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The way it should have been

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Should I keep the chapters short, like the first one, or make them longer and more connected?

If it’s short then it will probably be more like connected drabbles, or short snippets like the first chapter.

Should the group come together when they are kids, so they have more interactions and the relationship is a bit different?


What plot points would you like to see?


I’m going to try to go more into Tiuri’s father being a shaman and the voices, but should he have powers?

If he does, it wouldn’t be like Lavinia’s power, it would be more about divination, healing, nature, or relating to spirits. Which would y’all like?


I know he was really young when they escaped Eviellan but would y’all like him to remember more about it? Like either he just remembers or he lived in Eviellan longer and remembers more?

In this era, should there be homophobia in the society? Or should we let Fossipo be together without angst?


And any suggestions on what you think I should write? It can literally be anything and I will try to fit it into the preexisting outline.


I hope to see y’all’s answers and suggestions soon! And a reminder to be safe, wash your hands, don’t touch you face, and practice social-distancing!