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A Tale of Wishing Scales - Children of the Sea

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The pastries smelled heavenly. It had taken her some time to get it right, she burnt quite a lot in the beginning, but now they were just perfect. According to her regulars. Putting them in a basket, covering it with a cloth she took them to the house of her two favourite people she liked to annoy.


Quite a commotion could be heard from the inside and she wasn’t the only one giving the house a wary look. The crashing of pottery had all the other bystanders leave for good. No one had ever heard, seen or experienced the biggest lovebirds of the town to quarrel with each other.


River took the two steps to the front door and knocked, not getting an answer. The silence was eerie. “I am coming in! And this time I better not catch you two stark naked!”




Antonius rolled his eyes upon hearing the voice through the door. That impossible woman! Why, by all the heavens? Why had this woman to be a bother now of all times?! “Miss Song, this is not the right time, nor the place to bother me and my husband!” he growled angrily. He had a scared child to take care of.


Who was currently hiding beneath the kitchen cabinet. She might not have been able to use her tail, but her arms were all the stronger to move around.


“That was what you told me the last time as well Cardinal. 10 minutes later you had managed to burn your lunch. You two can’t cook even if your life depends on it, which it does. I made pastries with salmon filling.” She closed the door and found the two men kneeling before the cabinet, looking beneath it.


“If I wouldn’t look after you two, you would starve yourself to death. You can’t only live on vegetables and fruits.” She chided them. An angry hiss came from under the cabinet. “Have you adopted a cat?” River asked them curiously.


“Not a cat. No. We adopted a girl. Would you leave now?” Quartus growled equally annoyed with her presence. “Please?” added Antonius.


“You? The both of you? Adopted a child?!” She snorted loudly, while trying to hold back her laughter. “She will starve with you, before the week is over."


For this comment River received miffed twin looks. “Let’s try this. I bet it works.” She took one of the still warm pastries from her basket and placed it in front of the cabinet, but near enough, that the child hiding underneath didn’t need to leave her hiding place. She could safely grab it without leaving her secure little cave.




Waking up hadn't been a pleasant experience. There was no water around her to begin with. The air was dry and smelt wrong. The next thing that slowly sank into her mind was the surrounding area. There wasn't anything that looked familiar .


Wherever she was, it reminded her of a cave, minus an exit. Then something on the wall had moved and the man from the beach had appeared, making her sit up quite fast only to notice that her body felt wrong like never before. Dreading what she may find, she looked down and screamed, yet screamed not at all, because what left her lips wasn’t her voice anymore.


With all her might she tried to claw off the red and yellow scales to no avail. The twisted wishing scale!


In her panic she fled, escaping the grabbing hands to a place, where they couldn’t follow her. Still shaking from the change that had happened to her and the betrayal of Duode, how could he leave her with the humans, she sobbed quietly.


She heard them talking in that strange and harsh language of theirs. What would they do to her, if they got her? She was lost on land, cursed with an useless tail that wouldn’t move, no matter how hard she willed it to move.


A third person joined them, probably a female if the voice was any indicator. She brought a warm smell with her of salmon and something else she couldn’t name. It fuelled Theta’s need for food. She saw them moving again and the wonderful smell became stronger, as something was placed near her hiding place.


Her mouth watered at the sight and smell of the food. At least she guessed that it was food. It looked like nothing she had ever seen. The gnawing hunger in her stomach became worse with every passing minute, but she couldn’t bring herself to grab the food. It could well be a trap.




Missy tasted blood in her mouth. She was silently seething hearing the sentence that was passed upon her absent brother. Koschei was branded an outcast and everyone was forbidden to ever use his name again. The consequences of breaching the verdict would be banishment and becoming an outcast as well.


She wondered if Rassilon was aware, that he had said no exceptions. Just to spite him she would give him an earful of her thoughts. Inwardly her dislike for him turned to glee, imagining his face once he realised that his verdict would bereft him of his only battle sorceress.


He looked at her, rising an eyebrow. “Is there something you wanted to add Missy?” Rassilon’s voice held a note of warning, not to overstep the drawn line. Oh, how he would learn the harsh way, that you don’t mess with her.


Her eyes started to glow in an eerie blue, as she called upon her magic, releasing the blood still in her mouth in a small cloud into the water, grabbing it with both her hands, forming it into thin threads.


“For all I care, you are my tribe no more. As you cast out my brother Koschei, I take my leave from you.” before Rassilon could intervene she had thrown the blood net over him, rendering him immobile. They wouldn’t dare attack her, while she was still brimming with her water magic.


Over her shoulder she gave a quick glance at her other, younger brother. He gave her a quiet shake of his head. He wouldn’t leave with her, but rather keep an eye on Rassilon.


Missy’s goal was clear, as she left the familiar territory to not come back. She would seek out the shrine of the sea goddess and bring her sacrifices for as long as it took to become human.


She had to follow Koschei if she ever wanted some answers to the burning question, why did you use the scale?