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A Tale of Wishing Scales - Children of the Sea

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So this was it. He would die here in this godforsaken algae forest , all alone, blinded by the stinging cells of a jellyfish. The poison slowly numbing his breathing and making it harder to think. Maybe it was for the best, that he ended like this. It was way faster than starving to death.


His dying senses were playing tricks on him. He could have sworn that he was smelling the faint scent of star flowers and hearing a soft musical voice whispering to him Hold out! I got you!




He wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or already dead… Judging by the different kinds of pain pulsing through his body he was still alive. What a shame. Who was so much out of their mind that they would go to such lengths to save someone like him, to save a decapid? He felt his tentacles twitch in annoyance. The poison was still rendering him nearly immobile and the constant darkness wasn’t helping.


A movement in the water had him instantly on high alert, his fear overriding any drowsiness. On pure instinct alone he grabbed with his tentacles in the direction of the movement and caught someone by surprise, going by the high pitched fearful squeal. A child as young or younger than him. “Please, there is no need to hurt me. I brought you food and some more herbs against the poison.” A girl, trying to be brave in the face of danger, still her voice was slightly trembling. So this was his saviour? A girl, belonging to the tailed ones? Oh lucky day! He thought sarcastically.


His two hearts were still hammering in his chest, yet he tried to relax his tentacles enough that the girl wouldn’t be trapped anymore. He fully expected her to flee after his attack. She didn’t. The soft smell of star flowers reached his nostrils. He remembered that smell so very keenly. She had saved him, but why? Before he could ask her, he heard the breaking of clams and soon after he felt the soft meat pressed against his lips.


His hunger won over his curiosity and mindful of his sharp teeth he took the food from her hand with his lips, thoroughly chewing it. A blissful sigh left his lips. Actual food after days of starving! The girl filled the silence with her chatter, telling him, how she found him, took out most of the jellyfish poison from his body, with enough rest and care he would keep his vision and her name is Theta.


His full belly made him sleepy and her voice whispered a soft promise in his ear Rest. I will still be by your side when you wake up.




True to her word, he woke up with her still by his side. Or rather, her having fallen asleep on him. His body felt less tired and paralyzed. Lifting a hand he reached gently for her head, feeling her soft hair against his fingers. Interesting. It only reached down to her chin from what he could feel. Unusual for one of the tails to keep their hair this short. They normally prided themselves on how long and lovely their hair was. Theta didn’t fit the appearance nor the behaviour of non predators and she seemed to know no fear. How else could she fall asleep on one of the most, even if hurt, dangerous predators known to history?


He started combing her hair with his fingers. For one it helped calm him in the dark and two, it made her purr in contentment while sleeping. Koschei wondered where her family might be or if she even had any family left. It was his stomach that finally woke her. He was craving more food to better heal. She stretched herself on him, still half asleep. “No need to be so grumpy.” She patted his belly. “I’ll see to it to get you some nice, fat mackerels.” What an oddball, talking to his belly as if said body part had a mind of his own.


The rumble from his middle made her laugh and the sound made his hearts miss a beat each. “I’ll be back soon, please leave the dressing on, to allow your eyes to heal.”




As she promised it didn’t take her long to come back with the food. She placed one of the fish in his hands and forgoing any kind of eating manners he devoured the fish in 3 bites, not carrying to chew. “You know, your teeth are not only in your mouth for decorative purposes.” Theta gently reminded him. The next fish he tried to chew after biting a piece off. He never really paid any mind to his eating habits. Especially not with his siblings Missy and Saxon.