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The Bond

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Mila drove a rented Vespa, which was her mean of transportation while she was staying in Italy, to Henry's hotel. It took only about a minute of driving up the hill to see his smiling face waiting for her by the road. He was waiting for her in a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt with arms crossed across his chest. Why does he always look so good? Her eyes wandered over his body before she came to a full stop. "Hey. Hop on, you have a helmet in the basket there in the back."

Henry thought he would get to kiss Mila once she arrived, at least on the cheek, but it never occurred to him that she would be coming on a Vespa, with a helmet on, ruining his plan. Although, she did look darn cute on that old fashioned Vespa in a white floral dress. "Isn't this a little too small for the both of us?"

"Maybe you'll have to squeeze a little bit, but it will only take us 10 minutes to reach our destination." She watched Henry as he approached the back of the Vespa so he could put on the helmet. Once he was done, he pulled out a strand oh Mila's hair that was stuck under the chain of her purse. "Thank you." He climbed up and hugged her tightly, pressing his stomach on her back and her body shivered as his thumb grazed her breast. "You have hand holder on the sides."

"I'm fine like this, thank you." He put his head in the crook of her neck. "You smell wonderful."

Mila took her hand of the brake and ran it over his forearm and it made him hug her tighter. "Thanks, so do you."

"Where are you taking me?" Henry hoped his mind wouldn't wander in a wrong direction and cause his dick to go hard.

Mila started the Vespa and got back on the road. "Up to the village, there's a music festival."

"Sounds great." Henry watched over Mila's shoulder her thighs being pressed against his.

Juts like Mila said, it took them 10 minutes to reach the village which was already crowded. A small stage was set in the middle of the village and one of the bands was already playing. On the edges of the main square, a bunch of vendors were selling their goods on the stands. Henry thought that this had be an important event as people all ages were scattered across the streets.

This wasn't Mila's first time at this festival, so she mostly focused on Henry and him soaking in his surroundings. "Let's go get some pizza."

"Sure." Henry followed Mila's lead, watching the contour of her ass under her dress, he was sure it would feel amazing in his hands.

"Can I choose? It'll be good, I promise." She suddenly turned around, catching Henry staring at her butt and she loved how he blushed at being caught red handed.

Henry thought about apologizing, but when he saw her biting her lower lip, he flashed her a smile. "Sure. You took me on a date, I believe I'm in good hands."

Mila ordered two slices of prosciutto pizza and threatened to leave when Henry wouldn't let her pay, so he gave up. "Let's go there," Mila pointed to a low wall, not so well lit and not with many people passing it by. She set on it, straddling it, one foot on the floor, while other one dangled above the abyss surrounding the hill.

Henry mimicked her, sitting so their knees on the side of the floor touched. Mila waited for him to take the first bite and once he did, his eyes widened. "This is," he took another bite, speaking with his now full mouth, "the best pizza I've ever tried. This dough was made of a piece of heaven."

"Told you," Mila dug in too.

"I want to know more about you, scratch that, I want to know everything about you. I know some things, but I want to know more." Henry couldn't stop eating.

Mila started talking between bites. "I'm an only child. I was born in New York, my parents died in a car crash when I was 5." Even though Henry knew that, it sounded so much more real when he heard it coming from her. He covered her hand with his on the wall between them. "That was a long time ago, I learned how to live with it. My aunt Rose and her husband raised me, I have two unbearable idiot twin cousins and I adore them and my mom's father is the reasons I'm into hospitality. He made an empire with his 10 fingers and a lot of hard work and effort. I moved back into my parent's house when I started University and I've lived alone ever since. What else? I have a PhD, I love reading, binge watching TV shows, swimming. Anything else you want to know?"

"Wow, you have a PhD?" Henry was listening carefully, but couldn't stop eating until he finished his slice completely.

"I do, I started dragging it, I honestly thought I would never finish it, but then the thing with you happened and it writing it helped me take my mind off you."

There wasn't any bitterness in her voice, but Henry still felt the need to apologize. "You have no idea how sorry I am."

"It's in the past now," and she honestly thought at that moment that it was. "I want to know more about you too, even though I did Google you."

"I don't know what you read, but not everything is true. I was born in Britain, Jersey. I have four brothers."

"Your poor mom." Mila glanced at his hand which was still on top of hers, it was so much larger than hers.

"We used to drive her crazy, we still do when we're together. I love playing video games, I'm a nerd. I've always wanted to become and actor, I didn't have much luck in the beginning, but look at me now."

"Yes, look at you now, and still so modest about it." Mila withdrew her hand and swung her leg to the other side of the wall before getting up. "Wait here, I'll be right back."

Henry put both of his feet on the ground and followed her with his eyes until she got lost in the crowd, he was really enjoying her company, he felt like he could listen to her talk for days. She's been gone for less than a minute and he already missed seeing her in front of him. She was so cute and beautiful and hot and smart and she was humane. For Christ's sake, she donated her bone marrow. Unbelievable, she is unbelievable. Mila finally came back after about five minutes which seemed like hours to Henry.

"Here you are," Mila handed him another piece of pizza and then set next to him, holding two of ice cream in one hand. "You are twice my size, I bet you're still hungry. And I bought us pistachio ice cream."

"Thank you." She was right, one piece was definitely not enough. She started nibbling on her ice cream before he finished.

Mila occasionally glanced at him, trying not to be too obvious, but every glance of hers was caught because he kept staring at her. When he was done, she handed him his cone. "Here you are."

Henry noticed a little bit of ice cream on Mila's upper lip. "You have a little..." He pointed to his lips, but before she could react, he swiped it with his thumb and brought it to his lips so he could lick it off.

A pool of heat formed in Mila's stomach and without thinking, she pressed the tip of her ice cream on the corner of his lips. "You have some ice cream on your face."

"Oh, really?" Henry grinned at Mila.

She leaned in, pressed her lips to the corner of his and licked it clean. Both pairs of eyes remained open, both of them caught by surprise by Mila's action. Mila slowly pulled away and Henry looked at his cone before pressing it to the center of her lips. "Oops." Henry cupped her cheek and pressed his lips to hers, he's been imagining it for weeks, but this was so much better. He applied gentle pressure, barely moving his lips at first. Every inch of Mila's skin got covered in goosebumps. Her hand landed on his thigh and she parted her lips slightly, loving the feeling of his darting tongue on them. Henry pushed his tongue deeper and and she welcomed it, parting her lips wider. Her hand squeezed his thigh as she grew bolder and her tongue started exploring his mouth, touching the roof of it. Henry moved his hand to the back of her head, tangling fingers in her hair, her hand also found a new stop, his hip. His tongue retreated a few times only to plunge back in her mouth, licking hers over and over again and warm feeling spread though his whole body.

Mila's breath was starting to get ridged and she was becoming light headed, but she was pulled back to Earth when Henry's ice cream dripped on her knee. She moved her hand to his cheek and pulled away, but not before pecking his lips once more. "Your ice cream is melting." She pointed at her stained knee before she swiped it, but Henry prevented her from licking it off herself by grabbing her wrist, bringing her hand to his lips, licking her finger, before sucking it and swirling his tongue around it, not taking his eyes of hers. Mila contained a moan, but it took her a lot strength to do so, as she imagined what it would be like for him to suck on other parts of her body.

"There, you are all clean now." He kissed the root of her palm before letting go. He noticed her pupils dilated and knew that she was feeling the exact same thing as he did at that moment and he didn't know how he managed to contain himself from taking her on that little wall then and there. "Let's go," he offered his hand and Mila took it. He led her through the crowd, not letting go of her hand until they were in front of the stage. He took the last bite of his ice cream and moved behind Mila, one hand crawled from one shoulder to another, across her chest, while he rested his other one below her breasts, placing his chin on top of her head. Music rhythm took over him and he started moving with it and Mila started swaying too, grabbing his forearm with both hands, leaning back.

The more they moved together to the beat, the bolder Mila became, she started gliding her hand over his arm, to his biceps and back to her other hand which hung on his wrist. At one point, she let go of his arm and kissed his hand which held her shoulder. Henry pinched her chin between his thumb and forefinger, angling her head so he could bite her lover lip before pressing soft kisses on it. She turned around, putting her hands on his neck, pulling him down and pressing her body against his as she kissed Henry over and over again. She let go of him, putting her heels on the ground, but his lips followed hers as he hugged her tightly with one arm while cradling the back of her head with the other. Her hands crawled up to his chest, pushing him away lightly. "I almost forgot there are people around us, we need to stop."

"Whatever you say," Henry nuzzled the back of her ear. "It's my turn to take you on a date tomorrow. Can you be ready at 7 tomorrow morning?"

"Sure, but if you want me not to be cranky because I didn't get enough sleep, we should get going now." Mila linked their arms together.

"Don't be surprised if you see someone on the beach in the morning." He unlinked their arms so he could hug her shoulders, kissing her temple.

She squinted at him. "Okay." They walked over to the Vespa and she fished out the keys, unlocking the basket first.

"Before you put that on," Henry crashed their lips together, teeth clashing together, his hands lowering to her knees and then going up her thighs, lifting her dress until he almost uncovered her ass.

Mila moaned, digging her nails in his hips, pressing her lower part of the body to his, receiving a groan in response. Henry grabbed her ass, deepening their kiss. "Henry," he continued kissing her despite her tugging at the back of his t-shirt. "Enough, leave something for tomorrow."

He squeezed her ass once more before letting go of her, adjusting her semi hard on while she was putting her helmet and getting on the Vespa. He did the same, hugging her tightly once again.

Mila tried to focus on the road as Henry lowered his hand to her thigh, trailing fingers all the way to her pubic mound, Mila felt a knot tying just above it. "Stop it, we will crash." Henry put his arm back on her stomach, but he grabbed her breast which filled up his hand perfectly. "Behave." She pushed his hand away and he behaved indeed for the rest of the short trip. Once they arrived, Henry tried to persuade her to take of his helmet so he could have a better access to her lips, but she refused. "I will never leave if I do that."

"I don't want you to leave." He kissed her despite the obstacle the helmet represented.

"Go, I'll see you tomorrow." She ran her had through his hair.

"Fine, fine. Goodnight." He waved at her and waited for her to get back on the road and drive away until he could see her.

Both of them pleasured themselves once they got into their showers, both of them imagining each other and both of them climaxing rather quickly.

Mila got up as soon as the alarm went off at 6 o'clock. She did her morning yoga and meditation, except that for the first time in 5 years, she didn't have to block Henry's feelings, she let his excitement float through her. When she was done, she grabbed some breakfast and got ready. A few minutes before 7 o'clock, she entered a balcony, seeing a small yacht anchored on the beach and a man getting on a jet ski behind its driver. At 7 sharp, a doorbell rang and Mila ran to the gates to open them. Henry was standing in front of the gates, holding a woven picnic basket. "Good morning," she waved at him, running to the gates.

He waved back. "Great minds think alike." He pointed at her clothes, she was wearing an indigo blue shorts and a white polo shirt, while he was wearing a white short pants and an indigo blue polo shirt.

"They do, indeed." She opened the gates and rose to her feet to peck his lips once he was in. "Taking the regular path to the beach today?"

"For a change." Henry put his hand in hers. "Did you take everything you need?"

"Let me just take my phone and a towel. I figured we'd also go swimming so I already put on my swimming suit. You can head down, I'll be right with you."

Henry took the stairs to the beach and waited a few moments until she was by her side. He took off his hoes and swung them one by one with them ending on the yacht. "You might need to do the same if you don't want to get your sandals wet."

She followed his advice and then followed him up the ladders, getting wet to her knees. "So, you're gonna be the captain today?"

He assisted her with the last few steps by giving her a helping hand. He pulled up the ladder and a wooden platform. "Mhm. I need to pull up the anchor and I'm gonna need your help, so you'll be the captain for a minute." They walked to the cockpit and Henry moved back the seat before starting the engines, he liked to steer while standing. "Just move the wheel in the direction I show you, okay?"

"I guess." Henry walked to the deck, checking the anchor chain, pointing to the right and Mila turned the wheel slowly and Henry started winching and he did so until the anchor was completely lifted and in place. Henry came back, taking over the wheel, moving the yacht slowly.

"I'm gonna take a look around." She walked around the yacht, it looked brand new, shiny white, with a lot of wooden details. She was grateful that if was a small one, the large robust ones didn't really seem secure to her. She soaked in the morning sun for a few minutes on the deck before going to the cockpit to Henry, who was intently staring at her while she was on the deck.

"I was getting lonely here." Henry glanced back at Mila.

"I'm sorry," she pressed her chest against his back, sneaking her hands below the ham of his shirt to his perfect abs, running over every single one of them with the tips of her fingers, feeling the gentle hair covering them. "You know, I think you would steer better if you took off your shirt."

"You think? Well, if you say so." Henry pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it to the side. Mila scratched every inch of his back gently, pressing soft kisses down his spine, making him shudder. He turned on his heel, pulling the edge of her shirt above her head as she instinctively pulled up her arms, throwing her shirt over his. "I think this is the only fair option."

"Oh, is that so? Well..." Mila pulled down her shorts, kicking it to over their shirts and their clothes started to pile up. "I'm raising the stakes."

Henry's eyebrow shot up and his lower lip immediately ended up between his teeth. Mila was so tiny and so perfect, maybe he did prefer tiny girls in the end, well, this  particular tiny girl. He unbuttoned his short pants, pulling them down and sending them to join the rest of the clothes. "I would gladly continue with this game, but a beautiful cove is waiting for us." Henry got back to the steering wheel and Mila ducked under his arms facing him, she hugged him once again, resting her head against his chest. Henry kept one hand on the wheel, while he tugged her ponytail so she would look up, allowing him to trap her upper lip between his for a few seconds. He kissed the top of her head, gliding his hand over the smooth skin of her back. The exchange of soft kisses and caresses lasted until Henry announced that they arrived.

Henry went to the deck to anchor the yacht, leaving Mila at the wheel again. He lowered and secured the anchor before coming back. "Is everything okay?"

"Peachy." He shut off the engines and suddenly picked up Mila, catching her by surprise, her legs wrapped around his waist and arms wrapped around his shoulders. "Do you know how you make me feel?" He nuzzled his nose in her breasts.

"I kind of have an idea." She smoothed back his hair.

"Let's go for a swim." He let go of her and walked to the back, lowering the platform and the ladder.

Mila admired the beauty of the cove, a really narrow passage lead to it and it was surrounded by steep cliffs. "How did you find this place?"

"I asked the locals in the hotel." He picked her up again, but this time bridal style.

She squealed at the surprised contact. "What are you doing?"

"Well, we are going for a swim." He moved to the deck.

"There is a perfectly fine ladder just there. We can't jump, the water is freezing, I'm sure." Mila clutched his shoulders, trying to squirm out.

"Yes, we can." He stepped over a fence, jumping with her in his arms. He let go of her once they touched the water surface and he emerged first.

Water splashed over Henry's face as soon as Mila emerged. "I told you it was cold, you gufus."

"Race you to the passage." Henry started swimming, not waiting for them to start at the same time.

Mila was was half way there when Henry reached the goal. "That's not fair! We didn't start at the same time," Mila screamed at him as she continued to swim to him.

"Because that would make much of a difference." Henry dunked himself under water a couple of times while he was waiting for her to arrive. "You are so slow."

"Oh, shut up." Mila continued swimming through the passage. "Wow, this is just wow."

"And it echoes. Listen to this. Mila..." Her name echoed a few times. "...Is...The...Most...Gorgeous...Woman...On...The...Planet."

Mila swam to him, kissing the tip of his nose. "Let me try. Henry...Is...A...Cheater...Who...Doesn't...Play...Fair..."

Henry pulled her to him, biting her cheek before kissing it. "I'm so happy," he whispered in her ear.

"I'm glad you found your way to me," she whispered back. Their lips connected, molding perfectly together as Henry kept them both above the water. They swam around the cove for a while, splashing each other, kissing and hugging each other. "Henry, I don't think I have anymore strength."

"Okay, let's go." Henry led the way, but he adjusted his speed to hers, making sure she was always next to him.

When they reached the ladder, Henry grabbed them, getting ready to climb first, but Mila stopped him, holding his other hand, while she also grabbed the ladder with the other one. She started kissing his throat, with her tongue darting over every place her lips touched. He wrapped his arm around her waist and she wrapped her legs around him, pushing herself against him, feeling him getting harder by her every move.

Mila submerged her hand under water, tugging on the waistband of his swimming shorts. "Mila," he sunk his teeth in her shoulder.

"Shall I stop?" Mila pulled away her hand, but he caught it, putting it on her stomach.

"No, God, no." He grabbed the platform with both of his hands, towering over Mila, keeping himself above the water with the pure strength of his arms.

Mila hooked a finger under the waistband, not taking her eyes off Henry, she flattened her hand on his abdomen, moving it south until she was at the root of his penis, circling it with her forefinger and thumb. She bit her lip. "Thicker than I imagined you would be."

Henry smirked, but his smirk was gone when she went up his shaft, the rest of her fingers joining too, swirling around the tip. "Fuck." Mila sped up her movements, occasionally massaging his balls. Henry's forehead fell on hers, nose against nose, eyes still not breaking eye contact. His lower lip started trembling, his breath became uneven and the speed of his chest rising and falling changed. He shut his eyes as he twitched in Mila's hand a few times before shooting up jets of sperm which mixed with salty water.

Mila kissed him as his eyes were still shut and he became softer in her hand, causing her to retreat her hand from his shorts. "I'm going out." Henry still hanging onto the platform made Mila swim around him to reach the ladder. Just when she climb it, he was behind her in two steps.

"It's my turn to have fun now." He pressed himself against her back, lips on her neck, hands on her breasts. Mila pushed her ass against him, as the region between her legs started to tingle. Her breasts lost the grip of his hands as one of them covered her belly button and the other one sneaked inside the bottom of her bikini, the root of his palm putting pressure on her clit and his middle finger circling around her entrance. Mila inhaled sharply and her knees grew weak. "I already know I'm going to get addicted to your pleasure." He bit her earlobe, while pushing just the tip of his finger inside her. "Get on your back."

She covered his hand with hers, urging him to go deeper. "Here?"

"Mhm." Henry lowered himself to his knees, getting his hand out of her panties.

Mila did what he asked her to, sitting on the platform before lowering her back too. Henry watched her every move, adjusting his dick as he started to get hard again. Mila waited for him to make a move, but he didn't and she couldn't wait any longer to have something inside her, so started rubbing herself over her swimsuit before entering a digit inside her as Henry licked his lips watching her do it.

"Not today, darling, but I'd sure love to watch your show some other day." He pulled her knees apart and Mila got her hand out of the bikini bottom, Henry grabbed her hand, licking her middle finger that was inside her just a few seconds ago. "Delicious." He kissed the inner parts of her knees and rubbed his beard on both of her inner thighs, causing her to put her legs together. "Spread them, honey." He moved to her lips, covering her whole body while settling between her legs. His tongue penetrated her mouth and she kept letting soft moans as hers fought for dominance inside her mouth. He squeezed his arm between them, suddenly pushing two fingers inside her, causing her soft moans to become loud cries. He left her mouth to kiss her collarbone, while simultaneously moving his fingers in and out of her. He left her empty suddenly, pulling her swimsuit bottom down. "Lift your ass, these have to go." She followed his command and she was butt naked in front of him in a second. He bit her inner thigh before engulfing her labia in his mouth, applying pressure with his tongue on her clit, licking it and flicking it over and over again, preventing her from moving by pressing his forearm over her abdomen.

Mila felt her orgasm building up and her hand flew to his hair, he put two fingers back inside her, curling them up. Her head fell back as her heart rate jumped and her breath shortened. Feeling her whole body tensing, Henry moved up, kissing her fiercely, mixing the taste of her core with the taste of her lips. He added the third finger inside her, applying pressure on her clit with his thumb until she couldn't follow the rhythm of his kiss and her body spasmed , waves of pleasure washing over her, her legs jerking and her nails digging in his back. "Oh, God, Henry. Oh, my God. This was amazing." As she slowly got down from her high, she cupped his cheeks, kissing his whole face.

"It was, you are amazing, you smell amazing, you taste amazing, you clenching around my fingers feels amazing." He withdrew his fingers from her, rolling on his back, pulling her with him, letting her rest on top of him, running his fingers up and down her back. Henry was rock hard again and wanted to bury himself in her, he wanted to slam with full force, but he had planned that for tonight.

Mila felt his hardness on her stomach, only thin material separating it from her skin. "It seems that we are not done here yet," she started circling the lower part of body on him. "Did you bring protection?" Mila wanted to feel him inside, not his fingers, nor tongue, his dick, but she never did sex without protection and Henry wasn't an exception.

"Oh, how I wish I did." Brilliant thinking, Cavill. "I didn't really plan on this happening here. Not that I'm not enjoying it immensely."

"Well..." Mila set up on him, feeling his hardness below her, her shins resting on the platform on both sides of Henry. "We'll have to do it like this." She arched her back, grinding on him slowly, her still swollen labia enjoyed the friction against the fabric. Henry reached his arm to her breasts, pulling one side of her white swimsuit top down, exposing one of her breasts so he could twist and pinch her nipple.

Henry reached her lips, sticking two of his fingers inside her mouth, she sucked them and her tongue circled around them and Henry's hand moved to her hip, digging his fingers in her flash in a bruising manner, pressing her harder against him as she sped up, grinding for her own pleasure until her stomach clenched and she fell on his chest again. She stayed like that for a minute before placing kisses over his chest and down his stomach. She pulled down his shorts enough to take him out of them, she pumped him, loving the weight of his dick in her palm. Her lips placed kisses from the root to the tip before swallowing all of him, his tip hitting the back of her throat. "Jesus, Mila, you are my goddess." He grabbed her ponytail and she looked up, locking eyes with him. He started thrusting up slowly as she sucked him off. His dick started throbbing and Mila prepared herself for the semen he unloaded in her mouth. She sucked him dry, until there wasn't a drop left, she pulled her lips to the tip, letting go of it with a pop.

Mila got up to look for the bottom of her swimsuit and she put it on once she found it, adjusting her top to cover both of her breasts. Henry tucked himself in his shorts, but remained on the floor, unable to move. "I think I could get used to this." Mila stood above Henry, looking at his gorgeous blue eyes with a brown freckle, they had a special gleam in the sun.

"You better." He tapped a place next to him and Mila joined him on the floor again, using his biceps as a pillow.

"You are so unbelievably handsome," Mila kissed his jawline and scratched his beard.

He turned to his side, facing her, careful not to move his arm on which she was resting her head. He put his hand on her cheek, moving his thumb over the tips of her eyelashes. "I feel like I could conquer the whole world now. You are the piece that was missing all along."

"Well, you made your missing piece hungry. What can you offer me?" She lifted her head so she could rub her cheek against her beard.

"Some hotel sandwiches, strawberries and champagne. Will that satisfy your hunger?" He put his heavy leg over her thighs.

"That sounds great, big guy." She winked at him.