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Gumi Gets WRECKED {Requests Open}

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Before we begin the fuck-fest, I need to set some ground rules for sending requests.


1. I will not do anything featuring the following: scat, farts, snuff, diapers, sounding Hyper, animals, necro, vore, adbl, or incest.

2. No Underage!

3. Different versions of the vocaloids like Evillious Chronicles or fanloids like Akaito and Haku.

4. Any pairing is on the table, F/F, F/M, Threesomes, Gangbangs, it's all fair game.

5. The fate of Gumi's ass is in your hands, simply give me the kinks and character you want to see.

6: Requests can be made on any chapter

As the vocaloids differ from author to author, please refer to the Blacklist provided to see who's not allowed.

Happy Fapping <3