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The Shoot

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            With her ethereal blue eyes sliding closed and her rosy lips spreading into a pleasured smile, Kagome gasped as Sesshomaru entered her for the second time during the shoot, feeling the broad head of his long, thick demon cock spreading her open and reaching deep to touch her womb, still sloshing-full of his cum from when she rode him to an explosively-inseminating orgasm on the bedroom set’s main futon.  In return, he growled in demonic pleasure as he seated himself within her, feeling the countless internal folds of her richly-lubricated vaginal muscles simply flowing along his pulsating cockshaft, swallowing him up until his big balls met her glistening, hairless female mound between her thighs.  He filled her completely and she held all of him, and they relished in the mutual sensation of their hearts beating together inside her body by the tightness of their fit.

            Then, Sesshomaru began to move.  Kagome was completely ready for him again and it wasn’t long before he was giving her his full length on every thrust.  Her body’s juicy female cream and what remained of his seed from his previous climax inside her provided all the lubrication the two of them needed.  The sound of their joining started as a squish of his steely cock grinding into her gripping female flesh, then rapidly evolved into a firm slap of his hard, male hips contacting her softer female rear and the backs of her shapely thighs.  Slap, slap, slap.  Every time their bodies met, her ample, upturned rear jiggled nicely for him to admire, and for Kikyo to film.

            With powerful male muscles bulging and flexing in his rear, hips, and thighs for Kikyo to record with her camera for erotic posterity, Sesshomaru pumped long, fast, and deep into Kagome’s pussy, taking her from behind in a dominant standing position as she straddled Sango on the chaise that her taijiya co-star lay upon.  The lovely leading ladies were completely devoid of clothing, their full breasts squished together between their chests, nipple rubbing against nipple as their bodies absorbed the force in Sesshomaru’s hard fucking.  They exchanged breathless kisses with each other, exploring each other’s hot female bodies with their hands, and the sight of them making out so passionately just beneath him had their daiyoukai co-star well on his way to climax, much more quickly than he was expecting.

            Sesshomaru growled low in his throat, the sensation of Kagome’s hot, sopping cunt gliding around him driving him wild.  Along with her delicious internal texture, the contact of her cum-filled womb meeting the head of his cock at the bottom of every thrust sent a jolt of unimaginable pleasure searing into his body.  The demonic spirit inside him knew just how deep he could reach inside Kagome, and it translated into his body’s eagerness to plant his virile seed in that precious place in her belly.  A single word echoed in his mind as a mantra: breed, breed, BREED!  Already, Sesshomaru could feel his big balls tensing up, his demonic prostate beating inside him with an insistence and a rhythm that answered his every stroke into Kagome’s flesh.

            Kagome heard Sesshomaru’s impassioned growl and felt his cock swelling up to the volume and hardness that immediately preceded his climax.  Breaking her kiss with Sango, she turned her head to look over a bare shoulder to her daiyoukai co-star as he moved inside her, her lovely blue eyes glittering softly with her reiki.  “I feel you, Sesshomaru-sama,” she panted, expertly thrusting her rear back into his hips as he advanced them, adding a passionate, back-and-forth energy to their coital rhythm.  "You’re getting bigger, harder in me.  Are you about to come, already?”

            Sesshomaru swallowed thickly, his clawed fingertips making curvy dimples in Kagome’s creamy skin as he grasped her waist more tightly.  His hard pumping into her cunt became visibly urgent.  “Y-yes,” he struggled, fighting the pressure that was building inside him.  He recalled his next line before his pause became too awkward without editing in post-production.  “You feel so good, Priestess.  You and your taijiya captain, both.  By the Moon, it’s never been this GOOD!

            Kagome laughed, shaking her head to skillfully flutter her raven mane over her bare back as she looked straight ahead again, over the head of the chaise she straddled Sango on so that Kikyo could get a good profile shot of her face.  Her cheeks flushed as her pleasure increased from Sesshomaru’s brisk, deeply-penetrating rhythm.  “Not to say that Sango and I aren’t good at sex, part-time prostitutes that we are, but it’s probably the binding seals doing most of it,” she supposed.  “We feel your pleasure, and you feel ours.  Our spirits are as close as our bodies.  Right now, as you fuck me with that wonderful demon dick of yours, our hearts are as one!

            Sesshomaru snarled as his pleasure approached its final crest, so soon after he had pumped Sango full.  He had never felt so huge, or so powerful for a woman (or women) as he did for Kagome and Sango.  “No, this is more than the seals,” he disagreed, planting the head of his cock right up against Kagome’s quivering cervix again and again.  “The moment I laid eyes on you, I saw the purity of your spirit.  When my sword clashed with Sango’s, I saw the heat in her blood, through her eyes.  My attraction to each of you began before your seal touched my skin.  All the seal did was confirm…and enhance what I was already feeling.”

            “What are you saying, Sesshomaru-sama?” Kagome asked, feeling her heart speeding up in her chest, climbing into her throat as the highly-virile daiyoukai pumping through her pussy laid his character’s feelings bare.  Below her, Sango hung onto her a little tighter, as Sesshomaru’s impassioned words were intended for her character, as well.

            “No female at the House of the Moon can ever sate me now, if any of them could before,” Sesshomaru rasped.  He was wild with emotional pleasure as well as the physical.  “You’ve ruined all other females for me.  None other than you two sweet, sexy bitches will ever do for me.  Every inch of me, every pound of flesh in my body, every drop of blood in my veins and every drop of my seed…belongs to YOU!

            Groaning as he felt himself slipping over the edge, Sesshomaru lifted his left foot off the floor, placing it on the chaise beside Kagome and Sango as they embraced each other.  Now, he knelt and stood simultaneously, as if climbing a staircase with very large steps.  Then, he removed his right hand from Kagome’s waist, reaching back to rest it on his own right hip in a grasping posture, moving his left hand to the right-hand cheek of her rear to keep her steady as he continued to pump his cock deep inside her.  In this new configuration of their bodies, Kikyo could get in closer with her camera, approaching from Sesshomaru’s and Kagome’s right side.  Through the thin sliver of space between Sesshomaru’s hip and Kagome’s rear, which opened and closed with the daiyoukai’s every thrust into his sexy miko co-star, Kikyo filmed his massive cock as it ground in and out of Kagome’s sopping female core, hard, huge, and visibly-throbbing as climax began to take him.

            Through her camera, Kikyo saw Sesshomaru’s cock dripping with Kagome’s creamy juices, and the underside of it bulged out, his big balls lifting and clenching visibly as ‘the’ moment arrived for him again.  Baring his gleaming white teeth in orgasmic passion, he angled his thrusts inside Kagome to hit the raised, swollen ‘sweet spot’ along her vagina’s anterior wall with the head of his cock before plunging deep to her womb.  She shrieked for him as she began to come with him, and below her, Sango moaned throatily as the binding seal she wore allowed her to follow.  Sesshomaru thrust inside Kagome once, twice, thrice more, then buried himself balls-deep in her, completely blocking Kikyo’s shot of him penetrating her sister in order to aim his cock’s head directly into her womb.

            Kagome fell silent, even as her own orgasm continued to blaze through her veins, her eyes widening as she felt Sesshomaru’s cock pulsate with his pounding demonic heartbeat.  Ba-BUMP, ba-BUMP was the sensation of his nearly foot-long cockshaft beating against her vaginal walls, every major and minor blood vessel along its phallic length beating palpably, as well.  The head of his cock swelled and flared brutally to lock against her rippling inner muscles, the thin, oozing slit at its end mated to her cervical orifice.  Then, at last, a colossal gout of his boiling hot cum finished its long, winding journey out of his balls and burst out of his throbbing cock, exploding directly into her womb.

            Eyes sliding closed, Kagome’s jaw dropped open and her mouth formed a gasping ‘o’ shape as she felt the raw, inseminating power in Sesshomaru’s latest orgasm.  PUMP, PUMP, PUMP was the repeating, detonating pulsation of his thick, white seed lancing out of him in long, gooey ropes, easily spearing through her cervix and flooding her womb to absolute fullness.  Unable to take another drop, her womb was forced to turn the rest of what he had to offer away, and the excess reproductive matter rushed back out of her pussy around his throbbing girth to drench his big balls, gushing down his inner thighs.  Once again, even with his seed boiling in her belly, with billions of his sperm swimming around in every direction, she was spared impregnation by the sutra and implant she wore.

            “Nnngh…NNGH!” Sesshomaru grunted through his nose, baring his teeth and savoring the soul-searing bursts of pumping, flowing pleasure that came with each torrential ejaculation Kagome’s pussy drew out of him.  This time, he didn’t wait for them to ebb down completely before he pulled out of her.  He only waited until the most powerful ones had left his body, then ripped his throbbing, spewing cock from her cunt with a loud, sopping smack of fluid-sealed suction breaking suddenly, followed immediately by a forceful, squirting ejection of pure white semen after him as her orgasmic vaginal contractions drove it out of her body. 

            Kagome’s ‘reverse cumshot,’ analogous to Sango’s earlier, hit the tatami floor well beyond the edge of the chaise’s foot, then her well-fucked sex oozed creamy white seed onto Sango’s glistening mound slowly, continuously.  Then, the daiyoukai porn star that had just potently repainted her insides wrapped a large, clawed hand around his cock and fisted it masterfully.  He jacked himself at just the right speed to keep the pulsations of his orgasm going at a low level, at a warm, thoroughly-pleasurable pump deep inside him instead of the boiling, thrashing PUMP intended to ignite new life in a woman’s belly, be that woman Kagome, Sango, Kikyo, or Rin.

            Kikyo filmed Sesshomaru’s long, thick, cum-dripping cock up close, again a shot that would end up as 98% mosaic filter in the censored cut of the finished film.  The beautiful, vein-filled length of it pulsated visibly with his hammering orgasmic heartbeat and his ongoing ejaculations, with thick, white loads of cum spilling copiously from the thin, clean male slit at the end, dripping away onto the bedroom’s tatami floor.  The full length of it gleamed with a thick coat of Kagome’s cream and his own seed.  She found it difficult to breathe steadily with the arousal that ignited within her at the sight.  She knew that she was looking at his cock in precisely the state that it would have been in moments after his climax inside her, back in her office bedroom, the thick head pulsing and oozing right up against her completely flooded womb.  Deep in her belly, her womb had finished digesting the reproductive cream filling he had pumped into it between her office bedroom and his dressing room, and clenched with uniquely-feminine hunger for more.

            Continuing to fist himself, Sesshomaru looked down at the sexy miko director getting his considerable goods on camera, easily noticing the way she quivered in desire.  She removed her eye from her camera’s viewfinder, then looked up at him to meet his molten golden gaze, and the expression on her face told him that she fully intended to have him again before the shoot was over.  She put her eye back behind her camera’s viewfinder, her signal for them to get back to ‘work,’ then he returned his attention to the pair of well-fucked porn goddesses on the chaise in front of him.

            “Turn,” Sesshomaru commanded to Kagome and Sango with a sexy growl, and together, they wiggled against each other as they moved their bodies about each other’s, carefully reversing their positions without tumbling off the side of the chaise.  Now, Kagome was on her back, with Sango straddling her with their breasts and bellies pressed together, and Sesshomaru stepped up behind her to sink his cock into the sex-taijiya’s hot, sopping female core for the second time that day.

            With her pink-lidded eyes sliding closed in ecstasy, Sango tilted her head back to angle her face up to the bedroom ceiling, moaning out as Sesshomaru filled her up, clasping her waist in his large, clawed hands and taking her from behind like the dog demon sex god he was.  Right then, she was his, his utterly-willing bitch to rut good and hard, and her womb was throbbing for his seed again, furiously soaking up what he had given it already.  She could feel him giving that seed to her already, acutely aware of it spilling out of him to further heat and lubricate her rippling vaginal walls on his way in, then her cervix as his big, twitching balls met her swollen mound between her splayed-out thighs.  Briefly, she could feel the steady, gentle ebbing pump of his ongoing ejaculations right up against her womb as he paused, then he began to move in and out.

            Sesshomaru’s hard male hips met Sango’s softer female rear with a brisk slap, slap, slap, echoing the sound he had made with Kagome moments before.  Each thrust he delivered into her cunt caused an impassioned groan to flow from his parted, pouting lips – and a breathless cry from hers - as her luscious internal texture milked his cock and caused his temporarily-moderated ejaculations to intensify again.  His big, demon balls were feverishly producing and releasing what they produced simultaneously, with an increasing surplus on each ejaculation, instead of a deficit. 

            Each heavy spurt Sesshomaru could feel spilling out of him into Sango came with a distinctive pulsation now, consisting of two closely-linked beats: pump-pump, pump-pump.  The first pump was of his balls feeding a heavy load of cum up into his eager demonic prostate, and the second was his prostate contracting to drive the thick, white fluid up and through his cock, then out into Sango’s hungry womb.  His heart pounded and his chest heaved with ragged breathing as he maintained his full-dicked penetration into his taijiya co-star, the ejaculatory pumps inside him becoming stronger.

            PUMP-pump.  Sesshomaru gasped as his balls’ endless filling and unloading abruptly increased in force.  PUMP-PUMP was the sensation of his prostate matching his balls’ new energy with harder clenching, resulting in a long, thick jet of cum really surging against Sango’s cervix at the back of her pussy.  The taijiya porn star gasped from the unexpected, highly-concentrated explosion of cum into her womb, and turned her head to look at Sesshomaru over a shoulder.  “Sesshomaru…wha…what are you…

            Sesshomaru cut Sango off by removing a clawed hand from her hip and using it to grasp her shoulder, squeezing firmly.  His claws began to lengthen, and his facial stripes became longer, more jagged.  “Take it,” he begged with a positively demonic growl.  “Please, take it ALL!

            The PUMP-PUMP inside Sesshomaru’s body consolidated into a single, explosive PUMP as the individual beats grew closer and closer together, more synchronized.  Then, once they had found the right rhythm, they magnified in intensity.  PUMP, PUMP, PUMP!!  Hot, creamy cum burst out of his cock over and over with absolutely volcanic volume and pressure, flooding Sango’s womb to capacity and aggressively coursing into her ovaries so that the full depth of her reproductive tract was soaked in his power.  His seed erupted out of her pussy around his throbbing demon cock and soaked his finely-haired base, flowing freely and heavily off his balls as they continued to unload, and unload, and unload.  As with Kagome, her sutra and etonogestrel implant kept her from conceiving his child.

            Even as Sesshomaru pumped Sango’s pussy and womb to such a glorious state of overflowing, he made sure to do everything in his power to take her into her own pleasure.  He thrust his spewing cock deep to her cervix over and over, hitting the swollen sweet spot along her anterior vaginal wall each time.  She was already teetering on the edge of climax, with what was effectively a cock-shaped heart wedged in her cunt, pounding fiercely and injecting its precious, sperm-loaded fluid deep inside her, then the slightly-angled collision of Sesshomaru’s throbbing cockhead with her vaginal sweet spot set her off.  She arched her back, tossed her head rearward, then wailed her pleasure, with Kagome and all the taijiya extras (including the other set of 12 waiting in the hall outside the bedroom) following by the binding seals they wore.

            Still coming, Sesshomaru pulled out of Sango’s sopping cunt, with a messy creampie squirting out of her body immediately after him, dripping onto Kagome’s freshly-fucked sex just beneath.  The two women writhed and squirmed together as female orgasm continued to ravage them.  Keeping one hand on one cheek of Sango’s perfect ass in order to keep his hips aligned with hers and Kagome’s, he wrapped his free hand around his cock and pumped it feverishly to paint their pussies with his final, monumental cumshots, which Kikyo caught on film.  Grunting with clenched teeth, he thrust his hips into his fist feverishly, feeling his cock, balls, and pulsating demon prostate working with highly-productive contractions of pure male ecstasy.  Symbolically, the dog demon alpha male had just marked his delicious new ‘bitches’ as ‘Property of Lord Sesshomaru.  No one else’s.’

            Kikyo’s discipline was at its end, now.  Once she had gotten the shot of Sesshomaru coming all over Kagome’s and Sango’s beautiful pussies, she paused her camera’s recording, set it down onto the tatami floor as gently as she could, then reached out and wrapped a slender hand around his throbbing, jerking cock, using it as a steer to turn him away from his luscious, cum-filled and now cum-coated female co-stars.  Looking up into his golden eyes along a gorgeous view of his thickly-muscled chest and abdomen, she opened her mouth and sucked his cock in, generously lubricated with miko/taijiya pussy cream, effortlessly drinking in his full length until her nose brushed the thatch of cum-soaked silver hair at his base.  He was still coming somewhat from his orgasm inside Sango, with sizable dollops of his seed slipping out of his cock continuously to flow down the miko director’s throat, and she deliberately swallowed everything that escaped him.

            “This isn’t part of the script,” Kagome observed with great amusement as she leaned her head out to one side on the chaise, still laying beneath Sango.  She watched Kikyo deep-throating Sesshomaru passionately, and Sango noticed her line of sight, raising herself onto her knees above her miko co-star and turning her upper body see the same shocking scene behind her.

            “Kagome-san,” Sesshomaru addressed respectfully, not using the usual ‘Priestess’ his character would.  He stood perfectly still, panting softly and steeling himself against the pleasure of Kikyo’s mouth and throat sliding along his cock’s great length.  Clearly, she had complete mastery of her gag reflex, if she had one at all.  At his cock’s deepest reach into her chest cavity, he could pump his seed almost directly into her stomach. “You are correct – this…nnngh…isn’t part of the script.  Kami above…Kikyo-san is your sister.  Should I stop this?”

            Kagome smiled at Sesshomaru and shook her head.  “Kikyo is a big girl, my elder sister,” she explained.  “She’s fucked you already, so if she wants to suck you, too, let her suck you.”

            “Very well,” Sesshomaru agreed with an arched eyebrow, turning his attention back down to Kikyo.  Now, he embraced the pleasure she offered, rather than resist it, and he reached down to place a large, clawed hand on her ebony-haired head and guide her fellating movements.

            Kikyo reciprocated Sesshomaru’s affectionate touch by placing her hands on either of his hard, male hips, taking their oral coital rhythm faster and harder.  To make herself more comfortable, she rocked back off her knees in order to squat on her haunches, spreading her thighs wide with her pussy throbbing between them, soaking her sexy black underwear with her juices.  Soon, she could feel the daiyoukai’s cock getting longer, thicker, harder in her mouth as she pushed him to the edge, and she didn’t need a binding seal to feel her own pleasure increasing.

            Sango dismounted Kagome and turned on the foot of the chaise to continue to kneel on it, sidling up close to Sesshomaru as Kikyo serviced him.   She slipped an arm around his waist to pull herself closer to him and bask in his powerful body heat.  “I’m sure you’re enjoying this, you horny dog,” she teased playfully, feeling a mixture of his copious seed and her juices drooling from her pussy, slipping down her inner thighs.  “Beautiful women sucking you and fucking you, all day long.”  Her choice of the word ‘day’ was deliberate, since the film they were shooting was set at night, but the actual time of day was late afternoon, now.

            Sesshomaru turned his head to look into Sango’s rich brown eyes, seeing the female pleasure burning there.  He slipped an arm around her waist in the same way she had to him, and pulled her closer to kiss her softly.  “Most definitely,” he confirmed to her as he pulled his lips from hers, leaving her short of breath in the best way.  “For me, today has been a peak, in every sense of the word.  Pleasure is one of the reasons I chose this profession, and I have found more pleasure today, in this place, with you fine ladies, than any other time in my career.  I hope you’ve enjoyed me as much.”  Then, Sesshomaru felt his heart speeding up as he considered what he was about to say next, glancing past Sango at Kagome, then down at Kikyo, still fucking his cock with her mouth and throat.  “I…I’d like to get to know you better, all three of you, so that perhaps we can have this…relationship off-camera, off-set, and take it further.”

            Sango was stunned, the binding seal joining her spirit to Sesshomaru’s telling her that he spoke what he truthfully felt.  Even if they hadn’t been wearing the seals, she would have believed him.  She lay her free hand on his broad, muscular chest, feeling his heart thumping quickly beneath her palm.  Her own heart was racing at the thought of spending time with him beyond ‘mere’ sex on-camera, but undoubtedly, such interaction could possibly lead to a different, more emotionally-fulfilling form of sex later on.  “I’d like that, too,” she replied quietly, leaning in to kiss him again.

            Behind Sango, Kagome sat up on the chaise and slipped off it to walk around behind Sesshomaru as her two co-stars shared their kiss.  She moved with a sultry sway in her hips, tracing a fingertip along a line between Sesshomaru’s shoulders, then moved to press herself up to his opposite side.  Like Sango, she also felt Sesshomaru’s seed slipping down her inner thighs.  Now, the daiyoukai porn star had two beautiful women at his sides, with a third on her knees in front of him, enthusiastically sucking him off.  As Sango disconnected her mouth from Sesshomaru’s, Kagome reached up to touch the his chin and turn his handsome, striped face to her, letting him see the smoky expression in her ethereal blue eyes, before giving him a kiss of her own.  “As would I,” she whispered to him, in reference to Sango’s previous comment.  “Kikyo?  What do you think?”

            Despite the licentious nature of the act she was performing on Sesshomaru, Kikyo was proper enough not to try and talk with her mouth full, so she pulled her lips off his cock, her tongue drenched in a mixture of his seed and Kagome’s and Sango’s blended pussy cream, with a jiggling thread of the stuff keeping her tongue connected to his cock’s head.  “Works for me.” she agreed, fisting the stimulated daiyoukai with a hand and glancing up at him over the rims of her glasses with a sultry, seductive expression in her stony grey eyes.  “He clearly has the stamina to handle all of us, probably repeatedly.”  She then took his cock fully back into her mouth and drank him down her throat to resume her previous, energetic pace on him. 

            ‘Got him,” Kikyo congratulated to herself, and on behalf of Kagome and Sango as she expertly built Sesshomaru’s pleasure, to bring him to his sixth climax of the shoot, and the fucking eleventh of the day, overall.  ‘He’s all ours, now.  Just one more seal, and it’s done.

            Kagome and Sango began undulating and thrusting against Sesshomaru from either side in perfect, symmetrical synchronization as they felt his pleasure increasing with Kikyo’s efforts.  He received direct oral pleasure from the miko director, and his sexy co-stars received a more indirect pleasure of their own, through their still-active binding seals.  They enhanced that indirect pleasure by grinding their sopping female cores against Sesshomaru’s thighs.  For them, feeling his smooth, hot skin, filled with pure, demon male muscle, gliding along their sensitive, lubricated flesh was utterly delicious.  Feeling his co-stars’ passion, the daiyoukai porn star removed his hand from Kikyo’s head, then slipped his arm around Kagome’s waist to pull her to him and hold her and Sango equally.  Then, he lowered his hands from their waists to their bare, luscious rears and squeezed possessively, causing them to giggle happily and thrust with more energy.

            Sesshomaru turned his head to first kiss Kagome again, swallowing her giggle and feeling it turn to a moan, then turned his head to his opposite side to kiss Sango.  Then, he looked down between his thighs to see Kikyo’s head bobbing over his cock harder and faster, feeling his orgasmic pleasure reaching its explosive crest.  Closing his golden eyes and holding Kagome and Sango a little tighter, he tilted his head back to angle his face up at the ceiling, sneering with bare teeth as his big balls pulled tight to his body and his cock reached the size and hardness that immediately preceded climax, shoved deep down Kikyo’s throat.

            Gritting their teeth and gazing heatedly into each other’s lovely eyes, Kagome and Sango gyrated their hips to really pump their dripping pussies along Sesshomaru’s brawny male thighs to amplify their female pleasure.  Watching from their futons behind them, the array of twelve taijiya extras had a spectacular view of two incredible female porn star asses, plus a third, equally incredible male porn star ass, clenching and unclenching over and over with each passionate thrust.  The extras matched Sesshomaru’s, Kagome’s, Sango’s, and Kikyo’s shared passion with that other own masturbation, their palms massaging their breasts, their fingers plundering their pussies.  Among the extras, twelve hearts raced with rising ecstasy, twenty four bare breasts heaved with distressed, husky breathing, and twelve sets of lovely feminine hips thrust twelve beautiful, throbbing hot pussy mounds up into between twelve and thirty-six slender, exploring fingers, depending on each woman’s individual preferences.

            With their breathing taking on a distressed, urgent sound, each woman bound to Sesshomaru through a binding seal trembled as they felt themselves coming with him, their pussies contracting and wombs throbbing as his cock began to pulse in Kikyo’s mouth.  Kagome and Sango were at ground zero for the imminent explosion, and by tilting his head back, Sesshomaru exposed his throat to them, and they pressed their lips to either side of it to kiss, lick, and suckle greedily.  The added intimacy of the three S-rank human vixens devouring him at once set him off, and he gasped suddenly as orgasm struck, taking him completely.  Swiftly, he turned his head back down, leading to Kagome and Sango pulling their lips from his neck in order to look down at Kikyo with him as he felt his seed begin to move. 

            Feeling Sesshomaru’s cock jerking with the pressure of moving semen, the sexy miko director pumped her mouth over him rapidly and furiously, to get him off as powerfully as possible.  She knew how much he could come, and she wanted the full volume of it in her mouth, down her throat, into her stomach.  To that end, she made direct, steady unbroken eye contact with him to demonstrate her control over him, her stony grey eyes narrowing in satisfaction as she watched his golden eyes slide half-closed, his mouth falling open.

            Control – Kikyo embodied it.  As Reiki Films’ head director, she was in control of her company.  Further as a director, she was in control of the script, the scene, and her performers.  As a woman well attuned with her sexuality, she was in control of Sesshomaru and his delicious, meaty throbbing monster cock in her mouth, as well as the pleasure she took from the act she performed on him.  And as a miko, half of a two-miko sisterhood with Kagome, she was in control of their destiny and their ultimate happiness.  The ‘shoot’ they were involved in was more than just the act of making another trashy porn film in a long line of trashy porn films, it was to secure that ultimate happiness for herself, Kagome, and Sango, all three of them at once, with Sesshomaru being the living link that would bind them all together.

            As Kikyo worked Sesshomaru up in these final moments, she removed a hand from one of his hips, reaching down between her thighs to slip her fingers beneath the hem of her underwear and find herself utterly sopping.  She took her middle two fingers and diddled at her proudly-swollen clit in its protective hood, then curled them up inside herself, finding the swollen sweet spot along her pussy’s anterior wall and rubbing at it in time with the bold, cock-fucking strokes of her pouting lips.  It didn’t take much for her to take herself into orgasm, and she moaned into Sesshomaru’s cock as she felt it erupt with hot, creamy seed.

            Closing his eyes in ecstasy, Sesshomaru grunted deeply through his nose and thrust deftly against Kikyo’s face, shoving his cock deep down her throat as the first pulse of orgasm struck him.  The head of his cock swelled wide, his balls tightened, and a heavy, flowing rope of thick, white cum burst out of him, ricocheting off the walls of her esophagus on its way to her stomach.  He was so deep down her throat that she didn’t need to swallow.  That first heavy load settled in her stomach with a thick, liquid splat, followed by another, then another until she could feel her stomach filling up with his cum.  She pulled her mouth off roughly 3/4ths of his length, so that the head of his cock lay cradled on her tongue, and the hot, salty flavor of his ejaculations flooded her mouth for her to enjoy.  Swallowing was definitely necessary for her now, and her larynx recoiled in her throat with every sperm-loaded gulp she took from him.

            Kagome and Sango came hard with Sesshomaru, thrusting against his hips one last time and crying out their pleasure.  Their pussies squirted potently, their hot, female juices running down his smooth skin on either side of him.  For him, the scent was intoxicating, with three absolutely gorgeous human females getting off around him, to say nothing of the scent the taijiya extras were putting out.  He opened his golden eyes just in time to see Kikyo backing her mouth off him completely, even as his seed continued to shoot, so that he could see the long, flowing ropes of cum surging out of his cock and glancing off her tongue, rolling down her throat. 

            Aggressively, Kagome seized Sesshomaru’s cock from Kikyo and jacked it furiously to keep his climax going.  He was plenty well-lubricated, and his sheer rigidity made him well-suited to the rough treatment.  “Come on, dog-stud,” she challenged to him, to which he replied by turning his head to gaze heatedly into her eyes, then thrust into her gripping, stroking fist, squeezing her ass and Sango’s a little tighter.  “Give her all you can.  Paint her fucking face!

            Eagerly, Kikyo played along with Kagome’s sexy, impromptu bukkake game by pulling back from Sesshomaru by an inch or two, then undoing the clasp of her silky black bra to let her large breasts fall free.  Shrugging out of the intimate garment, she held her breasts in her hands and pushed them together, then up, massaging them rhythmically for Sesshomaru’s male entertainment as his powerful cumshots burst out of his cock and landed on her face, splattering all over her chin, her lips, cheeks, and forehead, and coating each lens of her glasses.  The thick, white cum dripped off her face in large, gooey globs and pooled up in the valley she had created with her breasts, then rolled down to flow onto the tatami floor between her knees.  Finally, she opened her mouth and stuck out her silky pink salivating tongue to give her daiyoukai performer yet another tempting target for his seed, which Kagome helped him aim for.

            Sesshomaru gasped as each throbbing pulse of ejaculation coursed through him, boosted by Kagome’s rapid, skillful fisting of his cock.  Over and over, his big balls clenched, his demonic prostate gave a pumping reproductive beat, and the resulting pressure seared up his cock to culminate as an eruption of boiling hot semen that leapt out of him by close to a full foot.  Soon, Kikyo’s face was completely coated, totally obscured with the ultimate sperm facial, and only then did Sesshomaru’s orgasm begin to ebb.  The pressure of his spurts fell and fell until his seed was no longer exploding out of him, but oozing forth in dripping globs that slipped out of the slit at the end of his cock, which Kikyo happily licked and sucked away.

            “Yeah, babe,” Sango praised to Sesshomaru as she ground her pussy along his hip to prolong her own high, in awe of his incredible dog-demon virility.  She’d felt him come down her throat and directly into her womb, her memory permanently branded with the heat of him erupting inside her, but to see his seed bursting out of him with such volume and pressure really nailed the idea home – he was the single most powerful male she’d ever encountered.  He wanted more of her, along with Kagome and Kikyo, and the sentiment was fully mutual.

            Kikyo took control of Sesshomaru’s cock back from Kagome, handling it gently and stroking it long and slow to milk out the absolute last of his seed.  “Sorry about that,” she apologized to him, with an aura of strange dignity despite the billions of sperm wriggling around on her face at the microscopic level.  “I just had to have you with my mouth.  When I see such a good-looking dick, attached to such a good-looking guy, fuck such beautiful pussies so deeply and pull out, wearing all that delicious girl cream, all within mouth’s reach of me, my body takes control.”

            “No offense taken.  You made it feel incredible,” Sesshomaru said to Kikyo.  “You’re not…just a director, are you?  Your technique, your manner of exciting me for you, and the way you accept my seed…you’ve performed before.”

            “Yes,” Kikyo confirmed.  “Among others, I’ve performed alongside Kagome, under the legendary director Kagewaki Naraku.  You may have seen us in his Miko Prostitute Tentacle Cataclysm, or Miko Heart Removal Sacrifice Gangbang?  I have sucked and fucked on-camera plenty, and I had such fun bringing Kagewaki-san’s kinkiest ideas to life, but eventually, I wanted to make my own movies, so I founded Reiki Films here.”

            “Those film titles you mentioned seem to have escaped me,” Sesshomaru admitted.  “But now that I know you’re in them, I’ll be sure to check them out later.”  Suggestively, he added: “Perhaps we could watch them together, privately?”  Releasing Kagome and Sango at his sides, he reached down and grasped one of Kikyo’s upper arms, gently pulling her to her feet in front of him.  Due to his extreme potency, she looked and smelled like the inside of a freshly-used condom, her silky black bangs fully glued to her forehead with his essence.  Her glasses looked like they needed tiny windshield wipers.  Knowing that it was his seed she was wearing as a liquid veil over her face had his mouth salivating, and he opened his mouth to extend his long, agile demon tongue, beginning to affectionately lap up the creamy white mess he’d shot onto her.

            Removing her cum-coated glasses briefly, Kikyo laughed and closed her eyes, letting Sesshomaru lap her face clean.  She turned her head from one side to the other slowly to present her face to his tongue at a steadily-changing angle, and allow him to clean her up more efficiently.  “You really are just like a dog,” she said, giggling with each textured pass of his long, rough tongue.  “Mmm…good boy.”

            Smiling, Sesshomaru reached down between his body and Kikyo’s as he continued to clean her face, and pressed a large hand to her flat stomach, with his fingers pointing downward to the junction of her thighs.  He slid his hand downward, venturing his fingertips underneath the hem of her thoroughly-soaked underwear, and relished in her gasp as he cupped her sensitive, swollen pussy mound in his palm, then worked his middle two fingers up into her body.  He savored her internal texture, the way her vaginal muscles gripped his fingers and suckled at them, urging them deeper.  Her tight, richly-lubricated heat was calling for his cock, and he felt himself swell back up, ready for more.

            “I hope I’m not taking liberties I shouldn’t,” Sesshomaru said to Kikyo as he finished cleaning her face, leaving her pale skin glistening with rapidly-drying saliva, but no semen.  Looking into her eyes, he pumped his fingers in and out of her cunt to stimulate her.  “You’re so wet, I smell you now.”

            Kikyo reached down between her body and Sesshomaru’s, then gripped his wrist, rolling her hips to thrust against his exploring fingers, instead of pulling his fingers out.  “It’s okay.  I came just now,” she admitted.  Using her other hand, she flicked her glasses sharply to cast off most of the semen clinging to their rectangular lenses, then donned them again.  Then, she touched her daiyoukai star’s handsome face, raising herself onto the tips of her toes to kiss him softly.  “I…I need to have you again, soon.  Watching you perform has been so exciting.  But before that, let’s finish up our current scene.”

            Reluctantly, Kikyo pulled away from Sesshomaru and he extracted his fingers from inside her.  Wearing only her sexy black g-string and her gartered stockings, since she had discarded her bra for Sesshomaru’s ‘benefit,’ she bent down to the floor and picked up her camera, switching it back on and adjusting the focus.  “Kagome, Sango, get back on the chaise, how you were laying before, just after Sesshomaru finished in you.  Taijiya extras, writhe around on your futons, like you’ve just been fucked super-hard.  Give me lots of soft pants and moans.”

            Dutifully, Kagome and Sango took up their previous position on the chaise, with Kagome stretched out on her back with thighs spread wide, Sango straddling her waist with similarly-spread thighs, their chests pressed together.  “Sesshomaru, get back behind them,” Kikyo continued, taking up her filming position on the bedroom set’s floor.  “Like you just pulled out of Sango.  Fist yourself nice and slow, like you’re keeping the pleasure going.”

            Sesshomaru stepped up behind Kagome and Sango, placing his left hand on the full left cheek of the taijiya’s rear, wrapping his right hand around his cock as it continued to pulsate from Kikyo’s oral service to it.  As Kikyo wanted, he pumped his fist over it, groaning softly by the pleasure it caused, and a good, long rope of cum spilled out of him, dripping onto the floor at his feet with his final orgasmic internal contraction.

            “And…action,” Kikyo ordered, giving the signal for her performers to resume the scene.

            Kagome’s and Sango’s pussies were still thoroughly-coated with Sesshomaru’s cum, and the taijiya porn star shifted off her miko co-star’s waist to lay at her side on the chaise.  They panted deeply, recuperating from the daiyoukai’s hard fucking, and Kagome was first to speak.  “God, Sesshomaru-sama…that was incredible.  You’re a beast, in the best way possible.”

            “Mmmhmhmmm….” Sango vocalized in support of Kagome, a wordless, throaty nasal feminine chuckle.  She arched her back and thrust her breasts up, wrapping her arms around herself beneath them, writhing in ongoing pleasure after being taken hard from behind by a nearly out-of-control Sesshomaru.

            Sesshomaru knelt on the floor at the foot of the chaise, in front of Kagome and Sango to rest briefly.  “Did I hurt you?” he asked to them.  “I could feel myself going wild.”

            “We’ll be okay,” Kagome smiled.  “But you made such a mess on us.  What ever will you do about it?”  To reinforce her playful suggestion, she spread her thighs a little wider, then reached down between them to spread the silky petals of her pussy open, exposing her vaginal orifice as it bled with the daiyoukai’s seed.  Sango did the same and then, Sesshomaru had two awesome Japanese beauties offering their bodies to him.

            Sesshomaru’s golden eyes flashed devilishly and he lowered himself from his kneeling position to get onto his hands and knees, crawling forward and plunging his silver-haired head between Kagome’s thighs.  Kikyo filmed as the daiyoukai ate her sister up, lapping and sucking at her delicious pink pussy flesh to clean her of his seed.  Then, he moved on to Sango.  For each woman, he made sure to get their pussies squeaky clean inside and out, using his tongue to devastating effect, and brought them to orgasm again for good measure.  As eagerly as Kikyo had sucked him off in the last few minutes, he gulped down everything his beautiful female co-stars produced for him.  Their stomachs were full of his seed, and now, his stomach was full of their uniquely-female cream.

            Soon, Kagome’s and Sango’s brains were spinning in their heads from Sesshomaru’s enthusiastic oral ministrations.  From their perspectives, laying on their backs on the chaise, the bedroom set ceiling blurred, sliding in and out of focus with their pleasure, and their gasps and moans were as music to their male co-star’s tapered youkai ears.  Kagome lay to Sango’s right, and Sango to Kagome’s left – Kagome raised her left forearm until it pointed straight upward, and Sango did the same with her right.  They entwined their slender fingers and squeezed each other’s hand, then turned their heads toward each other to share another passionate girl-on-girl kiss as Sesshomaru took them over the edge.  When he was finished, they were both as boneless, squirming masses of well-pleased female flesh, and he stood up in front of them, his chin dripping with their delicious juices.

            When Kagome and Sango came back down to Earth, they sat up on the chaise together to see Sesshomaru waiting patiently for them.  He stood with a hand planted on a muscular hip, using his other hand to gently fist himself and keep himself ready to go.  “You are magnificent, Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome praised.  “If Sango and I are the best you’ve ever had, you are the best we’ve ever had.”

            “What can I say?” Sesshomaru replied modestly.  “My original intent in coming here was to kill you.  I came here with my sword, Bakusaiga, prepared to fight all night if necessary.  That stamina has certainly proved useful, if not in the way I was expecting.”  His lips curled up into a small, stoic smile.  “I came here to slide a sword into your body, and now, I suppose I have.”  He squeezed his meaty cock in his fist, causing the bulbous head to swell and grow visibly darker with his hot demon blood.  Pre-cum boiled its way up and out of him, and he growled deeply, passionately, sending chills down Kagome’s and Sango’s spines.  His demonic virility was as a fount that might never run dry.  “My desire builds within me yet.  I can take each of you again, if you’ll have me.”

            Kikyo filmed Kagome as she raised herself onto her elbows beside Sango to lay on the chaise in a luxurious reclined position.  She looked upon Sesshomaru’s powerful, ready body and rubbed her thighs together to enjoy the slick female heat between them, her desire for him unceasing.  She looked down at Sango beside her, then over to the taijiya extras sitting on their futons on the bedroom set floor, and Kikyo turned her camera to simulate her perspective of them.  The now-topless miko director turned her camera back to Kagome and the miko porn star gave Sesshomaru a most un-miko-like smile.  “Mmm…that’s definitely tempting, but let’s give someone else a chance, shall we?”

            Kagome glanced to Sango again, nodding her head in the direction of the taijiya extras, her character’s all-female warrior cadre.  Then, Kikyo filmed Sango as she looked over to the extras, observing how they recovered from the string of orgasms that their binding seals had allowed them to enjoy as Sesshomaru performed with herself and Kagome, followed by Kikyo sucking him off.  “The night is young, Sesshomaru-sama,” she said, slipping off the chaise and standing up on the bedroom set’s tatami floor.  She walked around behind Sesshomaru and reached up to place her hands on his thickly-muscled shoulders, turning him in place so that he faced her junior taijiya.  “Because I see twelve young, sexy, hungry women that would love a taste of what you’ve been giving to me and Kagome.”

            The taijiya extras, each one completely nude since they had discarded their underwear during their group masturbation, sat up on their futons with great excitement at the prospect of having Sesshomaru directly, amongst themselves.  At last, their turn with the great Takahashi Kenshiro had arrived.  Beforehand, Kikyo had used a portion of the project’s funding to ensure that each extra had received an etonogestrel implant as Kagome and Sango had, so that in conjunction with her contraceptive sutras, which she knew were effective following her ‘screen test’ with Sesshomaru in her office bedroom, they could have physically-unprotected sex with him in all its messy glory, without fear of conception. 

            Kikyo filmed Kagome as she visited each taijiya individually, issuing them a contraceptive sutra and helping to place it correctly on their bellies, over their wombs.  After placing each seal, she gave each girl she had given it to a sweet kiss to her forehead, a blessing from their miko mistress and a silent instruction for them to have fun.

            Moving to stand at Sesshomaru’s left side, Sango reached down and took his free left hand into both of hers as he continued to languidly fist his long, thick cock with his right, so that he was fully prepared to perform with her lovely junior taijiyas.  She led him to stand at the center of the semi-circle that the girls’ futons made on the bedroom floor, then she turned to face him.  “Can you do it?” she asked quietly, as if uncertain.  “Can you go twelve times in a row, with twelve different girls, one right after another?”

            “I can,” Sesshomaru replied with cool confidence, then his voice became much more husky and heated.  “I will take them, and fill them as you and your Priestess are now filled.  And when I am done, and their minds are blank with pleasure and their bellies are hot with my seed, I want the other twelve like them.  Then…I am having you and your Priestess again.”

            Sango gave Sesshomaru a sneering smile, reflexively thrusting her hips to grind her flat belly to his big cock.  She lifted herself onto the tips of her toes and kissed him sweetly, then stepped to his side and turned to face her taijiya girls as they awaited perhaps the ultimate fuck of their lives.  She gestured up at Sesshomaru’s handsome face for the girls to see.  “Look,” she ordered to them sternly.  “This is the face of an assassin, a demon of the most powerful type dispatched here to end our Lady Kagome’s life.”  She gestured her hand lower, over his hard, muscular chest and abdomen.  “This is a body trained for war, and it is our Lady’s grace that saw it directed to more pleasurable enterprises.”  Finally, she lowered her hand to his long, thick cock and big, heavy balls, his cock ever-ready to know a woman’s inner flesh and his balls similarly ready to unleash extremely potent demon seed upon the same. 

            “To his credit,” Sango continued, “He is well-equipped for it.”  The taijiya extras giggled appropriately inappropriately, and Sango clasped her hands behind her back, leaving Sesshomaru’s side to walk along the semi-circle of taijiya extras, getting into the character of a professional taijiya captain laying out a new mission to her female soldiers.  Even in complete nudity, mere minutes after highly-fulfilling, energetic sex with Sesshomaru, she exhibited perfect poise and an air of unshakable professionalism.  “Your bodies are trained for war, as well.  I want you to give yourselves to Sesshomaru-sama as hard as you can.  Don’t make it easy for him!  Take from him as much as he takes from you.  As he loves each and every one of you, I want to hear lots of moaning, lots of grunting, and when he finally gives you his seed, I want to hear him roar as your bodies pull it out of him.”  Sango paused briefly, then added: “Understood?  Good.  Now, introduce yourselves!

            Sango stepped away from Sesshomaru, moving back toward Kagome as she watched from her spot on the chaise.  Having received their cue, the twelve taijiya extras rushed from their futons to congregate around Sesshomaru on their knees, completely surrounding him with eager, willing female flesh.  He chuckled and released his cock, then extended his arms out and away from him to make room for the extras, and Kikyo filmed them a sweeping circle as the extras explored the daiyoukai’s body with eager, hungry hands, worshipping him as twelve clawless cats might worship a scratching post.

            Taking control of the scene, Sesshomaru chose one of the taijiya extras at random and pulled her to her feet, kissing her hard and deep and walking her back to one of the twelve empty futons, also chosen at random.  He pushed her down and lay her back on it, then took up position between her open thighs to guide his cock down to her hot, ready sex and slide inside her.  In his sexual aggression, he made sure to be gentle with the penetration, as he doubted the young woman had ever been with a male of his endowment.  She cried out and her crooned as their bodies became one, their joining aided by her generous lubrication, then they immediately took up a passionate, thrusting rutting pace, with all the moans and grunts Sango had requested.

            For her own part, Sango offered her hand down to Kagome and pulled her off the chaise, and Kikyo followed with her camera as the taijiya captain led her miko mistress back to the bedroom set’s main bed.  Once through the silk veil surrounding the bed, Sango reversed her position with Kagome’s and all but threw her down to the bed’s soft, white silk, then pounced


-To be continued-