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We All Fall Down

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After what seemed like an eternity, Host Club was finally over. It was time to make his move. Mitsukuni, still upset with him, raced out of the room the moment the club ended, not even giving him a glance goodbye. It hurt a little but Takashi knew that Mitsukuni would get over it fairly quickly and then they'd be fine. So, he brused it off and fixed his attention on Haruhi. She was tidying the room just like she did everyday after hours, but she seemed to be in a hurry for some reason. 

Knowing how clumsy she was and seeing the look of intense concentration on her face, Takashi thought it best not to approach the girl quite yet. He didn't want to scare her and cause her to accidentally break something in her fright; he knew that there was a high chance she would, so he sat and continued to watch her instead. She was such a small little thing but she was so fierce too. She had this deep well of determination and so much mental fortitude. Takashi admired her greatly for that.

But as she finished up her duties, he couldn't help but feel concerned. Her intense concentration on cleaning had given him a lot of time to study her and what he saw alarmed him. Haruhi was pale, but more so than usual. The bags under her eyes were very pronounced and her uniform seemed a little looser on her. Had she been eating properly? And how about sleeping?

In short, she didn't look so hot.

"Haruhi," someone called softly.

She looked around for the source of the voice and was shocked to see Mori-senpai standing a couple feet away from her. He looked troubled. Trying not to appear as panicked as she felt, she picked up her bag and turned in his direction. 

"Is there something I can help you with Mori-senpai?" she questioned, wanting to cut straight to the chase and keep the conversation as short as possible. 

"Are you okay?" he asked, staring at her so intensely she felt like he was peering into her very soul. 

"Oh yeah of course! Nothing to worry about Mori-senpai," she assured him, well at least she hoped she came off as reassuring. 

He did not look convinced. 

She inched towards the doors, "If that'll be all, I'll be leaving then senpai."

"Let me walk you home," he responded.

Internally panicking, she shook her head, "There's no need. Really Mori-senpai I'll be just fine."

"Why are you avoiding me?"

She looked up sharply at that, "Err what are you talking about Mori-senpai? I haven't been avoiding you. Not at all."

His gaze sharpened further, "Haruhi, you're not a very good liar."

She knew that her cheeks were probably screaming out that he was right but she couldn't do anything about the blush covering her face.

"I'm gonna go," she said before turning on her heel and dashing out the music room. She couldn't hear if he replied or not over the roaring in her ears. Feeling tears well up in her eyes, she ran as fast as she could. 

Run faster run hurry

The mantra looped endlessly in her head egging her on.

She didn't stop until she felt like she was about to collapse. Gasping for breath, she doubled over placing her hands on her knees, desperately trying to swallow up as much air as she could. 

"Haruhi!" she heard someone shout distantly.

Alarmed that Mori-senpai was still on her tail, she shot back up intent on running away once more. But she tripped in her hurry to get away. As her body came in contact with the hard cement, she hissed.

"Haruhi!" his voice came again. She could hear the panic in his voice and the pain she felt was briefly overwhelmed by the sudden guilt she felt for putting it there. Tears once again spilled frmo her eyes and she didn't know if they were due to the pain in her heart or the pain from the fall. But her wrist was aching fiercely and she wished the ground would just swallow her up.

Everything was too much. The pain shooting through her was unbearable and the world around her seemed completely deafening and utterly nauseating. She was hyper aware of the warm liquid trickling down her knees and sticking to her uniform. Everything was too loud, too bright. Her mouth was incredibly dry and it felt like someone was sitting on her chest. Some part of her registered that Mori was still calling her name, but the rest of her was too focused on trying to catch her breath. Oh god, she couldn't breathe. 

Suddenly the whole world let out a shriek and right before everything went dark, she heard a distorted voice scream, "Someone call 119! He needs an ambulance!"