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Six Months

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Chapter 8

Diane could barely breathe as she watched the door in front of her slide open, Kurt's tall frame appearing to her piece by piece, inch by inch. Her gaze was cast slightly downward, not daring to meet his intense green eyes just yet. Despite her longing, she was still nervous, frightened even. 

Her eyes drew up his body slowly, almost hesitant in their journey. She wanted this, they both did, and they'd been fighting it long enough, but she still felt frozen, paralyzed in place. 

Kurt's face remained impassive, his eyes deep and dark but stoic, oh-so stoic. He watched her for what felt like an age, reading her fear in her twitching fingers and wide, shining eyes. He knew he had to be the one to move forward, knew she'd follow suit, that as soon as he took that first step, she'd fall into place beside him, but for some reason, despite his better judgement and overwhelming lust, he hesitated. 

Part of him wanted her to make the move, for her to admit that she really wanted this, he knew she did, but he wanted a confirmation of sorts, something more tangible, something to prove he wasn’t alone in all of this. 

Diane gulped, her face a picture of agony, of desperation. His green eyes stared into hers, deep pools of lust that she could easily get lost in. She knew what was holding him back, after all, he was a gentleman and regardless of how badly her body wanted this, regardless of how many times she’d changed her mind, he still needed a verbal confirmation. She’d said no far too often and now he needed a yes - an unequivocal yes, he needed her to give a little so he could make the first move. 

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Diane’s lips parted and the softest hint of a whisper escaped.

"Please," she murmured, begged rather, and Kurt stepped forward, crossing the threshold and taking her into his arms in one smooth move. It was all the invitation he needed, her tiny request the straw that broke the camel's back. 

It all happened so quickly, and in such a cliché manner that she might have flinched, had she not been so wrapped up in him. It was like one of those sappy movies she'd loved in her youth, those God-awful romcoms where the women falls into the strong, muscular arms of some sex-God with gorgeous blue eyes and a thick mop of golden hair. It felt like magic, finally letting go of all that tension, finally letting herself relax and take what she wanted. 

Kurt's large hands circled her waist, pulling her body close to him, lifting her onto her tiptoes before he kissed her senseless. Her slim fingers curled into his hair as she pulled him close and kissed him back, her eyes sliding shut in blissful relief. Their kisses at the restaurant had felt forbidden and hot, yet somehow they were small and inconsequential in comparison to these desperate licks of pleasure.

Kurt groaned as Diane's lips parted in a welcoming gesture that he gladly accepted. His tongue snuck into her mouth, moulding with hers in a quick and dexterous move. Diane whimpered, her nails pricking across his scalp needily. He tasted good, a mixture of the beer he'd had at dinner and something she'd come to know as purely him. Their desperate embrace was broken as they both panted, neither daring to back away more than an inch before they were kissing again. 

With great effort Kurt began walking them back into her room, his hands around her waist steering her even as they caressed her in the most intimate way. Diane moaned as she stumbled over her own feet, cursing him for her imbalance. She was usually so poised, so put together but he had her falling all over herself - literally. She could never find her footing with him. 

Kurt's hand skimmed down her side before pushing back up, this time sneaking under the soft material of her sweater to touch warm, smooth skin. Diane shivered as his rough fingertips grazed her stomach, the contrast of the touch making her heart race. She suddenly wanted those hands everywhere, touching every inch of her skin, literally every inch. 

With a smirk he pulled back, his mouth drawing in a quick breath before falling to her throat and tracing the sensitive skin he found there. Diane whimpered, her hips jutting forward as her hands skated across his broad shoulders, squeezing the soft flannel of his shirt in between slim fingers. Kurt's hand under her jersey slid up further, cupping a lace covered breast and running an eager thumb over an already peaked nipple. 

“Oh!” she whimpered, curling into his touch. This all felt so good, so real. 

Her hands skimmed up his shoulders again, tugging on his neck until he lifted his lips to meet hers once more. Kurt’s free hand angled her head, pulling on her hair in a move that was both commanding and sexy. 

As their lips fused again, she released a small sigh. God, this felt so good, this felt so right and so incredibly hot! He kissed her like it was the most important thing in the world, like he was a man dying of thirst and she was the very water he needed to survive. He kissed her like it was his only purpose in life, as if his lips had been designed to fit hers and no one else’s. He kissed her like he’d never stop. And God! She hoped he wouldn’t. 

A few more groans and heated licks and the pair pulled apart breathlessly. Their hands still grasping each other’s bodies and shamelessly indulging in the feel of their partner. 

Her lips trailed down his throat, drawing across his stubble in slow yet desperate movements. 

“Diane!” he rumbled, his hands coming together under her sweater to circle her waist entirely. 

“Kurt,” she mumbled back, her hips thrusting into his repeatedly. 

"Diane, wait,” he tried again but she merely drew her fingers down his chest, her red nails prickling at his nipples over the material of his shirt. Their heads met again as he kissed her once more, his tongue slipping against hers in a practiced way - as if he’d been doing this, kissing her like this his entire life. As if it were the most natural and expected thing in the world. 

"Diane," he groaned, his forehead falling heavily onto hers as their lips struggled to pull apart. His lips moved softly against hers, begging her to pause but also doing nothing to stop their embrace. "Wait, Diane." 

Diane moaned as he held her back, his one hand on her waist keeping her tightly against the wall while the other tilted her head toward him.

"Wait," he repeated in a husky tone, his lips parted in a mirror image of her own, both of them panting furiously as they struggled to regain stolen breath. "I can't, I can't stop." 

Diane frowned at his trembling words, her fingers sliding through thick salt and pepper hair and pulling him back down for another searing kiss. Her hips bucked against his as she rolled her body into him, a crude yet exact replica of what she had planned for them. She was drowning in him, his touch his taste, her every sense consumed by him. 

"Then don't," she replied capturing his bottom lip and tugging on it gently between her teeth. Kurt groaned as her tongue moved across his injured lip, soothing her bite in the sexiest way imaginable. His hand on her waist moved upward, caressing her breast over her soft beige pullover. 

God, but she felt good. Her lips, her kisses, her body rocking into his over and over, promising more and more. The pair kissed again, Diane sliding her tongue into his mouth as her hands griped either side of his face, keeping his lips glued to hers and tilting his head to the side.

"Wait, no!" Kurt groaned again, this time pulling back completely, his hands on her shoulders holding her back when they ought to be pulling her closer. "I can't—" he panted out, his green eyes blinking open distractedly. "I'm not strong enough to stop this."

Diane breathed out heavily, her mind a mixture of lust and confusion. He seemed to be doing a very good job at stopping this, much to her distain. 

"What are you—" she whispered with a shake of her head, her lipstick smudged across swollen lips, her blue eyes almost black with desire.

"We play this game," he began, meeting her gaze seriously. "Cat and mouse, hot and cold, and I get it, you've made the reasoning clear." Kurt swallowed hard, his hand on her chest lowering to a more respectable spot on her waist. "But if we do this, I..." He paused, gathering his thoughts with a gulp and a frown. "I, I can't just, look if you decide this is just another rung on a ladder that you’re too afraid to climb and you back out again, I don't think, I’m not going to be able to stop.” 

Kurt finished his stunted speech with a heavy exhale, his eyes almost woeful with restraint as Diane cocked her had to the side.

“Are you, are you trying to give me an ultimatum?” she smirked almost curiously, her thin eyes unwillingly drifting to his lips. 

Kurt swallowed, his expression more serious than the placement of his hands suggested.

“I like you Diane and I know you feel the same, but in about fifteen seconds, I’m not gonna be able to play this game anymore. I’m not gonna be able to stop kissing you or touching you, and I’m not going to be able to go back.” Diane’s eyes widened at his low voice, his carefully selected words making her stomach tingle in anticipation and lust. “If this is just another false start, then I don’t - then I can’t. If we do this, you need to be sure, you have to—"

“Shh,” she suddenly cut him off, her finger falling to his lips. Kurt frowned, his face scrunched into confusion as he stared deeply into her blue eyes. “I’m sure,” she rasped out in a coy, sexy rasp that had Kurt shivering. “Fuck me, Kurt.”

There was a split second of hesitation, one last moment of tension before the dam broke and he shoved her backwards. 

Her blunt words seemed to have broken through the last of his restraint and pushed him to finally, finally, commit to crossing the dangerous line they'd drawn for themselves. They weren't going back, this was it. 

Diane gasped as she slammed into the wall, her surprise swallowed by his lips as they covered hers once more, kissing her senseless. His heavy weight pressed up against her, warming her in the most delicious way - God, but he felt good.

Her fingers gripped his hair tightly, holding his mouth to hers viciously, both of them unable to break the contact even with the burning of their lungs. His tongue pushed into her welcoming mouth, twisting against hers in a desperate tango neither could get enough of, neither of them wanted to get enough of.

It had been weeks, weeks of torture, of tension and anxiety and their kisses felt like an inevitable ending, the perfect ending. It felt as if it couldn’t get any better - only it could. It was about to get so much better and they both knew it.

Her hands fisted tightly into his hair, pulling his lips from hers as she inhaled desperately. His forehead fell to hers, both of their eyes closed as they shared hot, panted breath. 

"Can't breathe," she huffed out with a small chuckle and Kurt grinned back, his moustache tickling her as he pecked her lips again. 

"Couldn't resist," he replied breathlessly. Diane giggled, ducking forward to kiss him again despite the fire in her lungs.

“Been trying to, have you?” she asked in a groan as they broke apart once again, the smile on her face smug and telling. She knew how hard he’d been holding back, because she’d been doing the same. 

"Desperately,” he chuckled along with her, his eyes dark as they traced her face with a lusty intent. His fingers threaded deeply in her golden hair, tangling it in the most sinful way. 

Diane's hands traced his shoulders feverishly, her fingers dragging along the collar of his flannel before dipping beneath the thick material to dance over his collarbone. His skin was warm to her touch, deliciously warm, and she couldn't help but groan. Kurt dragged his mouth down her throat, sure to be leaving marks as he sucked and nipped at her pale skin. 

"More," she demanded, although she wasn't sure what she wanted more of. His skin, his kisses, his body touching hers; God, she just wanted more. 

Kurt growled throatily into her ear, his hands dipping to her ass as his lips moved back to kiss hers. Diane pulled him into her, fingers blindly trying to unbutton his shirt. She'd been dreaming of him for weeks, and she couldn't take one more minute of not knowing. 

"Jesus," he rasped as her broke the kiss in a breathless hiss. Diane whined, finally shoving his shirt off his shoulders and awkwardly trying to remove it completely without losing contact. Kurt laughed gruffly, his large hands falling to her waist, dipping slightly lower to push up the soft cashmere. Diane squeaked, her hands fumbling with cuffs of his shirt before she finally gave up as his hands disappeared under her clothes. Defeated but hardly upset, her hands returned to his face to direct his mouth back to hers. 

His fingers trailed up under her shirt, touching smooth skin so gently she could hardly bear it. Long digits explored higher, skimming over the underside of her breasts, feeling the stark contrast of the rough lace and her soft flesh. 

"God!" she whispered, throwing her head back into the wall with a thud as he drew a thumb over her peaked nipple. Her eyelids fluttered prettily as she curved into him, thrusting her chest crudely into his hands. 

Their kisses continued, fast and heated, desperate in the most primal way. They tasted each other over and over, in twists and turns that continued to steal breath but could not be stopped. This felt too good. 

Diane shivered as Kurt pinched the underside of her breast daringly, the action sending a jolt directly to her core. Her mouth drew back and down his throat, lips tingling as they trailed across his five-o-clock shadow, his hands grasping desperately at his shoulders, trying to ground herself. She felt as if she was floating, as if this couldn't get any better, only then, it did.

Diane whimpered as Kurt suddenly dropped to his knees. His hands fell from under her sweater and landed on her hips, pressing his thumbs into the soft skin he found there. Diane gulped, trying and failing to steady her breathing. Her eyes rolled back in her skull as she shivered, her entire body squirming with unrestrained lust. 

Kurt’s rough fingers pushed at the silky hem of her sweater, his lips falling to the newly exposed skin of her lower abdomen. In a practiced move, he reached to undo the button of her jeans, his rough fingers dragging across highly sensitized skin. Every inch he touched sparking to life with a heated flame. His lips drew slow sexy patterns on her stomach, leaving no doubt about what he intended to do next.

“Kurt, no,” she gasped suddenly as he drew the small zip of her jeans down. Her hips bucked forward, contradicting her pleas as he pressed a kiss to the newly exposed lace of her panties. Her mouth protesting uselessly against her body’s desire. “You don’t have to—" she whispered out, even as her eyes rolled back in her head and her chest heaved. 

He didn’t have to, he really didn't have to, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t want him to. Vivid dreams and what small knowledge she’d had of his kisses had led to many, many, fantasies about his tongue and some very naughty positions it may find itself in. 

Kurt paused at her comment, backing away slightly and waiting patiently until Diane looked down at him, her chest still rising and falling breathlessly, her blue eyes as wide as the ocean.

“I want to,” he replied in a gruff, sure voice, his eyes boring into hers in a way that left her lightheaded.  “Diane,” he continued with a smirk, his thumbs putting pressure on her hipbones, as his eyes devoured hers. “I’ve been thinking about doing this to you since the very first time I saw you. I want to.” 

“Jesus,” she breathed out, her nipples prickling beneath her bra as her heart rate sped up impossibly. Kurt grinned back at her, taking in her very visceral reaction to his words and licking his lips slowly. He waited, like the gentleman he was, for her head to dip in a nod before he pounced.

“Kurt,” she hissed out as he dragged her jeans over her ass, pulling the rough material down to her knees in one smooth motion. His forehead fell to her lower abdomen, making her squirm as he drew in a hot breath, his lips hovering over delicate lace - building the anticipation. 

Diane’s fingers clenched in his thick locks, almost begging in their desperation. Kurt smirked, a low, amused sound emerging from his throat as he shook his head slowly and licked his lips.

"Oh god," Diane gasped, her head thrashing from side to side. "God, this is really happening. We’re really gonna do this. You’re gonna..."

“Yes,” he countered smugly, almost amused at her panicked rambling. Diane glanced down at him, her eyes falling shut at the desire she found in his green orbs, it was too much, too real. God, sometimes the attraction she felt for him was so overwhelming, so electric; she felt as if she was seconds away from exploding. 

"Oh my god! Oh, oh, oh!" she continued to mumble, and he wasn't sure if it was the anticipation or simply her internal monologue vocalised unconsciously. God, he hadn't even touched her yet.

With a daring smile, his fingers quickly pulled her jeans to the floor, methodically removing one leg, then the next, before throwing them over his shoulder carelessly. His hands curled around her dainty ankles, slowly snaking up her long legs, his eyes locked on hers. 

Diane shivered as his fingertips ticked her smooth skin, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. Her heart was thundering in her ears, her blood boiling violently in her veins, their intense eye contact the sexiest form of foreplay. The look he was giving her made her breathless, his deep green eyes watching her like she was the only person in the world. It was a huge turn on for her, the way he stared, at her lips, at her legs, at her. He was a stoic man, not particularly loquacious but very expressive; they say the eyes are the window to the soul, and hell, his were an open doorway.

Kurt licked his lips as his hands snuck up her milky thighs, his thumbs slipping under the skimpy material at her hipbones and pulling it down, finally baring her to him.

Diane’s chest heaved as the skimpy fabric hit her ankles her heart racing as Kurt repeated his previous movements and lifted each foot to remove the panties from her person.

Her eyes slid closed as he drew his hands back up her long, long legs, his nails scrapping against her skin in the most delicious, forbidden way. 

“Look at me,” he rasped suddenly, his eyes sinfully dark as she forced hers open. “Diane, watch me,” he repeated lowly and Diane’s hips bucked toward him involuntarily, beyond turned on by the husky tilt to his voice. 

Kurt grinned, his eyes never moving from hers as he finally moved his mouth forward and let his lips taste her. Diane shrieked at the contact, her mouth falling open and fingers digging into his shoulders the same way his dug into her hip bones - hard enough to leave bruises. 

Her imagination was exploding, in her dreams he'd been skilled the way most phantom lovers are, but this, well, this was something else. This was something extraordinary. She couldn't catch her breath.

His tongue darted out teasingly, making her gasp. His hand leaving her hip to curve around her left thigh, digging his nails into her flesh as he positioned her leg over his shoulder. Diane followed his instruction blindly, letting him position her how he wanted, no longer in control and absolutely relishing it. 

His free hand moved to press against her lower abdomen, splaying out across the smooth skin in a practical move; less to keep the soft material of her top in place above her hips than to keep her in place against the wall.

Diane cried out; she wasn't sure how he knew exactly what to do to her. Wasn't sure if it was instinct or if she were simply that transparent, but he touched her like he knew her, like they'd been doing this for years. 

It was as if he could read her mind, as if he knew what his large, warm hand splashed out across her stomach did to her. Diane shook her head slightly, her senses rattled. She loved control and being in charge, loved the respect she'd earned throughout her career, but sometimes she loved nothing more than to let that control go. And it was as if he knew, as if he knew that in bed, Diane Lockhart loved to be manhandled, to be told what to do. 

With a seductive grin, Kurt drew back from her heat, his lips sparkling with her in the sexiest way. Turning his head to the side he nipped at the supple skin of her thigh, working her flesh until he left a very distinct bite mark. 

"Kurt!" she whimpered, and he felt his jeans tighten a little more, the sound of his name on her swollen, desperate lips distractingly erotic. Her hands tugged roughly on his head again, pulling him out of his reverie and trying to redirect his attentions to where she needed him the most. 

Her partner smiled against her, his tongue drawing patterns up and down her thigh torturously and then repeating the action. 

"Please!” she groaned weakly, rocking her hips forward, too far gone for any more of his teasing.

Kurt chuckled lowly, pulling back to look up at her again. Her teeth were digging into her bottom lip, her cheeks flushed red and her chest heaving almost violently. She looked stunning, the very picture of a queen dethroned. 

Her hold on his hair tightened, her slim fingers whitening as she looked down at him, her eyes pleading. 

“I need you," she whispered out desperately, bumping her hips off the wall again, no longer shy about what she wanted from him. Kurt continued to stare at her for a few seconds, his eyes looking into hers in a way that told her exactly what she did to him. Diane shivered. Why did this all feel so intimate suddenly?

In a flash, their eye contact was broken as he dipped his head again, wasting no time in taking her into his mouth, his tongue touching her in the most delicious way.

Diane’s head fell back with a loud bang, her eyes rolling into her skull. Her fingers gripped his thick hair almost painfully, pulling and pushing without a thought to his comfort. She was taking what she needed, and Lord, did she need this. 

Her moans deepened as his tongue curled around her clit, sucking hard, the effect blinding.

“More!” she growled, her fingers leaving his hair to dig into his hand on her left thigh, tugging on it in a silent request. Kurt lapped at her for a few more toppling moments before he moved his large fingers to her wet heat, following her explicit instruction.
He dipped one, then two digits into her, curling them in just the right way. 

“Yes!" she cried out, her hips rocking into his mouth wantonly. "Oh, yes!"

Kurt groaned against her, the noise making her squeak. She was moaning loudly, very loudly and it was more of a turn on than he cared to admit. The ever poised and polite Diane Lockhart, screaming because he had his fingers inside her, screaming because his mouth was on her, screaming because he was making her. 

His fingers curled into a come-hither motion inside her and caused goosebumps to break out across her skin. He dug the fingernails of his free hand across her abdomen, lightly tickling her and intensifying the sensation exponentially. 

“Deeper Kurt,” she shrieked suddenly, her hands moving back to grip his head roughly. “Yes, just like that, oh, oh, there, there!” 

Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her body now rocking into his on its own accord and if he'd thought she was beautiful before, he'd been wrong, because she was down-right radiant, she could eclipse the sun with her beauty.

Kurt tugged gently at her sensitive flesh, his teeth making her breath hitch and her grip on his silver hair tighten almost painfully. He worked her over for a few more desperate moments, loving the reaction he was evoking from her, before going in for the kill. 

He drew his tongue from the base of his fingers to her very tip before sucking on her clit, hard. His digits within her curled again and suddenly, she was coming. Diane shook and spasmed violently, her body suddenly flooded with the most delicious heat. Her thigh on his shoulder trembled and he kept his hold on her stomach, his splayed fingers and shoulder the only thing keeping her weak legs from buckling.  

Kurt continued to press kisses to her core, prolonging her pleasure, her clit throbbing as he sucked on it again and again. 

“Jesus Christ, Kurt,” she hissed out, trying to drag his head from her core. Before she could, he pushed his fingers even deeper within her, hitting that spot again and making her scream all over again. It wasn't often men dragged her over the edge more than once, most of the time she was forced to fake it with exaggerated moans and awkwardly timed hip-thrusts, but she wasn't faking it now, not even close. He was that good. 

Her squeals and screams were loud in the small room, her voice foreign and strained to her own ears. After a few more delicate kisses to her clit, Kurt finally allowed her to pull his head back. He shrugged his shoulder roughly, shuffling her leg off it as he slowly withdrew his fingers. Diane moaned at the loss of contact, her body still clenching around nothingness. Her hair stuck to the back of her neck and temples, her chest heaving desperately.

In a quick, dizzying move, Kurt stood again, diving in and kissing her senseless. Her weak, sated body continued to shiver in his arms, the jelly in her legs like liquid heat. Diane whimpered as she tasted herself on his tongue, her eyelashes fluttering against her red cheeks, her mind still dizzy with orgasm.

After a few moments, Diane managed to pull apart from the kiss, her lungs burning with the lack of oxygen. Kurt's forehead fell to hers, both of their eyes still closed as they embraced each other in a move far too intimate for first time lovers. They could both feel the tension in the air, no longer the sexual heat but something more, something far more dangerous, something lit with emotion and unsaid words.

Her brain sizzled at the closeness of his body, and she could feel him against her stomach, hard and desperate beneath the confines of his painfully tight jeans. 

"So, that’s what it takes," he mused in a wry tone, breaking the silence that had settled over them. His lips still pressing soft kisses to her lips, her chin, her throat, his thumbs still bruising her hips. 

Diane ran a shaky hand through her messy locks, her heart rate still as irrational as her breathing. She frowned deeply, her brow scrunching as she tried to process his words, her mind and body were still stuck in the inexplicable pleasure he'd bestowed on her moments before. Her dreams had been right in one respect - he really did know what he was doing, and while his mouth tended to spew unadulterated drivel, it also knew exactly how to make her toes curl.

“Wha-what?” Diane rasped, barely able to draw breath, her hips still bucking sporadically in his hold and her eyes fighting to open fully through a series of aftershocks. 

“I'm just saying," he began smugly, catching her dreamy eyes purposely. "If I'd known all it took to get you speechless was my mouth on your—"

"Shut up!" she cut him off, holding her fingers over his mouth, doing little to hide his wide, proud grin. 

After a moment, Diane shook her head, smiling too. If she’d known he could use his mouth like that, she’d have happily given up her speech weeks ago. 

Kurt merely grinned up at her, slowly peeling her hand from his lips, and never breaking eye contact with her. His eyes were bright and expressive as he slowly brought her fingers to his lips, kissing them softly, the wet bristles of his moustache reminding her exactly what those lips had just done. He let his grin widen. Diane felt her heart skip a beat, her body swaying into his unconsciously; she was putty in his hands.

With the tilt of his head, his lips were on hers again, kissing her soundly. Diane moaned, her arms encircling his shoulders. She gasped as his tongue slid back into her mouth, this time bringing the taste of her along with it. Jesus, but it was a turn on, knowing where his tongue had just been and where it was now. 

"Oh, don’t look so smug!" she glowered back as they pulled apart, panting. Diane rolled her eyes, her tone defensive and just a tad embarrassed. Part of her couldn't believe what he’d just done to her, what she’d just begged him to do to her. 

She knew there was nothing to be ashamed of, and part of her hated herself for even feeling the slightest hint of guilt, but the catholic schoolgirl in her did feel a little mortified. Normally, she was a lady - well, not as much of a lady as her mother would have liked, but usually she didn’t let men do... that to her so early on. Usually she wasn’t so desperate for a man's mouth so early in their relationship.

"It wasn’t that good!" she hissed out almost defensively, but God, they both knew she was lying. Kurt tilted his head to the side, smirking mischievously. 

"Oh really?" he rasped, his lips falling to the soft skin beneath her ear as his fingers dropped back to her heat. Diane squirmed away from his touch, too sensitive to allow any sort of stimulation. 

“Shall we review the evidence, counsellor?” he growled into her ear and Diane actually gasped, her knees buckling in the most cliché way as her arms curled around his neck to keep herself upright. 

"Okay, okay," she whimpered, tilting her head to the side to allow his lips room to roam on her throat, her lower body shying away from his explorative, teasing touch. “You win!” she giggled.

Kurt paused at that, his hands drifting up to her waist as he pulled back to smile at her wryly.

“I think we're both about to win," he muttered smugly, before ducking down and covering her gaping mouth with his once more, kissing her quiet. 

Diane fell into the embrace, her arms wrapping tightly around his shoulders as she began to walk them back toward the bed. Kurt groaned as she purposely rubbed herself up against him, his body hard and straining into hers. Fuck, she felt amazing. His hands ran up and down her sides, over and under her sweater, shockingly aware she was naked from the waist down. Her lips moved against his in a smooth yet desperate way, trying to soak up every last ounce of his passion.

He felt the back of his knees collide with the bed, his hand falling to the small of her back to steady them both as they teetered toward the mattress. Diane tore her lips from his, letting out a small bubble of laughter. Her manicured fingers fell to his shoulders, pushing him down onto the bed. Kurt followed her instruction dumbly, sitting on the edge of the mattress and gazing up at her, transfixed by her beauty. Diane blushed under his intense eyes, smiling at him as she shook her head and stepped into the space between his legs. Kurt’s hands immediately found their home on her hips, drawing her closer, his eyes never daring to leave hers. Making quick work of his plaid shirt, she tossed the heavy material over her shoulder glad to finally have rid him of it. 

With a small, almost anxious smirk, Diane’s dexterous digits moved next to the bulge in his jeans, quickly snapping at his ostentatious belt buckle. She remembered the first time she’d seen that pink and turquoise monstrosity; the metal drew your eye unwilling to his hips, and in Diane’s case, willingly lower too. It was no doubt some sort of strange republican homage to the United States, eagles and the right to bear arms all melded together into a hideous accessory he called fashion. Still, as her slim fingers danced over the hard, cold metal, she had to admit there was something oddly sexy about it. 

Her teeth sunk into her swollen bottom lip as she slowly pulled the leather belt through the loops, her eyes dark beneath thick lashes. Kurt shifted on the bed, lost in his attraction for her. As the belt hit the carpeted floor carelessly, Diane curled her thumbs into the vacant belt loops over his hips, tugging hard until he stood again, almost too close to her. She panted against his bare clavicle, her eyes fluttering as his hand drew under her sweater for the hundredth time, tickling the delicate skin on her left side. His breath jostled a few of her blonde curls, both of them lost in a moment that was far too intimate. Their bodies stood frozen for a moment, the heat between them almost explosive and rolling off them in waves.

Letting out a soft sigh, Diane finally cleared her head enough to reach forward and unbutton his jeans, pushing them down as he dragged the soft, beige jersey up and over her head. His gaze instinctively fell to her breasts, encased in a delicate balcony of lace, heaving as she tried to steady her breathing. 

His green eyes were almost entirely black as his rough fingers drew a line up her spine. Goosebumps broke out across her skin, her lips falling open in a gasp as she met the intensity of his gaze. He was watching her every expression, not her breasts or in fact anything lower, but her face, her eyes. It was the sexiest she’d ever felt. She’d felt desired and attractive before, men had made her feel wanted and lusted after, but she couldn’t recall ever feeling this… sexy. 

The pair gazed at each other, the tension from before suddenly back as she stared up at him, her chest heaving up and down as she waited for him to unhook her bra. His fingers continued their assault of her smooth skin, dancing up her spine, twirling across the dimples on her lower back, skating just shy of the curve of her arse. 

Diane swallowed after a tortuous moment, positively desperate now. 

“Kurt, please,” she begged, her eyes falling closed in a quick flutter. Kurt smirked an almost smug grin, as he finally drew his thumb and forefinger together and unsnapped her bra, slowly dragging the straps down her shoulders until the beautiful material joined his belt and jeans on the floor. 

Diane tilted her head up, slowly reopening her eyes. Her lips broke into a smile under his gaze. Her younger self may have shied away from such scrutiny, she may have felt insecure; so exposed in front of a man - especially as she wasn’t twenty anymore. But something about Kurt made her feel like the most beautiful creature in the world. She didn’t feel her age, she felt twenty-two, she felt like the most gorgeous woman alive. He made her feel beautiful.

Kurt grinned back at her, eyes traveling the length of her body, his boxers tenting even further as he did so. He couldn’t remember ever being this turned on. She was angelic, sexy, and the combination was flooring. 

“So gorgeous,” he rasped, almost to himself and Diane felt her knees turn to jello, her heart racing against her ribcage.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” she whispered back, her statement unnecessary, but no less alluring. It was a turn on, to hear her verbalise what he already knew. To hear her admit that, yes, despite all evidence to the contrary, she was just as human as him, just as wanton and just as desperate.

Kurt smiled down at her, eyes twinkling with admiration and lust. In a quick move his mouth dipped again, diving in and kissing her senseless as her body melted into his. 

Diane whimpered as she tasted just a remaining hint of herself on his tongue, her hands falling restlessly to his shoulders to steady her body. Her naked chest was pressed against his, pebbled nipples brushing against his skin in the most erotic, yet innocent way. 

Kurt’s left hand drifted down to her arse, cupping the supple flesh between strong fingers and rocking her hips forward so she could feel just how hard he was. His right hand threaded into her curls, tilting and twisting her head as he used his tongue to kiss her blind. 

Diane pulled back after a few moments, her lungs burning with the lack of air. Her partner's forehead fell to hers, both of their eyes still closed as they embraced each other. She could feel him against her stomach, solid and desperate beneath the confines of his simple cotton boxers. Diane hummed at the sensation, rubbing herself into him in a crude move that had him grunting. He felt good against her; big, and she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so carnally wanton. 

Kurt stepped out of his jeans, using his toes to push the pants off his ankles and leaving them in a heap as his hand in her hair slipped down her back and curled around her waist. With a small jerk of his wrist, he pulled her impossibly closer, his lips falling to her temple with a chaste kiss. With practiced ease, he suddenly spun them, inverting their positions and gently pushing her down onto the bed. 

Diane grinned as she looked up at him, slowly lifting her hips and shimmying herself up the mattress until she was positioned perfectly in the middle of the extravagant pillows, looking like a goddess perched on her throne. Kurt swallowed hard, eyes dragging slowly up her body. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen with her long legs, trim figure, perfect breasts and sinful mouth. Jesus, that goddamn mouth would be the death of him. Diane smirked, enjoying his attention for a swift moment before her eyes dropped to his painfully tight boxers with a pronounced look.

Kurt nodded, understanding her silent message and quickly curling his thumbs beneath the elastic waist of his boxer-shorts, pushing them down. Diane’s gaze darkened, her eyes widening as she took him in, her tongue sliding out to moisten her lips hungrily. Kurt kicked the cotton from his feet, standing in front of her for a moment, letting her appraise him in the same way he’d done her.

“Diane,” he said suddenly, his face darkening ever so slightly. Diane met his strained eyes, her own racked with confusion. His tone had her worried, she was petrified he’d changed his mind, scared that even after everything they’d done, this would be a step too far. “Protection?” he asked softly, his green eyes never leaving her blue.

Diane let out a small bubble of a laugh, relieved and shaking her head. 

“I’m on the pill,” she told him with an easy smile. “And,” she continued, hesitating slightly, her voice catching in her throat. “I trust you, Kurt.” Her words settled over them both, the meaning behind them drowning with an intimacy they probably shouldn’t have felt so early on in a relationship.

Finally, after a long moment of tense staring, Diane bit into her bottom lip and smiled devilishly before shifting and opening her legs slightly. Kurt took the invitation for what it was and moved to climb onto the bed, crawling over her until he settled in between her long, long legs.

Diane moaned at his closeness, rolling her shoulders and offering up her chest in his direction, her hips bucking up into his in a clear taunt. Kurt chuckled lowly at her eagerness, his rough fingers tracing up and down her thighs. He wasted no more time, discarding his agonizingly slow pace as he curled his large hands beneath her knees and quickly manoeuvred her legs until they rested over his thighs, his erection just barely brushing her centre as she locked her ankles behind his back.

Diane bit down on her bottom lip, moaning at the sensation of him pressing against her, so close, so close, and yet not close enough. Her eyes slipped shut as Kurt’s hands moved to her arse, cupping it and lifting her hips off the bed slightly. There was another moment of pure torture as neither moved. Diane blinked, her eyes dark and lazy beneath heavy lashes. Green locked on blue and ever so smoothly, he shifted her body, pulling her closer so he could push into her. 

Diane shuddered as they joined, the feeling of him steely and hot inside her almost too much. Kurt let his head fall back at the feeling, relishing in her slick tightness. Her arms reached up to pull his head down to her chest, fingers diving through his dark hair as she positioned his mouth on her breast. Kurt growled, following her explicit instruction as he began to move within her, slowly rocking his hips into hers as his lips latched onto a tight bud.

“Yes,” Diane whimpered, her body falling into place with his. Kurt let his teeth gently tug on a sensitive nipple before trailing a line of kisses up to the base of her throat. Their bodies moved together like clockwork, falling into a quick rhythm, as if they'd been doing this their entire lives, as if this wasn’t actually the first time they were together in this way.
“You feel so good,” he told her in a groan, his hips jutting up into hers in a way that made her shriek. His head lifted from her, meeting half open blue eyes before dropping to kiss her swollen lips. Diane’s moans were swallowed whole by his deep kisses, her hands struggling to stay still as she ran them over every inch of his body.

He felt good, heavy in a way that was comforting and familiar, his skin warm as it pressed tightly against hers. Diane grinned at him, her hand falling from his chest to her own breast, massaging it in a way that only heightened what he was doing to her. Kurt licked his lips, eyes drawn to the movement even as his own hand settled over hers, encouraging her exploration.

“Diane,” Kurt rasped lowly, as he continued to push into her over and over, their bodies starting to work up a sweat. Diane leant forward, kissing Kurt behind the ear, dragging her lips gently down his stubbly throat.

“Harder,” she whispered to him and Kurt felt his body tighten, her soft plea in his ear almost enough to get him there. He picked up his pace, thrusting into her almost violently.

“Tell me what you like,” Kurt demanded, his left thumb digging into her hips roughly. His green eyes met her blue, his features strained as he continued to push in and out of her. Diane nodded, throwing him a small smile before she pulled his right hand from her breast and tugged his fingers down to her center, her meaning beyond clear. 

Diane’s own fingers moved up to thumb at her tight nipples, feeling them stiffen even more at the contact. She wasn’t afraid to own her pleasure, to have him watch her, she knew what she wanted, what it took to get her there, and she’d be damned if she didn’t get it!

Her blue eyes watched spellbound as Kurt fucked her, her gaze searched for his as she began to moan louder, her climax building. Kurt’s eyes were entranced by her slim fingers, watching them tweak and pinch at stiff peaks, smiling as he enjoyed how openly she embraced her pleasure. 

“Yes,” she hissed as his rough fingers rubbed circles onto her, her body squirming beneath his, lost in sensation. She felt like fire, like actual liquid heat, like lava bubbling just beneath the surface. “Oh Kurt!!” Her voice was loud and pitchy, primitive and wanting. “God, yes! Kurt, please!”  

Kurt quirked an eyebrow as he shifted her hips again, his nails digging into the soft skin of her arse as he rocked into her at a faster and more violent pace. He was close, but he’d be damned if he came before she did. Call it misogyny, or perhaps even chivalry, but she was going to come first. 

Diane heaved as she watched her partner’s mouth curl up at the sides, a dark and sexy look making her toes curl. He continued to pound into her to the music of her amplified moaning, the sensation blinding for them both.

“So hot,” he rasped with a naughty smirk, his fingers rubbing her in the most pleasurably blinding way. She felt her body tremble, his fingertips slick as they traced her most sensitive spot. It was such a turn on, she could already feel herself building toward another climax. 

Normally, she wasn’t one to be greedy; most of the time, if her lovers satisfied her, she was happy enough, but with Kurt, she wanted more, God, so much more. More orgasms, more touching, more of his kisses, just more.

“Harder Kurt,” she hissed her hips bucking up to meet his thrust for thrust. “Please, harder!” she yelled, and Kurt realized he’d never seen her so unabashed, so free; brazen, this was Diane, pure and unfiltered, this was her toppling with need, desperate for satisfaction. 

“Diane!” he growled, wiping the sweat from his brow as he continued pounding into her hard, his thrusts rough and fast. Diane hiccupped and squeezed her internal muscles, making him growl and his eyes fluttered momentarily. 

“Oh God!” she shrieked as his hands widened her legs further, angling her body up, her lower back no longer touching the bedding as he held her up. “There, fuck, right there!” Her voice caught in her throat as she screamed, her body filling with heated, burning pressure.

Suddenly, Kurt’s hand on her clit changed its angle, his large fingers pressing down harder than ever before.
“Yes!” Diane screamed. “Oh, Kurt, I’m coming, I’m coming!” The pressure inside her suddenly disappeared, heat flooding through her extremities as she bucked wildly against him. Kurt grit his teeth trying to hold out for a little longer but the clenching and releasing of her internal muscles was too much for him to resist. 

“Fuck!” he growled as he spilled hotly inside her, Diane relishing the feeling of his pleasure filling her. Kurt’s body shuddered to completion, his mind dizzy with the feel of her contracting against him. After a few moments he pushed her legs off him and pulled out, making her groan all over again. Kurt rolled to the side, his weight bouncing heavily against the bed as he flopped down beside her. Diane sighed happily, and he bent forward, swiping her damp curls from her neck to place a soft, wet kiss to the skin there.

“God!” Diane gasped, wincing as she shifted to crawl under the bedding and pull the sheets up over her chest. She was smiling like an idiot. 

“Yeah,” he replied, dragging a hand through his thick, damp hair. 

“That was—" she trailed off, unable to find the words. Mind-blowingly earth-shattering. Perfection.  

“Yeah,” he agreed simply, breathlessly, turning onto his side to face her. Diane looked up at him, both of them panting and smiling. Before she could help herself, she’d reached up and curled her hand around the back of his neck, tugging him toward her. 

Kurt smirked as he helped her close the distance, fusing their mouths together in another insatiable kiss. They couldn't get enough of each other, and had he been a few years younger, he'd probably have been ready to go again. 

His arm rested on the pillow beside her head, holding his body above hers as they made out. There was something about their lazy, slow kissing that was even more intoxicating than the sex they’d just had, something even more intimate than the way he had moved inside her seconds before. 

"That was good," she sighed as they broke apart and he wasn't sure if she was talking about the kiss or... "I mean, I haven’t, I mean, not like that in... ages," she continued, and Kurt smirked.

Diane’s cheeks flushed at her admission. The truth behind her words embarrassed her. It had been months since someone had made her feel that good. On the few occasions she’d taken matters into her own hands - quite literally, she’d only ended up more frustrated and the select few men she had allowed into her bed in the last year had only just scraped the surface. 

Perhaps it was the tension, the pull, and all-consuming chemistry they had that made their union so explosive, or perhaps it was just right, perhaps they just fit. Perhaps their bodies simply matched, maybe they were just meant for each other. Diane swallowed at the thought, that idea far more frightening than she cared to admit.

"Me either," he said softly, comfortingly, sensing her spiralling thoughts. Diane stared at him, her eyes wide and bright. He made this all feel so easy, so natural, it was such a Kurt thing to do. Diane smirked at him, biting her bottom lip in a failed attempt to conceal infectious laughter.

Kurt shot her a teasing glare, his eyebrows bouncing up curiously. Diane fell to pieces, her throaty chuckles increasing to the point where it physically pained her. Her hands shot up to cover her face, mortified by her amusement.

“You’re laughing,” he said stupidly, as if her giggling didn’t fill the quiet room completely.

“I don’t know why,” she gasped out in between her chuckles, smiling fondly at him through her fingers. 

"You’re having fun?” he prompted optimistically, and Diane laughed even more. 

“No,” she giggled, smirking when he made a sour face. “I mean, yes, I am," she corrected, drawing his fringe off his forehead in a soft, careless move. "I am having fun, but it’s also…” She shook her head with another chuckle. “It's just, you’re just so far from my typ—“ Her eyes widened suddenly, her words stopping abruptly as her brain caught up with her gaping mouth. 

Kurt grinned knowingly. 

"Go on!" he encouraged, amused by her blushing. "You can say it."

"No, I didn’t mean that, I just, that was rude, I didn’t mean to—"

“Yeah, you did. Go on, just say it,” he replied simply and almost carelessly. Diane felt her anger bubbling slightly. How dare he not be offended! How dare he act so cavalier, how dare he infuriate her this way... again.

Bolstering herself, she set her jaw.

"Fine," she snapped, sitting up slightly, the sheet protesting as she shifted to make sure she was covered. "You're not the type of guy I usually go for," she finished defiantly. 

"And what type is that?" he flirted lowly, and in an instant, the hint of anger she'd felt was gone. His green eyes shone as he stared at her, the wrinkle-crinkled skin around them melting any resolve she had and forcing out another unwanted laugh. She felt like a fish out of water around him. One second she was fuming, the next he was grinning at her like that and she was putty in his fingers. 

"Oh, I don’t know," she replied, rolling her head from side to side with a ridiculous-schoolgirl grin. God, she felt positively giddy. 

"Yeah, you do," he pushed, and she quirked a brow at his forwardness.

"I guess if I’m being honest…"

"I certainly like it when you are," he said flirtatiously, and she couldn’t help but feel as if he was talking about something else entirely. 

"Driven, arrogant, Ivy League business man, maybe a CEO, definitely cocky, tailored suits..." she listed, trailing off with a slight shrug. Kurt smirked.

"So... Will," he said smartly, and Diane burst into another fit of giggles, her screeches loud and joyous. 

"Yes, I suppose so," she offered thoughtfully once she'd calmed her amusement. "I’m sorry, that was rude of me, you don't want to hear about other men while we're in bed together.”

"Not really, no,” he offered up simply, bluntly. "But for some reason, I can’t bring myself to be offended." He shrugged dashingly. "Probably has something to do with the way you can bend," he finished smugly.

Diane gaped at that, leaning down to kiss him again, her tongue swirling into his mouth in a breathless wash. She’d show him how she could bend. Kurt tugged on her shoulder, bringing her back down to his level, kissing her hard.

"What about you?" she asked when they finally pulled apart, her hooded eyes lazy with satisfaction and just a little more than a lot of lust.

"What about me?" he replied, his lips moving to trail down her throat as he threw a leg over her hips, effectively trapping her beneath him.

"Well," she began loftily, biting her bottom lip with a seductive look. "What’s your type, Mr. McVeigh?"

Kurt smirked down at her, tugging awkwardly at the cotton hiding her body from his gaze in lieu of an answer. Diane giggled slightly, her hand falling to his to stop his progress, her eyes meeting his pointedly. He let out a puff of air, rolling his eyes slightly.

“You,” he answered simply, dropping his mouth to her collarbone in a sneaky move that had her mouth falling open in a gasp. Diane laughed again.

“Kurt, be serious!” she begged, suddenly desperately curious as to his preferences. She found herself wondering about his past lovers, about the women he usually dated. What were they like? Something told her nothing like herself. 

“‘M serious,” he muttered, slipping lower on her body, his lips ghosting over a pebbled nipple. Diane’s fingers fell to his dark hair, grasping the strands tightly as she thrust her chest up into his mouth. She sighed into his attentions, enjoying the afterglow and his eagerness to prolong the feeling of pleasure.

“Kurt!” she whispered, squirming beneath him, her hips shifting until they settled directly under his. “Tell me,” she begged almost petulantly, suddenly desperate for his answer. What was Kurt McVeigh’s type?

Kurt shook his head and chuckled deeply, the sound vibrating through his chest and into hers. His mouth dropped to the skin of her collarbone, kisses dancing up the line of her throat to just below her ear.

“You are my type, Miss Lockhart,” he said sexily, his drawl dark and low, making her stomach clench. Kurt shifted his body off hers again, pressing up against her side, stealing some of the sheets and her body heat. Diane melted at his words. Perhaps they were a line, although coming from him she highly doubted that, but she couldn’t deny it worked.

Sure, she had questions and suspicions and had she not been so thoroughly fucked she might have pushed it, but for now, she decided to let it go, her body already drifting toward sleepiness. Kurt lay down beside her, their legs entwining as his large hands curled around her waist. Outside she could hear the streets of New York, sirens and traffic fading slightly as the hour grew late. With a contented sigh, she reached out and shut off the lamp on the bedside table, plunging them into darkness.

“Diane,” he called softly after a long moment, the rough timber of his voice loud in the dim hotel room.

“Hmm?” she replied, her eyes drooping unwillingly as she sunk into the soft pillows, her body languid and sated as it snuggled against his.

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked quietly, no judgement in his tone, only the simple truth of his fears. She shifted in his arms, rolling over to meet his kind eyes. Her eyes thinned as she tried to make out his face in the dark, her fingertips lifting up to trace the rough lines of his face, the five o’clock shadow on his jaw, the deep creases on his forehead. God, but he was a good-looking man and she didn’t need her sight to know that. She felt her heart skip a beat. 

“You probably should,” she admitted in a whisper, meeting his gaze sadly. Kurt’s eyes widened for a fraction of a second, before he schooled his reaction and his expression changed back to his usual, stoically passive pre-set. “But I don’t want you to,” Diane continued on in an even softer voice, her breath ghosting across his lips. 

This time Kurt didn’t even bother trying to hide his surprise, he merely smirked and bent forward to kiss her. Diane moaned into the embrace, gasping as his tongue slipped across her bottom lip sweetly.

“We should get some sleep,” he told her as they broke apart and Diane smiled, shifting her body closer to his, until her head lay on his bare chest. 

“Is this okay?” she asked nervously, and he wasn’t sure if she was talking about the placement of her head or the fact that he was staying over. Just sleeping together meant a lot more than sleeping together, it meant crossing the line. Not that they hadn’t already crossed a pretty big line, but this particular line meant something else entirely. 

“Yeah,” he replied gently, although he’d never been more unsure of his answer. Was this okay? “Yeah, it’s okay.”


Diane sighed as she rolled over, her body trapped amongst the sheets and aching in the most delicious way. A smug smile slipped over her lips as she recalled the evening. She should probably be concerned about what this would mean for her professional relationship with Kurt McVeigh, she should probably worry about how they were going to navigate the now very murky waters, however she couldn't bring herself to think of anything other than the way he'd so thoroughly fucked her - and yes, she meant it like that. 

With a satisfied grin and a stretch, she reached over to where she assumed Kurt would be. A few confused swipes of the empty bedsheets later, she blinked her eyes open, propping herself up on her elbow to confirm her suspicions. She was alone, and from the coolness of the sheets, she'd been that way for quite some time. Groaning lowly, she flopped back into the pillows, debating the pros and cons of getting up to find a certain cowboy.

After a few minutes, the promise of more delicious activities outweighed the comfort of the bed and she dragged herself to her feet. Tossing the sheets aside, she found his red and black flannel shirt. Yawning, she slipped the soft item on, her smile wry as she buttoned a few buttons.

Running her hand through her hair, she tried to tame what she was sure was a positive mess of blonde curls. Kurt had seemed particularly intrigued with her hair earlier in the evening, not that she blamed him, she felt the same way about his salt and pepper locks. There was something so sexy about his hair and the noises he made when she ran her fingers through it.  

With a yawn, she made her way out of the bedroom area and toward the dimly lit desk across the room.

"What are you doing?" she whispered through another sleepy yawn, his surprised jerk in her direction making her smile.

"Did I wake you?" he responded worriedly, his eyes meeting hers for less than a second before they dropped to her body. Diane smirked, glad she wasn't the only one who found it hard to concentrate. 

Her own eyes took him in greedily. He sat at the table in nothing more than his boxers, his chest bare and inviting. Her eyes trailed down further and, to her amusement, found his feet covered by a pair of plain black socks. Shaking her head, she smothered her laugh in another yawn. 

"It’s four in the morning," Diane offered in lieu of a reply, inching toward him slowly. Truth was he hadn't woken her, but she couldn't bring herself to lie in that bed without him, not after she'd lain in it with him.

"I couldn’t sleep," he shrugged out gruffly, his green eyes still deliciously distracted by the sight of her very long, very naked legs. 

She was dressed in nothing but his flannel shirt, the hem barely grazing the tops of her thighs even as the shirt drowned her petite frame. It was quite the distraction. Sexy in the simplest way and hot in a way that had him shifting in his chair. 

"Guilty conscience?" she teased, licking her lips as she followed the path of his green eyes to the gaping neckline of the shirt she was wearing. His heated gaze had her body sizzling to life, she really hoped he didn't regret their little tryst because hell, she was hoping for a repeat performance; several repeat performances actually. 

"No," he replied without hesitation and Diane’s eyebrow rose as a smirk settled onto her lips. 
Her light make-up was smudged, her eyeliner not quite as smooth, her lipstick a barely there mess around her pouting lips, her hair a tangled mop, both from the bedsheets and his fingers. She looked like a Queen dethroned, a princess who fell off her pedestal into the waiting arms of the stable boy. She looked good. Damn good. 

“What’s all this?” she broke the silence between them, hoping to divert his very direct and lusty gaze. Her blue eyes fell to the papers scattered around him, briefs from their case. 

“I, uh, I figured out how they’re gonna win this case,'' he said after another silence, his eyes drawing up and down her body unabashedly. 

“Oh?” she questioned softly, coyly, her finger dancing over the documents without intent. Truth be told she wasn’t very interested in what he’d discovered, she was much more interested in the way he was undressing her with those green, green eyes. 

“They’re not going after him for murder,” he said sounding a little distracted himself. Diane’s movements paused at that, her eyes darting up to meet his, her face scrunched into a suspicious frown. She may not have been interested before, but she certainly was now. 

“What do you mean?” she asked

“They’re gonna get him thrown in prison for laundering under New York legislation, and once they do—" 

“They’ll charge him in Illinois,” she finished for him, her voice soft but sure. Her lips parted, her tongue moistening them as her mind raced. It all made sense, it all fit, why the opposition had fought so hard to have the trial here, everything. 

“They’ll put him in jail for a few years, build their case, then go after him,” Kurt continued, his voice low and calculated in the early morning hours. Diane felt her heart sink. 

“Shit,” she cursed, as she rested against the desk, her mind racing. “Why didn’t we see it before?” she continued, barely even aware she’d spoken the words aloud until he replied. 

“The prosecution has been pushing so hard for the murder, demanding so much, we assumed they were going after him for that. The laundering was secondary,” Kurt tried to offer, but Diane was already lost in her own thoughts, her blue eyes glassed over as her mind raced. 

"I know what you’re thinking," he mused after a moment, shuffling a few of the documents into a neat pile, the smile on his lips hidden beneath his moustache but no less wry.   

"You do not!" Diane snapped back indignantly, her head shooting up. Her arms wrapped around her body, protecting herself from his scrutiny. Kurt turned his attention back to her, his brow quirked almost smugly.

"You’re thinking that Will would have made the connection sooner," he told her plainly. Diane pursed her lips, her eyes thinning. 

"Okay, fine. So you do know what I’m thinking."

Kurt chuckled at her pout, going back to sorting the papers on the table in front of him. The pair fell into an awkward silence, Diane slightly bitter about how easily he seemed to be able to read her mind. With a heavy huff, she rolled her eyes and pulled out a chair, flopping down at the table next to him. 

Kurt tried and failed to hide his grin, his eyes dating helplessly to her bare thighs and the way his flannel shirt did nothing to hide that she was naked beneath it. Diane crossed her arms on the table, resting her chin atop them as she watched her methodically sort through the documents. Her mind spun with the case, how they were going to proceed and most of all, how long it was going to take him to figure out she'd come over here hoping to pull him away from said case and back into her bed. 

She let to another exaggerated huff, her eyes tracing every inch of his face. God, she was a lost cause. Kurt opened his mouth slightly, his tongue darting out to swipe at his thumb to allow him to separate two papers, the movement making Diane squirm, the lump in her throat thick with desire. She knew just what that tongue could do, and hell if she didn't want more. Her lusty thoughts were broken apart as he spoke again.

"You’re wrong, you know," he muttered without meeting her gaze. It took Diane a few seconds to understand his words. Her face pinched into a frown.


"I said that you're wrong," Kurt repeated more clearly, this time looking up and meeting her confused blue eyes. "He wouldn’t have picked it up any sooner." 

Diane scoffed out a laugh, rolling her eyes as she shook her head. 

"Yeah, he would have, he’s always ten steps ahead, that’s why he walks so fast," she replied, only half joking. Will was probably the best lawyer she knew. She'd never tell him for fear of enraging his already enormous ego, but nine times out of ten, he was the smartest person in the room. He had a world class mind, and hidden beneath his cocky playboy exterior, was a fiercely, fiercely intelligent man.

"He wouldn’t have," Kurt continued earnestly, his eyes honest and unnerving. "Will is an extraordinary lawyer, one of the best I've ever met, but he’s got nothing on you." 

Diane threw her head back in a low, forced chuckle, uncomfortable at his praise. 

"You know you don’t need to lay it on so thick, right?" she smiled, her brow quirked drolly. "You already got me naked," she joked awkwardly, laughing nervously as she met his very serious gaze. 

"Diane," Kurt began, clearly choosing his words carefully and looking almost annoyed. "Don’t make the mistake of thinking I would ever say something I didn’t truly mean. And certainly not in some haphazard attempt to see you naked.” Diane blinked at him, a little taken back by the seriousness of his tone. He almost sounded... angry. 

It wasn’t that she’d purposely tried to sidestep his compliment, nor that she didn’t believe it, it was simply that she wasn’t used to receiving compliments like that without the expectation of a quid pro quo. In fact, in her line of work, compliments on her work ethic or ability as a lawyer usually meant one of two things. Either someone was sucking up in the hopes of getting a job, or they were sucking up in hopes of getting, well, her. It was rare that anyone said such things without intent or expectation. 

"Still," she continued glancing around the room, avoiding his deep hazel eyes. "I wasn't the one who figured this out." Her body was stiff as she sat back in her chair, her arms folded across her chest defensively.

'Diane," Kurt murmured, trying to get her attention. Diane continued to look away, her jaw set tightly. How was he able to get under her skin so easily? And how was it possible for her to want him so badly, regardless of how much he irritated her? "Diane," he repeated, his hand reaching out, his knuckles brushing softly against her shoulder and igniting her desire all over again.

She turned slowly to look at him, his lopsided smirk making her heart beat violently against her chest.

"You're an incredible lawyer," he told her quietly, his eyes filled with honest, raw emotion. Diane gulped, her hands falling to the table and pushing herself up. Kurt frowned as she stood abruptly, her chair scraping back as she moved toward him. 

In a smooth, elegant move, she swung her leg over his lap, lowering herself slowly and never breaking eye contact with him. Her hands fell delicately to his chest, her fingers dancing through the sprinkling of hair she found there. Kurt shifted his hips, accommodating her weight and putting to rest his internal debate about whether or not she was wearing panties - she was most definitely bare beneath his checkered shirt. His hands landed on her waist as if drawn there on instinct. 

"Say that again," she begged softly, and Kurt's confused smirk shifted into a full-blown grin, his fingers toying with the hem of his shirt.

"Why? Does it turn you on to hear how talented you are?" he snarked, his hands finally gliding up over her hips and under the soft material covering her skin.

"It turns me on to hear you say it," she replied quickly, bluntly and Kurt was taken aback. He hadn't expected such an honest answer from such a proud woman, hell, he hadn't expected anything more than a sarcastic arch of her eyebrow. 

"You are an incredible lawyer," he repeated purposefully, his words barely leaving his mouth before she had pulled his lips to hers and smothered them in kisses. Her hands gripped the back of his head, pulling him as close as possible as she stole his every breath. 

Kurt stood, gripping her arse as he lifted her onto the table, disrupting the scattering of legal documents and his notes in one smooth swoop. Diane giggled, burying her face in the crook of his neck and whispering for him to say it again and again. And Kurt did, he repeated the words over and over, and over and over, until he had no more words to give but the cry of her name.