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Shadowed Steps

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- Federal Bureau of Investigation - Behavioral Analysis Unit
- Conference Room
- 7:41 a.m.

“We have a case,” Jennifer Jureau announced to the rest of the BAU team in the bullpen.

“Already? There goes the weekend.”

She shrugged. “ I know Derek but Hotch grabbed the case when the local police called. Something about the Phoenix Foundation is coming to help us on it.”

“The what foundation? Pretty Boy have you heard of this group?”

Pretty boy, or Spencer Reid, looked up and shook his head. “Nope. What is it?”

JJ shrugged. “I’m going to assume something like us since they’re coming to help us. But we need to get to the conference room before Hotch starts yelling.”

The rest of the team agreed and followed the Communications Liaison into the conference room where their Team Leader was already waiting.

“Thanks for coming in so early. Sorry that I called you away from your weekends but we have a case.”

“Yeah and it’s where again?” David Rossi asked, taking his seat between Spencer and their technical analyst Penelope Garcia. Today she was sporting bright pink hair, yellow earrings, and an outfit that complemented all of it at once.

“San Francisco. Five dead as JJ may have told you, in various states of decay. The locals have also called in the Phoenix Foundation which, if you look them up seem to be some sort of think tank and not exactly in this line of business.”

“Right. And now for the information. Boys and girls, ladies and gents please if you have a weak stomach look at kitty pictures. Of which I will need a lot of later to get past this.” Garcia clicked the button on the projector remote and the whole room swallowed.

Just as they had been saying for the last ten minutes the five bodies were in various states of decay, some looked like they had been laying in the sun for days while some still looked perfectly preserved. The five bodies on the screen were dressed in what they had been last seen in and still had all their identification on them from what the files read.

“The first to be found was Margaret Robinson, age fifty-two. She was a realtor, wasn’t married and had a cat. Poor kitty, hope it finds a home. She was found in a house that she was going to be showing the next day. The second was, also a woman, Laura Laird, forty-two. She was a personal fitness trainer and training for the Boston Marathon this year. She has a son that’s in college, a husband that works from home and a dog. She was found in this back alley between the gym and home.” Garcia clicked the button again and the next two popped up on the screen.

“So, Henry Barnes and Liam Connery were both on Spring Break when they were killed. Henry was twenty-five and Liam was only twenty-three. They both lived in the same cul-de-sac and had been friends growing up. They were found several blocks from this strip joint, everything left on them. The fifth and last as of right now is William Saunders. He was twenty-seven, also on Spring Break but from a different college and did not live in the cul-de-sac where the two boys did. No connection there. He was described as being a loner during his teenage years and was shot playing GTA in his own room at home, his dad never heard anything.”

So two boys who knew each other, one who didn’t know anyone, and two women who were successful and had decent lives. What do these guys have in common for this UNSUB?”

“Not to mention the fact that if he likes keeping the bodies until they decay why were the two boys found in near perfect condition? The women were the ones in decomp.”

Hotch nodded, closed his file and stood. “Wheel's up in twenty.”

The team stood and followed their leader out, grabbing their own go-bags as they did so before leaving for the plane.