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Beautiful Laughs And Beautiful Thighs

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It had been Mitsuri’s idea. Iguro approved it with a huge blush. His eyes shifted away from her and then back as she smiled wide. She was blushing too as she said it. It’s not like they hadn’t done this before. Memories of Mitsuri’s moans each time she slammed her hips down filled Iguro’s mind. It goes straight to his dick and he’s even more eager now.

That’s how he ended up tied down. His hands behind his back underneath him. Mitsuri took such care when tying him down. She even stripped him before she started taking her own clothes off. Iguro felt his mouth water as he watched the last of Mitsuri’s clothing slide off. The only thing she still wore was those green socks. The ones he’d given her. She always kept them on during sex. She knew how into it he was.

“You’re practically drooling Iguro-San.” Mitsuri announced excitedly as she stepped closer to him. Iguro could only nod as she straddled him. “You must be excited.”

“I always am with you.” Iguro admitted, blushing harder as he looked up at Mitsuri. The woman he loves. She smiled wider, covering her mouth.

“You’re so cute! I’m the luckiest girl in the world.” Mitsuri squealed. Iguro was so happy she thought that. He wanted to be better, he the best. He always felt he wasn’t good enough for her. He still felt that way, but it was getting easier. Every time she said she loved him and was lucky to have him it felt less and less like a dream. As if he’d wake up any moment to the cruel reality he wasn’t good enough.

“I’m the lucky one.” Iguro replied. He felt so lucky to have her. He watched as she blushed harder and moved up closer to his face. She removed the bandages that covered his face.

“So beautiful.” She whispered, running her fingers over the scars. She leaned down and kissed the scars gently and then sat back up.

“I’m ready.” Iguro said. He was ready to show his love how much she meant to him. She moved up more so that she was hovering over his face and then she lowered herself. Iguro’s tongue quickly darted out to lick over her clit. He heard her gasp as she moved her hips. She gripped his hair, tugging softly. Iguro swirled his tongue around the entrance a few times before thrusting his tongue inside.

“Iguro, your tongue always feels so good.” Mitsuri moaned, grinding her hips down. She wanted him deeper. She could feel his tongue rubbing all those sensitive places that drove her crazy. Iguro was so good at eating her out she’d cried a few times from how good it felt. She pulled his hair, pushing his face deeper. She felt him gently sucking at her clit before thrusting him tongue back in. He knew all the places to push her over the edge.

“I’m so close. God, you make me come so hard, Iguro.” Mitsuri praised. She knew how much he loved to be praised. Her moans and words only spurring him on.

“No one could do this to me so well. You’re the only one who gets me like this.” Mitsuri moaned, rocking her hips harder. Iguro thrusted his tongue faster, aiming for that spot that had Mitsuri’s toes curling.

“My beautiful Iguro. I love you.” Mitsuri moaned, tugging harder at his hair as she came. Her juices spilling over his face as he licked her clean. He drank up every bit of it. Mitsuri moved down Iguro’s body, panting hard.

“You were so good for me and now I’m going to give you a little treat.” Mitsuri ran her hands up and down Iguro’s thighs. She licked her lips when she saw how hard he was and all for her. She pulled a bottle of oil from under her pillow. She popped the bottle open and poured some on her fingers. She slowly pushed her index finger into Iguro’s tight hole earning a sharp moan from him.

“You like that?” Mitsuri already knew the answer but she still wanted to hear him say it.

“Yes, I love it. I love everything you do to me.” Iguro moaned, rocking his hips. He wanted her fingers deeper. He loved it when she fucked his ass. She slowly moved her finger in and out, feeling him clinch around her. She bent her head down, taking the head of his cock in her mouth. She slowly took him deeper into her mouth as she thrust her finger in and out. She added a second finger. She looked up, seeing he was watching as she took him down her throat. He loved to watch her and she loved it when he did.

“Mitsuri,” Iguro moaned, watching as Mitsuri bobbed her head in time with the thrust of her fingers. He wouldn’t last long like this. Not when she’s doing so good pleasuring him. He wrapped his legs around her head, moaning louder. Normally he would be embarrassed but right now all he could think about was how good her mouth felt around him. How good it felt each time her fingers brushed his prostate.

“I’m so close.” Iguro whined, throwing his head back. Mitusuri bobbed her head faster, eager to help her beloved reach his climax. Iguro moaned louder as he came. Mitsuri did her best to swallow it all, but some spilled out. She sat up, licking her lips.

“You always taste so good.” Mitsuri smiled as she pulled her fingers out. Iguro whimpered at the emptiness left behind. He blushed as she got up and grabbed a towel, carefully wiping her fingers off. She then carefully cleaned his ass.

“You do too.” Iguro admitted, watching as she lay down next to him. She kissed his lips, pulling the blankets over them. She lied her head on his shoulder, smiling softly.

“I hope we get to do this forever. I just wanna stay here in your arms.” Mitsuri admitted. If she could have just one thing it would be for them to stay like this.

“I know, I wish we could.” Iguro replied and he tried not to sound sad. They couldn’t stay like this forever. Morning would come eventually and so would the fight. For now, they had each other.