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Double Backer BLUs

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The horrors from that night consumed your mind from then on. You finished your traditional cleaning duty, of course, with all fearful thoughts on your mind. As soon as you entered back into the base there sat Pyro and Scout at the table. Pyro's head was down, and Scout seemed to have a guilty look on his face. The two of them apologized about what they said at dinner towards you. At that point, you almost had completely forgotten about it since there were new things to worry about.

"Uh... It's fine. I'm sorry for blowing up at you guys. And everyone for that matter." You were able to jumble out. You just wanted to be left alone in your room to think things over. Scout picked up on the sense something seemed off.

"Backer, you alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost." It was damn close near to one, you thought. He pointed a finger at your face. "Like, you're all pale and shit." You let out a nervous laugh in response.

"It's probably nothing. Just not feeling well. I'm gonna go lie down for the night. But, seriously though, you guys are fine. I think we've all gotten tired of losing. We'll give it time, things will probably get better." The two nodded to you and bid you goodnight.

You could not fall asleep. Your brain has been traveling at hyperspeed and screaming at you since the encounter. What's going to happen next? What if he tells his team? What if the Administrator finds out? What will happen to you? Cycles of stress would fade then come back in one ferocious heap which made you toss and turn in bed even more. The only reason why you were able to get a little shut-eye that night was due to passing out from exhaustion from worrying so much.




A week has passed since the encounter. Since that night you have been extra cautious both when running supplies during battle, but also with post-mission duties as well. One strange thing is since that night you had not encountered that team's Spy or any of the BLU members for that matter. Neither has Miss Pauling or the Administrator have a conversation with you even remotely close to the topic. They must not have known. This brought you a little relief, but that underlying fear that something is wrong was still there.

During these last few days, you have noticed you began to have a somewhat closer friendship with Scout. It seemed like at first after he apologized he still wanted to make it up to you, even though you were very much over what had happened as mentioned before. Starting off it was more you being patient as Scout followed you around and talked your ear off if you weren't working, but after a while, you opened up to him a bit more. You ended up having a little bit in common with him. Even if he was a little arrogant or talked out of term every once and a while, he really wasn't a bad person. Besides, he was someone you could consider your first legitimate friend since you began working with RED.

By the middle of the following week, the team had to be up bright and early (thanks to Soldier) for a movement to a new location to complete some missions. The place you were taken to was named "Mountain Lab" according to Miss Pauling, so all of you were shoved into a small shipment truck disguised as a beer brand to travel from point A to point B. Once you arrived, you felt more free being outdoors. Even just for those few minutes before you were shoved right back into hiding within the facilities that covered RED's side of the arena.

During the training session before the first mission, Scout accepted your offer to reteach you how to be a better shot with your handgun. You never know when you're going to need it... especially now. You still weren't the best aim, but you saw improvement since the last time your Spy and Scout taught you.

The mission was dragged out and bloody as normal, but your team was able to finally pull off a win to break the streak of losses. That night, of course, was celebrated as one big booze fest for all the mercenaries. Their spirits were rekindled once again, which gave you a warmer feeling you haven't felt in quite some time. As usual, your fun had to be cut short to do your final duty for the evening. It left a pit in your stomach every single time now.

You felt a small shred of hope. It was a new area, right? Maybe it might be more difficult for someone to catch you since you have no routine here yet. Or maybe you or they will get lost and will be unable to find where you were. Just as another safety measure, you always made sure you had your handgun on you, and you started carrying around one of your team's Spy's knives you picked up while cleaning. He's got a million of them. It wouldn't kill him for you to have one he dropped.

You began to develop an underlying fear that always left you curious; what would happen if YOU were to die here? You knew the mercenaries were able to respawn, they've been through some of the most horrific ways to go one could ever witness yet they would respawn unscathed. Would you be able to do the same thing? That was a risk you weren't ready to test yet. It was better to play on the safe side for now.

You got your gear and went out to work. It was another beautiful evening. The sounds of the forest filled the night sky as you navigated your way around the area with the small headlight and wheelbarrow. By now, you have gotten completely used to picking up any sort of body part or remain of a person. As much as it sounds insane or ridiculous, once you've done it countless times it becomes just like any other job. Obtaining the skill of the fast clean-up has made you feel more productive overall while doing other tasks and obligations as well.

You were in the middle of picking up the remains of a Demoman when something caught your ear. It sounded like footsteps on the loose gravel trails from a distance away. The noise was distinctive from the normal sounds you've heard all evening. It took no delay for you to drop your cleaning tools and begin wielding the gun and knife. You have been preparing yourself in the case of the worst happening, but you couldn't help but get that nervous feeling again.

You didn't call out, and you didn't move your head. It was as if you barely breathed. Once again you hoped and prayed it was an animal just passing by. Refusing to let your guard down, you stood like that for a solid three or four minutes. A little bit afterward, there were only the noises of the evening from before. So slowly, you eased up. You began to turn to pick up your shovel again until you heard a voice cut clearly through the dark.

"You certainly don't look like Miss Pauling."

With a quiet surprised gasp, you turned straight where the voice came from and aimed your handgun. Nobody stood in front of you. Your arms felt like jelly, but you refused to move. Every nerve in your body sparked like crazy, just waiting for something to magically appear in front of you.

Suddenly, the knife you now had in your back pocket was slipped right out with ease. You heard that strange wind noise coming from right behind you. You could physically feel someone's presence mere inches from your back; they were that close.

"I wonder where you got this from, mon amie?" That voice was so familiar. Too uncomfortably familiar.

You quickly turned around with your eyes closed and pressed the barrel of the handgun right into his chest. You refused to look at him, and you hesitated to pull the trigger. No action was taken from the two of you.

"What do you want?" You asked still with your eyes closed.

"You're not going to look at me when you speak? And you're going to point a gun at me too? Zat's an interesting greeting to someone you don't know." He replied calmly. It seemed like he wasn't alarmed in any case about what was happening. You had a freaking gun! You could shoot his brains out any second if you wanted to.

"I said what do you want." You repeated, you opened your eyes but still had your head turned away so you couldn't see his masked face. In all honesty, you were afraid to look at him.

A chuckle escaped his lips. It made your skin crawl, you just wanted to get out of there. "Let's talk." He responded. "I didn't come out here to hurt you. Rather, I'm just... curious." The tension you put on the barrel of the gun to his torso lightened up, more in shock than anything. He took the moment to slip off to the side and place a small cigar into his mouth, taking a moment to himself to take in a slow breath in of the product. His eyes floated towards you again, a smirk resting on his face. "Just who are you anyway?"

You didn't answer, still trying to avoid making eye contact with any part of his body. Taking the shovel off from its place from the ground you continued to clean up in silence. The Spy watched you for a few moments, then he slowly approached you and effortlessly took the tool from your grip. All still keeping calm and gentle composure.

"I said, who are you?" He asked again in a thicker tone. Your stomach did backflips every time he spoke. He wasn't going to leave you alone, or worse he could possibly hurt you until you said what he wanted to hear. You sighed and looked down at the ground in front of you.

"Backer." You mumbled.

"Can you repeat that, please?" He moved closer to you to hear you better.

"They call me Backer." Your tone grew more irked than before. There was no way you were telling him your real name. You hated everything about this scenario. You wanted him to go away, and you wanted to disappear from it as well.

"Oh, come on now. I know that's not your real name, ma chérie." He replied in a playful manner which you immediately disregarded. You walked over to the wheelbarrow and began to push it along. The Spy walked beside you as you looked straight ahead as if he wasn't there. "Did I scare you? My apologies, I was just trying to have a little fun." He added on still wearing that disgustingly charming smile.

You came to a grinding halt and set the wheelbarrow down. With one simple pivot on the heel, you turned to him, a desperate look on your face and a glint in your eyes. "Can you just go away, please? The fact that you even know that I'm here has me in a lot of trouble."

A confused look rang on his face. "What do you mean?" He inquired.

The stress of it all was about to burst, so you let it all flood out. Right to the enemy. "You know that I'm here and working for RED, right? You probably already told your team about me who probably told the Administrator. It's just a matter of time before she tells me she figured out my mistake and she gets rid of me in some way." The more and more you ranted on confusion and fright was written all over your face.

The confused look left his expression, and it returned back to a calm stature. "I did not tell anyone about our interaction." He stated.

"What?" Disbelief left your voice.

"Seeing you? I kept that to myself. And I am guessing you did not tell anyone, non?"

"Of course not. I don't want to find out what will happen to me if someone else found out." Chills ran down your spine as you thought about the Administrator's voice and it's coldness that came with it. Yeah, you definitely did not want to know.

"Hmm," The Spy tapped his chin with one gloved hand in thought for a moment. During his brainstorming session, a small smile grew on his thin lips. "Perhaps we can have an overture of sorts."

"An overture? About what?" You raised a brow.

"Yes, we can settle a deal. If I am being honest, it is just as high risk for me to be out here at this hour as well. But I do enjoy getting away from those imbeciles on my team every once and awhile." He paused a moment to take a drag off his cigar. "I will keep your identity safe from my team, and the Administrator or anyone else who may ask. In return, you allow me to walk around the map az freely az I want without risk of you informing anybody."

You could not believe this, but you complied. You nodded your head to his proposal. "That works fine. But, it can only be you that can come and go. If I catch any other BLU members wandering around just know our agreement is done." Small laughter was muffled from his closed mouth.

"I think that's fair enough. Then we are in agreement. Let's shake on it." He lifted his right hand up towards you. Your whole upper half moved back a bit as his hand extended. You were hesitant, this was a Spy for goodness sake! You couldn't think of the thousands of outcomes that could come with this acceptance, but the thought was aggravating.

"I don't bite, you know." He said in a light yet cheerful manner, amused by your reaction. He wanted you to trust him about keeping this promise. Or so that's how it looked on the outside. There wasn't much you could do now. You have already agreed to his compromise. Slowly, you extended your right hand and shook his gently, still unsure how to take in the situation.

"Good, now we have that settled. I will be off." He turned on one heel and began to walk off. He lifted his right hand in the air, cigar between his index and middle finger. "This will not be the last time you see me." He called out to you. His voice shrunk as he disappeared into the dark. You stood there with a complete dumbfounded look on your face looking into what was nothingness.

"What the hell just happened?" You mumbled to yourself. All around you, the noise of the forest at night slowly began to come back. His demeanor was quite puzzling to you, but it left you with mixed emotions. One hoping he never bothers you again so you can do your job in peace. The other is that he comes back so that you can figure out what his deal is.

Even after the deal was made, it still left you with an uneasy stomach. This was completely outrageous, having to negotiate with the enemy just so you can finish work and get some sleep that night. There was some trust that he would follow through with it just being him. Your Spy wasn't the most social either, so perhaps he is no different?

You shook your head to yourself. Without making another noise that entire shift, you finished completing clean-up.