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Gumi Gets WRECKED {Requests Open}

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Gumi twiddled her fingers nervously as she followed behind Wil, wandering down the torch-lit stone hallways of the castle. Her heart began thumping wildly whenever the lycanthrope looked back at her to check if she wasn’t trying to run away. She had never stepped foot in the Zola family castle, let alone because of the circumstances that led her here. “Since this is the first day of your obedience training, I will ensure that everything stays within your limits.” Wil broke the silence, speaking in a deep, husky voice. It was the kind of voice that would make any woman drop to their knees and swoon. The greenette swallowed thickly as the pair stopped at a tall, mahogany door, the words “Slave Training” engraved on a silver plaque in the door’s center. 


“This will be your room...” The lycanthrope stated bluntly as he turned the knob and pushed the door open, gesturing for the shorter woman to enter first. Gumi’s eyes widened as she stepped inside of the “training room”, her mouth held agape as her eyes surveyed the area. The training room was a bedroom with dark purple walls, surrounded by delicately made paintings of the Zola family’s previous slaves. A full body mirror was fixated on the right side of the room, next to a large, king size bed with light blue sheets. “W-Woah…” Gumi stammered, adjusting the bottom of her robes as she stared up at the paintings.


Wil chuckled lightly as he closed the door behind him, one hand rummaging around in the pocket of his lime green slacks. “I see the room is to your liking, Nakashiro?” The lycanthrope questioned, a sly smirk spreading across his face as the smaller girl slowly nodded. Gumi’s body went stiff as she felt one of Wil’s strong hands brushing along her shoulder, his hot breath dancing along her cheek as he whispered, “Are you ready to begin your training, little Megumi?” The smaller girl bit her lip and shivered, “Y-Yes sir, I’m ready…”


The lycanthrope smirked and took a few steps back from the greenette, pulling a collar out of his pocket and twirling it around his finger. “First thing’s first, you obviously can’t serve us with those robes on...take them off,” he commanded sternly. Gumi shivered as her face turned a bright red, looking down to the floor and idly fiddling with the edges of her robes. She could feel Wil’s piercing glare from behind her, unamused by her reluctance. Not wanting to anger the lycanthrope further she quickly discarded her robes and let them drop to the floor, now leaving her nude, chubby frame on full display.


“I’ll let that incident slide, but Lord Kyo won’t tolerate such hesitence…” Wil muttered, tapping his foot on the floor. Gumi tensed up from the mention of that name, Lord Kyo. She had never seen this Kyo character in person before, but from the way the lycanthrope spoke of him let her know that he was a threatening figure, the kind of man you wouldn’t dare to keep waiting. The greenette stayed still like a statue, eagerly awaiting Wil’s next command as she heard his footsteps growing closer again. 


“Put your hands on the wall and close your eyes...” Wil commanded to which Gumi quickly obliged, being rewarded with a soft chuckle from the lycanthrope. The greenette could feel something soft and silky slide over her eyes as her tiny hands pressed into the wall, an eye mask of sorts to ensure that she wasn’t seeing anything. Instinctively, she pushed her plump bottom out in front of Wil, her shaky breaths turning into needy little pants. The greenette yelped as she felt the wolfman spank her ass, another chuckle escaping his lips as he watched her cheeks jiggle. 


“It’s like you’ve read my mind Megumi, I was just about to ask you to do that.” The lycanthrope mused as he firmly squeezed the asscheek in his hand, eliciting a soft mewl from Gumi. She could feel Wil’s weight pressing down on her back, his hand moving from her ass to her belly. His touch was as light as feathers as it slowly dragged along her flesh, “Hold still…” the lycanthrope growled authoritatively. His fingers dragged further up Gumi’s body, from her stomach, to her breasts, and finally up to her lips. 


The greenette gasped softly at the wolf’s touch, her mouth open long enough for him to push his fingers inside. “Slick them up for me dear, and don’t you dare think of biting them,” Gumi softly moaned around Wil’s fingers as she began obediently suckling on them, being rewarded with another smack to her rear. She could feel the lycanthrope’s body pressing down onto her back, his free hand gripping the side of her hips. More importantly, she could feel his thick, clothed erection pressing firmly in between her asscheeks.


“Firm bottom, able to follow orders, soft’re going to make the perfect pet for Kyo. I can guarantee~” Wil whispered huskily in Gumi’s ear as he ever so slowly thrusted his erection against her ass. The greenette mewled around the lycanthrope’s fingers, resisting the urge to buck against his hips or squirm. The feeling of her sight and movement being restricted was intoxicating, made even more arousing with Wil’s husky voice continuing to tease her with what was to come. She could feel her juices sliding down her thighs as the lycanthrope continued to thrust against her ass, softly grunting into her ear as he did so.


From how the bulge felt against her ass, Gumi could guess that Wil’s cock was huge. The mere thought of what the wolfman’s cock looked like without the slacks made the greenette whimper with need against his fingers. Suddenly the pair heard a loud knock on the door, a higher pitched male voice called from the other side, “Sorry if I’m interrupting Wil, but m’lord requests our presence.” Wil sighed as he slid his finger out of Gumi’s mouth and pulled away from her naked body, slowly pulling the eye mask off of her face. 


“Hmmm...what a shame. It appears I’ll have to end our session here.” The wolf mused, putting his hands back into his pockets. Gumi took her hands off of the wall, panting heavily as she dropped to her knees. She had never felt so aroused in her life, in fact she had never been teased so thoroughly in her life. Wil smirked as he watched Gumi stare back at him with desperation in her eyes, “Oh don’t give me that look, Nakashiro. We’ll continue your training first thing in the morning,” Wil chuckled as he left the greenette alone in the training room.


Gumi huffed as she crawled onto the bed and flopped onto her side, pulling the soft blanket over her nude body. Even though she was frustrated with being denied what probably would’ve been the greatest orgasm of her life, a strong shiver of delight went down her spine. If Wil was able to make her this horny, she could only imagine what Kyo was capable of. The greenette soon drifted off to sleep with the thoughts of what her next training session would entail.