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Secrets And Threats

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Hospital Bed Confessions

by Moonbeam


Stiles was in the hospital room when Lydia woke up from her nap.


She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him where he was reading a textbook with a highlighter tucked between his teeth.


“Stiles?” Lydia said her voice still rough from disuse even after two days.


Stiles convulsed at her voice, his highlighter falling down his body and his leg kicking the edge of her bed while his book fell on the floor. “Lydia.” He said when he had his body under control again.


“Hello Stiles.”


“Oh you’re okay. Thank God.” Stiles stood up and moved over to her bed.


“I was bitten by someone.”


“Mauled.” Stiles corrected then closed his eyes and swore at himself.


“He had huge teeth, and you knew him.”


“Ummm.” Stiles didn’t know what to say, should he be honest with Lydia or not.


“Stiles. Tell me.” Lydia demanded, the tone making Stiles talk before he could think about it.


“He was a werewolf that we killed with your Molotov cocktail recipe because he was the mountain lion who kept killing people, he was the man who was in the school with us that night but he’s dead now.” Stiles rushed out.


“Okay.” Lydia said much too calmly.


“Okay?” Stiles questioned his eyebrows knitting until they became one.


“Okay.” Lydia said again.


“You were bitten by a werewolf and have been in a coma for a month which you only woke up from two days ago and I tell you it was a werewolf and you say okay.”




“And you were bitten by a werewolf and you healed and you didn’t die but you didn’t heal like a werewolf either but all you say is okay.”




“And I have been worried about you for a month, worried that you would be in a coma forever because normally the bite either turns you into a werewolf or kills you.”


“Stiles!” Lydia bit out in a stern voice.


“Yes Lydia?” Stiles said his body stilling.


“I am a fairy.”


Stiles sat down heavily on the chair the highlighter digging painfully into his left arse cheek.


“Fairy?” Stiles said eventually when he’d been sitting still and silent longer than Lydia had ever seen.


“Well Fae, and only half blood but yes.” Lydia said looking at Stiles.


“Why did you tell me?” Stiles asked his eyes wide.


“Scott is a werewolf too right?”


Stiles nodded dumbly and continued to stare at Lydia.


“Makes sense.”


“Do you have wings?” Stiles asked.




Stiles’ brain stopped, Lydia was a fae with wings which was alternately the hottest and the weirdest thing that had happened to him this week. “Can I see them?”


“Not unless you are fae as well.”




“Because they don’t exist on this plane.”


“No, why are you being so honest with me?”


“Stiles, do you know where a fae goes when they slip into a healing coma.”




Lydia laughed with him. “They go to the other side, the realm where pure bloods and the old ones live.”


“Oh my God, if Danny turns into a vampire I am going to just go and kill myself.” Stiles said leaning back into the chair.




“I am so very ordinary, you are fae and Jackson and Scott and Derek are werewolves and Derek won’t even let me help and I have a huge bruise on my back and I just realised I’m leaning on it and it hurts and I have a highlighter digging into my butt cheek and you are talking to me more than you have ever talked to me and I don’t know why you are confiding in me and Peter offered me the bite and I said no and he thought I was lying but I don’t want to be a werewolf so much as I don’t want to let behind.” Stiles wanted to shut his mouth and just stop talking but now that Lydia is listening to him he cannot close his mouth or convince his brain to stop over-fucking-sharing.


“Stiles.” Lydia said. “Stand up.”


Stiles stood without really even thinking about it.


“Grab the highlighter off the chair and put it away and then sit down without leaning on your back.”


Stiles did as he was told and then looked at Lydia with a raised eyebrow.


“I know how much time you spent here. I could hear you when I was there. I could hear everyone. You and Scott coming to check and see if I was a wolf and Jackson coming once or twice but you just kept coming back. You were here almost as much as my parents.”


“I was worried about you.” Stiles admitted shyly.


“Because you have a crush on me.”


Stiles coloured to a deep red colour making Lydia laugh but when Stiles looked up there was no malice on her face and he smiled. “Yeah, plus. I couldn’t get there quick enough.”


“I don’t remember the first bit after I was attacked. What happened?”


“Peter, the rogue alpha, gave me a choice. You die or I help him find Derek.”


“The stern looking hot guy with the black Camero?” Lydia said thinking about the guy she had seen hanging around Scott and Stiles.


“Yeah.” Stiles said surprised.


“So you helped him.”


“Of course. I found Derek for him and then it all went down with the hunters and Peter was killed by Derek who is now the alpha and then Derek bit Jackson and Scott refuses to join his pack because he thought if he killed the alpha he’d be cured but it never would have worked and now I need to try and help Scott find a cure that doesn’t exist and Derek doesn’t want me to be anywhere.”


Lydia smiled at Stiles for a moment. “I told you because I heard you where I was, time moves differently there I was there for what seemed like years and learned so much. Both my parents are fae but they don’t know about themselves or each other. I know I can trust you to keep my secret and to help me tell everyone who knows about the werewolves something else because they will want to know why I’m not one too and I am not going to tell them.”


“Okay.” Stiles said, that he understood, Lydia needed him to do something for her, so she’d trusted him. That made sense, he could work with that. He tried to ignore the balloon of joy that had blown in his chest at being confided in deflate when he realised someone else just needed him to do something for them.


“Stiles?” Lydia said quietly.




“Thank you for coming after me, for finding me and saving me.”


“Anytime.” Stiles said with an easy grin that was just a little too dull and just a little too small.


“I met my godmother.”


“As in your Fairy Godmother?” Stiles choked out.


“Yeah, she’s lovely.”


“Old and grey?”


“Young and hot, I’d turn for her.” Lydia said with an easy grin laughing when Stiles coloured and stared at her with his mouth open.


“Want to introduce me to her?” Stiles finally said.


“She is over a thousand years old, full blooded fae and can only come to this world once every year during the Hunter’s Moon.”


“October.” Stiles said distractedly.


Lydia smiled at him. “I knew you were the right person to tell.”


Stiles smiled at her. “Werewolves can tell when you are lying.”


Lydia blinked at him. “Okay, so what do I tell them?”


“Lie to Jackson and he will tell Derek. He won’t be as good at picking a lie yet. Derek can smell them on you.”


“Okay so I just need to decide what to tell him.” Lydia said, she was getting tired Stiles could see it in the way she was blinking more often.


“Tell him you have no idea what happened and you don’t remember anything. I’ll feed him something as a theory. With any luck he’ll believe me. Derek won’t be impressed but hopefully they’ll leave it be.” Stiles said standing and shoving everything back into his bag. “I am going to go. You are tired.”


“When will you come back? They are keeping me for a while for observation and to start some physical therapy.” Lydia said watching Stiles as he froze and turned.


“You want me to come back?” Stiles asked surprised.

“Of course. I don’t have anyone else to talk to about having wings and pointy ears.” Lydia smiled at Stiles gently.


“You have pointy ears?” Stiles stepped forward and then stopped.


“Not now. There, in the other place, when I have wings I also have pointy ears. I look like a giant fairy.”


“I wish I could see that.” Stiles said quietly trying not to stare at Lydia’s ears.


“Sorry, I don’t think it’s possible.” Lydia said with regret her face stretching into a large yawn.


“I’m off; I’ll come back day after tomorrow?” Stiles said.


“Please.” Lydia smiled at Stiles as he left her hospital room.


Stiles left the hospital with every intention of going home and wasting a night searching out all the lore on fae he could. He’d just walked through his door and turned on his computer when someone stepped down into this room though the window.


Must lock window. Stiles told himself turning around.


“Derek?” Stiles was shocked, he didn’t think he’d ever see Derek coming to him willingly again.


“I need your help.” Derek said before slumping to the floor his jacket falling open and baring the deep bleeding wound on his chest to Stiles.