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Cooking Classes

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Bridget sat at a table in one of her favourite cafes in the city. She had asked Vera to meet her there. It wasn't that she hadn't made up her mind about what she wanted to do, but she still felt like she needed to talk it through with someone first. Her friend showed up right on time, as usual.

Bridget stood to greet her, giving her a hug. "Thanks for coming."

"Oh, not a problem. Is everything okay?" Vera asked. While it wasn't unusual for Bridget to call her and ask to meet up somewhere, this time the blonde had specifically said it was because she needed to talk with her about something.

"Yeah." Bridget gave her a warm smile. "Everything is great."

They made small talk for a few minutes while they each decided what they wanted to have for lunch. After the waiter had taken their order, Bridget decided that she wouldn't keep her friend waiting any longer.

"I've decided to ask Franky to move in with me." Bridget took a sip of her coffee then sat the mug on the table.

"Is she not already living with you?" Vera asked with a straight face.

"What? Um, no. She has her own apartment." The blonde was a bit taken aback at her friend's reaction to her news.

"I know, Bridget. I'm just joking with you. Seriously though, she's spent what, maybe two nights there since you've been seeing each other? I think it's time to ask her." Vera studied Bridget's face while she took a drink of her tea. "You're not having doubts, are you?"

"Definitely not. I think it's just like it is with anything new. It's a bit scary at first." The blonde ran her finger along the handle of her mug. "She's never lived with anyone before."

"She's not going to say no."

Bridget smiled at her friend. "After we eat, I'd like you to come somewhere else with me. There's something I want to get."

Vera stopped with her mug halfway to her mouth. "It's not the same shop as last time, is it?"

The blonde let out a laugh. "No, it's not."

Once they had finished their meal, Bridget led them to a place she had heard Franky mention. She thought all of her girlfriend's tattoos were beautifully done, so she knew she would be in good hands here.

When they entered, the bell over the door rang, and a man came out from the back to greet them. He looked at the appointment book sitting on the counter. "You must be Bridget."

"I am." Bridget had to admit she was a bit nervous.

"Alright, I'm Dave, so I'll be your artist today. Did you bring a picture or have something you wanted in mind?" He leaned on the counter, waiting for the blonde to find the paper she was looking for in her bag.

"I want this." She handed him a photo she had taken and printed off earlier that morning. "Just the outline, something simple."

"Okay, sure. That's a cool design. Come on back and we'll get you set up. It shouldn't take long." He started towards one of the rooms along the side of the shop. "Your friend can come too if she wants."

Bridget turned to see that Vera hadn't followed behind them. She motioned for her to come along, but the small brunette stood her ground. Bridget took a step back, grabbed her hand, and pulled her along.

"Where are you getting it?" Dave had returned with the stencil he'd drawn.

"I was thinking right here." The blonde pointed to the sensitive spot on her rib cage that Franky loved to touch.

"Okay, I'll get you to lay on your other side then, and pull your shirt up." He began to gather his supplies while Bridget got onto the table. "Is this your first tattoo?"

"Yeah. I guess I never had a good reason to get one before." The blonde had actually thought she'd never get one. She understood why people liked them, and she definitely thought they looked good on Franky, but she could never see herself with one. This one though, she was sure about.

"Okay, nice even breaths, and try to stay as still as you can." Bridget heard the tattoo gun start. "Here we go."

It didn't feel like she thought it would. It did hurt, but it wasn't as bad as she was expecting. She knew she had picked a sensitive spot, but it was perfect. She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. Before she knew it, she felt Dave washing it off with a cool liquid, and putting some ointment on it.

She carefully pulled her shirt down, and listened while he explained how to care for it over the next few days. She was excited for Franky to see it. She had decided that she wasn't going to tell her girlfriend that she had done it, but rather she'd let her discover it on her own. Bridget had one more thing to pick up then her idea would be complete.


When she arrived home that night, she left the item she had bought in the car, and checked to see where Franky was in the house. She opened the door quietly and heard the shower running. The brunette’s shoulder had been feeling much better the past couple days and she was able to shower and get dressed on her own now. Bridget quickly went back to the car to retrieve her purchase. She figured she’d have at least a few minutes before Franky was done and dressed. She carefully took down one of the pictures hanging on the wall in the hallway, and replaced it with the one she had just bought. She put the extra picture in the closet in the spare bedroom. She didn’t want to tip Franky off by having something look out of place.

Franky walked down the hall, running her fingers through her still damp hair. “Hey, babe, I didn’t hear you come in. How was your lunch with Vera?” She walked to Bridget, placing a kiss on her cheek on her way by.

“It was good, yeah.”

“You didn’t buy anything? I thought you were going shopping too.” The brunette looked around for bags containing Bridget’s purchases from the day.

“We ended up just having brunch then walking around a bit downtown.” Bridget headed towards the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes.

“Babe?” Franky called down the hall after her. “What do you say we have the leftover Chinese food from yesterday for supper, and watch some movies tonight?”

“That sounds perfect,” the blonde hollered from the bedroom.

Franky fixed a plate for both of them, and warmed them in the microwave. When Bridget returned from the bedroom, she came to the kitchen to grab her food. She chose her seat on the couch strategically, making sure that when her girlfriend sat down, she would have a view of the new picture she had hung. Franky arrived with her plate of food and a beer for each of them.

Bridget watched her as they ate. Occasionally, the brunette would look around the room while she was chewing, but nothing had caught her attention yet. When they finished, Franky grabbed both of their plates to put them in the dishwasher. She took a few steps, then stopped.

“Gidge, this is new.” She pointed to what Bridget had hung on the wall earlier. “Did you get this today?”

“I did. Have a look at it,” the blonde said with a wide grin.

Franky reached out and sat the plates on the island, then went to have a closer look. It was a wooden picture frame, in the shape of a house and framed with silver trim. In the middle was written ‘Love Lives Here’. The brunette looked at the pictures that Bridget had put into the clips. There was one from their day at the amusement park with Emily, a selfie of the two of them laying in bed that Franky had taken early one morning, a picture one of Bridget’s friends had taken of them at her birthday party, and a few other ones that they had taken of each other. The last clip didn’t hold a picture, but held a key instead. After a few minutes, the blonde got up and came to stand behind Franky, wrapping her arms around her from behind.

“What do you think, baby?” she asked, kissing the back of Franky’s shoulder.

“It’s beautiful.” The brunette’s eyes fell to the key, and she reached up, running her fingers over it.

“That’s for you,” Bridget said softly. Franky looked confused for a second, and the blonde knew that she was thinking that she already had a key. “It’s more of a symbolic gesture. I want this to be your home, our home.”

Franky turned in her arms. “I love you.” She lowered her head, capturing Bridget’s lips in a slow, deep kiss.

“I love you too.” The blonde tried to read the younger woman’s expression. “Is that a ‘yes’?” Franky lowered her head and kissed Bridget once more. “Okay, baby, let’s watch something now, yeah?” The brunette nodded.

Bridget knew that when Franky got emotional, she sometimes got quiet. This was definitely one of those times. They picked a movie, and she settled on the couch against the brunette. The blonde watched the movie, absentmindedly taking Franky’s hand and lacing their fingers together. She ran her thumb back and forth across the side of the brunette’s palm and up the length of her index finger. After a bit, she felt Franky watching her, and she looked up to see a grin on her girlfriend’s face.

“Hey,” Bridget said softly, looking into Franky’s green eyes. “You alright?”

Franky smiled wider. “Better than alright. Come here.” She took Bridget’s other hand, gently signalling for her to sit on her lap, so the blonde was straddling her.

When Bridget sat down, Franky quickly ran her hands up the older woman’ thighs and around her hips, letting them come to rest on her butt. She pulled her close so that there was no space between them. Bridget looked down at her, and felt Franky’s hands travel up under the back of her t-shirt. She felt the brunette’s fingers tracing patterns on the back of her shoulders. She took Franky’s face in both of her hands and held it while she kissed her.

The brunette lifted her hands, and Bridget knew she wanted to take her shirt off. She figured Franky would see her new tattoo almost right away. She had taken her bra off after she’d gotten the tattoo so that it wouldn’t irritate the raw skin. Once the shirt was gone, it would be visible. She lifted her arms and allowed her girlfriend to remove her top.

Franky wanted to take her time. Sometimes she felt it was easier to show her emotions than to talk about them. She already knew she was completely in love with the woman sitting on her lap, but being asked to move in with her created a feeling that was new to Franky. No other place, except for Liz’s house, had ever felt like somewhere she wanted to call home. Even her own apartment seemed sterile and impersonal in some ways. It had been furnished when she moved in, so other than her clothes, some décor, and some kitchen items, nothing there was hers. She moved down Bridget’s neck, feeling the blonde’s pulse quicken under her lips.

Bridget leaned back a bit to allow Franky to continue her path down her chest. The brunette captured an already erect nipple in her mouth, and felt the blonde move her hips against her in response. Franky placed a kiss to the right, and Bridget knew where she was headed. The blonde felt a couple more kisses, then opened her eyes and looked down when she felt Franky pause her movements.

The brunette knew Bridget’s body, and knew what made her feel good. She also knew that what she was looking at was something new. She saw her girlfriend’s new tattoo that matched the necklace she had given her on her first night out of prison. The skin was still red and angry, so much so that Franky thought it had probably been done just earlier that day. She looked up at Bridget who was awaiting her reaction.

“Babe,” her voice was full of emotion. She carefully reached up and touched the skin as close to the tattoo as she dared. “You did this for me?”

Bridget nodded. “I’m yours.”

Franky pulled the blonde’s head down so she could connect their lips. She swiped her tongue along Bridget’s bottom lip, and the older woman parted her lips slightly to allow her access. Franky moved her hand down to the waistband of Bridget’s trackies and slipped inside her underwear. Her fingers soon made contact with wetness, and she gathered some on the tips before letting them glide back and forth over the blonde’s clit. Bridget moaned against her lips.

After a couple minutes, Franky could feel Bridget moving her hips, trying to push them forward. She knew what the blonde wanted, but she wanted to hear her say it.

“Tell me what you need.” She pulled back from the kiss just enough to speak.

“Mmm, I want you inside me.” Bridget nipped at Franky’s bottom lip.

The brunette moved two fingers to the other woman’s entrance, and Bridget pushed down so they sunk deep inside her. “Fuck,” she breathed out. She felt Franky’s long fingers flex as she moved against them. She felt her pulse speed up even more as the brunette hit all the right spots. She could easily let Franky push her over the edge quickly, but tonight she wanted the feeling of having her girlfriend inside her more than she wanted the inevitable orgasm that was building within her. She needed to take control and slow things down for a few minutes.

She kissed along Franky’s jaw. “Stay right there, baby,” she whispered when the brunette reached a spot deep inside. Franky stilled her fingers, as Bridget ground herself down onto them.

The blonde set her own, slower pace, moving up and down on her girlfriend’s hand. She threw her head back allowing Franky access to her neck and chest. She felt warm lips and a hot tongue following invisible paths over her body. She knew that soon, it wouldn’t matter how slow she went, her release would catch up with her.

“Fuck, baby.” Bridget leaned forward and buried her head in Franky’s neck. “I’m close.”

The brunette wrapped her other arm around the older woman’s body and held the blonde tight against her. “I’ve got you, babe.”

She could hear Bridget’s small moans in her ear, and feel the first tremors in her body. She let her fingers trace down the blonde’s spine, making Bridget’s muscles tense. The other woman moved against her fingers a couple more times before her orgasm ran through her. Franky moved her fingers slightly, to prolong the blonde’s pleasure for as long as possible.

Bridget was still and quiet for a moment before she picked her head up to look at the brunette.

Franky gazed into the blonde’s blue eyes, “Hey, babe,” she said softly.

The brunette smiled at her. “Hey.”

Bridget gave her a lazy kiss before moving her lips along the younger woman’s jaw and down her neck, giving a gentle nip on her collarbone. Franky pulled back to meet her eyes again, and the blonde could see that they’d turned a darker shade of green.

Franky stood up, taking Bridget with her, and the blonde wrapped her legs around the taller woman’s waist. As she connected their lips, she could tell that the brunette was heading toward the bedroom.

“Mmm, baby, put me down,” She mumbled against Franky’s lips.

The brunette sat Bridget down on her feet, and the blonde gently pushed her backwards into the dining area. Franky came to a stop when she felt the backs of her thighs hit the table.

“Get up.” Bridget gently pushed on the brunette’s shoulders to back her up onto the table. “Lay down.”

Franky laid back against the cool surface of the table feeling the goosebumps break out over her body. Bridget parted the brunette’s legs and stood between them, looking down at her. She pushed up the younger woman’s shirt, and trailed kisses across her stomach. She hooked her fingers in each side of her girlfriend’s pants, and Franky lifted her hips slightly to allow her to take them, along with her underwear, off over her feet and drop them on the floor beside her.

Bridget lowered her head and left small kisses all the way from the inside of Franky’s knee to the top of her thigh.

“Please, Gidge.”

Bridget decided that she wouldn’t make her wait. She ran her tongue the length of Franky’s slit, wrapping her lips around the brunette’s clit. She reached up with her left hand, sliding it under the younger woman’s shirt, and taking her breast in her hand. She let her palm graze over an erect nipple causing Franky to arch her back and push herself into Bridget’s mouth. She brought the fingers of her right hand to Franky’s entrance.

“Do it, babe,” the brunette moaned breathlessly.

The blonde pushed her fingers inside Franky and sat a rhythm. “Fuck, Gidge. Yes.”

The brunette’s moans quickly filled the room, and Bridget felt her fingers tangle in her hair, pulling gently when she did something that Franky particularly enjoyed.

The younger woman tried to control her breathing, tried to calm herself a bit, but she was no match for what Bridget was doing to her. Feeling the other woman inside her, her mouth on her, and her hand on her breast was like sensory overload, and Franky realized there was nothing to do besides give in. After watching and hearing Bridget earlier, she knew she was going to finish fast.

Her hand flew down to grip the edge of the table, and she felt her release come against the blonde’s mouth.

When Franky’s body had calmed, Bridget lifted her head to see the brunette looking down at her. Franky sat up and pulled the blonde towards her for a kiss.

A smile came over Bridget’s face. “Welcome home, baby.”