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Shadowed Steps

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Jack, Mac, and Riley finally arrived at the local San Francisco Police Department.

Pulling his car into the parking spot permitted Jack shut the engine off and sighed. “I never thought we would get here.”

“If you had just listened to me and not the GPS we wouldn’t be here almost two hours late but no someone had to listen to the tiny computer,” Mac teased, unbuckling his seatbelt and letting Riley out after him.

Getting out and stretching they could all hear their joints pop and muscles eased back into their natural position.

“Yeah, yeah. The GPS knew where it was going but San Fran closed all the roads here,” Jack argued back.

“Guys,” Riley interjected, “Let’s get inside, hope Matty’s here and not the feds and go from there. You two can argue later about who was more right.”

Grabbing her tech bag from the backseat and leaving her go bag in the trunk with the others they made their way inside the building.

Stepping inside they were amazed at how bright the precinct looked. White white walls outlined in pale blue and an almost off white for some of the doors.

Leaning close to Mac Riley whispered, “Is it just me or does this place scream “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest”?”

Mac nodded in silent agreement and followed Jack to the Captain’s office.

Knocking they entered when ordered to and weren’t at all surprised to see their boss talking with the captain already.

“About time you got here. The BAU are coming from the airport now, they should be here any minute.”

The three teammates had the decency to look sorry. Even Jack didn’t say anything to Matty’s reprimand.

A knock came at the door and a young, fresh faced officer stepped in. “The FBI is here, boss.”

The Captain sighed and stood from his chair. “Let’s go get this guy and go home.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” Matty said, the four of them following him out.

In the main area of the precinct the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Behavioral Analysis Unit stood waiting.

Looking up Hotch gave a small scowl when he saw four people walking behind the Captain dressed in jeans and t-shirts while the tiny woman was dressed as he was. Like a boss.

“Captain Andreas Bordeaux at your service. Let me introduce you guys then show you where you’ll all be working.”

Hotch nodded and the Captain started with Introductions.

“Matilda Webber, Mac, Jack, and Riley. I’ll let Miss. Matilda can fill you in on what they’re from after I get you a room. Guys, this is Aaron Hotchner and team. I’ve worked with them before and they’ve been nice enough to come back and help this time too. Now, your room.”

The captain led the way all while the BAU tried to take subtle glances at the other “team.”

Feeling eyes on him Jack looked up to see the dark-skinned man giving him a glance. Jack narrowed his eyes and scowled. He knew what he was doing, he had done it himself as a Delta before. Sizing up the enemy and seeing anything that could be used against them.

Morgan looked away after realizing that the older guy knew what he was doing. Catching up with JJ he whispered in her ear. Giving her own subtle look she saw what Morgan was talking about and nodded.

The rest of the team would figure it out soon too.

Pulling back to walk next to Mac Jack leaned in and did his own whispering. “They’re trying to get a read on us.”

“I saw. The one guy looked back. He also told the one with blond hair.”

Nodding the retired Delta followed Mac into the giant conference room along with the rest of the people. It kinda’ felt like the Captain was herding cattle but maybe that was just the Texan in him.

Standing off to the side Jack quickly did a once over of the room and where everyone was.

“Ok, so Phoenix Foundation meet the top team at the FBI. Agent Hotchner might be modest and tell you that others are just as good but I don’t trust anyone else on this case right now.”

“Thanks, Captain. I appreciate that.”

The one that dressed in a three piece suit stepped forward. “I’m Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, this is SSA Jennifer Jareau, Morgan, Dr. Reid, and SSA David Rossi.” As he said the names the team members stepped forward and, in the case of Reid awkwardly waved.

“So who are you guys and why did you get called in?”

“Morgan,” JJ admonished. Turning to the team she shook her head.

“What? I’ve never heard of this Foundation before.”

“Understandable,” Matilda spoke up from where she was. Having taken a seat already she stood and walked over to where the other team was. “We are the Phoenix Foundation out of Southern California and we deal with things you guys either don’t know about or know about but take no credit for. Is this explanation satisfactory?”

“To me it is, thank you,” Aaron said, shaking her hand. “Do you know what’s going on here or do we need to fill you in?”

“We know what’s going on here,” Matty replied.

“Then let’s get busy.”

The two teams scattered.