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Shadowhunters Season 4

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--- Scene 1---

“Elena" Alec calls as out as he arrives on the scene. The access to angel square gas been cordoned off by members of the Guard.

Scores of curious hunters are crushed up against the barricades, trying to sneak a peak of what is going on.

“Alec” Elena greats him, “I guess you’re being thrown in the deep end"

“Alec what do we do?” Lydia asks as she catches up to them at the centre of the square.

“Madam Inquisitor, I will remind you that Mr Lightwood-Bane is Consul elect and has not yet been sworn into office, until then it is the council that will be running this operation"

“Elena, we don’t have time for an argument over jurisdiction” Alec looks at her firmly as he sees Elena’s facade start to crumble. He can see it in her eyes, she doesn’t really know what to do and the weight of the world is on her shoulders and Alec knows that look all too well.

“Elena, it’s me he wants resigning"

Elena rolls her eyes, unsure, “Ok fine. We do this thing, but together understand?”

Alec nods, “So what have we got so far"

“27 minutes ago Horace and his supporters stormed the Accords hall; no one was expecting anything like this would happen. Security in the building have been detained by his forces but no injuries or fatalities"

“How do you know" Lydia asks

“Horace agreed to let a single medic come in and inspect them”

“Thank the angel" Lydia sighs. Was she responsible for this? She was in charge of the elections after all. Had she failed? She thought.

“Killing or hurting innocent shadowhunters won’t endear him to the population. Horace is smart enough to know this. Still we shouldn’t assume he won’t harm them if pushed" Alec points out

Elena nods, thinking it through, “then our first priority should be getting them out"

“Not through brute force, let’s see if Horace can be convinced to let them go" Alec thinks allowed

“I don’t think you should speak with him Alec, we need someone he will consider more... neutral"

“That’s me" Lydia shakes her head.

“Lydia, no!” Alec protests

“Alec, Horace may listen to her” Elena interjects

Alec bites his tongue, literally, “fine. Send the message" he shakes his head.


--- Scene 2---

“Miss Branwell, he won’t face me himself then?” Horace meets Lydia at the entrance chamber, each with 1 person for security as per their fire message exchanges.

“I’m here to discuss the hostages Horace” Lydia asks.

“They’ve not been harmed; your medic has already confirmed that"

“Tell me what message it sends that you have taken hostages. They have no part in this. Let them go”

“Why would I do that, they are the only reason he hasn’t launched a full and bloody attack on us.”

“Alec has not been sworn in yet Horace, you know that! You’ll also know that this matter will therefore be dealt with by the council; your comrades in arms. These people know you Horace, they don’t want you harmed or anyone else for that matter” Lydia reasons with the man but his face as expressionless as ever and shows no signs of cracking.

“Half" Horace finally speaks, “as a gesture of good will"

Lydia sighs under her breath; it’s a start, “thank you”

“I am curious however, why the council sent you?”

“Was I at any point unfair or unreasonable with you during the election" Lydia points out.

Horace pauses, as if to study Lydia, “No. In fact you were quite... balanced"

Lydia nods

“Surprisingly so, give that pervert jilted you at the alter”

Lydia holds back any expression from her face; she wasn’t here to be roped in by Horace.

“I’ll have half of those in our care come out within 15 minutes, your people will keep a distance from the main entrance while they leave, if we think your about to storm the hall whilst we release them the other half may not have such a positive outcome. Understood?”

“Yes" Lydia simply replies.

“15 minutes, more than enough time for Alec to stop hiding behind the council’s skirt"


----Scene 3---

Elena hangs up her phone and moves towards Alec who is talking to the Guard about tactical positions should Horace and his followers try to launch an attack.

“Alec they are sending fire messages asking people to join them. We have had a few portals into to the city already but have been able to restrain them, if the come en masse we’re going to start getting spread very thin very quickly"

Alec pulls his phone out of his pocket and dials Magnus.

“Alexander is everything ok I’ve been so worried" Magnus’s voice is shaky.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I need wards raised up over Idris, ones strong enough to stop a portal breaking through. Like New York when the warlocks prevented Valentine from leaving" Alec talks fast given the urgency. “No one in or out"

“I’ll need to contact every warlock in Alicante but I can make it happen... I love you, be safe"

“I love you too" Alec hangs up.

“Elena, Alec, look" Lydia points towards the main entrance of the accords hall as 30 shadowhunters, still in uniform and bound at their hands walk towards the cordon boundary near the centre of the square.

Alec sighs a breath of release.


---Scene 4---

(Mildly Explicit/smutty)

Izzy paces the room.

“Iz" Simon calls out, “Izzy, IZZY"

Izzy finally stops, her arms still flailing about as she doesn’t know what to do, “Sorry Simon, but I can’t just stay here doing nothing!”

“Let Alec deal with it, he will call us when and if he needs us" Simon moves over to her at vampire speed.

“I just hate feeling like I have nothing to do" Izzy huffs.

Simon wraps his arms around Izzy. Izzy is still feeling a bit tipsy from the night before.

“I’m sure I can find something for you to do" Simon kisses Izzy gently on the forehead.

“Oh?” Izzy smirks

“I was thinking that maybe you could help me with the Codex but if you have other ideas" Simon smiles.

Izzy loves that smile. Simon is just a great big dopey idiot but he is her great big dopey idiot.

Izzy grabs Simon’s hands and pulls him towards Magnus and Alec’s bedroom.

“They’ll know!” Simon hesitates; Magnus always notices anything out of place.

“It’s that or here where Clary and Jace could walk in on us at any time?” Izzy nibbles on his ear.

Clary and Jace were currently in the kitchen; Clary said she was going to bake cookies. It’s her go to activity for distracting herself when worrying. Simon remembered one time when her mum was having surgery to remove her appendix. Clary made at least 200 cookies that day.

“I don’t think my brother wants to see my wet cunt filled with your huge cock Si" Izzy’s nibble moves down to his neck.

Simon melts and gives in, this is a bad idea Simon thinks about using Magnus and Alec’s bedroom. But how can he resist Izzy’s charms. Besides if this helps Izzy stop being worried then this must be a good thing.


---Scene 5---
(Mildly Explicit/smutty)

“How many of those are you going to make" Jace raises his eye brow.

Clary pulls out a tray of warm cookies and quickly replaces it with another tray of cookies to cook.

“Oh shut up" Clary teases Jace as she shoves a warm cookie in his mouth.

“Mmm, ‘s good" Jace moans. Clary smiles widely and Jace can’t help but notice the change in demeanour.

“Maybe Izzy would like some too"

Jace swallows the mouth full of warm cookie, “I think I heard her pulling Simon into Magnus and Alec’s bedroom"

“So we have the kitchen to ourselves" Clary flashes a devious smile.

Clary steps up to Jace and places her soft lips against his, parting them gently. Jace moans into the kiss. This was unexpected, but gratefully received. Clary had seemed so distant recently but it feels like it should be; tender, intimate and full of sparks that tingle throughout Jace’s body.

Clary places her fingers against Jace’s abs, teasing them as she kisses him.

“What’s gotten into you?” Jace smirks

“Guess I’ve just been feeling incredibly aroused the last half hour, honestly I thought the number of times I bent over to use that oven you would have taken the hint” Clary continues to kiss Jace.

Pulling back from the kiss, Clary lifts Jace’s t-shirt off and starts planting tiny little kisses all over his chest, eventually reaching his nipples and playfully biting and licking them.

“Ugh" Jace groans

“Agh...tsst" Clary cries out holding her side.

“Clary what is it? Are you ok" Jace fussed

“Just a stitch in the side”


---Scene 6---


Simon drags his fangs along Izzy’s neck teasingly. It had taken them a long time to work out a balance for them both to indulge in their natural instincts and not to trigger Izzy’s cravings for venom.

Simon could scrape a little, maybe for a few minutes at most, as long as they were doing other stuff too so that those sensations took over Izzy before any craving could kick in.

Izzy digs her nails into Simon’s smooth back.

She moans as Simon buries all of himself inside her wet hole. There were runes in use that allowed him to go that deep without hurting Izzy. In fact thanks to the runes Izzy and Clary were the only two people he had ever been with that could take every inch he had to offer but he still fretted about hurting.

His thumb moves in circles over her clit which is brushed by Simon’s pelvis on each thrust.

The copious amounts of lubricating vampire pre-cum leaks all over the bedding as it dribbles out of Izzy’s hole every time Simon pulls out and splatters every time he thrusts in. There was no way Magnus and Alec would not notice this on the bedding but right now they were both in so much pleasure Simon didn’t care. Simon and Izzy were very worked up by now, they had been at it for about half an hour at this point and there was no stopping Simon from sliding his enormous cock in that velvety warm hole.

Simon was lost in the wet squelching sound as he thrust deep inside Izzy. He couldn’t quite shake the fact that the sound was exactly the same as when he overheard his AU counterpart fucking Jace. No he can’t be thinking of that whilst he is balls deep in Izzy. Fuck Magnus for messing with my head, he thought.

Simon starts to speed up, he can’t quite go full vampire speed with Izzy, she finds that too overwhelming but he can still build up to a speed most mundanes would find impressive.

The sound of squelching and skin slapping fills the room.

“Agh" Izzy cries out in pain.

Simon stops and pulls out immediately, “I’m so sorry, did I hurt you?”

Izzy shakes her head, “No, just my leg"

Izzy holds her right thigh, rubbing it better but looks at a worried Simon and smiles, “Stop fretting and don’t think this gets you out of anything, the second it’s stopped cramping you are going back in balls deep mister!”

Simon grins which in turn puts Izzy at ease as she smiles back at that beautiful geeky man.


--- Scene 7---

Magnus opens the doors to his apartment to find everyone quickly shuffling to sit neatly in the living room.

Suspicious of the four of them he looks them all over.

“Did you get the wards up ok?” Jace asks casually.

“...yes" Magnus’s eyes squirts as he inspects them all. “No one can portal in or out for the time being"

Magnus’s head turns and he sniffs the air, “Why does this apartment smell of cookies?”

He heads to the kitchen and looks over the dozen or so plates piled high with cookies, “I see" Magnus rolls his eyes.

“Got a bit restless biscuit?”

“Well I just didn’t know what to do and I thought you and Alec might like some cookies" Clary knows full well there are more than enough cookies to put Magnus and Alec into a sugar induced coma.

Magnus notices his bedroom door is not fully shut; he glides towards the door and opens it to find the bedding removed from the bed.

Without saying a word he turns around and gives a menacing look to Simon and Izzy.

How does he know it was us? Izzy thinks.

“Oh yea, ummm... Chairman Meow took one of the cookies and ran into your room and there were crumbs everywhere so we ummm washed the bedding.” Simon blabbered.

Jace rolls his eyes at how much Simon’s lie sucks.

“The mattress is wet, Simon Lewis" Magnus said in a pointed tone.

“ummm... yeah, so umm Chairman Meow was then sick... from the cookie... and so the sheets and mattress got a bit... umm soaked"

Magnus closes his eyes as if he is counting to ten in his head.

Magnus flicks his wrist to clean up the damp mattress. He takes a deep breath and let’s out one long huff in dramatic fashion.

“I am aware that you are cooped up and unable to use your own apartments. But next time, children, it would be best if you could fuck in the shower or at least on the balcony where your bodily fluids can be hosed the fuck down"

Magnus roles his eyes and walks off to his study.

“I think that went very well" Simon says optimistically, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the room


--- Scene 8---

“Why is he here, he’s not the Consul yet" one of the delegates complains

“He is the consul-elect and as Dearborn is calling for his resignation I think it’s obvious why he is here Arnold" Elena retorts

There are about 80 of the council members in attendance at the emergency meeting, the ones missing are Dearborn and his closest supporters on the council. Alec isn’t surprised; they are probably with him in the accords hall.

The council sit uncomfortably in the dinning hall of the civil service office building, it’s near to the accords halls and used for staff that run everything from the city’s water supply to maintenance of the demon towers.

“Dearborn and his Ilk are traitors of the Clave, why are we humouring them?” another delegate asks.

“Because right now, he has over 5000 supporters with him and if it wasn’t for the wards he could have another 5000 more. Do you plan on executing or imprisoning 5-10,000 of our own people?” Alec steps forward.

“Our numbers have been low for many centuries and the recent wars have not helped. We can’t afford to lose 10% of our forces or lose more trying to imprison that 10%" Lydia adds

The frustration in the room is palatable, and the sighs audibly loud.

“We don't make deals with traitors and terrorists. Today it’s Alec’s resignation, tomorrow dictatorship" one member calls out

Alec sighs, “We are going to have to convince them. Is that, or this may turn into a civil war"

“It’s a civil war they can’t win. Horace must know that.” Another voice calls out.

“Don’t be too sure delegate, a small force with gorilla warfare tactics can succeed against a larger force. What do we do when anyone could be secretly working against us, sabotaging us from the inside? It’s why Valentine's Circle was able to do so much damage. A civil war might not end up being played put on the battlefield" Elena rubs her forehead.


---Scene 9---

“Good to see you and Jace seeming a bit more normal again" Izzy smiles as the two girls share a coffee on the balcony.

“I guess I just needed some time to process what happened in the other dimensions" Clary sips her coffee which is now a bit Luke warm, “I was the queen of hell, it’s terrifying to think that I am capable of that, under any circumstance”

“It wasn’t you Clary”

“No but it was. And then I tricked Jonathan. You should have seen him Iz, he was so...vulnerable. And I used him and abandoned him. God knows what the queen will do to him. I didn’t save him, again

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that Clary” Izzy embraces the red head.

“I guess I was harsh on Jace" Clary sighs

“yea but… that’s not the only thing Clary, there’s been this distance I’ve seen you keep with him, I don’t know why but you’re going to have to deal with it"

“I’m...” Clary stutters

“Shs Clary, you don’t have to tell me until you’re ready to. But when you are ready, I’ll be here"

Clary sighs, Izzy is right, Clary has been keeping Jace at distance a bit.

“Also the idea of Simon fucking Jace kind of threw me" Clary tries to turn the situation light hearted.

“Sorry WHAT?” Izzy’s eyes widen

“In one of the other dimensions, where they were married and...” Clary pauses and can’t look Izzy in the eye, “He... He didn’t tell you"

Fuck, though Clary, she has landed Simon in some sort of trouble, she can almost sense the rage radiating off of Izzy.

Izzy rises from her chair, “excuse me Clary"

Jace comes out onto the balcony just as Izzy brushes past him with enough force to knock Jace.

As she heads back into the loft Jace looks at Clary, “What’s with her?”

“Best not to ask" Clary feels so stupid for causing a problem; it didn’t cross her mind that Simon wouldn’t have filled her in.

“How long is this going to take, they’ve been negotiating for 10 hours" Clary complains. She is fed up of staying put, even if the all clear was given everyone thinks she has no memories and is studying art in New York.

“I don’t know, it takes as long as it takes I guess. The Yerevan hostage crisis went on for 15 days. Better that they are talking than fighting.” Jace shrugs as he pulls the chair closer to Clary and sits down.

“If I have to stay here 15 fucking days!” Clary fumes, not quite sure why she feels this irritable and annoyed all of a sudden.


---Scene 10---

A vampire pacing the room was quite a sight to see, with blurry speed Simon moved across the whole living area. Magnus was in his bedroom, and Clary and Jace in the spare room watching TV having gotten fed up with Simon’s pacing.

Izzy had stormed out earlier but Simon didn’t know why, she just left, in the middle of a crisis. Simon was so worried; she shouldn’t be out and about at the moment.

Izzy opens the door and slowly draws it close as in case people were alseep.

As she spins round she sees Simon with his arms crossed, he was pulling a face. It wasn’t anger or frustration, Izzy recognised it instantly as deep concern.

“I was so worried about you, where were you?”

“At a bar" Izzy admits, looking sheepish.

“A bar? There’s a curfew in effect Iz, what if Dearborn’s goons had gone a rampage"

“Simon” Izzy pauses, it’s hard not to be harsh with Simon, and he was such a puppy dog at times, “I just needed to work some stuff out"

Simon unfolds his arms but he doesn’t quite know what to do with them in this moment so they awkwardly sway and move along his sides. She seemed so serious Simon thought.

“We need to talk about Jace"

“Oh?” Simon’s eyes darted about the room in confusion, he wasn’t expecting that.

“Let’s talk outside" Izzy points towards the stairs that lead to the roof terrace and Simon follows.

It was already dark again, it was almost beautiful with the stars out had it not been for the bright lights illuminating the accords hall in the distance.

“What’s going on Iz?"

“Why didn’t you tell me about the other universe?”

There had been a few but Simon immediately knew which one Izzy was referring to and why.

“Oh” Simon rolls his eyes, of course this was the issue. “Where me and Jace were married?”

Simon sits down on the chair and huffs, “I don’t know, I didn’t think it was important and it was super weird"

“Do you... are you in love with Jace?” Izzy closes her eyes in fear of the answer.

“What?” Simon groans, “Not this again Iz"

“Simon I need to say something’s and I need you to listen and not talk ok?”

Simon gestures go on with his hand but his face is already so done with this. Was this going to be the bisexual discussion all over again?

“It took me a while to connect the dots but it all makes sense.” Clary sits by Simon’s side and holds his hands.

“There’s always been something between you, a tension, a...”

“For the love of god please don’t say bond" Simon rolls his eyes.

“...connection" Izzy sighs

“And then you bit him"

Simon jumps up and gets defensive in his demeanour. He was about to say something but Izzy places a finger to his lips.

“I know what a bite does Simon. It messes up feelings, it messes up relationships to the point that you can’t work out what is friendship, pity, love, lust, blood or compassion, it all just blends together”

Simon reaches out for Izzy’s hand and squeezes it in reassurance

“I think it messed your feelings up. You never dealt with it or confronted it, you just buried it. Because you were with Clary and then Jace was with Clary" Izzy paces, scared of what she is saying.

“I don’t think you gave yourself an opportunity to explore what you were feeling. There’s no closure there Simon.”

“You think I fancy your brother?” Simon cringes

“Maybe, maybe you don’t, but I don’t think you've untangled all of that. I think you need to talk to Jace”

“Izzy...” Simon sighs

“I’m not finished yet" it wasn’t snappy but Izzy was firm in saying that that it made Simon sit back down and pay attention.

Izzy bends down to meet Simon at his level.

“The problem is...” Izzy sighs, “There was always this part of you that I could just sense was unsure. And I thought wrongly that maybe it was because I can’t give you what guys can give you. So I thought giving you a pass to sleep with other guys would solve it. I was wrong though, it wasn’t that you had a subconscious desire for men, it was very specifically Jace"

Simon scratches his head. “Ok, assuming your right, which I’m not saying you are, what happens to us Iz? I love you! I need you to believe me, I love you"

A tear drips down Izzy’s face, “I love you too. And I know you love me too. But you need to deal with this otherwise there is a part of you creating this uncertainty in our relationship and that’s not fair.”

“And if I confront this, then what?”

“Then you get closure. And if it’s... something else, well I honestly don’t know, I guess we have to come to that bridge if we get to it"


---Scene 11---

“Alexander Lightwood, I was starting to think you would only send Lackies"

Horace at the entrance chambers of the accords hall, Alec with Elena and Horace with a young man with light brown hair that Alec recognised as Manuel Villalobos. It was a bit of a surprise, nothing about Manuel had suggested he was a follower of Horace but Alec had always thought of him as power hungry, cruel and manipulative- he would have only joined Horace if he thought he could move up the ranks.

“So what’s the endgame here Horace" Alec asks, studying the two men in front of him.

Horace was looking somewhat tired, his blond hair a little dishevelled.

“I thought our demands were quite simple; there was no way you could have won fairly. You will publically resign and I will grant exile instead of execution"

“Execution?” Elena huffs, “He is the elected Consul, and our people have spoken"

“We refuse to recognize Alec Lightwood as Consul! We stand for our old traditions, for the way things always have been and always should be!” Manuel spits

“So I’m exiled and then what Horace?  Do you become Consul? Will people accept you as Consul after loosing this election? Is there a new election? If you win, what is to stop the next person from doing exactly what you’re doing?” Alec asks with a raised brow.


--- Scene 12---

Simon had spent 2 hours now on the roof terrace, going round in circles in his head.

“You wanted to speak to me"

Simon turns around and sees Jace there looking perplexed

“What? No" Simon is just as confused.

“Oh? Izzy said... never mind my mistake I guess?” Jace goes to the door and pulls on it but it won’t open. “Huh" he pulls out a stele and uses the unlock rune. He tuts, of course Magnus would have secured his home so that something as simple as the unlock rune wouldn’t work on it. Banging on the door he calls out “Izzy?”

“For fucks sake Iz" Simon mutters under his breath.

“Ok what's going on?” Jace looks to Simon for answers.

“Just Izzy being Izzy" Simon cringes at the situation, “She thinks we should talk and we don’t need to, so don’t sweat it. She’ll let us soon enough" Simon walks to the door and shouts through it “when she realises there is nothing to talk about"

Simon huffs and throws himself on the chair.

“I mean, Izzy wouldn’t lock us up on a roof to talk if she didn’t think there was something important” Jace looks concerned, “Did I... do something? Say something?”

Simon just wants to stroke Jace’s hair in this moment and reassure him, “No, no. It’s a me thing. It’s not you"

Jace sits next to Simon which makes Simon jump again, “Ok something is definitely going on here Simon"

“Izzy and Magnus seem to think I have feelings for you, which is absurd" Simon tuts.

“Since when?” Jace rolls his eyes; Simon wouldn’t have those feelings for him.

“Izzy reckons since Valentine’s massacre at the institute” Simon shrugs, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Oh?” Jace seems confused for a moment before his eyes widen like he had just discovered or invented something, “OH!”

“No, there’s no oh here because I don’t think of you that way" Simon gets defensive.

“But you’re not 100% sure are you" Jace shakes his head.

“I’m practically sure I don’t fancy you Jace" Simon huffs.

“I know you Si, for someone like you the margin between practically and for sure must be as wide as the Grand Canyon” Jace puts on his most sympathetic face “Is this what’s been bothering you recently?”

Simon can’t look him in the eye.

Jace places his hand on his chin and pulls his head to face him. Simon feels so guilty, looking into those beautiful mismatched eyes.

Jace presses his lips against Simon’s much to Simon’s surprise. Jace’s tongue pushes past the lips and massages Simon’s tongue.

Simon opens his eyes, this isn’t quite comfortable, so he tries grabbing the nape of Jace’s neck, this is a passionate kiss but it doesn’t feel like it. Simon tries rubbing Jace’s chest. Jace smirks and quickly removes his top, his toned body on display as Simon runs his hands over it, but it just feels off somehow.

Simon pulls back, away from Jace’s lips with an awkward “hmm"

“Disappointed?” Jace smiles

Simon just looks confused his forehead crinkly, he was disappointed, and he was disappointed that he was disappointed. This was Jace, hot as fuck Jace, kissing him. And it was an amazing kiss, or at least it was technically. “What’s wrong with me?"

“Where do I start" Jace teases, “Sorry I thought that would be the quickest way for you to be sure??”

“It didn’t feel right, why didn’t it feel...right?”

“Because you’re not in love with me Simon, you don’t even fancy me. I know because I had the exact same situation happen to me" Jace embraces Simon, Simon doesn’t flinch anymore from Jace's touch, it was friendly, it was nice but nothing more. Jace had seen Simon grow into a close friend, after Alec he was probably his best guy friend, maybe that’s why it had taken time for the situation to develop for Simon the way it had.

“You went through this?”

“After you bit me yeah" Jace admits, “I wanted to tell Clary I was still in love with her but she was with you, and I was having these desires for you too it was all very confusing at the time"

“So how did you figure it out?” Simon asks genuinely curious.

“It’s a bit embarrassing” Jace blushes.

“You just had your tongue down my throat dude"

Jace chuckles, “True, ok don’t judge. But for a week after I just kept... by the Angel where do I start. I couldn’t shake this image from my mind. I was imagining you fucking me”

“Wha...what" Simon splutters in disbelief.

“Don’t get big headed Lewis. So I had this picture in my head for a week straight, you were fucking me, your hands all over me, then just as you...” Jace blushes intensely, “...arrived, you sank your teeth into my neck and drank and it was the hottest single thing I could think of"

“I had no idea"

“Then one night, I tried picturing it again and focused really hard, what would it be like, that scene but without you biting me. And… nada”

“Nada?” Simon asks.

“It wasn’t hot at all; it was weird, uncomfortable, like imagining having sex with a cousin or something.”

“Thanks" Simon rolled his eyes.

“It wasn’t you I was craving, it was your bite. Sure it was one bite and it wasn’t like I got addicted like Izzy but that bite, it still makes you want it more. Vampire venom messes with you Si, and angel blood can have a similar affect on vampires. I didn’t realise it had had that effect on you though"

“I didn’t really think about it, I knew I felt happier with you about but I just brushed it off that I was just getting more comfortable with the shadow world, and the last year we’ve gotten so close I guess I was not keeping it pushed down subconsciously like I had before”

Jace smiles warmly, “Simon, I’m sorry it didn’t cross my mind that you would be feeling mixed up, angel blood like vampire venom has different affects on different people"

Simon sighs, “I didn’t even realise it was having such an effect on me that Izzy was picking up that something wasn’t quite right.”

Jace hugs Simon, “It makes sense I guess, we have grown close and I’m really happy about that, you helped me find my inner geek, and my tastes in music has benefited from having you as a friend"

“Umm Jace, I’m glad we're friends and all but I’d really like it if you could put your top back on because this is...odd"

Jace chuckles, “Such a dope Lewis”


--- Scene 13---

“I had almost forgotten the pleasures of penetrating a woman" Asmodeus smirks crookedly. Jia winces and cries out as the blade twists in her shoulder blade, “much like my son" he chuckles.

Asmodeus feels the disturbance in the air and rolls his eyes, retracting the blade he holds out his hand and sparks of red energy heal the wound so that he could repeat the cycle of torture later.

“What do you want Nephilim?” Asmodeus sighs

“Your son and his fellow warlocks have erected a barrier that prevents portals to Idris, I want it down" Horace’s shadowy form appears, flickering like candle light.

“I thought I made myself clear, I deposed one consul, it’s not my concern that you lost your election” Asmodeus sneers, “Nephilim, pft, my kind rules through shear strength, non of this voting crap"

“Your master wants my kind out of the way and in exchange Idris is left alone. That will never happen if Alec is allowed to stay in charge. And where Alec goes your son follows. I’m not a fool Asmodeus, I know why you made the deal you made"

Asmodeus anger flashes across his face, “Don’t think you are smart enough to play me boy, I am 10,000 years older than you”

“I am not. But you know that if Magnus joins Alec on the battle field against you, your master may force your hand. If Alec is disposed they will not fight a war unless there is hope they can win, they will retreat, hide, giving you an opportunity to get your son back" Horace’s apparition flickers.

“So be it, I will remove the wards. But do not come seeking a favour again" and with that Asmodeus pulls off the Seelie communication ring and throws it to the floor.


---Scene 14---

“Magnus, the wards" Clary calls out from the living room balcony.

Magnus runs towards the windows and sees the wards glimmer and fail.



---Scene 15---

“This is the only way" Alec reassures Lydia.

The council members follow them into the square, Alec and the council reached an agreement after a tense session. Dearborn seemed to become more unhinged with every passing hour and his demands had started to escalate. He had sent a fire message to the council threatening mass suicide if they didn’t leave Idris.

Entering the square it was now packed as shadowhunters across the world had portalled in. There are so many that not only was angel square full but the roofs of all the buildings were covered in shadowhunters trying to have sight of the unfolding situation- a situation that had never happened before.

In the square thousands had joined Dearborn’s side whilst tens of thousands shouted and called for them to accept the results, to accept that Alec had won and was Consul by the people’s demands. On news that Dearborn’s supporters had portalled in to support him the majority of shadowhunters across the globe had likewise joined their comrades in a show of strength and support for Alec.

Dearborn in his increasingly unstable state was demanding that Alec’s supporters leave the city now, not just Alec. He still operated under the presumption that most shadowhunters would choose him over exile from their homeland. 

On the balcony Dearborn addresses the crowds as he sees Alec and the Council move forward through the square.

“Alexander Lightwood, the man who would drag us to ruin. Who consorts with Downworlders, who makes a mockery of our traditions, this is what you have brought us to"

Alec’s eyes glean with Anger, “No Horace, you have brought us to the brink, like a petulant child who hasn’t gotten his way"

Dearborn flinches at the description, “The angels abandoned us because we have abandoned the old ways. We must unify, here, in the land that the angels gifted us, we must rebuild our numbers, and we must ask for forgiveness for the errors of our leaders. It is what the Angels would have wanted, for us to return to the homeland and rebuild in their name"

“Our divine purpose is to fight demons, not cower behind our walls.” Alec glared him down.

“Do not speak to us about the divine, you are a traitor to your own kind, lying with a Warlock, corrupting the natural order of things, we would rather die that be ruled by you" Dearborn shouts.

He nods to someone behind him, a woman, who then steps onto the banister of the balcony with a dagger in her hand raised above her head.

With one fell swoop the woman plunged the dagger into her stomach to the gasps and cries of the many people below. Her lifeless body tumbling over the banister and onto angel square below.

Above the noise an unholy screech can be heard from a woman, “Amelia".

Alec had never heard a scream like it.

Elena sighed, “Amelia Overbeck, by the angel, her mother" she cried looking at the woman huddling over the body.

Lydia shook her head in anger, “That bastard is serious; they are actually going to do it"

“No they are not" Alec looks back at Lydia and sends a message on his phone.

“Now you know the strength of our resolve Alexander, leave or the blood of thousands will be on your hands.” Dearborn calls out.

“You speak about the will of the Angels? Maybe you will listen to the only shadow hunter to ever see not one but two angels" Alec calls out.

At the centre of the square a portal appears and Clary steps out to the shock and surprise of thousands.

Alec begs inside his head, please let this work, as Alec’s and the council’s plan unfolds.

“Hear me Idris” Clary’s voice booms across the whole city; thanks to a new rune everyone could hear her voice as if she was only a few feet behind.

“I have been bestowed the memories of the angel Ithuriel. Horace does not act on the will of the Angels. He acts in his own selfish interests. You want to know why our connection is weakened with the Angels?"

Clary uses a rune and projects a bright vision into the air which is massive enough that everyone could see and hear it; a memory.

“Why, why hide runes from us, why prevent us from activating the runes and make us reliant on the steles” Clary demands to know.

“Would you let a small child pick up the kitchen knife? Or cross a road by themselves” Ithuriel sighs, “we have lived since before the earth had form, before dust became light, to us, you are so very very young. And you are precious”

“there is not enough time to get you even a fraction of my memories, I just have to hope I’ve given you enough for what is coming”. Clary hugs Ithuriel and holds him tight, she feels he will slip away soon.

“Why gift me this, this knowledge Ithuriel?” Clary’s face buried in the angels shoulder but still he hears her perfectly.

“We don’t have the luxury of coddling the young anymore”, Ithuriel’s chin rests on Clarys head. “And I don’t know how long they can continue to exert influence over this realm and the Nephilim”

Clary looks up, puzzled. Ithuriel tilts down and replies “Clary, the Angels battle evil, as the Nephilim do, just on higher planes of existence”, Ithuriel tone turns flat, and he starkly warns “but we are losing this war”.

A stunned silence washes over the crowds, which Dearborn interrupts, “No.., it’s a lie. The Angels are powerful, they are not loosing anything, and they have chosen to cut us off because of their filth and association with demon blooded mongrels”

He overlooks the crowds as many move towards Alec and Clary. Looking back he sees many people in the hall leave but equally many stay and all nod in agreement and step forward onto the balcony.

“No" shouts Dearborn, “We will not be tricked, leave or thousands die"

Alec looks up to see a thousand or two shadowhunters on the massive balcony, lifting daggers and swords into the air, ready to commit mass suicide.

He had hope they would all see reason but he and the council had already planned for this eventuality.

“Very well Horace. Outside the wards of Idris we will fight on to protect the world. In here, you will rot as you play at being soldiers with nothing to fight but each other.”

Alec nods towards Clary and holds her hand. Both Clary and Alec’s eyes light up golden and hundreds of portals appear, including a massive portal at the opposite end of Angel Square to the Accords hall, massive in circumference it had to be 70 feet wide. It was the biggest portal anyone had ever seen.

Alec uses his rune to address the masses, “Today you are faced with a difficult choice, one I am sorry you must face. I will not see our kind shed blood amongst ourselves. Join the Clave, join us and fight back to save our world from the demons or stay here under his rule; imprisoned by those too fearful to stand for what is right”

The whispers and chatters of the crowd grew bold. Talk of Alec being right, that Clary was chosen, that there was a battle to fight and it wasn’t here, that they would not rot in Idris under a desperate dictator like Horace. People shook their heads in disgust at Dearborn, and turned their backs on him.

“No” Dearborn said to himself, shocked to see the level of rejection, he honestly thought Alec had cheated, surly not this number of people could support a radical. But rather than beg them stay, or give in to the fact that clearly he had lost, Dearborn dug his heels further, “Traitors, you’re all traitors" he screams from the balcony as tens of thousands of shadowhunters confidently walked through the portals.


--- Scene 16---

Magnus hands Alec a plate with a few sandwiches on them. Alec smiles but shakes his head.

“You need to eat husband" Magnus demands.

Alec was still on edge, he hopes he did the right thing, but it wasn’t easy to abandon his homeland, even though he knows thousands of lives were spared as a result.

“Your people?” Alec squeezes his hand softly.

“Evacuated just as the council had asked. And the loft is back in New York, for now but we can move it anywhere you want babe. There’s an Institute near Machu Pecchu right?”

Alec smiled, he stops squeezing Magnus’s hand and pulls it up to his lips and places a kiss on it as a single tear falls down his cheek. It had been a difficult day, and a difficult start to his leadership.

“Alec" Elena called out; she had really taken on a role as unofficially leader of the council.

“Elena, tell my husband to eat" Magnus interjects.

“You have barely eaten Alec" Elena agrees.

Alec takes a big bite of the sandwich and with a mouth full looks at Magnus and says to him “happy?” sarcastically.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full" Magnus teases.

Elena joins in on the teasing, “Does he do that often?”

“Mostly in the bedro....ouch" Magnus feigns being hurt as Alec whacks his stomach.

Alec swallows the bite and continues the conversation in the direction of important matters, “How are we doing with relocation"

“We are doubling up most bedrooms, turning the larger rooms into family bedrooms where possible. But we are still falling short, we house just under 40,000 shadowhunters across the institutes, we have 54,000 refuges to house, the institutes weren’t designed to hold our entire population" Elena sighs.

“So how many stayed with Dearborn?” Magnus asks

“About 6,000 in the end” Alec sighs.

“If it hadn’t been for Clary it would have been about 15,000 Alec" Elena reminds him.

“Prisoners?” Alec asks

“Sumqayit was completely abandoned by Horace’s supporters so the Guard relocated the prisoners to there for the time being. It’s a tight squeeze” Elena shrugs

“Nichita will be thrilled" Alec rolls his eyes.

“I’ve got something to show you back in New York" Elena smiled puzzling Alec and Magnus.

Alec looks at Elena with a hint of scepticism, “But I was just getting so used to Detroit"

Clary and Jace walk up to join the group.

“Clary, how are you?” Elena smiles

“I’m good, except the constant stares when I walk anywhere” Clary cringes

“To be expected somewhat, that was quite the performance you gave at Angel Square"

“Sure, although I’m still kind of surprised the Council agreed to it"

Elena chuckled, “Well you and Alec were quite convincing. I don’t think they are all over the shock of your return truth be told"

“Elena has something to show us in New York" Alec interrupts.

Elena gets out her stele, “Ok show me again"

Alec stands up, and holds Elena's hand and traces the portal rune, “just focus on the rune, you’ll get it"

“When do I get to do this without a stele?"

Clary chuckles as Elena, who usually is so composed but now seems giddy like a school child.

“Mind if I tag along" Alec turns round to see Lydia

“Not at all Madam Inquisitor"

The portal appears and Elena grins. These where terrifying and challenging times but there was still something quite magical about her discovering the new abilities that the others had known about for months.

They step through the portal and arrive at a modern looking high rise, maybe 40 stories high.

In the lobby they enter an elevator, and look confused when Elena draws the angelic symbol on the elevator console and a button appears which she presses.

When the doors open Alec sees they are quite high up, maybe the 37th floor, he overlooks a 5 story atrium, builders everywhere doing finishing touches.

“Seems Jia was always a few steps ahead of us. I give you the new New York Institute.”

Lydia, Magnus, Jace, Clary and Alec are all speechless.

“This was to be the first of many, the whole building is ours, and this is the ops centre. It was supposed to be a mega Institute that could pool the resources of nearby institutes into one larger operation but I think it would work well as a new base of operations for the Clave-in-exile” Elena smiles as everyone else looks dumbstruck.

“The Clave-in-exile?” Jace rolls his eyes.

“Well it’s what people are calling us" Elena shrugs

“Biscuit?” Magnus turns to see Clary in discomfort holding her side.

“Clary?” Jace adds to the concern.

Clary cries out in pain and falls to the floor.

“CLARY!” Jace drops to the floor and holds her as she looses consciousness.