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Brian, your grandfather, your legacy

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Brian woke up with John’s arms around him and John still deep asleep, snoring gently. He had felt a kiss just a moment ago on his cheek with the bed dipping slightly as Roger got up to make them all breakfast. Smiling slightly Brian reached over and stroked John’s face, who smiled in his sleep then slowly opened his eyes. “Good morning...are we better than last night the…” His question was cut short as Brian put a finger to his lips.


“Don’t. You don’t need to ask that anymore.” Brian smiled and kissed him gently. “I love you.”


John smiled and kissed him back, a little more needy this time. “I love you too.” 


They lay like that until Roger returned with a tray with three cooked breakfasts. “Mrs McNab didnae have any eggs so it’s bacon and kippers…” he was cut off when Brian covered his mouth and grabbed the chamber pot next to the bed. Roger put the tray down and both he and John rubbed his back. “Ye a’right babe?”


Brian shook his head and continued retching. When he’d finally finished he looked up at both of them. “It was the smell of the kippers...I don’t understand...I usually love the smell of kippers.” Roger pulled him into a hug. 


“Well, ye dinna have tae have them if ye don’t want tae.” He looked up at John who sighed and rubbed Brian’s back.


Jamie looked up as both the boys descended the stairs alone. “Brian no’ awake yet?” he sipped his tea.


“He is. He was sick this morning so he’s resting a little more.” John looked at Claire who frowned. “Tell you the truth, possibly Claire could take a look at him…” Roger rubbed his back.


“We were worried...he seemed fine when I brought our breakfasts up tae the room and then he was bent over the chamber pot.” He sighed.


Claire knocked on her son’s door. “Brian. Are you awake?” There was a short shout from inside and Claire entered. “Are you okay?”


She looked her son up and down. “Honestly mama? No. I don’t know what’s going on. Kippers this morning and…” he closed his mouth as another wave of nausea passed over him. “Suddenly I’m bent double over the chamber pot.” He chuckled wryly. “It’s almost like I’m pregnant. But that’s impossible...isn’t it?” He rubbed his stomach, trying to settle it.


“It should be...but I can check.” Claire reached out and prodded his stomach gently and then looked him in the eye. “I need a urine sample...only yours…” Brian went pale and she brought his hand to his stomach. “Feel that? Your stomach is hardening. Darling. I believe, impossible as it may be, that you are indeed pregnant.”

After the sample Claire called up John and Roger. They went immediately to Brian’s side. “One of you is going to be a father…” Brian looked up at both his boyfriends.  They both put their arms around him. “It should be impossible.” His voice was thick with emotion.


“A lot of things should be impossible, but here we are.” Roger kissed his temple. “We will all see this through together.”


“We won’t though! Not if John has to go to Jamaica, which he does!” Brian’s eyes filled with tears as he looked at John. “You can’t say no and not arouse suspicion, baby, you have to go.” John kissed his forehead as the tears began to fall. 


“But until then I will have the absolute privilege of helping Roger and you through this time. I can delay it without raising suspicion, you know.”  He smiled and squeezed Roger’s shoulder. As much as he had been angry at this man and fought him for Brian’s heart he had grown to see the other man as a friend in the recent months and they kept in touch. Although neither would like to admit it but they were growing closer though they’d never be lovers. 


“Ye see babe. We both love ye.” Roger stroked Brian’s hair. “We’ll help ye.” 


Jamie knocked on the door. When he heard the ‘come in’ he entered and found his place by Claire’s side. “So, yer unwell are ye lad?” He looked at Brian and Brian smiled a little.


“I suppose I am...Grandpa!” He laughed and put his hand on his stomach and Jamie’s jaw dropped. “I know. I thought it was impossible as well.” His eyes shined with tears. Jamie laughed as well.


“I’m to be a grandda?” He looked at Claire who nodded. “Ah dhia, lad! Didn’t I tell ye it could happen, that ye never know.” He moved to the bed. “May I?” Brian moved his hand and Jamie started cooing at his still flat stomach and whispering Gaelic phrases that Brian had a hard time understanding until he heard one his father whispered to him all the time. 


“They love you too, dad.” He smiled as his dad realised he understood the Gaelic for ‘I love you’. He looked at his mother. “And you too mama.” he patted Roger’s cheek. 


Claire smiled at her husband. “I think we should leave the little family to come to terms with the news.” She took one last look at Brian and then went out of the room with her husband.


Jamie cuddled her from behind. “Granny and Grandda. Suits us, don’t ye think Sassanach?” She just giggled and went off to her surgery to start the day. 


Later on the boys emerged and Brian asked for some food. Both John and Roger watched him like a hawk, making sure he was eating, Ian sat beside them. “Feeling better, lad? Yer ma tells us ye have big news but...we ken ye’ll tell us yerself when yer ready.” 

“Still trying to wrap our heads around it ourselves Uncle Ian, if we’re being totally honest.” Brian smiles at his Uncle and picked up his fork, spearing some of his potatoes he shoved it into his mouth and hummed contentedly. Ian smiled at the boys. 


After dinner John and Roger sat with Brian and rubbed his back. “Babe, ye think we should fill John in on all that we are?” Brian looked at John and then at Roger and nodded vigorously. “Ye tell him then.”


John frowned and opened his mouth, “Please don’t John! If you do then I might lose my nerve!” He licked his lips and continued. “Roger and I are both from the future...I was born in 1948 and Roger was born in 1941.” John moved back. “I know, I know! But my mother’s from the future as well. She came here accidentally and then found she was in love with my father and was forced to go back to her first husband...I’m sorry...I’m talking too fast aren’t I?”


John stood up. “I don’t understand it. From the future?” He rubbed his face. “ are you both here?”


“The standing stones at Craig Na Dun brought us here. Me and mama first. Then Roger.” Brian chuckled a little. “I know it’s impossible but so is me being pregnant.” 


John paced for a solid five minutes and then looked at them both. “I don’t understand...I’m not saying that I won’t ever understand but I don’t right now.” He sighed gently. “But I don’t want to lose either of you.” Sitting back down he kissed Brian’s cheek. “And I’ll be here. I love you both.”