

Gulf sighed, "If you see the most beautiful one out of this bunch, then that's my friend."

"Hey, if you have something going on with-"

"No, none at all."

Win saw him frown, "I mean, you know, Kanawut, you better stop me now. We had summer camps together, and I respect you."

Gulf just snorted, "Sure, but you wouldn't stand a chance anyway." And with that, he left closing the doors behind him.

"That's ice cold." Win said to himself. Their encounter was short and nice, Gulf was one of the few people Win could tolerate without getting fussy. The man was just himself most of the time and refused to abide by the constant need to chat for entertainment.

He had to admit, knowing that Gulf was here, he was relieved because knowing his sister, she would be busy mingling with people from her own industry. Despite his exchange with Gulf, Win didn't want to meet anyone tonight. He only wanted to stay an hour then leave. Fashion shows weren't really his thing.

This wasn't really what crossed his mind when he asked his sister for help.

'If Kanawut's too busy doing his own thing or dash early, at least there's champagne.' He thought.


Makeup room, Greenhouse of Glam's Fashion Show. Evening.


Bright was internally panicking when Green showed up with the gown he was supposed to wear.

"Oh! Gods above! Look at you!" Green squealed in delight when he saw how good the hair and MUA's work on Bright's makeup. All that was needed was for Bright to put on the gown. "Come on, come on. Time to put this on."

Bright mechanically stood up and took his clothes off. He was so dissociated from himself that he forgot how to be conscious in front of people.

"Uhm..." Green's apprehension caught his attention.


Green pointed to his nether regions and he quickly checked them, he was sure there weren't any holes in them. His gaze snapped back at Green who now had a sort of dreamy look on his face.

"Oh, uhm, hunnie. You're t-too... well-"


"Bulgy-" Bright looked utterly confused and Green got a bit sheepish, "I mean, that's a good thing. It's a great thing! You know some like it big, but uhm..."

Bright's cheek heated up when he realized what Green was talking about.

"Sorry, professional, right!" Green cleared his throat, "We need to hide Junior Bright. We don't want the guests to think you're walking on three legs, hunnie."

Bright just nodded.



"You need to tuck."

Green told him to go in the washroom before leaving the room, only to come back with a satin thong.

"You said to hide my junk. How is this-" He held it up at eye level, "going to achieve that."

"Oh, you doubt too much, hunnie. This may be small, but it's a warrior. It's called a gaff. You just need to pop your berries where they came from, pull Bright Jr. between your cheeks then put this on. There may be some initial discomfort, but it'll subside as long as you chant, 'beauty is pain' over and over."

"What do you mean pop my berries where they came from?"

Green shook his head then pulled up his phone, "Hm, this goes to show that not all gays are born equal. I should have taught you this before. Here, just follow this." He handed his phone to Bright and the younger man's eyes widened. "I know, it's a lot, but it's doable even for beginners."

Bright looked away from the video to look at Green who was smiling from ear to ear.

"This is testicle abuse!"

"It's not going to hurt."

"That's what they always say."

"And this time, they're sure. I promise it won't hurt. If it does, we'll think of something else."

He sighed, "Fine, I'll try it." He closed the door and left Green to take off the dress's dust cover.

"Try not to mess up your hair and makeup!" Green called out, but instead of a reply, he heard yelps followed by a string of curses, before the door opened.

"You're flat!" Green clapped rapidly. "That wasn't so bad."

"I'm not doing that again."

"Of course," he winked and Bright was sure he was being teased, "Now, let me help you put this on."

Bright looked at the shimmering gown and his shoulders felt lighter. He nodded and then after that, Green busied himself with dressing his muse up. Bright tried his best to maintain his figure, after the last fitting. He was fitted for the gown twice and Green ended up altering to fit his gains. Guilty for making the man worry more than what was necessary, he knew he had to portion his meals and change his workout routine.

As Green zipped him up, he felt the fabric hug his body. It was just tight enough to feel it every inch on his skin.

"Okay, I know you've been practicing your walk in these, so this shouldn't be a problem anymore." Green helped him put on the shoes that he'd been ups and downs with for the past weeks. Once they were snuggly on, Green took a step back to properly examine him. The designer clutched at her pearls and exhaled loudly.

Bright felt taller as he saw the pride in Green's eyes.

"Words can't explain how- maybe you should just see for yourself. Are you ready?"

Bright had an audible gulp. Was he? He could only manage a mixture of a nod and a shrug, but Green obliged nonetheless and pulled the cover from the vanity's mirror.

Slowly, Bright turned to face his reflection and he was blown back.

He was stunned at the ethereal person staring back at him. He took a step forward, touched the loose curls of the wig, his blushed cheeks then the Swarovski studded gown.

This woman had put him under a spell.

But it was broken when someone shouted, "Last thirty minutes!"

Green saw Bright gasped and looked like he was about to fall. He urged him to sit.

"Is the dress too tight?" Bright shook his head no, "Hungry?" Another no, "Nervous?" A resounding yes. He sighed, "Talk to me, hunnie."

"I'm nervous I'd screw this over for you."

Green made Bright look into his eyes, "You've practiced long and hard, hunnie. It's time for you to put all that hard work into play. Plus, look at you! Woman."

"I know, but I'm still me, Green. I'm a screw-up. I've been like that for all my life." Bright looked down, but Green was having none of that. He tilted his chin up to make eye contact with him again.

"Listen, you can be whoever you want tonight. Tonight is the night of fantasy. You don't need to be scared. Tell Bright to loosen his grip and relax. Let go and breathe in then out."

Bright closed his eyes and let the tension flow out each time he released his breath.

"Let that inner glamazon overcome you, let her go, let her come out. It's her turn and just for one night, she will conquer and slay. Why just one night? Because she's too blinding to look at and mere mortals could never handle her beauty. Now, who wears the crown?"

"I do."

"And who are you?"


Bright looked at Green with such intensity that Green forgot to breathe. He was a completely different person. He was no longer Bright.

She is Sunshine.