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We All Fall Down

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"Haruhi I need to talk to you before you leave today," Kyoya called from his usual seat, his fingers never faltering as they flew across the keyboard.

"Sure thing Kyoya-senpai," she acknowledged, feeling dread coil in her stomach.

Did he know? Or had he picked up on her recent avoidance of Mori-senpai?

Whatever he wanted to discuss, it probably wasn't good. With a sigh, Haruhi hurried through the rest of her responsibilities and made her way to where Kyoya sat.

"What is it you needed to talk to me about senpai? Haruhi inquired.

Kyoya swiftly closed his laptop and gathered all his belongings. "Would you like a ride home Haruhi?" he said.

Aware that he wasn't actually asking, she shook her head and followed him out the door. Not a word was exchanged between the two until they were safely ensconced within his limo.

"Haruhi," he started, the tint of his glasses not allowing her to see his eyes, "as we are both aware, your addition to the Host Club was one of obligation, not choice."

She nodded in response.

"You owe the club a debt," he continued, "however, soon this will no longer be the case."

"You mean..." she trailed off, hesitantly.

"Yes, you will have soon paid back all the money you owe us. By the end of the month, I calculated, perhaps even sooner," he confirmed.

"Wow, I thought you'd hang my debt over my head until you graduated. Where's the merit in this Kyoya-senpai?" she asked bluntly.

"I just thought you should be made aware of it. I am quite looking forward to the decision you'll reach," he stated mysteriously. Haruhi was about to ask him what he meant by that when he opened his mouth once again. "We've arrived. Do take care."

She jolted when she realized that the limo had in fact come to a stop. Sighing at his unspoken dismissal, Haruhi took the hand that was offered to her and stepped out of the limo. The driver bid her good day and the limo had already pulled away before all the pieces clicked into place. Kyoya was unsure whether or not she would stay a part of the Host Club without her debt looming over her. Giving her a lift home was simply his way of testing the waters, trying to feel out what her decision would be when the time came. But why was he even allowing her the option? He could just continue to add on to her debt for minuscule things that weren't her fault like he'd done in the past. Confused, Haruhi slowly made her way up to her apartment. She pondered the unspoken question he had poised. Would she stay?

She had not planned on leaving the Host Club until she graduated, but that was because she had assumed the boys would never give her the chance to. And now that the option had presented itself, she couldn't help but think about what her life would be like with them no longer dragging her around everywhere. She'd have a lot more time to study and maybe relax for a change. While the thought seemed appealing, she also knew she'd miss them. They had become her closest friends, practically her family.

But on the other hand, the new distance she'd imposed between her and Mori-senpai was painful when she still had to sit in a room watching him dote on Honey-senpai for hours. Maybe leaving the club would do her some good? After all she knew she couldn't keep pining after him like this forever.

What if this was the only way to get over him?

Takashi felt something distinctly uncomfortable settle in his gut as he watched Kyoya and Haruhi walk out together. It almost felt like... jealousy. But why would he be jealous of Kyoya?

He came to a realization quite suddenly. Oh what a fool he was, for it to have taken him this long to realize. Well he supposed he shouldn't have been too surprised. After all, he had only noticed that Haruhi was a girl when he picked her up and felt the feminine curves of her body. No wonder Haruhi's avoidance of him had him so troubled. It was because... because he loved her.

For such a sudden realization, he was certain that it was the truth. His love for her had grown so slowly, so quietly, that he had not even registered the change in his heart till it was far too late to do anything about it. Yes, Morinozukas were not indecisive people. His feelings for Haruhi would not fluctuate or waver; he would stand firm in his love for her, just as he did in everything else. He would love her for the rest of his days. Even if it was from afar. His heart would now and forever more, belong to her.

Though she was so dense in all things romantic that he doubted she would ever realize it. In fact, with the way that she was pulling away from him, he might be losing the tentative friendship he had developed with the petite girl.

Hmm, he would have to remedy that. And soon, before she slipped away from him entirely. With that decision, the turmoil in his mind settled, and he felt as if a great weight had been lifted off of him. Apparently his subconscious had long ago accepted that Haruhi had ensnared him, and was simply waiting for him to catch up. His mind unburdened and a new resolve firmly in place, he stood and turned to help Mitsukuni gather all his things so that they could head home for the day. He had a plan to come up with.