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Take the Leap

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Severide sat in shock, head in his hands he had no idea what to do. He knew Matt and her were on the precipice of something before she left Indiana but he thought that had ended. He remembers the look on his friends face the day the Chaplin had proposed to Sylvie. Severide thought that Matt would have been happy for her but then he saw the look on his face, the I made a decision I regret which rarely ever happened. If anyone knew anything about Matt is was that he weighed the variables and made the right decision, he never made a bad one. Matt wasn’t happy for her like everyone else, he was regretful and guilty. He never understood why until Stella told him that the reason Brett accepted the proposal was because of Matt, his friend was an idiot.

The accident changed everything for everyone, losing Otis was hard on everyone but losing Sylvie changed something in Matt. He carried this tension around with him, it was like he could never fully relax. When Sylvie came back, whether he wanted to admit it or not he was back to being himself. Severide really thought they would find their way back together but then Gabby happened. He understood that she had been his wife and someone he thought he would spend forever with; when everything was said and done with them, Kelly realized that they were not mean to be forever. A part of him envied their relationship before him and Stella had ended up together, looking back on it they were a terrible match, Gabby craved her independence too much to ever be a good partner to Matt. She often left him in the dark waiting for her to come back to him and honestly it wasn’t fair to him, Kelly felt guilty that he never saw it but he couldn’t go back in time and fix it. Gabby coming back had given him the closure he never got, after what he witnessed, he realized that Sylvie didn’t see it that way. Was there something left for the both of them? He frowned, there was no way, he knew Matt wouldn’t go back down that road. As much he had once loved Gabby, they were nothing more than two individuals who once knew each other.

Matt and Brett truly deserved each other, they were both self-sacrificing idiots and genuinely good people. As similar as they were, they were also very different but when it came down to it Kelly believed that they were it for each other.

“Sylvie” He heard Matt call out.

“I may be a blond but I’m not that blond.” He smirked good-naturedly.

“Very funny.” Matt croaked trying to get up.

“Hey, hey, relax. Stay lying down.” Kelly said while gently pushing Matt down, thankfully he didn’t fight him too much.

“Hey, was Sylvie here?” Matt asked.

Kelly hesitated he didn’t want to out Brett, he didn’t think it was his place to do so. On the other hand, he didn’t want to lie to Matt. “Everyone visited you at some point or another, the firehouse is weird without you.”

Matt wasn’t satisfied with his answer, “I remember riding in the ambulance, she was there holding my hand. I know it was her, I’m pretty sure she told that she would kill me herself if I didn’t come back to her.”

Kelly sat slack-jawed, he missed out on more than he thought. “Good thing you do, if not I would’ve gone to kill you with her.”

Matt rolled his eyes, “Severide, I’m serious was she here.”

“She was leaving as I came in; I don’t think she saw me,” Kelly answered stretching the truth, he witnessed the whole thing from the flowers to the confession. It wasn’t his place to meddle he decided.

Matt nodded and pointed to the flowers, “You know you didn’t have to get me flowers.”

“Those aren’t from me, I got you cigars.” He said quirking his brow. “Don’t look at me, they weren’t here the last time I visited you.”

“They smell nice,” Matt remarked, they were also beautiful and thoughtful.

“Talk to me and don’t talk to me about the flowers.” Kelly knew Matt had been through the wringer but there was something going on with him and he was talking a little too long getting to it.

“Gabby is coming to the wedding. I’m sick and tired of everyone pushing us together. She left me and didn’t bother thinking about me. The last time we saw each other was the last time I was ever planning on seeing her. I didn’t even want to go in the first place, I only went because Sylvie told me to go. And yeah we had fun but that’s all it was going to be.” Matt was up to his head in annoyance with his friends, there was once a Casey and Dawson but that no longer was the case and he was happier for it. Don’t get him wrong, he loved Gabby but he no longer loved her like that. She was never going to be his last love, maybe at one point he thought she would be but the fog was lifted and he just wanted to move on.

“Did you tell everyone that?” Kelly asked.

“I shouldn’t have to say it.” Matt refuted.

Kelly narrowed his eyes, “Come on, what’s this really about.”

Matt smiled, Kelly was too sharp for his own good, “I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask out Sylvie. The timing is never right; the first time I saw her with the Chaplin and put my foot in my mouth, then she came back but her break up was too soon, her mom died and now Cruz’s wedding is coming up.” He explained with frustration, “and now it feels like the distance between us is greater than before. We used to see each other so often and now it’s like I’m lucky if I even catch a minute of her time.”

“What are your intentions because Sylvie is not someone you can use to fill the Dawson void.” Kelly tossed out quickly.

Matt’s voiced deepened growling at Severide, “There is no Dawson void. I have met many different people but I have never met a Sylvie. She is not a consolation prize and will never be.”

Severide raised his hands in surrender, “Geez, okay, I’m sorry I brought it up but are you serious about her?”

He glared at Severide, “I love her, okay. Life without her was unbearable and we were just friends. Dawson and I never had that kind of connection. Sylvie knows me better than you or even Dawson ever did. You both lived with me and had access to privy information, despite that she managed to get to know me better than anyone. We became good friends, somewhere along the line she crawled under my skin. We have a foundation that I have never had with anyone. I love her so much that I kept pretending I didn’t because I was scared. I forgot that in this line of work you don’t have the luxury of being afraid. If anything, this accident reminded me of that.”

“So, what are you going to do about it?” Kelly scratched his cheek in wonder.

Matt shrugged, “First I need to get out of this hospital. Thankfully, I only have cracked ribs, uncomfortable but not deadly. I need to plan a date, a good one, that’s where you, Stella and Foster come in.”

“I’m happy for you.” Things were really looking up for his friend and all it took was an accident.

“Don’t celebrate yet, we still have to get out of here.”

Kelly stood up, “Alright, Alright, lemme see if I can bribe Will into letting us leave now.”

Kelly left the room leaving Matt alone with his thoughts. He didn’t tell his friend what gardenias meant, because some part of him knew only Sylvie would ever buy him flowers like these. Severide didn’t want to tell but he could see it all over his face, Sylvie was here and for some reason Kelly didn’t want him to know. His niece Violet had taught him a bit about the language of flowers a long time ago, gardenias meant secret love. It was likely that anyone could’ve left him these flowers but he couldn’t shake the feeling that it was her. He just wished he hadn’t been drugged up so that he could’ve seen her.

Gabby coming back for the wedding didn’t change anything for him, he wanted Sylvie and he didn’t need anyone’s permission to pursue this but hers obviously. Gabby stopped contacting them, she left them behind, not the other way around. The way he saw it she didn’t need an explanation or her permission.

He just really wanted people to stop pushing him towards Dawson, she divorced him, they moved on. He was done with that chapter of his life.

Kelly came back before his frustration could rise any further, “Alright, we can leave. You have to take slow careful movements. He also wants you to rest at home for a week because he knows you won’t listen if he tells you not to work for longer. For the remaining five weeks you’re on light duty.”

Matt thanked his friend and took his time getting dressed before he met him in the waiting room with the flowers in hand.

Kelly drove carefully back towards the apartment making sure to avoid potholes. He didn’t want Matt to be any more uncomfortable than he already was. Matt appreciated it but he just wanted to get home fast so he could take a nap and wake up bright and early to call Sylvie.

It took longer than normal to get home with Kelly’s careful driving, they eventually made it but Matt was didn’t have any energy.

“Alright buddy, let’s help you get to your room.” Matt was relieved, he didn’t argue too much with Kelly.

Kelly brought him safely to his bed where he passed out.

He woke up the next morning with anxious energy, he felt like he hadn’t seen Sylvie in months rather than days. It was only six in the morning, a little too early to call her. It was shift day so they most likely would be at the firehouse around eight. He figured he would make coffee for Severide and Kidd.

He carefully got up making sure not to jostle his ribs and went to take a long-overdue shower. Feeling clean and fresh, he made breakfast for his two roommates. It felt good to be out of the hospital, he was lucky the accident wasn’t that bad and could have been much worse than it was. An angel was seriously looking out for him. With breakfast done, he sat down on the couch and started flipping through the paperwork he had yet to do.

“You’re up early,” Stella remarked as she walked towards the kitchen. “And you made breakfast, I think I like having you home.”

“Ha, don’t get used to it” Casey smirked.

“Hey, Kelly, Casey made us breakfast.” She yelled out.

“I’m coming.” They heard Kelly yell out. He walked in the room when he spotted Matt, he remembered their conversation from the other night. “Did you tell Stella about the thing.”

“What thing?” She asked absentmindedly while grabbing pancakes.

“We are going to plan the perfect first date for Sylvie.” He replied rifling through his papers. He muttered to himself unable to make sense of the order of his documents. What was he thinking when he placed them in his bag? He was completely ignorant of the face that Stella was making.

“Wait, wait, what. Wait, hold on.” Stella damn near dropped her coffee, she was like a gaping fish. She could not believe the words that had come out of his mouth.

“Haha, Matt I think you broke her brain.” Kelly was amused by the whole situation.

“Shut up Kelly. Captain, you better be serious because boss or not I’m coming for you if you hurt her.”

Casey quirked his brow in her direction, “On my honour, I would never hurt her.”

Stella was unconvinced, she wanted to believe Casey. She was about to congratulate him when Dawson hit her like a tone of bricks. “What about Dawson?”

“What about her.” Casey sighed.

“She’s coming back.” She countered.


“Dawson is coming,” Stella emphasized.

Matt groaned, “So, what do you want me to do about it.”

Stella’s eyes widened looking at Kelly then Matt, she entered the twilight zone. “What am I missing?”

“I’m sick and tired of everyone pushing to her, the last time we saw each other was the last time. She left without telling me, she sent me divorce papers, I don’t owe her anything.” He explained exasperatedly.

Satisfied with his answer she jumped on the ship, “Okay, then I’m onboard captain.”

“This goes without saying, but Stella you can’t let it slip to anyone.” Kelly cautioned with Matt nodding his head in agreement.

“Kelly.” She cried in indignation.

Matt shook his head in fondness, he and Sylvie had good people in their corner.

“Severide, Gardenias mean secret love.” He called out to his friend, pointing to the flowers that Kelly had placed on the coffee table for him last night.

Severide stopped in his tracks but before he could respond to Casey, he interrupted, “I know, she’s the one who brought them.”