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So I Hope You See (That I Would Love To Love You)

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The day didn’t move faster for her having something she was warily looking forward to that night, nor did it move faster for having the question on her mind. She debated asking Emmett what he thought about Bella’s strange behavior but sure he would laugh his head off at her confusion, decided to keep it to herself. Bella was busy during lunch, talking with a group of people about a project for history and so Rose just sat with the Cullens, watching her and wondering. The invitation felt weighty, but though she tried, she couldn’t place why. She prided herself on being smarter than most, but this… she just didn’t know, and that put her on edge.

It felt like a week had passed when she finally slid into her car to head home.

She had no idea what to do to pass the time. She had used to be so good at that, and yet, as of late, she just wasn’t. She worked on the car for a bit but disliked the feeling of the grease on her skin. She showered though she still had hours. She did her hair carefully and then moved to her closet to choose her clothes. She flicked through, looking for something casual, and yet not at all casual.

She wished she understood the plan for the evening. It would help deeply to know how she was supposed to look. She didn’t like this feeling of uncertainty. She resented it, even.

Finally, she settled on a pair of black pants, a soft black silk blouse, and a trendy grey jacket over it.

Why would Bella be so uncomfortable asking to spend time with her? If she allowed it, she could admit to herself that this was the real question that was haunting her. Every time she thought that she and Bella took a step forward, something reminded her that she didn’t really know if they had or not.

She didn’t bother with makeup. She never did. Carlisle had told her before, beauty was her gift brought from her human life. She didn’t need makeup. It only sullied her natural looks. Still, she studied herself in the mirror again and realized that what she was feeling was nerves. Why was she nervous?

God damn it, Bella! 

When the clock finally ticked around, she got into her new baby and started through the woods toward the town.

The nerves hadn’t faded when she stepped up to Bella’s door and gave a sharp knock. She squared her shoulders and pushed them from her face, forcing a hesitant smile there instead as she heard ‘I’LL GET IT’ from upstairs and then the awkward clomping of crutches on stairs.

Rosalie winced, hoping she wasn’t about to listen to her fall.

The door swung open to show Bella, looking just as nervous as she had that afternoon. Little pink patches of color stood out against her otherwise pale face, her eyes slightly wild.

Rosalie scrutinized her, trying to decide if it was in her imagination that Bella looked as though she had specifically groomed herself for this visit.  

“Hey,” Bella breathed, a little short for breath.

Rose smiled. “Hey, you.”

Bella’s lips twitched into a small smile, somehow excited and shy all at once.

Because she wanted to see what Bella would do, Rose reached for Bella’s hand on the door frame where it was braced.

Bella’s pupils blew wide as Rosalie brought the knuckles up to her lips and gently kissed them.

She liked the way that Bella’s eyes followed, the way her mouth dropped open a little. She let out a little “heh”, her eyelashes fluttering a little.

“Bella, who is it?”

Bella let out a ‘yeep’ as her father’s voice came from the living room.

Rose’s eyebrows rose. Was this a meet the parent thing? Was that what Bella’s nerves had been about?

Rosalie frowned. She wasn’t sure that she was up for that. She wasn’t a meet the parent type! Sure Bella would have given her some warning if she was supposed to be an airheaded teenage girl, or if she had decided to tell her father about them. Chief Swan had a gun! And yes, all right, it couldn’t hurt her but it would bounce off of her skin and hurt someone else. Was she crazy? Rosalie’s mind jabbered and cried out.

“I’m sorry,” Bella rush-whispered, looking alarmed at Rosalie’s expression. “He was supposed to go up to the reservation tonight, but he changed his mind.”

Rosalie’s eyebrows rose impossibly higher. She had thought Chief Swan would be gone?

She took half a step back, unsure. “Should I go?”

Bella shook her head.

She cleared her throat, hoping the night would begin to make some sort of sense soon. “Okay then.” She stepped through the door and started toward the living room, her shoulders back.

Bella trailed behind her, the sound of her heartbeat still unusually fast.

The smell of Bella washed over her as she moved through the house, making her close her eyes for just a moment in enjoyment.

Bella skipped around her as they entered the living room.

“Dad, this is my friend, Rosalie Hale.”

“Hmm?” Charlie’s eyes had been trained on the screen. Slowly, as if moving them away from the television hurt, he glanced up. The moment he saw her he twitched, nearly choked on nothing, his eyes bugging out. “Friend from where?”

Rose wasn’t surprised by the reaction. She had been nineteen and well into womanhood socially when she turned. She didn’t look like a teenager. She didn’t have the presence of a high schooler.

“From school, Dad!” Bella cried, looking genuinely mortified.

Of course Rose knew him. The Cullens were very aware of the law enforcement in the area. She took a step forward and nodded politely. “Nice to meet you, Chief Swan.”

Charlie's eyes narrowed and Rosalie almost wanted to laugh. If she couldn’t hear that it was beating steadily, she might have worried about his heart. “You’re one of the Cullens that I haven’t met, right?”

“Have you met any of the Cullens, dad?” Bella asked as Rosalie spoke as well.

“Technically, I’m a Hale, but yes.”

The sharp look didn’t leave Charlie’s face. “Edwin’s other sister?”

She grinned, enjoying that even if it was the oldest trick in the book. She nodded.

Another second and Charlie’s look cleared. He sat back in his recliner, picking up and sipping his beer. “What are you two going to be going?”

Rose looked at Bella and they both shrugged.

“Movie?” Bella offered.

Rose smirked. “Sure.”  

“Okay, have fun girls.”

Bella rolled her eyes.

“After you,” Rosalie offered with a teasing sweep of her arm.

Bella’s eyes rolled harder.

She followed her to the stairs, careful behind her in case Bella’s crutches stumbled. She had gotten pretty good at maneuvering herself, but she just didn’t trust little metal sticks to hold up her mate.

“I don’t have a lot of DVDs,” Bella admitted as they climbed. “I should have gone to Blockbuster.” She paused mid-step and turned to Rose with effort. “We still can, actually. Do you want to?”

Rose just shook her head. “I’m sure whatever you have will be fine.” There were movies she’d love to show Bella, hundreds even, but tonight wasn’t the night. She didn’t care what they watched, so long as tonight broke the seal for other activities outside of school.

“My TV is kind of old too. We got it at a garage sale.” Bella’s cheeks were red again, her voice mumbling. “We should have gone to your house. Do you want to? We still can. I bet you have more movies and err, a better TV and—”

“Are you all right, Bella?” Rose asked, interrupting Bella’s rant.

On the landing now, Bella tripped on nothing. “What? Yeah. Why?”

“Your heart rate is pretty high. And you’re babbling.”

“I’m not babbling.” She insisted, indignant.

“Oh, if there another name for what you’re doing?” Rosalie asked with feigned casualness.

Rosalie expected a glare or a snarky comment back but instead, Bella just looked at the door they were beside with terror. “Right…” Seeming unsure what to say, Bella pushed into her bedroom. “Err, come in.”

Rose stepped into the room she had only seen from the outside, her eyes taking in everything she hadn’t seen.

Bella paused, her hands still on the door before she barked a laugh. “I guess I can close this, huh? I never could when my dad knew that Edward was here.”

Rosalie smirked. “One of the benefits of a sudden change in sexuality.”

Bella tripped her way to the bed and sat on it heavily, looking dazed. “Is that what’s happening?”

Rosalie paused, all at once awkward. Um… “You’re not in a relationship with Edward anymore, right?”


“And you’ve kissed me a few times, right?”

Looking sheepish, Bella’s eyes rolled. “Right.”

Unsure how to respond, she leaned over into Bella’s space, teasing her, invading her personal space just enough to make Bella twitch. Her words came out in a smooth, seductive purr, hiding her uncertainty. “Well, I am very much not a boy.”

Bella’s eyes fluttered as Rose breathed out the words and a noise, one that couldn’t be called anything other than a moan, floated from her.

Rose gasped, pleased. The intent had only been to tease Bella, but the little sound had shot through her, making her twitch and want.

Instantly Bella’s hands her on her face, hiding. “Oh my god, I did not just do that!” Bella crumpled into herself, trying to hide in place. “Oh god, please tell me I didn’t just do that!”

She didn’t think before she did it. Roused and delighted by what had just happened with Bella, she let herself act. Rose reached forward and aggressively, possessively, ran her hand through Bella’s hair, pulling it ever so slightly as she clenched her hand into a fist, pulling Bella’s face back just a bit.

Bella’s hands dropped, the look on her face startled. Her eyes were dark as she looked up at Rose, whimpering a little in pain and in something that even Rose knew was very much not pain.

She wanted to do it again, the wave of arousal she had felt still thick. She wanted to grab harder, to drag Bella’s head back until her throat was exposed, until it wouldn’t go any further, and ravage her mouth. She imagined doing it, imagines leaning down and thrusting her tongue into Bella’s open mouth, her hand cupping forcefully on Bella’s breast.

She cleared her throat and took a quick step away. When that wasn’t enough, she took another step back, forcing her hands into her jacket pockets and turned toward the TV.

It was indeed an old one, small with a built-in slot for VHS tapes. There was a small pile of DVDs next to it, as well as a handful of VHS under, most of which were old Disney classics.

She grabbed the first DVD she noticed in the pile and opened the case. A director’s cut of Catch Me If You Can.

“I liked this movie,” she thought out loud. “Though Leonardo DiCaprio has done better performances.”

“I think it’s my dad’s,” Bella admitted.

“Have you never seen it?”

“I don’t think so.”

She turned, DVD box still in hand and surveyed the scene. Bella was sitting nervously on the bed, the only TV directly across from the bed, the door closed. “You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you invited me over to make out.”

The response from Bella was instant and strong. First, the color drained completely, leaving her so white that Rose could have argued that she might have been whiter than she was. Then her cheeks, her neck, her chest, her ears, all went beet red. She blushed so hard that Rose felt the heat from it across the room. Her eyes darted around the room, her mouth dropping open.

Rose gasped as it all falling into place. Her mouth hung open as she sank onto the bed beside her, her body suddenly heavy. “Isabella Swan!”

Bella’s head ducked, the blush not fading at all.

“Oh, please tell me that you invited me over to make out.”

Bella spluttered. “I’m eighteen!”

She wanted to be cocky, like she would normally be, or even charming. Instead, she just felt gleeful. She was ecstatic at the thought. Her mouth still hung open, a shout of joy a moment away. And she felt… oh, she felt so turned on. Her hands flexed in her jacket pockets and she was glad she had forced them in there, else they might reach out and do something she hadn’t permitted them to do. “So this is why you invited me over, huh?” she crooned, leaning in a little.

Bella’s gaze glazed over, her hair slightly mussed from where Rose had grabbed it before. The I-want-to-be-kissed look was hard to ignore.

“Not… exclusively…” Bella mumbled.

“Oh, so I shouldn’t kiss you then?” Rose asked, playfully pulling away.

“No, no!” Bella cried, her hands reaching out to grab Rosalie’s jacket. “Okay, okay, that’s what I wanted.”

Rose bit back a groan as she let herself be pulled just a bit toward Bella. Her body gave a long and insistent clench from her stomach to her center as Bella grabbed her lapels. Bella was so intoxicating at that moment. Her heart rate was high. Her scent, suddenly musky and filled with arousal, the feeling of their bond suddenly bewitching, as if it too were excited. She could see Bella’s desire and she was blown away to know it was her desire for her.

So she let Bella pull her in by the jacket, letting her body crash into Bella as softly as she could without hurting her. Bella’s face was upturned, seeking Rosalie’s mouth but Rose held back, letting her body settle against Bella’s, enjoying the sensation of being close to her, of Bella half under her. Bella whined and as if she was unwilling to not have her mouth on her in some way, moved instead straight to Rosalie’s neck, making her hum a little in her throat.

“Oh god, Bella,” she groaned, her body alive.

She loved this too. There was no fear that she could feel from Bella. Instead, Bella’s hands balled tightly in her lapels, her mouth moving against the skin of her throat as if she had no fear of having her lips there, no fear of rejection, or coldness. Her chest glowed warmly at the thought. Bella felt safe with her. That thought was so powerfully moving, so outrageously arousing that Rosalie turned her head, a little frenzied, and caught her in a kiss that Bella seemed only too willing to give.

She didn’t kiss her softly as the warm glow should have indicated, but instead, she kissed her with intention. She slipped her tongue past Bella’s lips without preamble, caressing Bella’s own, kissing her fast and hard before she pulled away again. “Getting right down to business then.”

Against her, Bella looked like she wanted to protest, her hands pulling the jacket in tighter. Her nose scrunched at Rosalie’s words. “Maybe don’t call it a business.”

Rosalie’s smirk grew. “Someone’s bossy,” she purred.

Bella’s mouth opened to protest and Rose kissed her again, enjoying the huff that came from her as she did.

This explained why Bella had seemed so nervous inviting her over. Bella had been asking for something, and Rose was more than happy to deliver.

Daring to push a little harder, Rose leaned back, pleased when Bella came with her. Balancing on her knees, she pushed her jacket off of her shoulders, pulling it swiftly from Bella’s grip, and then reached up with both hands, threading them through Bella’s hair until her face was cupped.

She had known that kissing Bella felt like this, all power and heat and warm languid want. She had felt it before, but this time it was different. This felt teenage, sticky, and hot, desperate in the wanting.

Bella melted into the touch so Rose pushed a little, tipping Bella backward so she fell with a huff against the pillows, taking Rose with her.

She wanted this to be fun for Bella. She wanted it to be an experience she would want to have again and again.

Leaning over her, working hard to soften her kisses. She gently kissed her again and again before she gently caught her bottom lip, nipping at it.

Bella sighed, the taste of it filling Rose and making her moan.

“Is this okay?” she asked, releasing her lip.

Bella nodded quickly, her hands hovering over Rose as if afraid to touch.

“I’m not hurting you at all?”

Bella shook her head.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” She asked with a simper.

Bella’s mouth opened, the wanton gaze disappearing behind shy and at once the cocky bravado left Rose.

“I’m sorry.” She cupped her cheek again, kissing her lightly. “I shouldn’t tease you right now.”

Bella huffed, her face suddenly cross. “It’s just – I’m eighteen. I have hormones.”

“Of cour—”

“I have… experiences that I want to have before…”

“Sweetie, of course, you do, and you —” her words cut themselves off this time as understanding sank in and she was struck dumb. Her head spun, her body and her mind both screaming with desire and alarm. Bella was talking about sex! Desire, pure and sweet, and fierce ripped through her. Did that mean that Bella wanted it with her? She had already vowed to herself that she would not shame Bella for having desires and that she would give her sex, should Bella so desire. But what else did that mean? Did that mean that Bella was in this? Did that mean that Edward truly was out of the picture for her?

In the back of her mind, almost buried under the joy she felt, a small voice spoke up in her mind. You have to tell her before she lets you touch her, Rose, you have to.

“Do you want to tell me what those are?”

Bella sniffed, turning to hide her very warm face in Rosalie’s arm. “I don’t know, just stuff.”

Rose nodded slowly, processing. “Kissing, and…”


“And?” She gently pulled Bella’s face from her arm. Her look was set, stern. “With me? Is that what you mean?”

Bella’s face did that quick color rise again as Rose watched, her mouth opening and closing like a fish. Finally, she grabbed a nearby pillow, covering her face with it. She was only mumbling, but she could still clearly hear Bella’s “yes” when it came.

“Oh, Bella,” she moaned a little, her body reflexively sliding across her like a cat in heat.

Bella gasped, her back arching a little pressing herself against Rosalie’s automatic response.

Their stomachs pressed together, their thighs meeting and rubbing, their breast — Rosalie stopped herself with a sharp scold.

The same dilemma passed through her mind as she considered it. They had come further than Rose had thought then. But again, was this simply because she was a vampire?

Absently, her finger began to trace back and forth, finding the small gap between Bella’s shirt and her jeans. She liked the softness of her skin, she thought, the warmth. It made her want to stretch her body over Bella’s and steal all of it.

“Bella…” she finally spoke, still hovering over Bella. “I’ve never been close to a human like this before. Sometimes I think something went wrong with my transition or maybe it’s just who I was before, but people don’t want to be my friend. Maybe it’s just that I’m a bitch and I keep people at a distance, I don’t know.” She chuckled a little, her fingers sprawling out, her hand flattening, feeling the warmth and then tracing again. “So I don’t have any experience with what I… do to them.”

“What do you mean?”

She sighed. There was nothing for it other than to just say it. Looking back down at Bella, she was honest. “I worry that you only want me because I’m a vampire. I’m meant to attract you. That’s my gift.”

Bella suddenly snatched at the hand which had moved to play under Bella’s shirt, holding it in place with such force that it surprised Rose. “I don’t like you because you’re a vampire, Rose!”

Rose blinked, staring at her in alarm.

“You’re my friend. I like you because I like you. You’re not what you pretend to be.”

“And what’s that?”

“Some cold-hearted model who hates pretty much everyone and everything.”

Her smile turned into an honest and open laugh.

“What? Shut up, it’s true!” Bella cried. She pushed at Rose, but Rose didn’t move away. Instead, she leaned down and kissed her neck. Bella gasped, leaning into her lips. “I feel the difference.”


“Between you and Edward.”

“What?” That time the question came out in a deadpan, offended and appalled that she would even speak his name in a moment like this.

“It’s not like it was with Edward, okay? It feels normal with you. Normal good, I mean. I feel like myself. I never really felt like myself with him. I always felt more like I did the one time Renee’s ex gave me a cocktail. Not exactly drunk, but not right in my head either. I don’t feel that with you, I just feel, I don’t know, like I want to be near you all of the time because I like it.”

Rose watched her face. It was quite a lot for the girl of few words. Finally, she felt as though she could believe her. Normal. She wanted normal so badly.

Under Bella’s hand, Rosalie began to trace random shapes into her skin again.

Just as she had before, Bella began to squirm, her cheeks going purple again.


She had thought that it was the confession, she hadn’t realized it was her touch that had done that to her. No one had ever touched her before, not even something as simple as that, she remembered. It was such a heady and nerve making thought. Her finger traced around Bella’s belly button and Bella’s breath caught. It was something she needed to remember. To her, she had only been enjoying Bella’s skin, but for Bella, this touch as benign as it was meant, was something.

A new scent began to fill the air, a scent that Rose was sure she knew because it smelled so much of Bella, and yet, she knew she hadn’t come into contact with before. She bit her lip, wondering if she could guess the source.

“Edward never touched you, did he?”

Bella’s head shook, her lip between her teeth.

“And there was never a boy in Arizona?”

Again, she shook her head.

“Not even like this?” Her hand flattened, pushing deeper under Bella’s shirt to move across the satin skin of her stomach.

Bella’s breath was uneven, her stomach rising and falling under Rose’s hand. Rose could feel that she was shaking a little. Touching her skin was addictive. This girl was supposed to be her mate. She was her mate, everything that has happened between them only had proven that. Her finger traced Bella’s belly button again, she leaned forward and breathed in her scent at her neck.

Beneath her, Bella shivered.

Bella still had her maidenhead. That was important to remember.

As if in her head, she could hear Bella laugh at the term that was from a world long since gone. All right, virginity then, she corrected herself with an internal eye roll.

She licked the skin there just a bit Bella shivered harder. The steady, if not fast, beat of her heart picked up and Rose understood that Bella liked that. She did it again and again Bella’s heart rate spiked, her hand snapping to Rose’s arm to clutch.

Unable to stop herself, she carefully bit, sure to barely brush her skin. It took concentration, but the result was worth it.

A moan, shaking and strong fell out of Bella. Immediately Bella’s hand slapped over her mouth. “I’m sorry.”

Rose ignored her, nuzzling deeper under her jaw, breathing her scent, feeling something a little more feral beginning to rise in her.

There it was again. She could feel that want to bite, not to drink but to claim, to fill her with her venom. Before she could stop it, a small animal noise ripped from her, not a growl, but not a whine and definitely not human either. It was hungry, violent, possessive.

Bella froze, and her sudden stiffness brought Rose back to herself a little.

She checked herself, making sure Bella was still safe. Yes, she thought. She wasn’t going to lose control and do something that horrible. Her hand shifted, wrapping around Bella’s bare back, pulling her against her. She bit again and moaned, all of the most sensitive places in herself responding. It satisfied something in her that she hadn’t known she wanted. It felt so good to have Bella’s skin between her teeth. Bella’s heartbeat was like music, so fast, so upbeat, reassuring her, and answering that call.

Gently, she bit again, her teeth against the tendon in Bella’s neck, just enough to feel the pressure against her teeth, not enough to bruise and oh, it was unnervingly exciting. She could feel her body growing with want, her panties dampening, her hands desperate to touch.

Bella didn’t move, barely breathed under her.

“You’re safe, Bella.” She said, her lips back on her skin, working her way back up to Bella’s lips, still growling a little.

Bella nodded, but her body was still a plank of wood, stiff and unmoving.

That scent was strong now, making Rosalie want to investigate. It was making her a little crazy.

Her teeth gently scratched against Bella’s jaw, and a small sound popped from Bella, her body giving a hard shake.

She smiled against her skin. “Oh.” She had been wrong. It wasn’t fear that Bella had been feeling.

Aware of her teeth, she let them scrape with the grain against her skin.

This wasn’t like it had been with Emmett. There had been no need to bite like this, but if there had been, she needn’t have been so careful. But it was infinitely more rewarding.

Hand holding her chin, she pulled Bella’s jaw down, kissing her deeply. Bella’s wooden body didn’t move, alarming and oh so telling in its stiffness.

Another small sound came from Bella and her hands rose again, twitching over Rosalie’s back.

Rose propped herself up and ran her hands over Bella’s arms, first retraining her hands at her sides, and then she pushed them up under her own shirt and around to her back, giving her wordless permission for what Bella had clearly wanted to do.

Bella’s nails immediately dug into her skin, leaning up as she gasped and moaned, her hands roaming her back.

Her breath was fast, her hips beginning to gently rock against Bella’s as her hands moved. Bella met her every kiss, her every gentle hip movement. Her hand moved, cupping one of Bella’s breast under her shirt.

Bella let out a small mouse speak of a sound, her hands planted on Rose’s sides.

God, so soft, so breakable. She thought that sex itself might actually be easier than this. During sex you were so aware of the other person in such a different way, wanting to be sure they felt good, that they liked what you were doing. Being inside Bella, she thought, would be so much easier than being careful not to press too hard. Her hand moved, clutching Bella’s ribs and the sound that Bella made sounded a little too much like pain.

“I’m sorry!” Rose cried, worried, but Bella didn’t seem to be listening. Bella was different now, she realized. The wooden stillness had faded into something very different. She had leaned up, into Rose, her hands hovering just below her waist as she kissed her harshly. Bella pressed and Rose let herself fall backward with a soft moan of pleasure, willing to let Bella take control. Bella’s hair fell across her face and Rose’s back arched as Bella’s teeth sank into her neck. “Oh shit,” she breathed, wanting more. “Oh, Bella. Jesus wept.” She wanted to get for a more solid touch. She gasped as Bella pressed hard against her, hips grinding against hips. She couldn’t help herself, she grabbed Bella, her hands tight on Bella’s ass, pulling her harder into her.

Bella’s body hitched and then ground into her harshly. Her hands moved, cupping Rosalie’s breast.

Oh,” she gasped. “Yes.” Was she begging? She thought she might have been. She wanted to beg.

Below them, Rose heard the distinct and clear sounds of feet beginning the climb up the stairs.

Annoyance, hot and vicious burned through her. She hissed, wild and angry, and her teeth snapped together, nicking Bella’s throat just a tiny bit. It wasn’t enough to worry, but she felt bad seeing the tiny scratch. No time though. She sat up a little, struggling under Bella’s touch to be human again, something that took a full second of human time. Then, she quickly pulled Bella’s shirt down, as well as her own, and in one movement, spun Bella, propping her upright in the bed and was at the foot of it, kneeling in front of the DVD player.

She could hear Bella behind her, gasping and spluttering. She could smell the scent stronger than ever from Bella and it made her mouth water.

She realized that the DVD had been playing the disk menu this entire time. Had Charlie heard?


The door burst open and Charlie stepped in before Bella could finish.

“Awwck!” Bella cried and fell off the bed, but Rose just smiled at him innocently, clicking the play button.

“Hello, Chief Swan.”

“Err,” he nodded at her, his eyes on the floor. “That DVD player giving you a hard time?”

“A little bit, but I think, yup, I got it.”

“Good. Err, here. I found a bag in the cupboard.” Grinning, he thrust the steaming bag of freshly popped corn at her.

She swallowed, biting back the scowl. She hated the smell of popcorn. “That’s great! Thanks!”

He nodded once, his gaze moving over to Bella, who was just crawling back onto the bed.

“You okay, Bells?”

Bella froze, her eyes huge as she stared at her dad.

Rose laughed. “We found a spider a few minutes ago and it freaked Bella out, I think.”

Charlie stared at his daughter, still looking concerned despite Bella’s squeak of agreement. “I never knew you were so skittish, Bells. Do you need to me get it for ya?”

Rosalie’s head ducked, barely able to hold back her laughter as Bella soundlessly shook her head hard enough for her hair to go flying. “I got it for her.”

“Oh.” He nodded once. “Err, good. Okay. I’ll set some traps tomorrow.”

“That’s probably wise.” Rose nodded, giving him a sweet smile.

He gave her one back and, still eyeing Bella, excused himself.

She rose and turned back to her, grinning like a wolf.

She looked so fucking sexy. Her hair was a little mussed, her lips looking like maybe Rose needed to be a bit softer in the future, her face flushed. Wild roses had blossomed in her cheeks as Bella panted.

Finally, as if it had all been too much, Bella collapsed back on her bed, moaning and covered her face with a pillow.

Rosalie cackled.