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watering my plance

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“hey!” hunk called out from his place on the couch. it caught the attention of lance and pidge who sat at the kitchen island. “let’s make a tiktok!”


it seemed fun, both lance and pidge quickly agreed. hunk opened the app on his phone searching for the audio.


“alright, so who ever it lands on when the beat drops, they have to call their crush,” hunk explained. the devious plan he’s been brewing finally being set into motion. pidge and lance had reluctantly agreed.


hunk started the timer. three seconds, two seconds, one second. neither lance nor pidge were truly paying attention to the fingers being pointed in their direction. they both just wanted it to land on hunk. the beat dropped and lance’s finger was pointed towards her. her heart dropped into her stomach.


“i really don’t want to do this. i really don’t want to do this,” she complained, her fingers playing with the hem of her shirt to keep them from shaking.


“you have to! those are the rules,” hunk countered. with reluctancy, pidge picked up her phone and dialled. she covered her face with her phone when lance’s started to ring. hunk could only see a little bit of pidge’s face the way she was covering it up, but she looked almost ready to cry.


“oh, quiznak,” hunk said, reaching for his phone. quickly turning off the video. lance still sat in his spot, looking at pidge as his phone displayed his lock screen with a notification of a missed call.


“is this a joke?” lance asked as he finally got out of his stupor. pidge couldn’t tell if she was even breathing anymore. she barely heard the question with her heart pulsating in her head.


“no,” she said shakily, trying to keep the tears at bay. this is not how she wanted this to happen. she didn’t want this to happen at all. “it’s not.”


pidge was so thankful hunk left the room, it’d be one less person to see her make a fool of herself. she felt the first tear fall on her cheek. she wiped it away as fast as she could, hoping, praying to any celestial being that could help her that lance didn’t see it.


“oh my god,” his voice was barely a whisper. if it weren’t for the obnoxiously silent room she never would have heard it. he looked at her, she forced herself to look back at him. staring into an endless blue sea, they were gorgeous. more beautiful than anything she’d ever seen. she would be more than happy to drown in his eyes.


he was looking at honey, smooth, sweet, gorgeous, her. he had half a mind to just kiss her right then and there. she apparently liked him, so the option wasn’t entirely off the table.


his hand reached out for hers, intertwining their fingers. he pulled her close to him, their faces mere inches apart. his eyes glanced towards her lips, then back to her eyes, seeking permission. she granted him that by closing the gap between them.


it was sweet, but firm. refreshing, but hot. his hands moved from her hands to her hips; hers slid up to his shoulders and neck, trying to keep her balance. her head was dizzy, she was intoxicated by the taste of him. the feel of him.


they separated for a need of air, resting their foreheads against each other.


“i like you too, if that wasn’t already evident,” lance chuckled softly.


“it was actually super unclear. can you run it by one more time?” pidge smirked, basking in the attention.