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Don't look back, just keep your eyes on me

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Weeks had flown by since Nami’s first day at college and she couldn’t be more pleased. She had finally caught up on the missing two weeks from the start of term and had made a great group of friends, courtesy of Luffy. He was a moron and gave her a headache with some of the things he did or came out with, but she was grateful, nonetheless. Although the description of him sounded harsh, he was all of those things, yes, but also the first to make her laugh. 

However, this would officially be Nami’s first day off sick. She’d caught a cold and felt like death. Belle-mère had taken one look at her when she had gotten up that morning and sent her back to bed with some fresh orange juice and toast, saying something about a dose of vitamin C would sort her out.

Nami had sent out a group text to her friends, telling them she wouldn’t be in because she was sick. They’d all sent something back. Chopper was giving her advice, Usopp told her he’d make notes for her from business that day, Sanji was incredibly dramatic and when she filtered through all the mush there was actually a few nutritional notes thrown in. The rest gave variations of telling her to get better.

The oddest though, was Luffy. All he’d said is that he’d see her later and that had been it. Not only was it incredibly short but that’s all he’d sent.

They’d grown fairly close over the last couple of weeks, sending each other texts to make it through the day. He’d send her pictures of things he found funny or would ask her for help with his homework. That would of course lead to a phone conversation about essay structures. To be fair, he was actually very bright, but he struggled to pay attention for long when it wasn’t physically challenging, and she got the feeling he didn’t necessarily want to be doing A-levels. Whilst they were close, it had only been a few weeks and she didn’t want to push on something he may not want to speak about. Perhaps Usopp would know. Maybe she’d try her luck with Zoro, but he wasn’t as forthcoming as Usopp.

She didn’t give it another thought as she rolled over to go to sleep. She did that for most of the day, she’d watch TV for a bit, maybe go to the toilet or eat something and then sleep again. It was close to four in the afternoon and she was starting to feel better, she decided to go have a shower. When she got back to her room and dressed herself, she laid back down and figured a nap wouldn’t be a bad idea.

As she was starting to fall asleep, she could faintly make out some voices. Was she dreaming or was this real?

“Nami, you there? Nope. Okay well I’m coming in.”

“Oi shithead, what do you think you’re doing?” A loud, disapproving voice spoke, “If you’re going up there, I’m going first! I need to protect Nami’s virtue.”

“No, you’re just being a pervert.” A deeper voice spoke.

She jumped when the window started to open, and a very real, sandaled foot appeared through the crack. That was certainly enough to fully wake her. However, the intruder couldn’t manoeuvre the blind that was pulled down, tripped over something they couldn’t see and came crashing in, landing in a heap on the floor.

A heap with a straw-hat.

“Luffy!?” Nami blinked in disbelief, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“It’s not just the idiot, my swan,” Sanji sang as he gracefully manoeuvred through the window and stepped over Luffy. “Unfortunately, the Marimo came too. But at least I’m here, right? I even brought you soup!”

Zoro glared at Sanji as he moved through the window and offered Luffy a hand to help him up. “I had to come. You never know what Luffy is planning and all he said was he was going to drop by. Everyone knows that can’t end well, especially as you’re sick. Then swirly brow over there said he was coming at the mention of your name. Someone had to watch these idiots in your absence.”

Nami refrained from pointing out Zoro was also an idiot, instead she was struggling to pick an emotion. On one hand it was sweet they had come. On the other hand, why did they have to come through the window?

She rubbed her forehead and voiced her thoughts, “Why exactly did you have to come through the window? What if it was locked? Then what would you have done?”

“You didn’t answer the door,” Luffy ignored Zoro and Sanji saying he hadn’t even tried ringing the bell, “so I figured you’d be in your room. If not, I was going to try the fence next. I knew you’d be home, just wasn’t sure on the room.” He had a look on his face as if it was obvious and that she should be able to work that out.

Nami laughed, he said it as if it were the most natural thing in the world! She shouldn’t expect anything less. “Well, thanks for coming anyway. Did anyone think to bring Usopp’s notes from business today?”

All three looked at her blankly. That’s a no, Nami thought. So much for catching up before going back.  

“I’ll get them tomorrow; I’m feeling much better than this morning.”

“That’s great! We can walk to school in the morning and we have third period free together. We can go into town!” Luffy said, but Nami understood that going into town actually meant going to McDonald’s to get a free cheeseburger with his student card. “I really missed you today, that’s why I wanted to come.”

Nami could start to feel her cheeks flush at his blunt honesty. How did he do that? Say something so sweet in front of other people and act as if it were nothing. He was still looking at her though. “Oh- yeah… I missed you too,” Nami was thankful she managed to spit that out without stuttering.

“Maybe we should go, so you two can be alone?” A smug voice interrupted. She shot a glare at Zoro, but he didn’t even flinch, if anything his smile just widened as she felt her blush starting to go down her neck. She hated being teased.

“Woah. You have a Nintendo!?” Nami turned as Luffy broke the staring match between her and Zoro. Luffy had rudely started to snoop around her room, but as she looked closer, there was no mistaking the faint blush on his cheeks either.

“Oh yeah, you like to play? Well, look who I’m asking, of course you do. I have a couple of multiplayers that you might like.”

As if Nami had offered him free food for life, he beamed and excitedly nodded. He started asking her questions about what games she liked to play and the multiplayers she had. It turned out he really wasn’t that picky, but his eyes lit up when she turned to open her case for her games and showed him Super Smash Bro. Ultimate. Apparently, he had the old version for the Wii, he was saving up for a Switch.

Nami and Luffy was shoulder-to-shoulder and huddled over her game console as she explained all of the games she had and what she thought he’d like. Both completely unaware of the two forgotten members in the room as they glanced at each other with raised eyebrows.


This is certainly an interesting development to fill the group in with.