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The Burrito Incident

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Tine fell on the blanket burrito that was Sarawat with the intent on getting him to pay attention to him but he didn’t even grunt when his bodyweight made them roll to the side on Sarawat’s bed. 

“Hey,” Tine said and climbed up but Sarawat buried his face deeper into the blankets he had wrapped around himself. There were at least three. 

“Aren’t you hot? What are you doing?” He had no idea if Sarawat laid on his stomach or his back he was just sure that he was somewhere in that blanket roll. He straddled Sarawat, leaned forward and began to dig for the face of his boyfriend. He still got a little thrill racing up and down his spine when he used the term boyfriend in his head. 

He made a triumphant sound when he laid Sarawat’s face bare and asked: “What is going on?” when his glare looked even more thunderous than normal. He was very good at making Sarawat smile often so this was… new. 

“Nothing,” Sarawat said and it sounded more like a growl and even without the burrito situation going on Tine would be observant enough to know something was wrong. 

Tine put his hands on Sarawat’s cheeks and took advantage of the fact that Sarawats arms were wrapped up, squeezing it to make a duck face. 

“Tell your favourite Tine what is bothering you?” 

“Your not my favourite Tine any more.”

Tine refused to let that get to him because if he learned something about Sarawat then that he was quick to lash out. So he squeezed his face up even more.

“That can’t be,” he said in a mock voice. “I’m the only Tine you know. And I’m awesome.” 

Sarawat snorted at that and Tine counted it as a win. 

“I saw you with that… girl.”

“I speak to a lot of girls, you have to be more specific.”

“The girl you want to go to the Scrubb concert with.”

Tine used a little bit more force to squeeze up Sarawat’s cheeks and leaned forward so that their noses were almost touching.

“You should make a habit of either staying for the whole conversation or just coming over because I’m not going to the Scrubb concert with some girl but with you, you dumbass!”

Sarawat stared at him and the way his eyes started to dart around told Tine that he had realized his mistakes and was getting embarrassed. 

“Huh?”, he said at last and Tine sighed in annoyance. 

“Wouldn’t I love you so much I would throw you down the hill in your blanket wrap-up…-”

Tine fell silent and even through the blankets he felt how still Sarawat had gotten. Had he really? 

And suddenly Sarawat was really quick and threw Tine away from him, together with the blankets but pulled him back before he was falling to the floor and…

“Why are you always naked?”, Tine shrieked and tried to get away but a blanket was in the way of his escape and he found himself pressed against Sarwat’s chest with his back, flushed from head to toe. 

“Really?” Sarawat asked with his head pressed in the crook of Tine’s neck and his voice sounded small but hopeful. 

“Really,” Tine said with his heart stuck in his throat and relief bubbling in his blood.