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Beyond Control

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Meng Yao could hear the yelling from two rooms away and he winced. He hurried through the halls towards the main meeting room at Heijian, where Nie Mingjue was currently berating one of his subordinates.

“Sect Leader Nie,” Meng Yao spoke into a pause in the tirade, bowing deeply to the imposing figure.

“What is it?” The words were practically shouted, an unusual rudeness even for so brusque a man as Nie Mingjue. Especially towards himself, his trusted and valued deputy.

“I was just coming to tell you that the matter has been resolved. I carried your instructions personally and was assured they will be carried out.” He glanced at the unfortunate recipient of the sect leader’s ire. “This lieutenant simply hasn’t received word yet.”

Nie Mingjue took a sharp breath and exhaled through his nostrils. He watched the man pull his temper back under control, though the hand on his saber hilt still shook. Unconsciously, Meng Yao took a step forward. Seeing the sect leader this disturbed was truly rare, unless it was on the battlefield or after a loss. Drawing close to the large man, he suddenly swayed back, the alpha’s scent reaching him.

He thought he had become accustomed to Nie Mingjue’s musky alpha aroma. But this...this was another level of intense. He felt coated in it, felt as if it crawled down his throat as he inhaled. And it went directly to his core, sending a pulse of desire through him that made him shiver. He stood entranced, a trembling omega before an alpha at nearly the height of his power.

And then he wrenched back control of himself and took several steps back, panting from the effort, but trying his best to hide his reaction under the mask of a smile. Nie Mingjue eyed him suspiciously. “Meng Yao?” he asked in confusion. He shook his head in response, silently begging his leader not to inquire. Nie Mingjue eyed him a moment more and then turned to the soldiers still waiting. “You may go. Make sure you are better informed next time you bother me.” The soldiers bowed and hurried from the room, leaving the two of them alone.

“May I get you anything, Sect Leader?” Meng Yao hurried to ask, still hoping to deflect attention from his reaction to the alpha’s scent. His mind was racing, piecing together all the clues to reach an inevitable conclusion. The only question now was what to do about it. “Some wine or perhaps tea?” The sect leader generally preferred wine, but Meng Yao wasn’t sure if loosening his self-control was really wise at the moment.

Nie Mingjue huffed and moved towards his chair at the head of the map-strewn table. “Wine, yes.” Meng Yao busied himself with opening the sect leader’s favorite wine and gathering bowls. Bringing the bottle and bowl over to the table, he steeled himself to be smothered in that scent again, and thus had no visible reaction. He held the bowl out to the sect leader who took it with a nod of acknowledgment. Meng Yao stepped back quickly, hoping to clear his mind with fresh air. The thick scent of the alpha lingered, however, and was working on his nerves like a insidious poison.

“Is there anything further you require?” he asked, hoping to be dismissed. Instead, however, Nie Mingjue cocked his head and stared at him.

“Are you alright, Meng Yao? You aren’t acting yourself.” He didn’t respond immediately. “I apologize for my anger earlier, I should have known you would have handled things already.” Meng Yao bowed in gratitude of the sentiment. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me today,” added Nie Mingjue.

Did the alpha truly not know? Was it possible? He didn’t seem to realize the problem in the current situation: having his omega deputy present alone with him at such a time. It was true Meng Yao tried to downplay his omega status, as just one more characteristic that opened him to jibes and gossip from everyone around him. Naturally, it was said, the son of an omega prostitute would be an omega himself. Worth little better than a whore himself, and yet this presumptuous Meng Yao tried to be a warrior, a cultivator of distinction. He had heard it all so many times.

He debated with himself whether to be truthful with Nie Mingjue or not. He could see many different ways the current situation could turn out. Some were better for him than others. In this case his own desire conflicted with what he thought would be most prudent. But he’d never been one for caution…

“Forgive me, Sect Leader,” he said at last, “but I think I might have an idea.” Nie Mingjue looked at him curiously. Meng Yao wished he could move farther from the man without being outright rude. His pulse thrummed in his ears. “I believe...Sect Leader Nie is approaching his time of...rut.” He bit the inside of his cheek as he finished, waiting for the other man’s reaction.

Nie Mingjue’s eyes went wide and he just stared at him. Then he frowned and looked down and in another moment Meng Yao could see a flush rise on his cheeks.

“Oh,” said Nie Mingjue. “Well. That explains...” His voice trailed off and his eyes were distant for a moment before focusing back on Meng Yao. “It’s that obvious?”

Meng Yao gave a polite cough. “To me, Sect Leader, yes.” He had another moment of inner debate, looking down at the floor. He teetered on the brink of a gamble that could change much. “Your scent is quite...overpowering.” He shifted his weight and looked up at the alpha through his eyelashes. “It has affected me greatly.” He held Nie Mingjue’s steely gaze, feeling a thrill at the man’s focused attention. He took a step forward, not breaking eye contact. The sect leader shifted in his chair, his nostrils flaring. Meng Yao could only imagine what his arousal smelled like to an alpha nearly in rut. “Is there any way this omega could serve you, Sect Leader?”

Nie Mingjue’s mouth fell open at that. He inhaled as if tasting the air. “You...” he began and then seemed to lose track of what he meant to say. Meng Yao watched him, then with a tremble lowered himself to his knees. He tilted his head to the side, exposing his unmarked scent gland in submission. The atmosphere was so thick, the room so silent. He didn’t have to fake the shivers that passed through him. Anything could happen next. He had no true way to predict what Nie Mingjue would do. He could very well erupt in rage and violently throw him out. Or he might erupt in violence of a different kind. Or…

His thoughts were interrupted by a large hand reaching out and settling against his jaw. Nie Mingjue’s hand cupped his cheek with strong fingers trailing down the side of his neck. Meng Yao turned into the touch, rubbing his cheek against the alpha’s wrist, marking himself with his scent. He heard a soft exhalation from above him.

This was so dangerous, a voice in his mind whispered. He was very close to being entirely lost in the haze of the alpha’s thrall, in his own lust and need. Meng Yao ignored it and pressed his lips to the warm wrist. He heard a gasp as Nie Mingjue pulled him towards him. He pushed himself up, sliding between the sect leader’s spread knees, following the pull of the hand up. He stretched his torso, pushing up to one knee, and then the light was blocked by the shadow from above him and rough lips closed on his own.

If you had asked Meng Yao what he expected would come from his offer, he would have mentioned various sex acts. He had imagined them often enough. Imagined going to his knees and servicing his superior with his mouth. Imagined the huge man pushing him down and taking him roughly. But never had he imagined kissing him. Being kissed by him. Hot, open mouth, hungry tongue, wine-sweet lips. He lost track of everything while he was being kissed. Held up only by the hand behind his head, the arm around his shoulders. Gone entirely limp under the onslaught of tenderness from the alpha. He clutched at the thick thigh to keep himself from falling, shaking as he never had, moaning loud and unrestrained into the other man’s mouth.

Strong hands pulled and lifted him and then he was on the alpha’s lap, knees spread over his thighs, eagerly licking into his mouth. The firm lips moved down, over his jaw, to his sensitive throat, biting and sucking at him. Nie Mingjue worked his way down, down, leaving marks and bites behind, making Meng Yao cry out when he teeth sank in. He licked at the edge of his scent gland, teasing it, tasting his scent. Meng Yao clutched at the head pressed to him, entangling his hand in his hair. One large hand palmed his ass, squeezing and massaging, so large against his trim frame that two hands would be too much. With a tug, he was pulled down against his lap, mouth finding Nie Mingjue’s lips again, their hips pressing together. He felt a great, thick hardness against him, not entirely upright yet, but so large. He felt tiny in the alpha’s arms, thoroughly out of proportion. It made him keen with want.

He reached down between them and palmed the bulge in Nie Mingjue’s pants. The alpha growled, low and pleased, against his lips. “Meng Yao,” he purred, mouth moving under his jaw again. Meng Yao gasped for air, desperately trying to pull his thoughts together.

“The door,” he whispered as teeth grazed against his skin. The door was unlocked, anyone could intrude on them. “Let me lock the door.”

“Do it.” Nie Mingjue released his grip on his waist and his ass, pushing him gently away. Meng Yao stumbled but climbed off the sect leader’s lap and staggered to the door, turning the key in the lock. This was only a temporary measure, the war room wasn’t a discreet place for this to happen, but what he’d started couldn’t be set aside. Not yet. He took several deep breaths to try to make his brain work properly again and then turned back.

Just the sight of Sect Leader Nie at that moment made his breath catch. The warrior was lounging in his chair, knees splayed and robes parted to clearly show the outline of his erection through his trousers. The alpha’s eyes intently bore into him and his mouth was parted in a nearly animalistic way. Meng Yao felt his knees turn to water for a moment, but he forced himself forward. When he drew near, Nie Mingjue reached a hand out for him, but he didn’t take it. Instead he once more lowered himself to his knees. Then he reached out to stroke up the alpha’s thighs, pressing them further apart. When he reached the place where they joined, he let his thumbs continue up, tracing up the line of the alpha’s cock. Nie Mingjue grunted in approval. He reached down and began unfastening his trousers, pushing them down enough to display his rampant erection.

He was thicker and longer than any man Meng Yao had ever seen. It made his mouth go dry and his ass clench at the thought of taking it with no preparation. He licked his lips hastily and looked up at Nie Mingjue one last time to see his eager anticipation, then he lowered his mouth to the proud cock before him.

Just taking the head of it between his lips made him open to a nearly uncomfortable extent. He sucked on the end, making loud slurping sounds as he bobbed trying to take as much of it as he could. He pulled off with a pop and then proceeded to lick down the underside, working his saliva over the entire thing with his hand. Nie Mingjue let out sounds of appreciation and brought his hand to the top of Meng Yao’s head, just resting in his hair. Meng Yao used all the skills he knew to pleasure the alpha, to seemingly decent effect.

Still, he wasn’t an expert, and the size of the organ was troublesome. He took it back in his mouth, changing the angle and trying to get more of it. He managed about half its total length before it simply wouldn’t fit down his throat. Nie Mingjue groaned appreciatively and dug his fingers into Meng Yao’s scalp. That sent tingles down his spine. He could feel himself growing wetter, slick starting to escape his hole and slide between his cheeks. Meng Yao pulled off the cock and gasped for air, working it with his hand for a while before ducking back down again. This time Nie Mingjue took a more active role, holding his head in place firmly with both hands and fucking into his mouth over and over. Meng Yao fought his gag reflex, swallowing against it as the thick cock choked him. Finally he gagged on a deep thrust and fought to pull away. Nie Mingjue let him go, but only waited a moment for him to breathe before he was nudging at his lips with his cock again.

Meng Yao could feel them both losing control of their restraint. Nie Mingjue’s touches got progressively less gentle and Meng Yao took less and less care of himself. He knew it was part of his nature to love the rough handling, so it was no surprise that every time that thick cock cut off his air supply, his cock twitched in his trousers. Tears flowed down his cheeks now, beyond his control, the panic of choking over and over forcing them. He brought his hand up and dug his nails into the back of Nie Mingjue’s hand to get the man’s attention and wrenched his head away from his grasp.

The alpha looked a question at him, almost as out of breath as Meng Yao himself. Meng Yao just shook his head as he sucked down lungfuls of air. Then he returned to stroking the alpha with his hand. When his chest was no longer burning he lowered his mouth back and began kissing and licking all over the flushed cock, then sucked at the head, using his tongue against the slit. Nie Mingjue cried out, a satisfying sound. Meng Yao slid his free hand, the one not still stroking the length of him, down to play with Nie Mingjue’s balls. He heard his breath coming faster and faster and finally he let go and took him back all the way into his mouth again. The alpha didn’t hesitate, but grabbed onto either side of his head and began fucking into him. Only a handful of thrusts and suddenly Meng Yao was choking on hot, thick liquid, some of it running from the corner of his mouth as he struggled to swallow the rest down. Nie Mingjue released him and fell back against his chair, letting Meng Yao lower back on his heels while he swallowed. A thick thumb brushed his lips, gathering the spilled seed and pushing it back between his lips. That felt a bit like a slap, somehow, and yet also made Meng Yao all too aware of the pressure of his cock in his pants.

He reached down and grabbed himself through the fabric. He looked to Nie Mingjue, unsure. Some alphas cared little for omega pleasure. They might take an entirely apathetic attitude to his orgasm, or might even discipline him if he raised the subject. He doubted Nie Mingjue would be that cruel. The alpha’s expression was dazed, his eyes heavily lidded. Meng Yao took the risk and pulled his cock out and began pumping it furiously.

“Here,” came a rough croak from above. He looked up, startled. “Come here,” clarified Nie Mingjue, motioning him up. Meng Yao pushed his way up, his legs shaky and numb after so long on his knees, but he rose to standing. He approached at the alpha’s urging and gave a quiet gasp as Nie Mingjue closed his large hand around his cock. Again the proportions of their bodies drew attention, as the alpha’s hand was nearly enough to entirely engulf his erection. He tugged at him, rough battle-worn calluses against tender skin. It didn’t take long, only a few pulls before Meng Yao choked out a warning.

“I’m going to--” And then he was, spilling forcefully over that warm hand, droplets spraying onto Nie Mingjues’ robes. He stumbled, nearly falling until he caught himself with a hand on the strong shoulder of the sect leader.

He panted, unable to speak as the last drops were wrung from him by that hand. Nie Mingjue looked up at him and grinned, actually smiled. It was a cocky expression, true, but one he wasn’t used to seeing. He smiled back, automatically. Warmth filled his chest, gratitude and something...hotter spreading through him. Oh, he was in such danger, indeed.

Meng Yao pulled away, tucking his softening member back into his clothing and going to fetch a cloth for Nie Mingjue to clean off the stains already sinking into the fabric of his robes. The sect leader didn’t seem very concerned about concealing their activities and instead was pouring himself another bowl of wine. Meng Yao took a deep breath. He could still smell the rut on the air. In fact, the spiciness of the scent seemed to be increasing.

“Sect Leader Nie,” he said with an incline of his head. Nie Mingjue looked up at him with something like amusement in his eyes. “I believe you should retire to your room before your rut begins in earnest. I can make the necessary arrangements to see you are left in peace. He turned towards the door to put his words into action, but his wrist was caught by a strong hand.

“Wait.” Meng Yao looked back at the alpha whose brows had draw together again. “And then what?”


“After you make arrangements, are you coming to join me?” Nie Mingjue’s face was stern. Meng Yao suppressed outward signs of his reaction, the longing he felt.

It was a moment before he spoke. “ wish me to...” Perhaps this was another decision point, another moment in which he could stop, could refuse to take things further. What had passed between himself and the sect leader so far was minor, really...the kind of thing that wasn’t uncommon on the battlefield, especially between an alpha and an omega. They could perhaps, ignore the event entirely and return to their previous professional relationship, free of any other considerations.

And yet, Meng Yao knew that would be a lie. Even before this evening, he’d found it difficult to ignore the allure of the alpha leader of Nie sect. After this, he might find it intolerable to continue working so closely with him. He could live a lie if he was forced to it, but what if he didn’t need to? Even now, he could feel the spread of slick down his thighs, soaking his undergarments. He was sure Nie Mingjue could smell it, too.

“I want you,” said Nie Mingjue lowly, still holding tight to his wrist. He lifted Meng Yao’s wrist to his face, inhaling his scent in a long breath. His lips teased against the sensitive skin over his wrist gland. “You want me as well,” the alpha said. Meng Yao couldn’t deny it. He didn’t respond, just stood watching the other man. Nie Mingjue opened his mouth and took his wrist into it, brushing his teeth across his skin gently. Meng Yao trembled, instinct telling him to flee, that he was prey, and yet also rooting him to the spot. He didn’t want to flee. He wanted to fall to his knees again and offer himself up.

He pulled away, relieved when Nie Mingjue released him. “Sect leader,” he began in his most correct tone. “If you start that again we won’t get out of this room for quite a while.” One corner of Nie Mingjue’s mouth curved up.

Meng Yao backed away several steps. His pulse raced; he could hardly hear anything else. “Go to your room. I’ll join you later, once everything is sorted.” His eyes were still held in that magnetic gaze. A good part of him was reluctant to leave. He wanted to ask permission of the alpha, and upon realizing that, he tore his head to the side, turning to the door hurriedly.

He unlocked it and opened it, relieved to find the hallway empty. Hopefully no one had overheard their tryst. His voice screaming and begging. It would only serve to confirm the worst of the rumors about him. He looked over his shoulder, once, to see Nie Mingjue still seated, gripping the arm of his chair and watching him. He nodded at him and turned before he could get lost in his eyes again.

He was relieved when he later heard Nie Mingjue’s heavy tread moving towards his sleeping chamber. The layout of this place was hardly ideal. It would be better if they were at the Unclean Realm. Here everything was too close together for much privacy. But there was no secondary space to use other than the sect leader’s room. Only his room had the luxurious appointments to make him comfortable.

Meng Yao didn’t know how long the rut would last. From what he knew, alpha ruts were not as long as omega heats, but it could be anywhere from several hours to a couple of days. He would have to prepare the command structure and the staff to be without both of their guidance for that time. Perhaps Nie Mingjue would tire of his company partway through, perhaps he’d be released to see to his duties, but he couldn’t count on it.

Would Sect Leader Nie want any other partners? Some alphas, especially non-bonded alphas, preferred or required entire harems of partners during a rut, taking one after another. Of course, he’d never heard any hint of that kind of debauchery happening in the Nie sect. In fact, he’d never heard any talk about the sect leader’s partners at all. They were remarkable, if anything, by their absence. Still, he didn’t get the impression from the man that he was virginal or inexperienced. In fact, he had suspected some attachment between him and Zewu-Jun, the leader of the Lan sect, though what the precise nature of that attachment he couldn’t say. Zewu-Jun gave one the impression of being an omega of superior purity, so he had suspected his master of a one-sided infatuation. He couldn’t blame him. Zewu-Jun was the most beautiful man he’d ever seen, and if he could have ever imagined himself in a suitable position to pursue him, would have fallen in love with the man himself.

Meng Yao considered all these things as he attended to matters both small and large. He informed senior figures of the Sect Leader’s oncoming rut and the vital need for security and privacy. He arranged to have some people resettled to rooms more distant from Nie Mingjue’s. He instructed guards to block off the halls leading to his quarters. He spoke to the kitchens to have them prepare food and drink to be delivered regularly outside his door. And finally he retreated into his own small room to prepare himself.

He bathed quickly, paying special attention to his most delicate parts. And then he pulled a small wooden chest from under his bed. He unfastened the padlock and opened it, moving aside several works of dubious literature to reach the heavy items on the bottom. He pulled one in particular loose from its bed of soft fabric. It was a long cylindrical object made of plain porcelain, with a flaring base tapering to a blunt tip. He laid down on his bed and reached behind himself to begin opening himself with his fingers. He was still very wet, but his opening was tightly closed, unlike the softness of a heat. He used his fingers to stretch and loosen his muscles until he could insert the tip of the phallus. He pushed it slowly inside, working it back and forth, the width constantly growing larger. He didn’t use the tool for pleasure, but purely for the goal of stretching himself. Even so, his breath grew fast and shallow and his cock hardened at the stimulation. He wondered what Nie Mingjue was doing at that moment, and if he could imagine him like this, fucking himself with a rod to prepare himself for his alpha cock.

He had known as soon as he’d seen the alpha’s cock that it would be difficult to take him. He’d had an alpha before, and though it hadn’t been a particularly pleasant experience, that alpha hadn’t been nearly as endowed as Nie Mingjue. If the Nie sect leader were to overpower him and shove into him with no preparation, even given his body’s arousal and natural lubrication, it would tear and damage him. Hence what he was doing now. Perhaps outside of a rut, a lover could take his time and open him up with his fingers enough to allow such a large cock into him, but he couldn’t foresee that happening now. In truth, given his small frame and Nie Mingjue’s size, even with this careful precaution he wasn’t entirely calm about the prospect. Especially when he considered how big the alpha’s knot would be. And surely he would be knotted. He groaned quietly at the thought, despite his practical concern.

He reached down with his free hand and stroked his cock. He smirked at himself, knowing the danger and recklessness of the thing was part of the appeal for him. He was about to walk open-eyed into the tiger cage and offer himself up as a plaything. He would be lucky if he were only slightly mauled. And yet the thought just made him harder, made him wetter. He was truly perverse. Well, he’d known that.

Eventually, he had worked the hard phallus as far in as he could, stretching himself wide. He debated whether he should bring himself off or not and decided against it, despite the pounding in his cock and balls. He would perhaps find it more pleasurable to be mounted if he was truly desperate for release. He laid back against the bed with his hands tucked under his head and willed his erection down. His ass was still stretched around the phallus, but he held his body still and waited, turning his thoughts to unappealing things. It was a long time before he felt his erection wilting, but he finally did and pulled the foreign object from him and wiped it clean before returning it to the chest. He dressed in his oldest outfit that was still respectable, sure whatever he wore would be soiled or torn. He made a bundle of a change of clothes along with a couple of items from his chest that he might want later. And with this bundle tucked under his arm he walked calmly towards his master’s chambers.

He nodded to the guards at the end of the hallway. They doubtless would have much to gossip about before too much longer. It was little use trying to prevent them from overhearing what they would inevitably guess. He had to accept his reputation would be ruined from this point on, more than it already was by virtue of his birth and his gender. Well, he was officially playing for greater stakes now, and the derision of common people no longer mattered. He straightened his shoulders and knocked on the Sect Leader’s door.

He heard movement on the other side: heavy, hurried steps. “Meng Yao?” The voice was Nie Mingjue’s.

“Yes, Sect Leader.” The door was unlocked and opened to him. He saw the broad figure of the alpha for a moment, standing in nothing but his innermost robe, before he ducked to the side. Meng Yao entered, shutting the door behind him and securing it. He turned to the other man. “I cleared people out of the area as much as I could--”

And then he was interrupted by the crash of a large body against him, shoving him back against the wall. He dropped his bundle, surprised enough to bring his hands up in a defensive motion, only to have them pinned between his own chest and the muscular form bearing down on him. Nie Mingjue bent down low to reach him and crushed his lips in a fierce kiss. Meng Yao’s mind had gone blank with the sudden assault. If he weren’t so aroused by the force being used on him, he would have objected to such a violent approach.

Nie Mingjue released his mouth and then, before Meng Yao could speak a word, lifted him up by his waist. He shrieked as his feet left the ground, but all he could do was to wrap his arms around the sect leader’s neck and let himself be kissed again. Meng Yao was pressed against the wall, so he lifted his dangling legs around the alpha’s waist.

“Finally, you’re the right height,” muttered Nie Mingjue against his neck, nipping at his skin. Meng Yao made a wordless noise of protest, but the alpha licked along his scent gland and he shuddered. “I thought you’d abandoned me,” said the alpha when next his mouth was free.

“There was a lot to arrange,” he replied. “If you’d given anyone any warning about your rut, perhaps we could have avoided this.”

“I wouldn’t have wanted to avoid this,” retorted the alpha, with a loud smack of his hand against one of Meng Yao’s buttocks. The hand dug in, causing his breath to catch in his throat. Meng Yao shifted away from the bruising fingers, but only succeeded in grinding his cock against the hard plane of the sect leader’s stomach. “Mmm, you’re hard already,” Nie Mingjue growled. “Eager little omega.”

Meng Yao twitched as he heard echoes of those words, with slight differences. Eager little slut. Eager little whore. He shook the thought from his head.

“I nearly had to start without you,” continued Nie Mingjue. He shifted his hips, driving his hard cock up against his ass. “I can’t wait much longer.”

Meng Yao grinned at him, something fierce coming to the fore. “Then don’t.” Nie Mingjue’s eyes went wide and his nostrils flared. With a wrench of his arms, he lifted Meng Yao free of the wall and walked a few steps to the bed before lowering him down to it. Meng Yao was grateful the large man didn’t simply drop him. He reached for his belt, but the suffocating weight of the alpha was on him before he could so much as untie it. He silently bid farewell to his outfit.

Nie Mingjue shoved his robes out of the way, forcing the fabric to part and ignoring the belts entirely. He palmed the bulge in his trousers, roughly massaging his cock before taking hold of the fabric separating him from it with both hands and pulling. The pants split at the seam and Meng Yao’s cock was exposed to the air. He was just moving his legs apart when the alpha in front of him dropped his head down and swallowed his cock. He cried out in shock more than anything, not expecting an alpha to pleasure him like this, to even consider his cock rather than the part alphas more traditionally focused on. The way he mouthed at him was clumsy and enthusiastic rather than skilled, but oh, Meng Yao hardly minded. He lifted his hips and moaned when a broad hand slid under him to cup his rear. Nie Mingjue slid his thumb into his ass as he continued to suck his cock and Meng Yao thought for a swift moment he would climax. The moment passed, however and he came back to reality.

Nie Mingjue sat up, letting his cock fall back wetly against his body. “You’re so loose,” he said, confused.

“Ah,” he replied. “I-I prepared myself for you,” he stuttered out, still recovering from surprise.

“Oh.” Nie Mingjue shifted his hand and inserted two fingers into him. And then a third. Meng Yao groaned at the stimulation, lifting his hips rhythmically. “Is that what took so long?” Meng Yao looked up at the alpha. He looked amused, if anything, though the wildness remained in his eyes.

“Partially,” he admitted. “I wouldn’t have needed to if you weren’t so...huge.” He gave a pointed look at the alpha’s cock, already poking through the gap in the front of his thin robe.

Nie Mingjue gave a dry laugh. “You always foresee my needs,” he said. “Good, then.” He withdrew his fingers, forcing a whine from Meng Yao’s throat. Then he brought both hands to his waist again, nearly encircling it entire, and lifted him clean off the bed and spinning him around. Meng Yao found himself on his knees, face and arms pressed wildly against the bed. Nie Mingjue swept the layers of his clothing out of the way, his split trousers presenting him with his object. Meng Yao pushed the hair from his face as two strong hands spread his cheeks. Soon he felt the huge blunt warmth against his hole. Nie Mingjue let out a growl as he pushed in.

Meng Yao keened, feeling nothing but a bright, hot, overwhelming sensation as he was filled. He hardly knew what was happening, so intense was the initial feeling. Despite the preparation he’d taken, his body had never been pushed to such an extreme. He was an omega, but he wasn’t in heat. He wasn’t a large person. And surely Nie Mingjue was freakish in size. He realized the alpha was still pressing into him, opening him up deeper and deeper. He panted, unable to get a full breath. It wasn’t pain, or not only pain. Intense feelings...some pain but also a deep satisfaction? He needed a moment, though. He couldn’t breathe. But the alpha bearing down on him was in rut, and had been waiting. He pulled back, sending sharp jolts through him all over, then drove inside quickly. Meng Yao sobbed, feeling moisture on his face as he struggled for air. He couldn’t even speak, or cry out, not in any voluntary way. All he could do was clutch at the bed covering and try to endure.

He felt the hot breath of the alpha on his neck, the man’s bulk bending low over him. Nie Mingjue growled, low and threatening, as he fucked in and out of him. Each stroke seemed to go a little deeper. Meng Yao realized he hadn’t been taken as deeply as possible yet. The thought was rather terrifying. No, for now the alpha seemed to be focused on speed over depth, and he was moving quicker all the time. Meng Yao’s body was growing somewhat accustomed to the invader now, with less pain and less overwhelming stretch. But as the blinding feeling faded, the pleasure grew in its place. And he found his breath driven from his lungs for a different reason.

Nie Mingjue's size meant he stimulated so much of him at once. He could feel the sensitive spot of his inner wall teased with each harsh thrust. The only sounds he could make were whimpers as he panted for air. The hands on his hips dug in hard, bruising as they dragged him back onto that massive cock. Meng Yao was reminded just how vulnerable and helpless he was in the face of Nie Mingjue's passion. He couldn't fight or resist. The larger man could easily overpower him physically, with barely any effort. In terms of spiritual power, he was also no match for the sect leader. Nie Mingjue was one of the strongest cultivators in the world when it came to sheer power. He was a battalion on his own on a battlefield, carving though enemy armies single

If it came down to it, all Meng Yao could really do was to beg the other man to have mercy. And yet, he was an alpha in rut. What self-control he had was surely splintered by now. Not to mention the fact that at the moment Meng Yao couldn't really speak. There was honestly no choice available to him but to allow himself to be used like a good omega.

That thought probably shouldn't have sent a thrill down to his balls the way it did. It probably showed his twisted nature. The same nature that made slick coat his thighs as he choked on the alpha’s cock and which relished the thought of having fingerprints left on his hips.

Nie Mingjue's rhythm grew less smooth, more frenzied. Meng Yao bit his lip and clutched tighter at the bedding, urging the alpha to his orgasm simply so he could have a moment to collect himself. But then he felt the press of a thick, hot shape against his strained rim. Again and again it knocked on his entrance, soft and yet firm. The alphas knot, trying to stretch him even further. He groaned, knowing he couldn't take it. He would split in half if he were forced open any more. His heart raced in his throat, real fear shooting through him for the first time. He tried to speak, opening his mouth to beg for mercy, but had the breath forced through his lips by a jarringly deep thrust of that tormenting cock. He kept trying, but only managed disjointed sounds, single syllables that didn't connect.

Meanwhile the knot was pounding his rim, a new stimulus among all the others. And then Meng Yao was close, whatever arcane combination of factors led to an omega coming from his alphas cock took hold, and he knew it was inevitable. He sobbed as it ripped through him, up from his tender hole, through his inner walls and balls, up through his cock, everything squeezing and clenching as he spilled onto the bed. Nie Mingjue shouted in response, and then everything was liquid and hot. They were locked together in climax as the alpha filled him and he sobbed in relief. He felt the knot harder and larger continue to slam against him, but now definitely not pushing inside.

It was a long time until he went limp, until he could start taking deep, gasping breaths and feel his light-headedness begin to fade. Nie Mingjue stroked into him several more times, making wet squelching sounds, then pulled out and fell next to him on his back.

Meng Yao kept his eyes closed and focused on breathing. Only gradually did he feel like his body was under his own control again, bit by bit as he calmed, despite the tremors that shook him at intervals.

A large, warm hand fell on the small of his back. “Are you alright?” He made some kind of noise in response. “I don't know if that's a yes or not.” Nie Mingjue's voice was gruff, but not unkind.

Meng Yao took a final deep breath to gather his wits and forced himself up, rolling partially onto his side. “Neither do I,” he said. He tried for a light tone, but his throat was dry and parched like he had been screaming and it came out broken sounding.

The hand on his back moved, directionless. “Did I hurt you?” Meng Yao gave a dry laugh, but couldn't formulate a response. “Meng Yao!” and now Nie Mingjue was upset. His hand moved lower, as the big man pushed himself up and moved closer. His fingers prodded at Meng Yao's tender and puffy entrance, making him gasp as one of them slipped inside. It swiped around and then was withdrawn. Nie Mingjue made a sound that was something like a tsk and then reinserted his finger.

Meng Yao made a noise of protest. “Hey,” he said. Then he felt the tingle of a spiritual energy transfer. It felt strange to receive such a thing in that place, but some of the throbbing faded. “Was I bleeding?” he asked, too curious not to. Was that why he felt so incredibly wet?

“A little.” The energy continued to flow.

“Ugh, that's enough, Sect Leader,” he said, trying to move a little away from the other man, but barely managing to shift his lower body. He felt so incredibly weak. The other man grumbled but withdrew his digit. Meng Yao went limp against the bed again, though he shifted away from the damp spot under him.

“I'm sorry,” said Nie Mingjue. Meng Yao waved him off with a vague swipe of his hand through the air.

“S'fine.” Meng Yao turned to look at him. “It's not like I didn't know what I was in for.” He gave the alpha a hint of a smile. The truth was he hadn't expected to lose himself so completely in the act, to lose control of his mind. That hadn't happened before, except when he was in heat.

“Ah, have you much experience...with alphas?” The question was awkward but not offensively phrased, but Meng Yao still had to force his breathing to remain steady.

“No,” he said casually. He inhaled and exhaled. “Only one, and only when I was in heat.”

“Ah,” replied the sect leader. “Same, actually.” Meng Yao looked over at him. “That is, when the omega was in heat.”

“What about past ruts?” He had a hard time believing such an attractive and powerful alpha had spent his ruts locked up alone.

Nie Mingjue frowned and looked away. “I mostly left that up to...professionals.”

“Oh.” No need to explain that statement. Not to him, certainly. A darker thought occurred to him. Did Nie Mingjue see this situation as similar? He would hardly be the first man to see Meng Yao as an omega whore by virtue of his birth.

“I didn't mean...”

“What?” he snapped, narrowing his eyes at the other man, who only met his gaze reluctantly. His jawline was tight. “Afraid to say the word in front of me? Whore? Don't think I've heard it enough? Think I'll get angry and not let you use me like one anymore?” Meng Yao was sitting up, the hot flush of anger taking him by surprise. It had been years since he'd lost his temper like this, since he hadn't been able to swallow the insult down with a smile. This entire situation had him off kilter.

“Meng Yao,” said Nie Mingjue, taking hold of his upper arm. “I didn't mean that at all. I...I'm sorry if I was cruel. I can't control myself sometimes in rut, that's why I've never--” He cut himself off with a swipe of his free hand over his mouth. “I wasn't making comparisons. You asked and I answered.”

Meng Yao closed his eyes and sighed. “I know,” he admitted.

“I thought you were enjoying it...I should have...shouldn't have allowed this...I just wanted you--” Meng Yao cut off this line of talk with a hand to the other's lips.

“I did enjoy it. But it was...overwhelming. I'm sorry, I don't usually do this either. I'm not used to it.”

“I hurt you.”

“I don't mind being hurt, a little.” He gave the alpha a sly smile. He trailed his gaze down from Nie Mingjue's face, down his muscled body, to his thick cock, still rigid, still with a swollen knot. He reached out slowly and touched two fingers to it, drawing them down the length, watching the alpha react by letting out a soft sigh and letting his eyelids flutter closed. “Besides, you're not nearly done, are you?” Just like that, the alphas breathing was ragged and shallow. He let his hand move lower to tease his sensitive knot. He gave in to a sudden impulse and lowered his mouth to it, licking and then sucking at the engorged bulge of it.

“Oh, A-Yao,” moaned Nie Mingjue, which sent a thrill humming along his veins. “Am I so fortunate? Will you stay?” Meng Yao didn't answer him, just sucked harder at his flesh and began to stroke his length with his hand. He'd never been able to play with an alphas cock when it was swollen up like this. He took his time, teasing more than trying to please. Nie Mingjue lay back and let him, though, winding one heavy hand into his hair. Not pulling or demanding, just touching. He loved the sounds he could wring from Nie Mingjue, breaking that strong man down to whimpers with just his mouth and a hand. He trailed down to lick and suck on his balls for a while before returning back to his shaft and knot. He felt himself growing aroused again, his outburst of anger forgotten, subsumed under the rare opportunity to have the object of his desire under his hands.

Eventually he couldn’t resist anymore, with slick dripping down from the cleft of his ass. He straddled Nie Mingjue, who immediately encircled his waist with his hands. Those hands nearly met each other to form a complete circle. Meng Yao ground down on the alpha’s cock, feeling the swollen knot against his hole, the length of it against his erection. Nie Mingjue reached up and grabbed him hard behind the neck, pulling him down into a growling kiss. Warmth spread down his spine as the alpha’s tongue swiped into his mouth, making his rocking go smooth and sinuous. He wanted him inside again. He pulled away and reached down to reposition that huge, swollen thing, before sinking back slowly, letting it open him up as he slid back.

“Lord,” he moaned. Nie Mingjue’s hands were back on his waist again and they were encouraging him down, pushing him to take just a little more. His body clenched around the thickness but it was all delicious to Meng Yao. And knowing the alpha’s way was eased by his own seed only made it more satisfying. He sank down and down, not letting himself pause until his stretched hole met the swell of that inflated knot. He panted there, for a moment, body spasming around the intrusion. He looked down to the man beneath him and saw Nie Mingjue’s eyes glassy with need. His fingers would leave bruises on his waist, he knew.

“You feel so good,” gritted out the alpha, pressing up despite there not being any where for him to go.

“You, too,” he replied. Then he took a deep breath and rocked forward just enough to have room to shift back. A wet noise marked the slap of knot against entrance, and that added sensation made him cry out. He did it again. And then again, harder and faster this time. He gasped, the smack of wet flesh against his asshole feeling like someone had hit him there deliberately. Like an extremely intimate spanking. Combined with the deep push of the alpha’s cock into his guts, he quickly became overwhelmed. He didn’t stop, though, throwing all his energy into driving himself forward and back, spearing himself on that length again and again. If he flagged, Nie Mingjue’s hands were there to guide him.

Meng Yao canted his hips and screamed as the new angle intensified the shock of the cock brushing his inner walls, hitting just right. He was suddenly very close to release and he lost all other consideration as his body naturally chased that pleasure. His world became a swirl of gasping moans and clutching hands and slick slide of flesh on flesh. He lasted longer than expected, but finally, finally, he slammed down on that knot and felt the body beneath him arch, felt heat and liquid within him an instant before he lost all else in the blinding flash of climax.

He came to lying on Nie Mingjue’s broad chest, both of them covered in sweat. He felt the driving press of the cock still moving into him, Nie Mingjue lifting his hips to meet his stationary rear. He dug his nails into the alpha’s shoulders, the feel of him so much on his sensitive parts.

“Stop?” the alpha asked low. He made a sound in reply, but it wasn’t a word in any discernable way. Just a broken moan. Another more tentative drive into him. “I can come again,” said Nie Mingjue. “I can feel it.” Meng Yao nodded, the best he could do to answer, to give his blessing. Nie Mingjue must have understood, or he decided to take it for permission, because he began thrusting up more forcefully. Each thrust threatened to break him in two, he felt, but he let it happen. Loved it, if he were honest. He had wanted Nie Mingjue to break him, had accepted it as inevitable when he’d decided to go through with this.

No one had ever made him feel this way: this lost in sensation, so full of pleasure that he couldn’t tell pain apart from it any more. He’d had more than one or two lovers. Sex was something he’d always known how to use. Men looked at him, saw his omega, learned of his background, and expected certain things. Some of them liked the idea of using an omega like an alpha. Some wanted him to play the seducer. But he never lost control, unless he was in heat, and usually he didn’t allow anyone close to him during those times.

But here, like this, what was the reason it was so impossible for him to hold any part of himself back? Was it Nie Mingjue, his powerful alpha forcing him down, taking every last piece of him? Or was it him, his omega, offering himself up on a platter to this man? He knew which was more comfortable and which therefore was more likely the case. Because he loved it so. He wished he could be in heat. Wished he could keep this up for days and days. Wished, deep in his treacherous omega core, that the seed the alpha pumped into him wasn’t going to waste.

And on that thought his body spasmed again and pleasure shot through him. Up from where the cock pierced, up his spine and his cock, jerking him into a dry climax. His head lolled like a doll’s. Distantly he was aware of the sound of a low growling groan beneath him, but that was all he knew of the alpha’s orgasm this time. He was too far gone to register anything else. He collapsed at last, draped over Nie Mingjue, twitching and shivering and panting. Eyes closed and mind spinning, not tethered entirely to consciousness.

Distantly he felt movement, touches to his back and lips on his temple. After a time he felt emptiness where he had been so filled, and the wet stickiness leaking from him. And then he knew nothing more for a time.

Meng Yao was prodded awake by a thick object between his thighs.

“Mrr?” he asked, veins flooding with energy. His body prepared to fight off an attack, but the scent that surrounded him spoke of safety and calm.

“M’sorry,” murmured a low voice close to his ear. That voice, slurred, but so deep, so resonant. Not to mention the body wrapped around him, larger than anyone he knew. And finally the scent, the one he had tried so hard to ignore for years now. Nie Mingjue. A wide palm pressed flat to his chest, holding him tight. “Only I’m so hard again…” continued the alpha, rutting between his thighs. The length of him caught on his rim with each thrust: sore and yet exciting. “Do you mind?”

Meng Yao shook his head, still fuzzy with sleep but his lower half, at least, rapidly coming awake. He wondered, briefly, if Nie Mingjue was going to take his agreement as permission to slide into him. But he only kept thrusting through his damp and sticky thighs. A throb of disappointment fired off in his chest and Meng Yao mentally rolled his eyes at himself. It seemed he hadn’t had enough punishment from this alpha and his freakishly large cock yet. Still, he truly didn’t know how long it had been since his rut had started or how many times Nie Mingjue had actually climaxed. He should probably be thankful for a chance to save his body.

Nie Mingjue’s mouth was moving along his shoulder and throat. He licked the edges of his scent gland, but moved away before he used his teeth. Between his efforts there and the cock sliding against his ass and balls, Meng Yao found himself growing aroused. He didn’t come to full hardness in any hurry, not after everything that had already passed, but his breathing was ragged and he was moving to press back against the alpha in time with his own movements. The arm around him only tightened.

Then after a long, sweaty, hot time, Nie Mingjue shuddered and cried out. Hot release splashed his own cock and ran between his legs. They stilled, catching their breath. By now Meng Yao felt his body throbbing with desire once more. He slid back decisively. “Your knot?” he asked, not feeling it against his legs.

“Didn’t go this time,” explained the alpha. “Sometimes doesn’t, especially if I’m not…in someone.” Meng Yao nodded.

“Good,” he said. “Because when you’re ready again, I want you inside. And I want your knot.” He knew it was reckless, but if this was his one chance, he wasn’t walking away without taking everything Nie Mingjue had to give.

The alpha growled, right below his ear. “Meng Yao,” he moaned. His cock pressed against him. “Are you really that insatiable?”

“Mmm,” he replied, reaching between his legs to tease at the head of the alpha’s cock. Nie Mingjue hissed from sensitivity as he stroked over his slit. “Bored of me already?”

Another growl, and then Meng Yao was on his stomach, pressed flat to the bed. “Bored?” Nie Mingjue grabbed hold of his hair and pulled it aside, to rake teeth against his spine. He shivered. Down and down the alpha’s mouth moved, pressing kisses and nips and sucking at his skin until he reached the swell of his ass. Then the devouring began in earnest. Nie Mingjue opened as wide as possible to suck bits of him into his mouth, before torturing the flesh until Meng Yao was whimpering and begging without words. Then his mouth would release and move onto another spot. He would have round marks and bruises, maybe teeth marks all over his rear tomorrow. He writhed and complained and loved every moment, not trying to escape at all.

And then Nie Mingjue pulled his cheeks wide apart and paused. “Look at you,” he said, rumbling through his chest. “So swollen and abused already.” Then, to Meng Yao’s shock, the wet touch of the man’s tongue swiped across his hole. He howled, mostly in surprise, but also at the fireworks of sensation that single touch woke in him.

“Sore?” asked Nie Mingjue in what for him was a teasing tone, but in anyone else would be called a gloat. Meng Yao only groaned. But he also pressed back a little, silently offering himself for more. He was rewarded after a moment with another lick, right across the puffy ring. And then all around, in a circle, and then the wet press of the tongue’s tip inside. Within seconds he was a trembling, whining mess, each touch feeling magnified a hundred times by how sensitive he was. And then magnified again by the very thought of Nie Mingjue, Sect Leader Nie, Chifeng-zun, actually lowering himself to this. To licking hungrily and wantonly at his servant’s messy hole. Now he was fucking Meng Yao with his tongue, in and out and then circling the rim. Over and over. Loud sobs echoed around his head, and it took Meng Yao some time to realize he was the one emitting them.

An age passed, and Nie Mingjue didn’t lose interest. Gradually the sensory onslaught leveled off, as his body grew used to it, and Meng Yao was able to almost catch his breath. “Please,” he called over his shoulder. “Please.” He felt accomplished to have managed a single word.

“Please?” Nie Mingjue’s words sounded wet and heat shot through him when he thought of why.

“Please, heavens, fuck me,” he panted, finally given a moment’s reprieve. “Or I’m going to die.” Nie Mingjue laughed, loud and hearty, at this. His hand came down and slapped the side of his rump, striking one of the marks his mouth had left before.

“Fine,” the alpha said, clearly pleased. “But I’m going to watch your face while I fuck you this time.” And he grabbed him under the thighs and rolled him. Meng Yao landed on the bed with a painful thump to his spine and tender rear.

“Ow,” he complained. “Brute.” Nie Mingjue only grinned dangerously. Meng Yao loved this mood. Thrilled to see him towering over him, grinning. “Now, come on,” he said, glaring a challenge up at him. “Wreck me.”

Nie Mingjue took him at his word: taking him like a storm unleashed. Meng Yao loosed himself completely, crying out as he was pounded and pummeled by the alpha. He shuddered with pleasure and gasped in pain and when the alpha cried out and buried himself deep to spill, he came as the knot swelled within him. Even then he got no respite, because after a pause for breath, Nie Mingjue insisted on bringing them both to climax again.

Dawn found them wrapped around each other, both limp and weak, dirty and sticky with dried sweat and fluids. Meng Yao felt numb, his senses feeling worn out from so much use. He’d slept, or lost consciousness, he wasn’t sure which, between bouts of fucking. He’d lost track of how many times he’d been taken, how many times both of them had spent, how many times he’d felt the knot swollen inside him.

Right now, he just wanted a drink. He had been lying in the limp arms of the alpha, listening to him snore, trying to work up the energy to move. Finally he forced himself, pushing up to a sitting position. Spasms of pain pierced him as he put pressure on his lower half. He gritted his teeth and tried to ignore it. He shoved up onto one knee and cried out, the movement wrenching something badly.

Suddenly there was a strong hand supporting him. He turned to look at Nie Mingjue, surprised at how quickly he’d come awake. Whatever the alpha saw on his face alarmed him, for his eyes went wide.

“No, no, don’t!” Nie Mingjue wrapped his arms around him, lifting him bodily and lying him back down on the bed. “Don’t move, let me do it.” The expression on the sect leader’s face was dire, brows drawn down into a frown. “You’ll hurt yourself like that, what were you thinking?”

Meng Yao felt like a chastised child. “I was thinking I was thirsty.”

“I’ll get you water. Are you alright for a minute?”

“I’m fine,” he insisted. And he was, he knew. He was injured, perhaps, but he’d been on battlefields, taken sword wounds and walked away. And true, this was painful, his body suddenly making the extent of the abuse it’d taken known, now that the frenzy of the moment and the pleasure was gone. But it seemed about the same as his past alpha experience. That had been an entire heat, of course, but the man hadn’t been nearly as well-endowed as Nie Mingjue. At least he didn’t think so. His memories were hazy and he had avoided replaying them as much as possible.

Nie Mingjue returned with a flask of water, which Meng Yao guzzled gratefully. “I still need to stand,” he said. Nie Mingjue frowned but assisted him to his feet, practically lifting him bodily. He stood long enough to relieve himself and then collapsed back on the bed. Nie Mingjue covered himself with a robe and disappeared into the connecting washroom. He returned after a time and sat on the corner of the bed.

“Bath will be ready soon.” Meng Yao nodded. Bath, singular? Which of them had the honor of going first? Normally it would be the sect leader, of course, but his skin was itching from dried unspeakable fluids. He didn’t think he had ever felt more filthy, even after battles. Well, it was a different sort of filth. The dirt and blood of battle were stains men wore proudly, showing off to one another as they sluiced clean together. The kind of mess which ran out of an omega’s hole was the shameful kind. The kind hidden, and not spoken of.

He shook himself out of his dark ruminations and looked at the alpha watching him. Nie Mingjue’s brows were still drawn into a frown, though it was hard to judge much by that. He looked for a moment as if he would speak, but then he turned away and remained silent. Finally, the large man stood and walked to the other room again. He returned with a calmer expression.

“The bath is ready,” he announced, and bent down with his arms outstretched to him. Meng Yao pulled away in surprise, but it didn’t matter. The alpha’s bulk easily wrapped him up and lifted him. He found himself in the absurd position of being carried like a baby in Nie Mingjue’s arms. He spluttered indignation, but the other man didn’t react.

“This isn’t necessary!” he protested weakly.

“Yes, it is,” returned Nie Mingjue, as calmly as if he were discussing battlefield strategy. “I saw you try to stand on your own. There’s no reason for you to cause yourself pain when I can easily carry you.”


“I’m the one who put you in this state, so I’ll be the one taking care of you.” Meng Yao exhaled, nonplussed. Nie Mingjue spoke as he always did, a man certain of his place and his duty. His unbending morality often perplexed Meng Yao, though he’d found it suited his purposes a time or two. It was only natural that this attitude extended into his personal life, but for some reason Meng Yao still felt surprise.

The alpha carried him to a larger than average wooden tub, draped with cloth and filled with steaming water. He lowered him directly into it, the water stinging his skin, alerting him to countless tiny wounds. Settling his rear onto the hard surface made him wince. He was just straightening and looking for the soap when he noticed that Nie Mingjue was letting his robe fall to the floor. The man’s cock, still impressive even soft, was just at his eye level as he approached the tub. Meng Yao was distracted by its swing and didn’t realize for a moment that Nie Mingjue was climbing into the tub himself.

He let out a surprised yelp and scooted forward when the alpha placed a hand on his shoulder. With some awkward rearrangement, they managed to both fit, with Nie Mingjue’s legs on either side of Meng Yao and his back against the other’s chest. Nie Mingjue leaned back and pulled him as well. He could feel all that muscle behind him relaxing, and he took a breath and tried to follow along. The heat of the water soothed his sore muscles and Nie Mingjue’s chest was a nice pillow. The large man wrapped him in an embrace, his arms crossed around him. It felt safe. Meng Yao instinctively distrusted it. His breath came fast despite his relaxed posture. But eventually, with a hand stroking soothingly up and down his chest, he was able to let his weariness take him.

After a decent time’s soak, Nie Mingjue produced soap and began cleaning them both. His hands ran all over, soaping everywhere he could reach. He paid special attention to Meng Yao’s thighs, making sure all accumulated fluid was removed. Then, finally, he slipped a hand under him, working along to his entrance. The first brush of his fingers against his rim made Meng Yao gasp.

“Sorry,” murmured Nie Mingjue. He nodded. He wasn’t sure that he wanted the other caring for him so intimately, but something about the situation: the warm water, the calming scent of his alpha, the gentle touches building to this…he remained passive and let it happen. Slick fingers slipped over his sore, puffy rim. Meng Yao wasn’t sure he wanted to know what he looked like down there, but he could feel his flesh was swollen. He bit his lip against crying out. The tip of one finger pressed into the middle of the ring, just barely opening him, the water feeling scalding as it moved against him. He must have moved or whimpered because Nie Mingjue pressed a gentle kiss to his hair. “Shh,” he soothed.

Then there was a new warmth, and Meng Yao gasped as he realized it was the flooding feeling of energy being directed into his body. Nie Mingjue’s spiritual energy flowed into him, directly into his abused passage. He felt the relief as pain faded and he was able to relax. The fingers directing the energy slipped further into him, still soothing, burning hot with power. Bit by bit he was healed. His passage opened as the swelling shrank, until the two fingers sat comfortably inside him, in an echo of all the previous night’s activity. Nie Mingjue pressed a touch deeper and Meng Yao’s body jerked as he was jolted with energy directly up through his balls and cock. He let out a rasping, choking sound, and the fingers instantly slipped out of him.

“Alright?” aske Nie Mingjue.

“Uh, yeah,” he managed. “That was just…intense.”

“Is the pain better?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s…mostly gone.” He shifted his hips to test it. “Yeah.”

“Good.” Nie Mingjue dropped another kiss to the top of his head. “Ready for another round?” he asked, amusement in his voice.

“Uh…” Meng Yao touched his cock, still entirely soft despite the pleasure that had just shot through him. “I think I’m spent.” Nie Mingjue chuckled.

“Just joking. I don’t think I have it in me, either.” Meng Yao relaxed, slumping back against the other man again. A large hand stroked his stomach, soothing. “I hope it hasn’t been too unpleasant,” said Nie Mingjue in a much quieter tone. Meng Yao’s mouth twitched into a smile.

“No,’ he said. “Not at all. It was…” He trailed off, overwhelmed and unsure what to say.

“What?” encouraged Nie Mingjue with a nudge of his shoulder.

“Well, I’ve never…” He inhaled. “Never felt anything like it.”

“Like…it?” asked Nie Mingjue, the teasing back in his voice. He jerked his hips a little to emphasis his meaning.

Meng Yao snorted. “No, not it. Though,” he continued slyly, “alright, I’ve never felt anything like that, either. No, I meant…all of it. I’m not usually…” He swallowed, struggling with words for once, “…I don’t usually lose control like that.”

“Oh,” was all Nie Mingjue said in reply. He sounded as if he were considering. There was a pause. “Well, you were…wonderful,” he said at last. “So eager, and alluring, and passionate.” He pressed a kiss to Meng Yao’s temple. “I hope I wasn’t too much of a brute.”

Meng Yao’s mouth twitched up again. “Not too much. I found I quite liked a little brutality. That’s not something I precisely expected, either.” He heard Nie Mingjue hum happily at this. They sat in silence for another moment as Meng Yao considered the ache in his chest, suppressing the way this entire conversation make him feel like trembling.

“But you did say you were with an alpha before?” Meng Yao sighed, shutting his eyes for a moment.


“It wasn’t the same?” Nie Mingjue was such a simple person, his questions so disingenuous.

Meng Yao considered his response. “It was very different.” His tone would shut down the topic with most people. Unfortunately, he was dealing with one of the most stubborn men he’d ever known.

“He wasn’t…brutal?”

Meng Yao clinched his jaw and said tightly, “I didn’t enjoy the brutality.” Silence fell heavily in the room. He notice the bath water going tepid.

“Oh,” Nie Mingjue said at last. There was another pause and then, in a different tone, “Who was it?”

“You really are like a dog with a bone,” he grumbled. “It was my first heat. He was a client of my mother’s, alright?” He hated the way he voice went high and panicked.

He felt the body behind him grow stiffer. “Did he…buy you?”

Meng Yao huffed a bitter laugh. “Want to know if you’re fucking a whore, after all?”

“No!” Nie Mingjue’s hand grabbed him by the shoulder when he tried to pull away. “Meng Yao, no. I, just…wondered. How it happened, is all.” Meng Yao let out several forceful breaths, willing himself to calm.

“It wasn’t my choice, alright? He forced himself on me when I was already in heat. He paid me to be silent after the fact. And that was the only time until now I was with an alpha. There. Does that assuage your alpha possessiveness or what?” The hand on his arm squeezed again and he heard Nie Mingjue open his mouth. “Do you want to know about all the other people I’ve fucked? How many? Who and where and what I let them do?”

“Shh, shh.” Nie Mingjue leaned into him, restraining him with both massive arms, pressing his face into the side of his hair and nuzzling. “Shh.” Meng Yao felt himself shaking, only the tightness of the embrace keeping him from bolting. Rage moved through him, old and familiar. Hatred. But all he could do was let it wash over him until it passed, and he could draw air into his lungs again, chest moving against the squeeze of the arms holding him. But for all the rage, he wasn’t truly angry at Nie Mingjue. He knew the man hadn’t meant to poke at him. Hadn’t known what lay underneath his calm exterior. Neither of them moved for a long while.

“You can let go, now,” he said, finally, voice calm.

“Are you sure?” asked Nie Mingjue. “I apologize, I shouldn’t have questioned you.” He didn’t release his arms. “Are you going to run away?”

Meng Yao inhaled and blew it out. “Not until I’m dried off and dressed, at the least,” he replied. “Come on, the water is cold, let’s go.”

“Alright,” said Nie Mingjue, releasing him. Meng Yao did pull away from him, but slowly and calmly. He pushed himself up, noting the lack of pain below his waist. His legs still felt sore and he knew he sported a collection of bites and bruises, but he could at least walk without agony. He climbed from the tub and reached for a cloth to dry himself.

“There are robes in the chest there,” said Nie Mingjue from the tub where he was doing some last hasty cleansing of himself. Meng Yao took a robe from the chest and put it on, sighing heavily when it pooled around his feet.

“They don’t exactly fit,” he complained. He heard the water move as Nie Mingjue shrugged. Meng Yao headed for the bedroom and began locating his own clothes, crushed and strewn about the floor. He rolled them all into a small bundle and fetched the change of clothes he’d brought with him from where they’d fallen when Nie Mingjue accosted him as he entered. He dressed himself and was nearly done when Nie Mingjue emerged into the bedroom.

“I thought you weren’t running away.”

“We’ve both been out of commission for…I don’t know, 18 hours or so? If something isn’t on fire, it will be a miracle.”

“Aren’t you hungry? Stay and I’ll order a meal.” Meng Yao hesitated but eventually shook his head. “I don’t…I’ll get something after I change. I have too much to do.”

“I’m your superior, you know,” said Nie Mingjue with a hint of a smile. “I could excuse you for just a little while. After all the service you’ve done me…”

Meng Yao paused, then turned to him and bowed, formally. “Thank you, Sect Leader, but I’ll be going now.” He saw the smile drop from Nie Mingjue’s face and his shoulders straighten. Then the other man took a step forward until he was within arm’s reach.

“Do we have to part like that?” he asked, reaching out a hand slowly to Meng Yao’s cheek. The omega sighed but didn’t move away and let him cup his face. “Thank you, A-Yao,” he said softly. The omega blinked and looked away, the nickname making something in his chest light up. “It was wonderful. I’m very grateful. In fact, I’d love to do it again.” Meng Yao looked back at him. “Anytime. Or if…if you have a heat? It’s up to you, of course,” he added seriously. “If you don’t wish to repeat it, then, fine.” Meng Yao nodded, slowly, to demonstrate his understanding.

“My heat isn’t for a few months,” he said. “But…perhaps?” A smile spread across Nie Mingjue’s face and Meng Yao’s chest twinged again. “I’m going to go now, though,” he added.

“Alright,” said the alpha. “Can I kiss you, though?” Meng Yao tensed and then nodded. Nie Mingjue moved closer, bending his head until his lips pressed to Meng Yao’s. The kiss was tender. Careful, not demanding or unrestrained. Perhaps it was a kiss of gratitude. Perhaps a promise for the future. Meng Yao didn’t feel able to parse it at the moment. He suppressed the trembling he felt, only his hand shaking slightly as they parted.

He smiled once more at his sect leader, his alpha, and then he turned and went to the door. As he was leaving he nodded solemnly to the guards on duty. When he passed a servant he ordered food brought for the sect leader and a plate for himself in his room. He noted the way people stared as he went back to his room, but kept a smile on his face until he was alone. Then he sagged, a profound uncertainty filling him.

He had no idea what it would all mean for the future, for his plans, for his life. Was it a mistake or a beneficial move? He didn’t know. But he couldn’t bring himself to regret it, not thinking back on everything Nie Mingjue had made him feel. He hadn’t known he was capable of that. Of…this. He touched his chest, right over the place that ached so sharply. And he knew, if the opportunity arose again…he would make the same choice.