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Double Backer BLUs

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From the furthest corner of the lounge, you could already see the strobing red and blue lights from the squad cars approaching. Some were already parked on the opposite side of the road to cause a buffering zone between them and gunmen-infested establishment. None dared to enter the no man's land created by the two forces for it was too risky.

You thought it was more clever to keep to the back of the building. Maybe there was a doorway from behind you could enter? Your side was kept close to the wood frame of the structure as you slid across the back wall. Just as you reached the opposite side, you found an indent within the wall which revealed to be a back emergency door. Placing your hand carefully on the door, you entered into the danger zone.

It led right into the kitchen. A man in a coat occupied the room, armed and ready to attack. His back was turned to face into the opposite side of the hall that revealed a flight of stairs separate from the ones you went up earlier. No rooms accompanied on the sides leading up to them. You ducked down quickly behind the giant metal island that stood between the two of you and crawled to the edge of the side closest to the door to get a better glimpse of the scene. Besides the two doorways of the room, there was no other area to escape to.

You sat on all fours brainstorming to yourself upon what to do next. When you picked your head up you noticed the handle to a small frying pan poked out just above your head. Sliding it off the countertop quietly, you observed the stainless-steel item, then the man at the door. Bringing your arm up over your shoulder, you threw the piece of metal across the room into a kitchenware hanger that held up items of a similar nature just so it was outside of sight of the door. The crash caught the man's attention, he turned around and on instinct fired a few shots from where the sound came from. A thick smother of silence filled the air before your heard footsteps wearily approach the pan. Getting up onto your feet with as much grace as possible, you rushed your way out of the kitchen and towards the stairs. This left the man behind in the room to investigate every square centimeter to find what would have caused the noise.

The hall at the top of the steps was very dim due to no light brightening the small space. It boxed off on all sides except for one that opened up to a skywalk that only slightly hovered over the main dining area. The dark wooden guardrail and balusters of the walkway had a large girth to them. Little light poked out from the metal hanging chandelier onto the floor. Keeping low, you crawled your way onto the platform and peeked through the small spaces of the rails to peer down at the main floor.

The hostages still sat there. Their heads were turned away so you could not read their expressions, but the young boss stood in front of all of them once again. One man tied up stuck out closer to the young one compared to the others. Based on his blazer he wore and his hairline, you could assume who he may be.

The general manager, Reinhold Pisani.

"See 'dis, Pisani? None 'ov dis would've happened if you would of used that incy-wincy tiny brain 'ov yours!" The Boss taunted. His face got close and personal to the old man who backed his neck away as far as possible.

"Cavallo... You didn't have to do this. Any of this. No matter what you do... they're going to arrest both of us at the end of the day!" He blurted out.

The young man seemingly named Cavallo socked the man square in the mouth. The old man dropped his head down and let out a groan in pain. You could see blood drip from his face on to the floor. Cavallo shook his knuckle out as he got on one knee to level with the man.

"I don't like those shit lips of yours. You're one lucky sonuvah bitch, Pisani. Normally guys like you I kill on the spot. But you... You've got value. Dah Big Guy's reeeeally gonna like you." A twisted chuckle came from his thin pale lips.

"...What are you going to do with everyone else here...?" Pisani's voice carried hatred and fear all at the same time. You could visualize the expression that his face made from where you sat.

Cavallo put a hand to his chin and stroked it. A loud 'hmm' buzzed from his closed mouth. "That's easy. We's just gonna deal wit' 'em like I said. We can sell de men off for organs or forced labor... And maybe we can takes the women somewhere and give them a nice new ho--" Cavallo cut himself short. Pisani had sprayed blood right onto his face that came from his mouth in repugnance.

The glare from Cavallo was horrifying. He stood back up on his feet and wiped the blood off his face with one hand. He shot his hand towards a guard who was closest to another hostage. "START PICKING 'EM OFF!"

"NO!!!" You heard yourself scream out from the balcony. You whipped up a loose piece of your clothing to reveal a concealed holster that carried your pistol. With adrenaline pulsing through your body you only gave a slight effort to aim at Cavallo. You fired at him only to miss horribly.

Heavy shooting from firearms was immediate. You backed down to the floor and crammed yourself tightly against the wall.




Multiple screams rang in the room as the shooting carried on. Your eyes were sealed tight. What have you done?

Footsteps stomped up the stairs. Soon you were faced with a group of men who had weapons of their own. Your pistol sat beside you; just in arm's reach. There was a moment of static between you and them, none moved. Both parties just glared at each other. In one jerk, you attempted to reach for your gun.

They shot at the pistol and your hand which caused it to propel backward and for your hand to retreat close to your body.

A big man who stood in the middle of the men approached you. With no effort in being gentle, he grabbed onto the back of your top which forced you to stand back up. He forcefully rushed your front right into the railing of the skywalk to reveal your presence to the entire floor.

"Let me go!!" You demanded. You tried squirming your lower half, but it seared in pain.

Cavallo gazed up at you with a slight surprise. You definitely were not what he was expecting. He held a hand up to the others who had their weapons aimed up towards you. "Hold your fire boys. Bring 'er down here." He gestured to the gang upstairs. With the same brute force, the man dragged you down the stairs and towards the young man. You kicked and squirmed the entire way.

Then there you hung; face-to-face with that weasel of a man. His hands were behind his back as he observed you once more. "So, that's where you went." He walked from side to side to see you at all angles. "You've been causin' me reeeeal trouble, little lady." Your scowl at him was dark.

He took one hand from behind his back and forcefully placed it onto your chin and squeezed your cheeks. His gaze right into your eyes was fierce. If eyes could recede further into the skull-- you would have let yours do so.

"But 'ey... You're quite the looker. The Boss Man 'ould just die to have a doll like you in his posse of sluts." You were beyond revolted. Easily one of the biggest slimeballs you have ever encountered in your entire life.

"Go to hell." You growled.

This caused him to smirk. "Feisty, aren't we's?" He dropped his hand off your face and back onto his. He looked at you with demented admiration.

"Uhh... Boss?" One of the men spoke up. He walked towards him holding a tattered piece of cloth. He handed it to Cavallo as he looked at it in confusion.

Then something clicked in his mind.

"Wait a minute..." He paced back up to you and forcefully stretched up the loose part of your clothing. He compared the cloth in his hand to the one on your body.

They were the exact same.

"You're the one who's been eavesdroppin' on our conversation!" He grabbed hold of your shoulders and began to squeeze them harshly. The big man who once held you now let go to have the boss handle you. Pisani was at your side and looked up at you astounded.

"YOU BITCH!" Cavallo screeched. He let go of your shoulders and swiped you right across the face. Its impact was so extreme it made you fall back onto the floor. The intense sting of the slap left tears welled up in your eyes. You brought a hand up to cover it as your blurred vision returned to the bastard. He took his handgun out from his side and pointed it down right at you.


Cavallo's chest jerked awkwardly to the side. The sound of a dinky gunshot rang in the air. Then another one. It caused the man to jerk strangely once again as he fell onto his side with a groan.

The next part was a haze to you. You felt the impact of someone rush right into you. Slightly lifting you into the air, you were up and over the bar counter in one smooth action. Guns were alive and blazing in the room in your direction.

You rubbed the remaining tears from your eyes. You didn't care if you ruined your makeup at this point. Your head was also pressed closely against someone's chest. It was tight, but not forceful. There was a familiar fragrance of aromatic cologne and a hint of cigarettes. You looked up at what seemed to be your savior.

Upon their reveal, you instantly moved from their grip with terror.

It was one of the suited men!

His body was in a squatting position trying to get a view from over the counter without getting shot. He turned to you and saw your frightened face. A dawning look came across him; almost like he had forgotten about something.

Blue smoke came from around the man. It quickly consumed his body only to leave a lumpy shape of his body position. Within a few seconds, it revealed him once again.

"Spy!!" You cried. You didn't know what to feel more of; surprise or relief. It didn't matter, he came to help you! A small smirk curled onto his lips.

"You didn't think I was going to let 'ou do this on your own, did you?" He questioned. A bottle from the shelf above you shattered. Before a storm of glass could rain down on you, you felt Spy press himself on top of yours for cover.

"Alright, mademoiselle?" Spy looked down at you to examine for any cuts or scrapes.

"Yeah... thanks."

He was so close...

... But now wasn't the time to think about that!

He lifted himself back up and turned his head towards you and in a loud voice to reach over the gunfire he shouted. "Do you have a weapon?"

"No! They pushed it away from me when I was on the balcony!" You pointed up to where you were on the walkway. Spy looked up in that direction with determination. The revolver that once stuck up in his hand now sat in yours.

"We need to get up there!" He exclaimed back to you.


"Look!" He pointed to the large metal chandelier. It hung right over where the majority of the gang members stood... But also the hostages. "You need to get up there and shoot down that chandelier! I'll move the hostages and give you cover!" He called out. Butterfly knife in one hand, and another strange-looking pistol in the other; he got up and began to shoot back at the crowd. "Now, Backer! Go!!"

You scrambled to your feet. Laying low, you exited from where the bartop served as a barricade to behind a flipped over wooden table. It made the experience all the more nerve-racking. You peaked out from behind the table and fired at anyone who blocked your way. You weren't the best aim, but good enough to incapacitate them.

The sounds of cries of help came from your right. Thrusting your head you witnessed a man in a coat grabbing hold to the bartender with a gun to his chest. You aimed Spy's revolver at them and tried to shoot only for it to not fully click.

Damn, the trigger was stuck.

In a state of panic, you threw the entirety of the pistol right at the coated man. He turned to you confused as you approached to wrestle his weapon out of his grip. Having a physical advantage over you, he shoved you down to the ground and aimed right at your head.

The man suddenly fell forward right next to you just barely catching himself. A leg of a wooden chair was within your reach; you picked it up and hit the man right on the back of the noggin. He fell to the ground unconscious. Pisani stood wobbling on his feet to keep balance for he tried to rush your attacker. He looked down at you and gave a nod.

Pulling both the bartender and Pisani to behind the table, you helped unite their ropes with shaky hands. Your heart was racing. They both looked at you with great gratitude.

"Thank you, young lady!" The bartender managed a smile amidst the craziness. You nodded and began eying the stairs.

"No problem. When it's safe; help everyone out through the exit!" Your index finger pointed to the kitchen. They looked at it and both shook their heads approvingly. The barkeep handed you back the revolver you threw. You were about to rush for the door when a large hand grabbed your wrist that stopped you.

"Miss, can I get your name? Please?" It was Pisani. He had a look of wonder and fear in his eyes. Your head turned with a smile.

"I'm afraid not. That doesn't matter now. There are more people to save." His hand slid off your arm as you gunned it to the steps.

Right at the entrance, you were greeted with a "warm welcome". One man who was on the stairs came barging down towards you with a pocketknife in hand. Swiftly, you move to the side of the stairs and push him down the rest of the way and using your leg to trip him. He was a mangled mess at the bottom as you continued your path upwards.

You reached the top of the stairs and rushed in towards the frame.

But you paused; way too abruptly.

Falling awkwardly onto your ankle; you barely caught yourself on the railing as another guy met you at the top and took no hesitation to fire at what was your past elevation for your head. Your other hand wielding the gun rose up on instinct from falling and you prayed for the best.

You fired.

The man's head jerked back as his body immediately plopped face down onto the platform in front of you. A pool of blood formulated from his cranium.



You regained your posture and tried running up the stairs again. The pain in your right ankle was unbearable almost immediately. You cried out in agony as you looked down at it. It looked way more swollen and red than normal.

Please only be a sprain.

Please only be a sprain.

You limped the rest of the way up and watched the scene below. The people tied up were now all moved to the same corner of the floor by the kitchen. The men you set loose looked like they were slowly directing the others out of the building from the exit as you ordered. Cavallo sat with his boys. Even as he bled out from his chest he was still barking orders. His chest rose and fell deeply as a pale finger pointed around the room in confusion. He was truly a leader by choice. Not a good one, but a leader.

Only a few of the bigger guys remained. The rest were seen to have fallen either dead or injured. You looked everywhere, but you couldn't see Spy. Hobbling to the other side of the skywalk you picked up your fallen gun and placed it back into your hands. You tried to make yourself useful by hiding behind the rail and shooting down at the men below you.

You noticed something strange. A small glisten of a rainbow dripped down seemingly out of nowhere and in front of the main doors.

It looked like gasoline.

You eventually ran out of ammo in your gun. You placed it back in your concealed holster. You hoped that he would give you a sign of some sort to tell you it's clear to shoot with the other one.

It caught your attention that a chain with plenty of slack was lazily spread out at the end of the platform. You picked it up to tug it out more. It looked like a connecting chain that wasn't used to hang the chandelier. It hung in the same area as the other chains did to support the ceiling fixture.

Rushing motions came from the stairs. You lifted your gun to the entrance bracing for the moment if you had to shoot. Spy revealed himself at the top and leaned himself onto the skywalk. His outfit seemed ramshackle with blood and other stains. He also sported a black eye as well. He took notice of the dead man on the platform but didn't comment on it. Walking past him, he crouched towards you. The gunfire came back to where you were located. Cavallo's orders were white noise at this point.

Spy saw the chain in your hand and followed it to its source. He then peered down at the mobsters below. He sat in thought for a moment, but then his head turned back towards you. "You have good aim, correct?"

"No, not really." Your voice was nervous.

"Well, you need to have it now. Shoot the chain as I said before. But now, I need you to do something else as well," Spy dug into his pocket to revealed a chunky metal object. With a flick of his wrist and thumb the top part of the square popped open and a flame flickered between the two of you, "This is a windproof lighter. We need to use this and drop it in front of entrance. It should not extinguish unless the top is closed" He took your open hand and placed the lit lighter into it carefully.

You nodded your head and began to move back up, but Spy stopped you.

"On my mark. I have a plan. Can I have that chain?"

You handed it to him as the both of you stood up with caution to make sure you wouldn't get shot. Spy brought an arm out and brought you close to him. You could feel your face heat up as he did so. The two of you began to back up towards the wall.

"Hold on tightly, ma Lolotte..." He told you with caution. You positioned so you were comfortable in his grip.

... Wait.

What was he doing?

Spy lifted you up. He made sure there was no slack between you guys and the chain. "... Because here... we. GO!!"

With a sudden burst of speed, Spy rushed up and over the skywalk's guardrail. A gust of wind flew around the two of you.

Over your cries of fear, you heard Spy exclaim "BACKER! DROP THE LIGHTER! DROP THE LIGHTER!!" The lighter that was once sticking out in front of you was now gone with one simple drop. It took a moment, but the entire floor in front of it burst into flames. Spy and yourself were just barely above where it rose.

Your projected hitting point was the wall. Spy began to shift around on the chain while holding you up with all his might. He managed to flip you guys in the opposite direction to face the skywalk. Using the backs of his feet, Spy kicked off the wall to give that extra boost.

Now facing you once more was the metal chandelier. "SHOOT THE CHAIN NOW!" Spy called out. Out of fear, you shut your eyes, but you pulled the trigger.

A sudden loose feeling came from the shackles that you swung on. The clanking sound of metal and moving chains all happened in the blink of an eye.

Brief sounds of surprised yells came below before being overshadowed by the sound of a large crash from the crown's collapse. You opened your eyes up again. You were still swinging.



He brought his feet up and kicked at the glass panes. Shattering glass surrounded you as Spy brought his now free hand and wrapping you two into a tight embrace. Both of you were screaming waiting for an impact.

The sound of rustling bushes came next. You didn't want to look. You just kept your grip tight and head buried against Spy's waist and chest. Your arms shook. Your heart was racing.

Spy's grip around you loosened up. Which made you more willing to pick your head up to observe the scene.

"Spy...?" You asked slowly. The impact seemed a lot more... soft then you were expecting. You shifted a little in his grip.

"Putain! Ow.." He groaned to your movement which startled you.

"Sorry!! I'm trying to get off of you but-" You rustled in the bush a bit. You couldn't get yourself free. "I- can't-- move!!"

Your body rolled to just the right angle. It caused you to somersault backward and land on your back onto the grass. You got up to gently help Spy out of the bush to the best of your ability without hurting him more.

"Are you okay?" You asked with concern.

"I'm fine, mon amie... And you?"

"I think I'm okay, too." A smile resurfaced on his face. The two of you were completely bedraggled. Bloodstains, some loose or stretched clothing, and your hair was a mess. Now, you both had cuts from the glass window. Hopefully, none was stuck in your skin.

You could hear that the people were conversing with some officers on the side of the building. The small bits of conversation included "Grau Frau" and "Blau Mann". Spy must have heard it, too.

"I think now is the time for us to get going." He stated. You gave him a small nod in return.

"I couldn't agree more."

You two of you began to walk when you curled up to grab your ankle. You winced in pain as Spy looked down at it with worry.

"That looks really bad, chérie..." Effortlessly, he scooped you off your feet and carried you as if you were a princess in distress. "...Simply not good enough to walk on."

Your face flared up with red by his sudden action. To keep balance you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck. You were really starting to hate heights of any sort. But you truly did appreciate the gesture, though. It was really sweet of him.

"When did that happen?" He asked you as he began to walk back towards the map's boundaries.

"I was on the stairs. The guy at the top surprised me and I must've fallen back on it funny." You explained.

"Well for falling backwards, you got a pretty good shot to the head."

"Thanks?" You didn't know if you should take that as a compliment. "You did a nice job helping everyone out."

"It is not a problem. And thank you, but I only moved some of them. It looked like you untied the manager, and he and the bartender helped everyone out." You nodded your head.

You looked forward to the trail in front of you two before turning your head back to him, "Spy?"

"Yes, mademoiselle?" He answered.

"Thanks for coming back for me. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Or-- make it out alive for that matter." A look of peace was in his eyes.

"There's no need to thank me. It was the right thing to do. Just like how you helped those people. That's what friends are for, are they not?" You felt your heart warm up at what he said.

You gave a him shy grin and a small giggle.

His expression seemed to approve. There was a moment of silence between the two of you before he spoke up again. "Did you see how we swung on that chandelier? Good lord-- I thought I was going to let go and fall." The adrenaline of the situation seemed to kick in. You lifted yourself a little from against his chest with wide eyes.

"YOU were going to fall?! I clung on for dear life! Not to mention we jumped out of a freaking WINDOW!" Your reaction made him laugh.

"It wasn't that bad. I've been through worse." His bragging made your cheeks puff out.

"You suck, Spy." You mumbled in a huffy tone. He still kept smiling.

"I know, chérie. I know."




It was awkward for you to enter Medic's medical room and explain why your ankle was all messed up. Spy advised you to go to him right away as soon as he dropped you off at the base, you ended up cleaning and patching your cuts. You didn't want to bother the doctor so late so you managed to painfully sleep on it.

You knew it was a horrible decision from the beginning, but you did it out of fear.

Luckily, it was only a sprain. Though it was in really bad condition because you waited so long to attend to it. When Medic asked how it happened you used the story you formulated in your head from the night before; something about tripping over a raised part in the concrete and falling strangely.

The good news is Medic gave it a splint to recover on. He told you it would begin to feel better in about a week- and fully heal in about two to three. The bad news was that you still had to complete clean-up, only you needed one other member of the team to help you to make sure you didn't get hurt again.

Damn, it may be a while before you saw your Spy friend again.

... Maybe there was another way to get in contact with him?

A day has passed and now Medic and yourself sat in the kitchen. You finished a small bowl of oatmeal, and Medic sat across the table reading the local newspaper with a cup of coffee. The two of you didn't make many conversations during that time, and Engie, Demoman, and Pyro came from their rooms and greeted you two good morning. It was when you turned your attention to Medic's paper again that you noticed something.

The side of the paper that faced you showed a large picture of the lounge from the other night. In the front were some of the hostages that were previously tied up now sitting by an ambulance talking with some officers and paramedics. You couldn't read the headline because it was in German. So with hesitance, you spoke out, "Hey, Medic? What does that headline say?"

Doc peaked his head from the paper. "What was that, Fräulein? Oh! The paper? Ja, uh..." He turned the cover towards him and scanned over it. "Unknown Heroes Save Hostages and Deface Crime. Or something of that nature. It's actually really interesting-- I'm reading it right now. Care to hear what it's about?"

You nodded your head eagerly as you pulled out a chair next to him to look at the contents inside of the article. It was decorated with familiar faces from that night. One was the bartender, another a saddened Pisani in the back of a squad car, and one of a demolished lounge.

Medic swiped his finger across the first few sentences. "I'm not the best translator, but I'll do my best." He cleared his throat and began.

"'Last night a local bar enacts events of adversity. Those of which include, a fire, rendezvous of an infamous oversea mafia, and a shootout on the main bar floor. Reinhold Pisani, general manager of Hazyfort's local watering hole met with Joseph Cavallo. Cavallo revealed to be a Caporegime to the disreputable Italian-American "Newark Crime Family". It is unknown who exactly he is an underling of at the moment. Pisani met Cavallo as an associate -to-capo over a money-laundering scandal that has been happening between different lounges and inns across the world for years...'" The article then went into detail about the organizations and the schemes they tend to pull. The next page showed more images of what happened that night.

"'... Bar goers that night were tied and held against their will and threatened by gunpoint. According to the victims, two previously tied up bar attendees managed to escape from the facility. None could catch their names-- nor no photographic evidence was taken to lead to their appearance, but they were described as a man in blue and a woman in gray. With some time they managed to create tension with Cavallo and his gang of soldiers and start a wide-spread shootout in the building. The duo managed to reduce the enemies in the area, and helped the barman and Pisani lead the victims to escape the building...'"

Your throat felt dry. Man in blue and woman in gray. It sounded so eerie to you. It didn't seem to give away much about you, but it was still strange to hear.

"... Upon investigating the building after the incident it was left in shambles. Tables and chairs flipped, glass everywhere, and even the interior's large metal chandelier came crashing down on some of the gang members; crushing them to death. Cavallo was discovered in the building with gunshot wounds, yelling that he saw 'two schmucks' crush the gasolier onto his men and escape through the window." Medic adjusted his glasses. "Then there are some quotes from some of the witnesses. The bartender said 'I spoke with the two earlier that night. A lovely couple whom I shall forever hold debt to.'"

'Lovely couple'?? A misconception, but one that didn't surprise you. You couldn't help but blush a little at the statement. To conceal it, you brought your hands up to your cheeks.

"The manager said, 'Whatever outcome came was a losing battle for me. I was lucky to face this one. If the woman in gray sees this; thank you for listening in on our conversation. I would be a dead man by now if it wasn't for you. Both of you were definitely our heroes for the night.' ... Pisani and Cavallo shall face criminal charges once they recover from any injuries inflicted upon them. The results of the crisis were a miracle, for there only being minor injuries to those held captive. It is unknown if these heroes choose to remain anonymous or are not made aware of their bravery. For the time being, upon waiting for their identities, it is safe to say that Hazyfort was made a safer place for all.'"

Your attention was drawn away to look at the room around you. At some point, the rest of the team made it into the dining hall as well. They seemed to listen in on Medic's narration. Most of them seemed somewhat bored by the article.

"Isn't that exciting?" Medic asked the crowd enthusiastically.

"You kiddin' me, Doc? We literally do cooler stuff than that every day." Scout slumped over your chair's backing.

"You've got to admit though... It's pretty impressive for a couple of civilians." Engineer tried to bargain with the group. He only got a few grumbles from the guys in response.


"It's good story; just not good as us." Heavy had his arms crossed looking at the article's images.

"Hey, hey! I gotta theory now! WHAT IF-- what if one of dose 'unknown heroes' was one of us, huh? Who here owns blue??" Scout piped up again and looked around at the other men.

"... We cannot wear blue, Scout. The Administrator told us that." Spy commented.

"Well? What about Backer? She could 'ov been the woman in gray!" This made your heart stop. You didn't know how to respond. What do you do?

"Yah kiddin' me, right mate?" Sniper muttered. "Back-uh's the only one who listens to the rules around here. Unlike you blokes, she'd couldn't pull somethin' like that off."

Ouch. Seriously? Now you kind of wanted to brag.

"I mean good for 'em... Just kinda lame." Demoman concluded as the group began to disperse from the table. Medic got up and left to do his own tasks as well. This left you alone at the table to lean on with a long sigh.

"Yeah... how lame.."