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His Royal highness

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Prince Arthur had a long and tiresome day planned. The morning entailed training in the arena with the knights of Camelot and then he had lunch with his sister and father. After that he was to go out on an afternoon hunt with Leon and Morgana, although she does not enjoy hunting the woodland animals she does appreciate the company. Then the banquet of samhain was to be celebrated with the neighboring kingdoms, although the druid people of the kingdom of Ealdor were not to attend because of other happenings for the evening of samhain.

Arthur pulled himself out of bed as the curtains were opened by George. “Good morning sire. This morning you have a sword and axe training in the arena with the knights. You have an half hour till then, your breakfast is served. I will be at your command if you might need me, sire.” George says with a bow.
“Thank you” Arthur says as he gets up and swiftly eats rushing down to train as it is his favorite activity. After 3 hours of intense train he heads to lunch.

“Arthur, sit” says king uther. A plate of chicken is sat in front of the young prince.
“Oh Arthur you look horrendous” Morgana jokes as she throws a pea at her brother, he throws one back and scoffs. “Stop it you two, you are not children. I will not see food thrown at my royal table. If i see another airborne pea then you will both be in your rooms for the banquet tonight” Uther warns sternly and pours himself a glass of wine. Morgana coughs loudly and kicks Arthur in the shin, he grits his teeth and steps on her toe. They fight under the table for a few minutes when finally Arthur gets frustrated and throws his water straight at his sisters face. “ha , got you” he laughs
“aRThER peNDaGoN” she shouts.
“Your brats! Off to your room and i will not see you until the evening for the feast. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!?” Uther screams as he bangs his fists against the table
“Yes father” they say in unison as they head to their rooms.

“Sire, your hunt is scheduled for a half hour from now” George says as they leave the banquet hall. “Thank you, make sure our horses are ready”. Arthur replies.
“Yes sire. Sir Leon will not be attending as he has a meeting” he says
“Oh okay”, Arthur is dressed in his hunting clothes, and heads down to meet Morgana at the horses. A picnic was packed so the young royals could enjoy some snacks out on their hunt.
“Where is Sir Leon?” Morgana questions as she mounts onto her horse.
“Oh, didn’t Gwen tell you that he won't be coming?” Arthur asks and Morgana blushes just at the mention of her beautiful young maid.

The siblings ride out into the woods behind Camelots castle. “SoOoO, Morgana?” Arthur utters with a hint of mockery in his voice.
“What is it brother?” she says already expecting the worst.
“Gwen?” he asks with a teasing chuckle. The lady morgana's face instantly goes bright red. “What about her?” she mutters quietly, embarrassed at herself for blush at just the simple mention of her name. “You like her? don't you?” Arthur inquires.
“Arthur! I swear to gods. If you tell anyone i will personally murder you and feed you to the crows, no hesitation!” she threatens.
“Morgana, i'm not here to tell someone i'm here because it's adorable. Although our father would not permit you to love a serving girl, I think that you deserve a lovely girl like Gwen. You would make a cute couple” he says as he grabs an apple out of the bag.
“Thanks Arthur. Got anyone special?” she asks in return
“Of course i do not. Only my sword and my armor.” he says almost longingly.
“I'm sure you find someo-'' morgana stops there is a rustling in the bushes in front of them. Arthur draws his sword as he demounts his horse. Morgana also demounts but does not draw a weapon. They sneak around the corner and Arthur jumps out as morgana follows swiftly

“Might i help you?” A tall thin man with flowing black hair and blue eyes asked. He had an emerald green cape that came to his ankles, he was holding a staff and had a small white dragon following at his heels. “Who are you?” Arthur asked as he soaked up the man's ethereal energy, his cute and handsome face tattooing Arthur brain. “How rude of me. I am Emrys” the soft spoken man answers with a gentle smile. Morgana looked at him with pure shock. “Emrys? Like the Emrys of Ealdor? The druid prince?” she questions.
“Indeed that would me,” he said “my apologies if I have interrupted you”.
“Of course not, what is it that you're doing in Camelot?” Arthur says, still in awe driven shock.
“Camelot? I appear to be lost” Emrys says with a giggle. “Might you point me in the direction of Ealdor?” he asks kindly.
“Ye-yes we can. um - ah actually we can give you a ride there. Right Morgana?” Arthur says stumbling over his words, still flabbergasted by the young prince. “Of course” answers morgana. “Oh my, thank you. It will not go unrewarded Pendragons” he replied with a simple smile. Morgana and Arthur shared a look as if to say ‘how does he know who we are?’.

Arthur mounts his horse and offers his hand out to Emrys. “Let me help you,” he says, giving his hand to the gorgeous young man. Emrys takes Arthur's hand and hauls himself onto the rear of the horse. “Who is that?” morgana questions, motioning to the small dragon that was looking to the prince happily. “Ahh that is my friend. Aithusa. She’ll trot along beside us, if you don't mind”.
“She is welcome.” says Arthur with a small smile directed towards the dragon, “Um excuse me sire, wrap your hands around my waist please '' Arthur said, his face bright crimson as the druid wrapped his arms around the others waist loosely. “Right, good” Arthur huffed out and pushed his horse forward.

Morgana, Arthur and the young prince Emrys arrived at Ealdor, the palace is mighty and it stands tall with plentiful green surrounding it, the king walking into the courtyard where they had arrived. “MERLIN! Where have you been, young man? We are 10 minutes away from our ceremony and you arrive here on the rear of some boys' horses. What am I going to tell you mother?” the king yells at his son. The young druid boy whispers a thank you into the prince's ear and slides off his horse, Arthur tingles all over the feeling like none other, his breath catches in his throat and he feels his heart pound. Just a simple whisper could affect one man some much, imagine the effects of something more… “who is this boy?” Emrys' father demands. “Father that is Prince Arthur and Princess Morgana of Camelot. They got me here, I was lost.” he explained.
“My apologies. Thank you for helping my son here.” Balinor thanked the royals and they trot off into the distance.

Prince Arthur spent the rest of the evening thinking about the handsome young prince he had met earlier. They way that he made him feel, his arms simply against his hips, his soft voice against his ear. He had to force the thought of the boy out of his mind, he was promised to Princess Mithian of Nemeth, daughter of Rodor. The marriage was supposed to bring wealth and harmony for both kingdoms. Arthur wasn't to ever have thought of anyone but her, and he hadn't even met the woman yet. Why did the druid have such an impact on him?