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What Killed The Cat

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"Do you see that girl, down there?" Lestat asked, leaning his chin on his son's shoulder and pointing at a young woman walking past the statue they were hiding behind. The girl could not have been older than Daniel himself, perhaps a bit younger, and had long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was rather beautiful, and reminded Lestat of Daniel, somewhat. They at least looked rather similar.

"Yes," Daniel mumbled, and Lestat could see his eyes glossing over with ravishing hunger.

"I want you to go to her," Lestat whispered in his ear. "And sink your teeth into her throat, yes, my dear? I want you to drink from her until she's dead and you're satisfied-"

"She doesn't have to die," Louis interrupted, and Lestat rolled his eyes, glaring angrily at Louis. He was having a rather nice moment with their son, did Louis have to interrupt them? "You can leave her alive. I'll help you."

"Don't be ridiculous," Lestat snorted, noticing that Daniel had turned to look at Louis. He took hold of his chin gently and guided him back to the girl, who was about to disappear beyond the corner. "Go on then, Daniel. Go get her."

Daniel went. Rushed, more like. Jumped away from Lestat and Louis and ran to the girl. Lestat laughed, pleasure rocking his body. He'd been worried that Daniel may be a second Louis, that he'd have to coax this one into the consumption of human blood as well. But no, this one was more of the Claudia sort, it seemed. He wanted blood, and he wasn't going to fight himself over that want.

Lestat watched with growing enjoyment as Daniel grabbed the girl, and without a moment's hesitation sank his fangs into her breast. She let out a horrified scream, but Daniel (such a smart boy), clasped a hand over her mouth, muffling her voice before she could make another sound. Lestat looked up towards the buildings around them, to see if anyone would appear.

Now one did.

He turned to look back at Louis, ready to gloat at the success of their son, but Louis's face was a mask of horror, and Lestat just managed to catch him as he shot forward.

"What are you doing?" Lestat hissed, throwing Louis against the statue, hard enough to crack it. Louis growled in respond, taking hold of Lestat and throwing him on the ground.

"I'm stopping him," Louis replied, voice so hateful it sent a shiver down Lestat's spine. Oh, how he had missed him. Missed him with a desperation he only allowed himself to feel now that had him again. "He doesn’t need to end her life."

"He already has," Lestat responded, smiling with pleasure and grabbing Louis closer to him, so their cocks were grinded together. The familiar sensation caused Lestat to groan, the sensation so strong that for a brief moment he forgot the child feeding only meters away from them. But Louis would not give him even that small moment of pleasure, and with a roar of horror, he threw Lestat off him and ran to the boy.

"Stop, Daniel, enough!" Louis yelled, taking hold of Daniel and trying to force him away from the body. "Enough!"

"She's dead, Louis," Lestat sing-songed, standing up to see Daniel, face red with blood, his face a mask of fury, hunching down over the mutilated body like the predator he was. "Let the boy finish his meal."

"Be quiet!" Louis exposed his own fangs and sank them into Daniel's shoulder. The boy let out a small scream, releasing the flesh in his mouth, and Louis quietly placed his arm in between Daniel and the girl, to prevent him from returning to his meal, and trapped him in place with his body.

"Let me go," Daniel growled, voice low and dazed from the blood. "Let me go!"

"No, you've had enough. Her chest is demolished, do not degrade her body more-"

"Your father is as soft now as he ever was, Daniel," Lestat called out to the boy. "The woman is nearly dead, there is still blood in her. Would you let it go to waste?"

"No," Daniel mumbled. "We wouldn't want that."

Lestat smirked, triumphant.

"Well, Louis, you'd best let the boy go finish his meal."

Closing his eyes, Louis did as he was bid, and the boy shot forward as soon as he was released to return to the body. Lestat raised his palms to Louis, see? And walked over to Daniel. Leaning by the boy's side, he placed his hand on Daniel's back and caressed him gently as the boy drank.

"There," Lestat whispered. "It's good, isn't it? Better than any nourishment you could consume as a human?"

Daniel didn't bother responding, simply continuing to feed. Lestat settled by his side, continuing his caresses as Louis stumbled over, and Lestat grabbed him and pulled him down to sit beside him and Daniel. Louis, he could tell, was unsure of what to do. He wanted to separate the boy from his meal, separate the innocent and unknowing child from the world they had thrust him into and the creature he now was. But he wanted Daniel to be satisfied, to be as happy as he could get. And that meant allowing him to drink his full.

"Let him finish," Lestat demanded, perhaps requested, from his lover. He was not at all interested in the rather dramatic fight he knew would come about if Louis and he began to argue over Daniel. And this was the boy's first meal, Lestat didn't want it ruined for him.

Louis swallowed deeply, "I don’t want-"

"You don't want him to be what he now is," Lestat hissed as Daniel kept on drinking. Kept on-wait. Lestat frowned and looked down at the body. It was dead. Daniel was drinking from a dead body.

Louis seemed to have realized that at the exact same time Lestat did, and let out a loud curse. He grabbed Daniel and shoved him away from the body, causing his fangs to rip the girl's breasts further, spraying Daniel with some more blood. His face was nearly entirely covered in red blood, and he was growling lowly.

"She's dead, that's enough," Louis said softly, grabbing Daniel's arms and shoving them behind the boy's back, trapping him in place.

"What?" Daniel sounded entirely dazed, shoving Louis slightly. A rather lackluster attempt at escape, in Lestat's opinion. "What?"

"No drinking from dead people," Lestat told the boy sternly, tapping Daniel's nose fondly. But then he thought about had just happened and frowned. "Didn't it taste odd?"

Daniel shrugged, "Yeah. So?"

"So stop," Louis said sternly, and Lestat remembered that tone from Claudia. He wondered if Daniel recognized it as well, from his first childhood and first parents. "Stop d-"

"But I'm still thirsty," Daniel mumbled, and suddenly collapsed against Louis, looking horrifically tired.

"It's your first time, of course you're still hungry," Lestat replied, standing up. "Louis drained three slave girls before he was satisfied, the first time he drank. Remember, Louis?"

He was rewarded with a glare for his efforts to cheer the child up.

"I don’t want to kill someone else," Daniel replied. He was getting weak now, Lestat could see. From drinking a bit of blood from a dead human. He would be woozy and unclear for the rest of the night. Lestat wondered for a moment if he should force-feed Louis some of the blood, as well, make him see how it felt, the slushing of poison in your veins. Make him feel what Claudia had inflected on Lestat all those decades ago. "I won't."

"Oh, wonderful," Lestat rolled his eyes dramatically. "Another Louis! Look here, my love, our son takes after you. Aren't you pleased?"

"Shut up, Lestat," Louis sounded oddly exhausted, cradling the boy in his arms. He looked down at the boy and said gently, "You don't have to, tonight."

Lestat rolled his eyes.


The boy ended up feeding from another human, of course. Louis took the boy back to his burned estate (Lestat needed to find a new home for them, and soon) and curled with him on the floor, whispering comforting words. Lestat, deciding that cuddling would do very little to assist the boy at that time, went out and returned with a dazed, drugged up homeless man. The man appeared to be dying, his ribs clear under his skin, his mind is muddled by his drugs and alcohol.

"He's going to die anyway," Lestat said brusquely, and then pulled the man's wrist towards Daniel and bit it, lightly, making the crimson blood trickle down in front of the boy's mouth. "Go on, then."

It took less then a moment, and then Daniel's eyes widened and he groaned, rushing forwards to grab the wrist and latch his lips to it.

"There," Lestat cooed softly, carding his fingers through Daniel's hair. "It's good, is it not?"

Daniel closed his eyes and nodded, shivering softly as he drank.

"No reason not to enjoy the existence you now have," Lestat told him, looking up at Louis. "There are so few other ways to find enjoyment."

Louis looked away.


"Why did you turn Louis?"

Lestat frowned and looked up from his chair to see Daniel hovering over him. He was still rather uncertain on his feet, the blood of a dead man making him weak.

"Why aren't you with Louis?" Lestat chided. "He's rather worried about you, I think."

Ignoring him, Daniel continued, "He wanted to die. And you made sure he never would-well, at least not normally. He couldn't just wait for death, I mean. Did you just want him to suffer? Or did you think he'd end up enjoying the life you were giving him?"

Lestat sighed and grabbed Daniel by the wrist, pulling him into his lap. Daniel stiffened slightly. He didn't feel comfortable with Lestat's touch, not like Louis's. That touch Daniel seemed to crave. Well, that would have to change.

"He was beautiful," Lestat said, looking at Daniel's hand trapped in between both of his own. "He still is."

"That's why you turned him?" Daniel sounded rather disappointed by that, as if he had been hoping for a deeper meaning. "Because you liked how he looked?"

Lestat tilted his head at the boy, placing one of his hands on Daniel's back, running it up and down his spine, "I also thought he would make an interesting companion."

"Was he your first?" Daniel suddenly asked. "Companion, I mean?"

Lestat snorted, "Do you truly believe I will tell you everything I have refused to tell Louis for hundreds of years?"

He shoved Daniel's jacket to the side, exposing the recording device laying there. Lestat clicked his tongue as Daniel squirmed, trying to get away from Lestat's hold (he clasped his hand on the back of Daniel's neck, keeping him soundly in place), and crushed the device in between his fingers, allowing the pieces to collapse to the ground.

Daniel sighed deeply, sounding oddly tired, as though he were exhausted by Lestat's nonsense, "So, he was the first one?"

Lestat groaned, amused, and pulled Daniel deeper into his lap, "You're going to be difficult, aren't you?"

Somberly, Daniel pointed to his destroyed device, "I'm going to be difficult? You just ruined my- you know what, never mind. Do you regret turning Louis?"

Lestat had to stop himself from hitting his head against the chair behind him, "And why would I do that?"

"Because he left you, because of Claudia-"

"It was my choice to turn Claudia, not Louis's," Lestat replied. He could touch Daniel when he was speaking to him, he realized. Daniel allowed a lot more when he thought he was getting his way. He allowed himself to be moved and touched when he thought it would allow him to learn.

Daniel needed to learn the way humans needed food, the way vampire needed blood. He could not survive without it, and would not attempt to try.

"Yeah, but you only turned her because of him," Daniel insisted. "And you really hate her, don't you?"

"Claudia brought my hatred on herself, it was her choice," Lestat replied. "I adored her, cherished her, gave her everything she could have wanted."

"And then she betrayed you," Daniel watched him carefully, wisely. "Louis betrayed you, didn't he?"

Lestat stiffened slightly, "Louis didn't try to kill me-"

"He set you on fir-"

"Daniel, enough." Lestat and Daniel turned together to see Louis walk into the room. He watched the two vampires on the seat with worried eyes and came over to stand above them.

"He's allowed to ask, I'm not going to get mad at him," Lestat snorted, wrapping an arm around Daniel's waist to keep him in place once he noticed Daniel seemed to want to escape him.

"Of course not," Louis sneered. "Until he says something that is not to your liking."

Lestat sighed, but allowed Louis to take Daniel off his lap, "He doesn't say much, mostly he just asks."

"Asks questions you never intend to answer," Louis replied bitterly. "But you won't ever tell him that, will you. You'll simply keep pretending to answer until he grows to hate you. I know how this works, I've seen it done before."

And then he dragged Daniel out of the room, the boy watching Lestat, curiously, from the corner of his eye. And that curiosity told Lestat that no matter what Louis wanted, Daniel would be back, to ask more questions and seek more answers.

He smirked and leaned back on the chair.