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Shadowed Steps

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Morgan and JJ made their way to where the blond and the older guy stood, shoulders touching, and spoke. “Hey, I’m Jennifer Jeruea or JJ and this is Morgan. You’re Mac and Jack right?”

Jack grinned and Mac nodded. “That’s us. What can we do for you?”

“Why’d you guys get called in?” Morgan asked, his stance speaking of take no shite.

Looking at his companion who just shrugged and went back to examining case files Jack sighed and replied, “We’ve been chasing this guy too. For years now and the Captain is an old buddy of mine from back in the day. So he called us in and said maybe we could help.”

“That’s it? Why are you guys chasing him?”

“America’s most wanted. Top 100 serial killers. Kind of want slash need him behind bars.” Jack was honest at least, even if did bend the truth a little.

“Hey guys, where should I set up?”

Looking to their left JJ and Morgan saw an African-American woman, skinny torso, and curly black hair that was pulled up into a messy ponytail. Wearing what looked like skinny jeans and a t-shirt Morgan was wondering if she did field work or if she did something else.

“Uh, you know what kid, might want to ask their Tech and see if she might know,” Jack suggested.

“Where is she?”

“I’ll take her. JJ.” the friendly blond stuck out her hand and Riley shook it, introducing herself as well.

“I’ll show you where we stashed our tech analyst Penelope Garcia and you two can get started doing it is what you guys do best.”

“And what do you think that is, ma’am?”

Furrowing her brow JJ had a moment to process that before she realized something about the young lady standing next to her. She had been around federal agents before and she hated them. So with a grin on her face she held the door open to the analyst cave and replied, “Hack, of course.”

Riley nodded in approval. The women had caught on quicker than she expected but she was a fed. “So your analyst goes with you guys on cases too or just the extra special ones?”

“Just the extra special ones. It’s kinda hard to do things from other places that she can do better back at Quantico. She can explain it all to you though, I’m sure. Here we are.”

Knocking on the closed door JJ opened it when a woman’s voice shouted out enter.

“Penelope Garcia meet Riley. She’s the Phoenix’s tech analyst. Figured you two should work together and do whatever it is you guys do to catch this guy. Have fun!”

The two hackers looked each other over, quietly sizing the other up. It was an unspoken rule that rarely did two hackers ever be in the same room unless it was either a job or a crew. This time was mandatory they both knew that but still, hackers have to have some rules.

“So what did they get you for?” Garcia asked, turning back around to her computer and typing.

“You’re working for a super secret top notch organisation that not even I can find and all I get is what? What did you do to get on their radar?”

“Oh, that. I hacked the NSA.”

“Pfft, I did that. Four times.”

“Twice and got caught the second on purpose.” Riley made herself comfortable in the padded chair that was there and put her legs up on the table in the corner of the room. Pulling her laptops from her bag she opened both and got to work.

“Why on purpose?”

“Well, you know, when a group says “do this or I’ll kill your mom” then you kind of get drastic and go to max security for a while. What did you do to get in here?”

“Got caught trying to hack a company that tested on animals.” Garcia shrugged and kept typing.

“Wait, seriously?”
Turning the lady with bright pink hair, orange rimmed glasses, and pale skin stared at the younger hacker in disbelief. “I did yes. I like animals.”

“Ok, ok. I just couldn’t believe that they still test on animals. Kind of barbaric as Jack would say.”

“Thank you. Finally someone that agrees with me. A lot of people still refuse to see the harm in animal testing these days.”

“I try to get things that say no animal testing but it’s hard too.”

Garcia nodded. Typing on the keyboard Riley looked up when the keystrokes stopped.

“What’s up?”

“I think I found him.”

“What? Where?”

“Here. Corner of Lombard and Van Ness.” Penelope pointed out the man wearing dark clothes and walking against the camera so Riley could see better.

“Go get your boss and mine. This was time stamped ten minutes ago.”

Riley sprinted for the door only for her to stop short as it opened.

“There’s been another one,” Hotch said, Matilda standing by his side.

“We found him. He was on the corner of Lombard and Van Ness,” Garcia said, fingers flying across the keyboard once more. “Maybe I can find him again.”
Riley was doubtful but she watched as Garcia tried.

“Why can’t I find him?”

“Because he hides in plain sight as someone else all the time,” Riley spoke up. Plopping back down into the cushy chair she sighed.

“Murdoc is a master at disguise, hiding, and killing. He’s been after our team for a while now and even managed to grab one of us a while back. Jack told you guys the truth when he said the Captain called us in for this.”

“Ok. Let’s do this then. Where would he go after murdering someone then?”

“Look at subway tunnels, carports, things like that. He might have walked or driven but most of the time he takes public transport. Puts him closer to his victims he said once.”

“This guy sounds creepier and creepier as more minutes pass. What else?”

“Uh,” Riley was trying to rack her brain for everything that she had heard about Murdoc. “Try bus stations, coffee shops, he likes to make deals in public so that way if he ever gets caught he can take the other person down too.”

“Slimy, I like. Give me more.”

“Try the names Dennis or Nicholas Helman at any hotels or things around the area.”

“Got it.”

While Garcia was looking there Riley hopped on her computer and started typing. She had her own way of finding people. Thank god for satellites. Following Lombard all the way down Riley soon found a black clothed man that was going into the Marina Inn.

“Hey Garcia? I think I found him.”


“The Marina Inn. He kept going down Lombard it looks like.”

“Checking names and dates now.”

Dinging the older analyst shouted in joy. “Found him!” hitting a button and dialing Hotch she told them what they had managed to find.

“Great job you two. Let me know if anything else pops up.”


The two got back to work doing what they did best.