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We All Fall Down

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Kyoya quickly explained to her that the other members of the club were unaware that she had been injured in any way. As far as they were concerned, she'd simply been there when the accident had occurred. They had been led to believe that Haruhi was being checked over as a mandatory hospital policy or however Kyoya had originally spun it. She asked that Kyoya please keep it that way; he had just quirked his eyebrow in response and shrugged it off. He went on to tell her that Mori's condition was still unknown and his parents had yet to arrive. All in all, Haruhi felt pretty apprehensive about facing the other members of the club. And she felt wildly unprepared for seeing Mori in a hospital bed. He was such a strong silent presence that she couldn't fathom him laying motionless in a hospital bed. Mori-senpai and frail were not two synonymous words. 

"-ruhi!" Kyoya called. She snapped back to reality to see Kyoya looking at her somewhat impatiently.

"Sorry Kyoya-senpai, what was that?" she said, quite aware that he knew she'd spaced out on him.

"I said that they're just around this corner and that I suggest you prepare yourself to be bombarded by the imbeciles that make up the rest of the Host Club."

Haruhi nodded distractedly at Kyoya's attempt at acting like everything was business as usual and drew in a deep breath. She knew her hands were still trembling so she shoved them into her pockets before taking a step around the corner. She felt her heart pang at the sight before her. Tamaki was slumped over in one of the stiff hospital chairs, head buried in his hands. Kaoru and Hikaru sat on the floor, leaning against each other, deathly silent and still for once. And finally, her eyes fell on Honey, Usa-chan clutched tightly against him, staring vacantly at the wall. The look on the young martial artist's face was so drastically different from his usual cheery demeanor and Haruhi was once again filled with guilt. She was directly responsible for that despondent look after all. It was her fault that Mori was in this hospital to begin with.

Beside her Kyoya cleared his throat and four pairs of eyes were immediately on her. The twins sprung up at the sight of her and Hikaru, in a much more subdued tone than usual, asked her if she was alright. She was trying to form some semblance of an answer when her attention was diverted to the small senior approaching her. Honey-senpai said nothing as he slid off his chair and made his way to her; Haruhi's heart ached even more at the sight, if that was even possible. He peered up at her, Usa-chan still firmly in his grasp,

"Ne, Haru-chan. Is Takashi going to be okay?"

Such a simple question, yet such a complicated answer. Overwhelmed she sunk down onto her knees (not noticing the alarmed expressions that crossed the faces of the boys around her) forcing herself to look at the one in front of her. She felt her eyes prick as she made eye contact with the small martial artist and she managed to choke out an, "I don't know Honey-senpai."

Apparently that had been the wrong answer because Honey's face screwed up like he had just eaten something sour. His tone much sharper than before when he replied,

"What do you mean you don't know? You were there weren't you!"

"I'm sorry Honey-senpai but I really don't know."

Picking up on the tremble in her voice, Kyoya took a step forward placing himself between the two.

"I know we are all deeply troubled by the situation we have found ourselves in but let us not cause anymore undue despair to one another.""

Honey growled in response to Kyoya's words and Haruhi felt an emotion she never thought she'd associate with the blonde: fear. She scrambled off the floor and took a step back. Honey took one forward.

"She was there. She knows what happened and I want some answers!" Honey challenged, his voice rising with each word.

"I'm so sorry Honey-senpai. It's all my fault," Haruhi said softly.

At that, Honey's face turned red.

"I HATE YOU!" he exclaimed, expression livid.

Tears clouded Haruhi's vision as he continued his rant, "I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! LEAVE! LEAVE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!"

Haruhi took a step backwards and then another. As she turned to flee, she heard him shout, "AND DON'T COME BACK!"