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 The Crowned Dragon of Hammerlocke, An Omega Hiding Right Before Our Eyes 


Raihan felt strangely numb, teal eyes staring blankly into his phone as the headline of the article glared back at him. It felt like the whole world had come to a grinding halt. 

Leon shifted a bit against his back and suddenly the world went into motion again. Releasing a shuddering breath, he felt himself tense up as he clicked on the article he had been trying to get out of existence since he first saw it, which hadn’t been that long ago. 

One of the first things he did when he got up was check his social media if Leon wasn’t awake yet. He had hardly been on for a minute before seeing pretty much everybody ever, tagging him in tweets with or about the aforementioned article. 

Scrolling through it now, it still didn’t feel quite real. 

The article itself was not written in any sort of definitive way, but it had some damning evidence. 

Some quotes from fans that had been able to get close to him for pictures commenting about how his scent had seemed a bit off . People noted that he was pretty strict with scheduling matches for challengers that actually made it up to his gym, probably to work around his heat. How there were certain times you really only could find his trainers and never the man himself, again heat related incidents they theorized. How many of his selfies past a certain point were very careful to not show off his neck. 

It was all speculative, but people were eating it up. 

The absolute worst part was how they even noticed how around the same time Raihan had stopped showing off his neck, Leon had his outfit subtly changed to have a bit more of a turtleneck. 

Raihan and Leon had talked about it before, if and when they were going to come out to the public. 

The speculation about their relationship was nothing new. Even when people thought they were both alphas, there was a lot of talk of how close they were to each other. 

It wasn’t terrible by any strict sense. Same biology pairings were not a new thing. While some people still got a bit weirded out for the most part talking about two alphas or two omegas being together, nobody was outright against it. 

But this, this was different. Because while Raihan may have shared a lot with the internet, he was very careful to keep many personal details of his life from being out in the open.

And yet here were two of his biggest secrets, just out there for anyone to see. 

Arceus and there was no way their friends weren’t seeing this too. 

He’s pretty much out of the morning sickness phase, yet he still feels bile rise up in the back of his throat and before he knows it he’s shooting out of bed to dry heave over white porcelain. 

It isn’t long before he feels strong yet gentle arms pulling his locs out of his face. Nothing may actually be coming up, but he still feels grateful nonetheless. “S-Sorry..” He heaves, having to take a deep breath to ease the panic that’s settling into his system. “Didn’t mean to wake you.” He mumbles as he leans down and takes comfort in the coolness of the porcelain. 

Leon uses his free hand to rub gentle circles at the base of his back. “Don’t apologize love.” He croons gently into Raihan’s neck. 

Raihan lets himself relax into his mate, taking in nutmegandginger because it just soothes him right down to his soul. Even before he and Leon officially bonded, Leon’s scent had always done it for him. There was just something light and airy to it compared to so many of the overwhelming scents Alphas usually tended to have. Or it could be just him. 

If anything, it was no secret that he’d always been a bit of a sucker for everything Leon. 

After a few minutes Raihan pulls up off the toilet seat and leans back. Without needing to be told, Leon sits back on his haunches and pulls Raihan in between his legs, idly rubbing his stomach in small circles.

Ah. Right. 

“Leon..” He received a still somewhat sleepy grunt from the purple haired alpha. “Did you happen to check the news before you came in here.” Raihan is hardly surprised when Leon shakes his head against his neck, but sighs regardless. He had been really hoping to not have to give any preamble. 

The gym leader tiredly calls out for his Rotom phone and it’s not long before the ghost is buzzing around in the bathroom with them. He opens up Rotom to the article he was looking at and prompts Leon to take a look. It doesn’t take Leon long to read through it, not if the way he tenses not long after Rotom drops in his hands is anything to go by. 

It’s a few minutes before Leon actually speaks up, nonetheless. “Rai…” Whatever he’s going to say is quickly cut off by his own Rotom phone buzzing in the room. 

“Bzzt! Incoming message from Sonia! Bzzt” 

Leon, it’s been a while since we’ve met up. Do you want to meet up any time soon?

Had Leon not seen the article that came out recently, he would’ve accepted immediately, all too happy with seeing his friend whenever he could now that he was not busy. But now…

Raihan spoke up before Leon could deny Sonia’s request. “We should go.” He felt the ex-Champion shift uneasily at his back and let out a sigh. “Leon…” 

“It’s not that I’m not fine with going, it's just.” Leon paused to grip Raihan a little closer to him, but not too tight, all to mindful of his midsection. “I thought it about it-”

Raihan snorts. “You thinking? That’s new.” He gets a light whap on the arm from Leon for that. 

“Hush you.” There is of course, no bite to this. Raihan can even feel the smile of Leon’s voice from where his face is half buried in his neck. “But I’m not naive enough to think it’s only going to be Sonia there. I don’t want to overwhelm you.” 

Raihan shrugs because, “It’s not like we weren’t planning on telling everyone else anyway.” He reasons. And yea, being around all those alphas might be a bit stressful, at the end of the day those were his friends and colleagues whom he respected the hell out of. He already felt bad that they inadvertently are finding out about this through the media before the couple got to tell them themselves. There’s no way he can avoid them now to add onto that guilt. 

Leon, sighs heavily, tiredly . “Are you sure? We really don’t have to go anywhere.” 

Now Raihan rolls his eyes even though he knows Leon can’t see him. “You sure you’re not just trying to get some extra sleep in Dandelion?” He asks pointedly. 

The silence accompanied by how Leon just presses him more into the crook of Raihan’s neck gives him all the answers he needs. 

Let it never not be said that the ex-Champion was not using all of his new free time as efficiently as possible. It was very productive to be catching up on years worth of missed sleep. 

(And also sex, but who can really blame him for that.)

Leon still was busy, working on some new project in the Rose Tower, but with Raihan in the state that he was, he wasn’t drowning in work like he probably would have been otherwise. 

“We’re going to have to do this at some point Leon, might as well be now.” 

Leon still seems to be a bit reluctant, but ultimately agrees. “Alright, love.” 

Sure, do you have any place in mind?

The reply is almost instant. 

The lab is free today.

Because of course it is. 

With that they both quickly get ready and by noon they’re ready to go. 

Raihan is wholly unsurprised to look at the window to the front of his flat, and sees what seems to be people milling about, but he knows better. His trained eye can see people hanging out, trying to seem inconspicuous that reek with reporters eager to get the latest scoop in an attempt to be stealthy. Arceus. 

“We’re going to have to go out the back. Load of blokes waiting us out front.” He tells Leon just as the other man pulls a sweater on. 

Leon goes to the window, just to confirm for himself if nothing else, and frowns, evidently seeing the same thing Raihan did. He runs a hand through purple hair in a bit of frustration. 

They both go to the back of the flat and open up a window, and Leon doesn’t waste any time in releasing Charizard. 

The overgrown lizard looks irritated to be released outside the window with an anxious glance at Raihan. The taller male is quick to placate Charizard with some head pats as he uses his wings to stay level with their window. “Hey bud, I’m doing fine.” Charizard lets out a low rumble in acknowledgement. 

While Pokémon themselves didn’t have secondary sexes, they tended to emulate a lot of behaviors form their trainer. As such Leon’s team was overly protective of Raihan and doted on him like hell outside of smashing his team on the battlefield. Charizard must have been a bit aggravated to be unable to do that, but if they released him inside the apartment, there’s no way he'd be able to squeeze out of the window. 

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Leon quickly climbs onto his partner and helps Raihan with climbing on behind him and they’re off before anybody can notice. 


Both men are eager to find that they can land at the lab without much of a problem. It was nearly two by now, but nobody seemed to really be milling about. It was perfect for Leon to return Charizard, with minimal fussing from the lizard over Raihan, before they could get inside. 

One knock on the door, and it was immediately flung open by Sonia, who nearly bowled them both over. She let her eyes rove over both of them and her frantic demeanor seemed to calm somewhat as she apparently found whatever she was looking for. Raihan had not a clue. 

Raihan looks around when they get inside and bits the inside of his cheek when they see everybody there. Melony, Gordie, Nessa, Milo, Piers and- 

Leon blinks in surprise at the sight of his brother. It was hard not to miss the younger boy with how he looked ready to just jump out of his skin with excitement. He turned to look at Sonia questioningly. 

She waved her arms loosely in apology. “I couldn’t get him to go home.” She says weakly in lieu of giving a full explanation. Probably too embarrassed to admit she just couldn’t say no to her adorable lab assistant. 

(As for the absence of Kabu, Raihan would later remind him that the man was on vacation in Hoenn.

Opal was busy training Bede, and was quite old regardless. She hardly had the energy to come all the way out here just for this. 

Bea and Allister could be filled in later. They didn’t need to be privy for this actual conversation. They were literal kids. And by that right Leon was grateful the new Champion and her brother weren’t here as well.) 

Leon nodded easily despite internally freezing up, because the mention of home made a flash of gentle hands and light laughs go through his head. 

Arceus, he still had to tell his mother. 

It wasn’t like he felt entirely bad that the other gym leaders were not finding out from the source first. He was mainly friends with Sonia, and somewhat knew Nessa by proxy. He had been too busy to get acquainted with the other leaders and only really had been getting to know them now that he wasn’t as busy as he used to be. 

But realizing that his mum was probably going to find out about this on a news headline on the bloody telly before hearing it from her own son, it felt like someone had shot an Ice Beam straight at his spine. 

It goes silent after Sonia’s half-hearted explanation and Leon swears he could hear people at the small market in Wedgehurst from here. 

Melony’s eyes flit between them and the rest of the group anxiously, like she wants to start, but she’s not sure it’s her place. 

Leon shudders a bit, because he knows they all didn’t know that Raihan was an omega, or that they were together. But Melony seems like she’s skipped straight past those two truths and onto the biggest one. But how, how could she even guess Raihan was pregnant.

While omegas scents usually did become sweeter, Raihan had never dropped the habit of over using scent blockers, even after he and Leon had gotten together. 

Piers sighed tiredly and ran a hair through his hair, apparently done with the thick silence permeating the room. “So I assume ya didn’t come all the way out here to tell us those articles were hogwash eh?” 

Raihan lets out a low, if weak chuckle at that. “No. No I suppose we didn’t” He confirms with a hand running through his pulled up dreads. 

Gordie looks just about ready to snap from the tension set in his body. “Does that include the part about you two being daft for each other?” Leon can't exactly read the emotion in his voice with that question. 

Raihan nods apprehensively, apparently also not being able to read Gordie. “Yea…” 

Gordie’s grip on the chair he’s sitting on tightens. “How long?” 

Leon raises an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

How long?” Gordie stresses. This seems to be very important to him. 

Raihan, evidently, doesn’t really seem to have a problem with answering him. “For how long we’ve officially been together...I’d say just about two years.” He shrugs. They were both twenty-two and while they had been crushing on each other for way longer, they finally got their heads together when they were twenty. 

Neither of the couple expects Gordie to jump out of his seat with an excited shout. “YEA!! NESSA, MILO, PIERS, SONIA,  YOU GUYS TOTALLY OWE ME!” He screams in joy. 

Leon blinks before his brain catches up with what exactly Gordie says. “Wait, you lot were betting on us?” 

Sonia gives him a side eye from where she is ruefully taking cash out to fork over. “Let’s just say that you two bloks being together wasn’t the most surprising part to us.” 

Leon wants to be offended, but he ends up letting out a laugh. Raihan beside him drags his hand over his face with a tired groan, but Leon can see the hint of a smile under his long fingers. 

Milo shakes his head from where he is also handing money over to a still celebrating Gordie. “I kind of thought it’d be another year before you guys finally got it. You two dance around each other betweer than any Bellossom or Maractus I know. Ain’t that right Nessa?” He laughs good naturedly. 

“Yea.” Her answer is a bit clipped, and it doesn’t fail to garner a worried glance from Sonia, a pointed one from Leon, and a slightly anxious one from Raihan. 

Finally it seems that Hop is also no longer able to contain his excitement in wake of the good energy that is currently going around the room. “Does this mean I get to be an uncle in the future!” There are stars in his eyes and Leon can’t help but laugh at just how excited his brother seems to be by the prospect. 

He exchanges a side glance with Raihan and the other man nods almost imperceptibly. He turns back into golden eyes so similar to his own and offers him a blinding grin. “Maybe sooner than you think.” Is what he offers as he takes Raihan’s hand in it and squeezes, feeling a shot of warmth go through him at the hard squeeze he gets right back. 

Hop stares at him excitedly before he freezes up, probably actually registering what Leon actually says. His gaze turns to Raihan and he raises a shake finger at him. “Y-you’…” He can’t seem to get words out but he seizes up again as he looks at Raihan. Really looks at him. 

Because it’s hard to notice under the baggy sweatshirt, but Raihan is showing. Despite the article of clothing being baggy, the beginnings of where he is showing is ever so slightly taking form around the clothing. 

At the same time Hop lets out an ear piercing shout, the rest of the room seems to catch up on the other revelation. This one has most of their jaws dropping. Most of the room. 

Melony, as Leon suspected, only looks like her suspicions have been confirmed. Nessa, on the other hand, has her jaw clenched and her posture is tense.. 

Leon barely holds himself back from scowling at her. He can only hope Raihan doesn’t notice her irritation, the man hardly needs that right now. 

It’s almost forgotten because in the next second, almost everyone is crowding around them. On instinct he gets up to shield Raihan even though he knows there’s no real threat. 

Melony somehow makes her way to the front of the group, which is a miracle considering Hop looks like he’s trying to get as close as possible, and puts a hand on both Raihan and Leon’s shoulders. 

He’s struck by the tenderness in his gaze and feels that chord inside him strikes as he’s once again reminded of his own mother. “Please know that you boys don’t have to hesitate to come to me about anything you need help with.” She looks like she has more to say, but it might be conversation for another time as she does not continue. 

They both nod and she smiles and she suddenly turns around, face stern as she regards the rest of the group. 

“You lot need to back up!” The temperate in the room seems to drop a bit and the other alphas and Sonia shiver a bit as they back up. Heeled by not only her alpha tone but her frosty demeanor. Only a mother could ever rally people up so quickly. “Don’t crowd around Raihan, he needs space. Why would you crowd a pregnant omega anyway? Who raised you?!” She asked with a particularly pointed glance at Gordie, who looked properly cowed, not having the same voice to fight his mother as he usually does. 

Raihan smiles at her gratefully and is much happier to deal with the group one at the time as they hover around him excitedly. 

Leon observes all of this with a smile, barely even noticing the lone figure leaving the lab without a word.