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Scarlett Fever

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“Black sheep?” The words escape from his mouth before he could even register what just happened. The elusive Carmen Sandiego gasped and stood up immediately.

He couldn’t remember. He couldn’t. She had tried everything in her power to make sure Graham didn’t remember. But how?
“Y-yes?” She whispered, hoping she misheard him.

“I...I remember.” She felt a sharp pain in her chest when he said those words. Before she knew it, she was crying.

It was all her fault. She made him remember. He could be in grave danger because of her. All because she was so stupid.
She shouldn’t have brought him here.

“Black sheep, what’s wrong?” He asked, to which she didn’t answer. He stood up and walked over to the tearful girl. He was shocked when he saw her crying, he’s never seen her cry.

He gave her a hug without even thinking. Yes. He gave her a hug.

“I-it’s a-all my f-fault.” She shivered. He didn’t understand. She saved him from forgetting.

“No, black sheep, you saved me.” She sniffed and looked up to him. “You saved me from forgetting you.” She broke down right there. She wasn’t worthy of him. She betrayed him, she...left him. She Didn’t even say good-bye.

“No, I put you in danger.” She sat down, still holding into Gray.

“Danger?” Gray laughed, “I laugh at the face of danger.” He joked trying to make her laugh.
She smiled a little. She sure missed him.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’m here now. And I’m not leaving.” He told her, while gently facing her chin to him.

It was there he noticed how much she had grown. She was...stronger. More, secure.

He probably wasn’t thinking straight when he placed his lips on her.
Thank goodness the glider crashed.