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When the Saiyan's away....

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Several minutes earlier..........

Vegeta stood in shock as he spied on the two women. He knew his wife could be.....adventurous. It just wasn't something he expected to catch her doing. But, that wasn't the weirdest thing about this whole situation. No, it was the other woman in his bed.

We're talking about a woman he always considered as nothing more than loud background noise. Causing a ruckus anytime her children or husband did something stupid. She was prim, proper, and plain.....with a huge emphasis on plain.

Oh, she was a damn good cook! He'd give her that. But, as a woman? No where near his taste. Apparently she'd been hiding more of herself than he realized. He always assumed her to be boring. However, the way she was currently sucking on his wife's tongue said otherwise.
Both of them were wearing these see through like bodysuits. Bulma's was black with a small bit if fabric covering her nipples. Kakarot's wife wore a red one. Hers had holes for those surprisingly large breast to hang out of. The next time she had clothes on he'd have to figure out how she hid those things. 

Vegeta took a deep breath and stepped back. The scent of their arousal was affecting him more than he wanted to admit. Not to mention the sounds they were making. Quietly, he backed away from the door and went into an empty bedroom to find a phone.

Goku landed just outside of the tree line next to his house. As he walked up, he could tell the house was empty. Their car was gone and it just felt...cold. 

"Oi! Chichi! Goten!" he yelled as he opened the door. The silence and lack of Ki answering his question.

"Hmm. I wonder where they went?" he said to himself with a scratch on the head. "Maybe they're at Gohan's place." 

Chichi probably went to visit and stayed over. Knowing Gohan, he would never allow his mother to drive at night alone. Nothing felt off so he doubted they were in any danger.

Shrugging, Goku decided to get a little snack and then head to bed. Unfortunately, the fridge was empty too. The only thing in there worth eating was a leftover apple pie. 

"I guess this will have to do." He said with a sad look. Goku wasn't allowed to touch the appliances so he just dug in without heating it.

While cleaning the dishes, he felt something vibrating in his pocket. That was when he remembered his cell phone and pulled it out to answer.


"Kakarot. It's me."

"Oh, Hey Vegeta."

"You need to come over here right now."

"What....Why? My family's staying with Gohan so I was just gonna hit the hay." He could hear an annoyed huff through the phone. 

"No, you're wife and son are at my house."

"Oh.....but why do you need me now? Is something wrong?" A worried tone creeping into his voice.

"It's hard to explain. You're son is fine. He's sleeping with Trunks. Your wife on the other hand is......another story."


"Just get over here. Use that stupid instant thingy." Vegeta snapped before hanging up.

Not waiting another second, Goku focused on Vegeta's Ki and transmitted himself over. Within seconds, he was standing in front of his rival. "So, what's going on? Where's Chichi?"

"Don't panic. She's with Bulma."

Goku gave him a confused look. "How's that weird?"

Vegeta crossed his arms and led him down the hall. "Come on. It's better if I show you."

As they walked, Goku saw a pair of double doors at the end of the hall. He noticed the door was cracked open with a soft light coming out. They were a few steps away from the door when a raw spicy smell hit him. He paused briefly to sniff the air.

This was a scent he knew very well. A sweet musky aroma that made his blood boil. It was so good he forgot that he wasn't alone and closed his eyes.

Vegeta smirked as he watched his rival."Hn...I guess you're more Saiyan than I thought you were."

Goku blushed a little when he opened his eyes. He shook his head to help clear his senses. "Sorry. It's she in there?"

Nodding, Vegeta turned and continued down the hall. He then gestured for Goku to follow. As he moved further, the sounds of soft moans touched his ears. Growing louder with each step.

Vegeta stopped in front of the door and pointed to the open slit. "It appears that our wives have been entertaining themselves while we've been away. Take a look." 
Goku stepped forward and peeked through the crack. His jaw dropping at what he saw. 

That familiar long black hair fanned out over white sheets, back arched, breast bouncing with each movement. Her legs were spread open and crossed with Bulma's. It looked like they were both grinding on some kind of long device that made a strange buzzing sound.

At that range, their overwhelming scents caused him to release an involuntary growl. Thankfully the dark chuckle next to him quickly brought him back to his senses.

"Let's wait till they finish before we interrupt them. I'm kind of enjoying the show. From the sound of it they're almost done."

Goku took step back and gave him a confused look. "You're OK with this?"

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders. "Well, it's not like they're strangers. Though I have to admit your wife would be the last person I'd think of in my bedroom."

"What's wrong with Chichi?" Goku frowned.

"Is this normal behavior for your woman?"


"Exactly my point. But, no, it doesn't bother me. In Saiyan culture, it wasn't uncommon for mates to share. The practice was meant to help increase our chances to reproduce." 

"Oh, I guess that makes sense."

Vegeta then crossed his arms and leaned against the closed door. "It was also common for us to mate in groups." he said with raised eyebrows.

Goku gave him a questioning look. He admitted to being slow sometimes, but he seemed pretty sure that was an invitation.

"Wait...Are you asking me to..." His words were cut off by the sound of a loud shuddering moan. They both peeked inside just in time to see a spray of fluid come from his convulsing wife. The clear liquid rolling down Bulma's shaking thighs.

"Kakarot. Your wife just came all over mine. Do you really want to wait till you get home to fuck her?"

"No." Goku said quickly. His eyes locked on both women.

Vegeta smirked at the determined look on his face. "I didn't think so." he said before entering the room.


An awkward silence fell as Chichi stood in front of Goku. Her arms crossed over her breast in shame. The paranoia from being caught causing her pulse to race. She swallowed in fear at the way he clenched and released his fist.

Slowly, she peeked up through her lashes, expecting to see anger. Instead, his head was tilted in pure curiosity. The confused expression warring with the lust in his eyes.

"What are you doing here?" He asked softly.

She noticed that his eyes dropped to her lips when she licked them. " invited me over. She didn't want me to celebrate my Birthday alone."

"Your birthday!"  Goku said in surprise. He then face palmed himself.

"Ah Chi! I am so sorry. Ugh...I knew it was someone's birthday, but I couldn't remember who."

He put his hands on her shoulders and stepped forward. "Can you forgive me?" Putting his forehead against hers.

Chichi stared hopefully into his sincere dark eyes. "You're not mad?" 

He shook his head lightly. The movement causing their noses to rub together. "I'm the one you should be mad at." he said with a dry laugh. He then looked down at her crossed arms. "Can I see?"

"You sure?" Feeling self conscious.

"Yeah." He whispered with a nod.

Taking a deep breath, she unfolded her arms and put her hands on his chest. Allowing those full creamy breast spring free. The large pink nipples he thought of sucking earlier on display for him. It seemed she was wearing some kind of red bodysuit with tiny cut outs in it. They were all small except for the two large holes around her breast and one between her thighs. 

Chichi gasped when he pulled her closer and gently cupped a breast, kneading it softly.     "I like it." He said before capturing her lips.

Despite her earlier fear, she quickly melted into him. Both moaning as they savoured each other. His surprisingly skillful tongue reigniting the fire between her legs. 

A soft noise behind them made her pause. Abruptly, she pulled away. Remembering where they were. "Goku! We can't do that here."

He chuckled softly and pointed behind her with his chin. Turning, she saw that Vegeta had ripped off the black straps covering Bulma's breast and was devouring her nipples. Sucking and biting each one while she squirmed beneath him. Chichi's eyes widened when Bulma winked at her. 

Goku turned her face back so he could take her lips again. This time holding her still for his seeking tongue. Once she relaxed, he easily lifted her and walked them both to the bed. Laying her down next Bulma. She squeaked when he pulled her towards the edge. Watching as he kneeled on the floor and spread her legs wide.

Licking his lips, he stared at his wife's glistening pussy. The red trim of her outfit perfectly outlining those puffy folds and that sweet little asshole. "I've been wanting to taste you since I got in here."

"Wait Goku Ahh!" She protested as his head disappeared between her thighs. Chichi shuddered when his wide tongue pushed through her wet folds. Licking up the left over honey from earlier. He groaned when fresh drops of nectar came forth. The long strokes of his tongue heating and melting her insides. 

Next to them, Bulma couldn't help watching how Goku literally ate his wife. The man was a beast. He lapped at her flowing canal, slurped on each fold, went back to lapping, and then sucked her clit like a jolly rancher.

Chichi moaned and shook as she looked down at her husband. Mesmerized by how he twisted her nub between his lips. It was over when he stuck two fingers inside her. 

"Oh...Oh...Oohhhh!" Chichi squealed as she convulsed with her second orgasm for the night. 

Her cry pulled Vegeta's attention away from the nipple in his mouth. Lifting a brow at the slurping sounds next to him. He wasn't prepared to see Goku face deep in his wife's vagina. "Guess he's a sloppy eater no matter what." 

Bulma giggled at his statement. "They're both full of surprises. I was wondering where she learned to give head and now I see. It seems she was mimicking him."

"I missed that?" Vegeta said as he hovered over her.

Bulma wrapped her arms around his neck. "Yep. It was last night and man did I cum hard."

"It's that so?" Moving an uncovered hand to the open slit between her legs. His rough fingers passing through the trimmed patch of blue hair before finding her little nub. She released a soft whimper when he started circling her clit.

"Did you cum as hard as she just did?" He whispered. Watching as she ground into his hand. Shaking her head no. She closed her eyes when he dipped two fingers inside her wet heat. "Vegeta! Ah!"

"You wanna cum like that?" Pumping his fingers deeper and faster. Those sticky juices coating his hand. Each thrust bringing her closer to ecstasy. 

"Yes!" she panted.

"She might make you cum, but not like me. Now, cum!" he growled. Pushing deep and pressing hard on her sweet spot. Bulma arched her back as she came for him. A long satisfied moan escaping her mouth.

Vegeta smirked as she tightened around his fingers. Slowly, he pulled away from her shaking firm and began to undress. Enjoying the look of bliss on her face. 

Next to him, Chichi had just finished removing Goku's boots. After kicking off his pants, he felt her pull him forward. His long thick dick directly in her face. So heavy that it still hung down in its hardened state.

Undeterred, she held it in her left hand and began kissing his long shaft. Stopping briefly to slowly lick the underside of his cock. Goku shuddered when she sucked one of his balls in her mouth. His fist clenched tight as she laved it with her tongue before taking the other one in. 

Murmurs of lust fell from his lips while she tugged at his balls  "Fuck!" He hissed.
Chichi smirked, turned on by his vulgar slip. He usually didn't curse, but she couldn't deny how sexy it was.

Giving them one last tug, she drug her tongue up his shaft. Stopping at the thick mushroom tip. She gave it a lick before sucking in the first inch. Relaxing her jaw allowed her to take in a bit more. Goku's toes curled at the feeling of her warm wet mouth. He was too long to take it all in so she used a hand to work the base. 

Goku looked down and almost came at the sight below him. Her eyes were closed in concentration while she bobbed back and forth. Ribbons of saliva dripped down her chin as she sucked his cock with abandon.

Not to be out done, Bulma got to her knees in front of Vegeta. His thick veiny dick like a wall of flesh. Unlike the man next to him, her husband had ridiculous girth.

Taking him in hand, Bulma licked the underside of his cock. Dragging her tongue across the huge vein that made him growl for more. Skipping the foreplay, she opened wide and shoved his meaty tip in her mouth. Lips sucking in as much as she could.

Vegeta was way too thick to deep throat so she used both hands to stroke his shaft. Leaning back, she spit on it and sucked him back in. The excess saliva easing her strokes as she continued to milk her husband. The deep snarl and hand on her head signifying his pleasure. 

To her side, Chichi also decided to skip the games. Opening her eyes, she caught a glimpse of Goku's face. His mouth hung open and his eyes were shut in pleasure.

Wanting his attention, she placed a hand on his abdomen. Using her nails to lightly graze his smooth skin. She moaned when his eyes opened and met hers. Scooting closer, she tilted her head and let his cock hit the back of her throat. 

That was all it took. The sight of her beautiful dark eyes staring up at him. Those sweet little lips wrapped around his cock and her vibrating moans pushed him over the edge.

Forgetting his strength, he grabbed her head and growled as his hot cum shot down her throat. His hips jerking with each spurt. It took a couple seconds for the sound of her gagging to reach his ears. Immediately releasing her, he pulled out of her mouth, squirting one last string of cum on her chin.

"Damn! You okay Chi?"Goku asked through panting breaths.

Before she could answer, another low growl filled the air. Vegeta had also cupped his wife's head. Only slightly suffocating her with his essence. She coughed softly when he released her a few seconds later. The look on her face causing Chichi to giggle.

Bulma raised an eyebrow at her. "What's so funny?"

She gave their husbands a glance before speaking. "I guess we really do have a lot in common."

Bulma quickly caught on and smiled in agreement. "Yeah, they're both a pair of monsters.

With a raised eyebrow, Goku and Vegeta glanced at each other before staring back at their spouses. 

"Hey, I wonder if they taste the same?" Bulma asked.

With wide eyes, both men watched as their wives shared a sensual kiss. Chichi was the first to pull back and lick a string of cum off Bulma's chin.

"Mmm. Not bad." she moaned before lowering her head  to lap up more of Vegeta's cream from her friends breast.

Returning the favor, Bulma pushed Chichi back to get a taste of the cum dripping down her neck. The sweetness causing her to giggle.

"Son, you eat way too much sugar. Even your cum is sweet." She said before continuing her exploration.

Both saiyans were speechless as they watched their wives lick each other like kittens. Despite their previous release, the little show had both their cocks heavy again with desire.

Goku was the first to break. "I can't wait any longer!" he said while reaching down to pull his wife away. 

"Goku wh...mmmm!" Her protest cut off as he hoisted her up and smashed his lips into hers. His arms holding her tight so she could wrap her legs around his waist. He lowered her slightly to rub his hardness against her moist folds.  Chichi released a whimper at the sensation of him rubbing her sensitive clit. Ready to end her torment, she reached down to guide him inside her. 

"Oh Goku!" She moaned. Feeling him push pass her slick entrance. The thick tip dipping in just a little. Testing her tightness. He pulled out briefly before pushing in further. His hands firmly holding her ass, spreading the cheeks to allow better access. Chichi latched on to his shoulders as he pushed deeper. Her head thrown back in ecstasy. She let out a whimper when he finally hit her cervix. The angle perfectly hitting that sweet spot inside her.

"Chichi!" Goku groaned as he buried his face in her neck. He started pumping his hips slowly. Each forceful snap sending shivers down his spine. She was so hot, so wet inside. Her tightness sucking him with every stroke. The erotic moans spilling from her lips made him pump a little faster. Bouncing her on his dick like a man possessed.

Vegeta had paused for moment to watch his rival mercilessly fuck his wife. Those Saiyan genes were definitely showing right now. Speaking of genes, it was time to focus on his own blue haired nymph.

To his delight, she was already positioned in front of him on her hands and knees. She'd lowered to her forearms so that sweet round ass pushed up.  Revealing those glistening pink lips. The puffy folds were parted slightly. Displaying the dark tunnel of pleasure that awaited them both.

Stepping forward, he ran a hand over her smooth ass. Giving it a smack before moving his fingers to her warm wetness. She called his name when he twisted her clit between two fingers. With his other hand he rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy. Letting her juices coat the tip. 

Bulma gripped the sheets in pleasure and annoyance. Her husband was a tease and she knew he was taking advantage. "Vegeta! If you don't stop playing and fuck m...Ahh!"

Vegeta smirked as he shoved himself inside her tight hole. Stopping her little tirade. Leaving only moans to escape as he worked himself inside her. He used both hands to hold her cheeks open. It allowed him to see how perfectly her pussy wrapped around him. Accepting more of him with each stroke.

"Yes! Yes!" Bulma chanted. Her eyes rolling back as her walls contracted around his huge dick. The veins massaging all of her sensitive spots. She was so turned on that her entire body pulsed with pleasure. Everything was a sensory overload. Nipples scraping against the sheets, the passionate moans from her friends, the pungent smell of sex, the wet sounds of flesh slapping. It didn't take long for an orgasm creep up her spine.

Sensing her impending release, Vegeta moved a thumb to caress the hidden gem between her cheeks. Using their combined juices, he swirled his thumb around the puckered hole. He then pushed forward, sinking his digit inside her secret spot. 

"Ah...Not there! Ahhh!" She screamed. Her legs shaking as she shattered with the force of her orgasm. 

Vegeta snarled, continuing his vicious assault on her body. Undeterred by the way her cunt gripped and spasmed around him. Or the sticky liquid splashing against his thighs.

To his right, Chichi threw her head back as she came. "Ahh Ahh Gokuuu!" His lips on her breast, that spearing cock, the course pubic hair tickling her clit, even the bruising grip of his hands overwhelming her.

Soon after, both saiyans let out a fierce growl. A rising heat began to radiate from their bodies as they gave in to the primal force taking control of their senses. Their hips moving at an other worldly speed.

With a savage roar, both saiyans gave one final thrust. Their simultaneous release shaking the walls. 


The explosive hot spurts of cum sending Chichi and Bulma over the edge for the millionth time. Both women convulsed with the electrifying power flowing through them. A yellow glow momentarily illuminated the room with the Ki they generated. It began to fade as both men came down from their heights of pleasure. 

Panting with the intensity of his orgasm, Goku slowly lowered Chichi to the bed and collapsed next to her. Thankful there was enough space for both of them. Vegeta had a bit more grace when he plopped on the other side of Bulma. 

While catching their breath, the women shared a satisfied smile before cuddling up under their husbands arms. 

"Whoa! That was intense." Chichi whispered as she caressed Goku's chest. He grunted softly in agreement.

"I love you." She said into his side.

"Love you too." He mumbled. His eyes were already closed with the beginnings of sleep.

Bulma huffed when she noticed Vegeta's eyes were also shut. Turning over, she nudged Chichi with her elbow. 

"So....What did you think of your birthday?"

Chichi turned around in Goku's arm. No longer apprehensive about her nudity. "It was definitely interesting. We've never done anything that....erotic before. But I can't say it wasn't fun."

Despite his closed eyes, Vegeta's ears perked up at the soft whispering next to him. He wondered what those women were up to now. 

"In that case, maybe we should try this again. But next time we'll do it a little different." Bulma said playfully.

Chichi bit her lip in anticipation of another group session. "What do you have in mind?"

With a mischievous smile, Bulma leaned in to whisper. "Let swap husbands!"

Vegeta's eyes suddenly snapped open.

Chichi giggled when Vegeta sat up abruptly. Staring as if they had gone crazy. Her own snoring husband oblivious to their conversation.

Everything's about to get real interesting...