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The Silent Ghost

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Four was sitting in his room, listening to the ticking of his clock and screams of the young woman in the corner. She had been following him for at least a week now and he was getting very frustrated with her constantly being here. He wished one of his siblings would come in to talk or play with him or something. Eventually, dinner came and Four got up to go, the woman, who seemed to have given up, following silently behind.


As Four went more ghosts built up behind him, wailing for him visit this friend or this relative. A familiar ache built in the back of his mind, but he ignored it. When he walked into the dining room he was aware that he was flinching anytime one of the ghosts got to close, but at this point Four honestly didn't care. Four caught the concerned looks from Two, Six, Three, and Seven. He also caught the strange looks from One and Five, who didn't seem to really take in the full scene before going back to the book he was currently reading. Before anyone could say anything, their father (read: tormentor) walked in. Four didn't mind, it's not like his siblings would understand the pain of having ghosts yelling at them at all hours of the day.


Dinner that night was delicious parmesan chicken, but Four couldn't enjoy it with these stupid ghosts yelling at him from every square inch of the room, a few standing in his siblings or each other. He did happen to spot one ghost that seemed to be in thought, though. Four was worried about this one, worried he might start yelling soon. When they finished their father told them to clean up before promptly leaving, probably to dream up new ways to torture them.... One took charge and gave them their usual jobs, his being wiping everything down. Four started with the table, keeping the silent ghost in sight because just then he started yelling. Oh, great, he thought. Here it comes.


“Guys, c’mon he’s just a kid stop yelling at him!” That was not what he was expecting. He froze in place.


“Are you alright, Four? You’re looking a bit more distracted than usual,” Six asked him, very concerned now. He nodded dumbly, still shocked by what he just heard. He quickly resumed his task.


When done, he left alone. He normally left with Six who would sit at the foot of his bed drawing or reading, but right now he needed to be able to talk to the ghosts without getting strange looks. As he walked out, he flinched inwardly at Six’s hurt expression. I'll apologize later, he resolved. Right now he had to speak with this ghost.