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Don't look back, just keep your eyes on me

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“Nami, I’m bored.” Luffy said, laying down of the grass and picking at the grass next to him.

“So you’ve said.” She said absently, engrossed in the book she was reading as she turned the page. It was just starting to get good.

Luffy had been texting her and was apparently unimpressed by her slow responses, so he showed up uninvited. It wasn’t anything new. But he wasn’t doing anything different now to what he was doing in his texts, except she couldn’t ignore him now.

She’d been in her garden, enjoying the beautiful Saturday weather before she’d been rudely interrupted. Although, to her glee, he’d gone quiet. She’d have to use this opportunity whilst she could. Don’t get her wrong, she enjoyed Luffy’s company and he was easily one of her closest friends, but sometimes the peace was nice, especially as that’s all she’d planned for today.

“Woah! Look at this.”

Ah, so that’s why he’d gone quiet. He’d taken to wandering around her garden whilst she was distracted and had stopped to snoop through her shed. In it he’d found one of her old water pistols she’d had when she was younger. To be fair, it was impressive and when she was younger, she’d loved it.

“I bet this still shoots well.”

She didn’t like the look on his face. It gleamed with bad intentions. “No.”

Hi face fell. “Wha? But-”

“You are not shooting that at me.” She cut him off, sending him an unimpressed look.

“Obviously! That’s no fun if you don’t have a weapon either. Did your sister not have one too?” He turned, not waiting for her response to continue digging. She didn’t get the chance to confirm, he triumphantly turned around and thrust the second one into the air. “Yes!”

She sighed, putting down her book and looked at him more seriously now. Reading would definitely be out the window now that he’d found those. She looked around her garden, seriously questioning whether it could take Luffy’s rampaging. It definitely wasn’t big enough and she’d have to keep him far away from Bell-mère’s orange grove.

“Your place isn’t big enough, let’s go to mine!” It’s like he read her mind sometimes. Although she doubted that they had to same reasoning behind the suggestion. “There’s more places to hide too! Ooooooh, let’s invite everyone else!”

Places to hide? This was starting to sound extreme. Surely this was just supposed to be a bit of fun, everyone ran around and got wet and that was it.

“It’s worth asking, but I don’t know if everyone will have water pistols.”




Everyone had water pistols. She was expecting rounds or that someone couldn’t come. Anyone who didn’t own a pistol was supplied one by Usopp. Apparently, he plays with some of the kids on his road. So here they were, stood in a circle going through the rules. Her hunch about it being an extreme water pistol fight had been correct, but then with this group, she shouldn’t be surprised.

It’d escalated from just running around with a water pistol to someone suggesting they add food colouring to the water and wear white tops so they could determine a winner at the end. Everyone’s competitive spirit was brimming to the surface with that suggestion. They’d split off into two groups to go into town to gather supplies, one group tasked with getting different food colours and the other to get some cheap white tops. Luffy had gone with the group to get food colours from the supermarket, so naturally they came back with ice lollies.

With little variation on the food colours, they’d used the lolly sticks to decide on groups, colouring the ends to determine who would be paired with who. There was uproar about there being a group of three, but Robin had made a very good point that it came with both advantages and disadvantages. The group of three would have an extra fighter but would also be at a higher risk of losing with having another person to shoot at.

Nami looked around the group, calculating who she wanted to be in a team with. Luffy or Zoro would be good, both great fighters and hated to lose. Sanji was just as good and he would also protect her from being shot at, he was already shouting about how he would throw himself in front of her and Robin. Robin would be a good pick; the woman was sneaky. Actually, as she looked around, probably any of them would be good.

Okay, she was wrong.

“You take the lead and I’ll back you up!” Usopp exclaimed.

“How am I stuck with the coward?” Nami said to herself, pondering her poor luck as they huddled behind a garden table that they’d turned on its side.

Once the groups had been announced, everyone had taken cover in their teams to discuss a strategy before starting.

There was her and Usopp. Sanji and Brook. Franky, Robin and Chopper. Zoro and Luffy. Nami’s eyes narrowed, the last group was definitely the most dangerous combination.

“You’re no better!” Usopp said, outraged and pointing a finger at her accusingly.

Nami ignored him. “Sanjiiii, you wouldn’t let me get shot, would you?” She called, looking over at him and pouting cutely.

The reaction was instant. “Of course not, my lovely swan! I’ll shoot those who so dare to shoot at you or Robin. I’ll even use my own body to shield you if I must, a worthy way to lose.”

Brook’s head popped over from their cover. “But Sanji, water makes a white top go see through…”

Both of them had a perverted look on their face, no doubt imagining what would happen.

Nami rolled her eyes, trust the two of them to think of that, that had to be the worst team in this match. Brook was a lost cause, but Sanji’s odd chivalry will surely save her. “Sanjiii,” she called, drawing his attention back on her and making sure to flutter her eyelashes. Any of his previous thoughts were thrown out the window and he continued his previous shouting about protecting the girls.

“Sanji, me too!” Usopp shouted over her shoulder. It snapped Sanji out of his spouting and shouted at Usopp that he had to save himself.

Any further discussion was cut off as Luffy ran across the garden, declaring war and shooting at anyone he could see in his sight.

Everyone scrambled after that, plan or no plan.




It was carnage. Everyone was running around screaming, either from being chased or being shot at with freezing cold water.

It’d started off well enough. Sanji had kept his word and although he was supposed to be on a different team, he might as well have been paired with Nami and Robin. He shot at anyone who came close or dove in front of them to take the damage. There was so way his team would be winning. However, as soon as Zoro had goaded him, he was a lost cause. They were exclusively shooting at each other now and Nami was glad they’d all decided to wear glasses, if not, she was sure that’s where they’d both be aiming right now.

Usopp had pretty much abandoned her once Luffy had started, he’d legged it up a tree. Although she had no ground cover, he at least snipped people from high up and from what she could see, he still had a relatively white top. She’d had a similar idea and had been slinking about, hiding behind whatever she could. They could win if they carried on like this.

Just as she peered around the bench, she locked eyes with Luffy. Oh god. No. Not him. Maybe if she stayed still, he wouldn’t see her… because apparently Luffy was now a t-rex.

His smile slowly grew, until it was splitting across his face and he slowly started to walk towards her. Similar to the way a lion stalked towards an unsuspecting gazelle.

Except she was aware of him. It was only a split second later and she was pushing the bench towards him in hopes of slowing him down as she took off across the garden. Luffy hot on her heels and cackling.

“No! Go and chase someone else Luffy!” Nami screeched, zip zagging to avoid the water spraying behind her.

“Look at your nice white top!” He cooed back at her. His was a rainbow of different colours, a clear indication of how many fights he’d recklessly been in before pursuing her.

She led him past the tree where Usopp was stationed but he didn’t even blink as he was sprayed, still intent on getting his prey. She could hear him gaining on her, his feet thumping on the grass and laughter drawing closer as she was running out of steam.

Daring a glance behind her shoulder she shrieked, he was so much closer than Nami had expected. She needed to do something and quickly. Without giving it much thought, she turned on her heel suddenly, just dodging Luffy bumping into the back of her and sprinting past him in the opposite direction. She even managed to get a quick spray in as she ran past him. He was laughing at her bold move, gathering his wits and taking off after her again. Perhaps if she did this for long enough, he’d run out of water and she could get him.

That didn’t happen. Luffy wasn’t looking where he was going, too focused on her and tripped over the bench she’d pushed over when he’d started chasing her. Nami looked back just in time to see him go down and instead of checking he was okay; she ran up to him and started to spray him mercilessly with her water pistol.

She was giggling madly, delighted at the turn of events. Luffy joined her and rolled onto his front, soaking her pristine top. Nami didn’t even care at this point, lost in the joy of getting the better of the boy on the floor.

To prevent him getting up, she put her foot on his chest. “Yield!” She panted out, between her breathless giggles. 

“Never!” Even though his water was getting on him too from firing upwards. But he didn’t seem to care.

Nami was a mess. Her face was red from the combination of running and laughing, her hair sticking to together in clumps from the water. But she had the brightest smile on her face, eyes filled with mirth at her relentless attack on Luffy.

She almost stopped spraying Luffy when she caught the look on his face, she’d never seen that expression on his face before.

Before she could voice her concern, Luffy interrupted, “You look so pretty.”

The spray from her pistol stopped and she gaped at him, not expecting such blunt words. Considering how red Nami’s face was already, she could still feel the flush extending down her neck. In all her time of knowing Luffy, had he ever acknowledged someone’s looks? Her mouth kept opening and closing, completely lost for words. Luffy didn’t look phased at all, he just continued to smile up at her and somehow that only made it worse. She never did get the chance to respond as another voice interrupted their moment.

“What the hell is going on?” A voice boomed.

All nine teenagers in the back garden froze. Their heads snapping towards the back door of the house to see a flabbergasted Garp standing there. In all the madness and noise, no one had heard his car pull into the drive or him shouting out Luffy’s name to see if he was home. It was only as Garp made it through the house that he could hear shrieking and made his way towards the noise.

“Gramps! …. Uhhh…” Nami hadn’t moved her foot from his chest, still frozen, and Luffy was currently looking at his Grandad upside down.

Garp looked around the garden, it was like a warzone. Garden furniture thrown around, plants and bushes trampled. All nine of them still gaping at him, trying to figure out what his reaction would be.

It wasn’t hard for him to work out what was going on, all of them holding water pistols and sopping wet. His grandson currently trapped underneath a girl he hadn’t met yet. Was this the Nami that he’d heard so much about? She was pretty; Luffy had good taste. Especially as she’d seemed to best him too, a difficult feat for someone like his grandson.

He slowly grinned. “So, who won?”

Suddenly, everyone came alive. Shouting as they argued for their teams.