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J5813 (I'm You, You're Me)

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"What are you?"

"J5813, an android-robot created by Professor Kim Namj–"

Gray haired man sighed, affectively stopping the other, and fixed his thick framed glasses before speaking:

"17 December 2422. The plane fyling to Tokyo, Japan had crashed 30 minutes after taking off from Seoul, Korea. 241 passengers, including staff and pilot, have died at the scene. Thus, Park Jimin, 24 years old, who was also one of the passengers, has died, too. Jeon Jungkook, 22 years old and Jimin's lover, was traumatized by the news and closed himself off to the world, refusing any kind of support from others. And now, his only salvation is you."


"Now, i'm asking you once again. Who are you?"

There was a moment of silence which the gray haired man stared at the boy sitting in front of him, countless cables with various colors connecting the boy to a computer. 

"I am Park Jimin." The boy with the blue eyes answered confidently, "A human-android created by Kim Namjoon for the sake of helping Jeon Jungkook who lost his Jimin due to a plane accident."






"Jimin-ah! Are you ready?!" 

Jimin stared at the man in the white coat opening the door harshly, almost breaking it, and calling at him excitedly. His black framed glasses were almost falling from his nose, looking as dishelved as ever.

Jimin diverted his attention to the rubik's cube in his hands, trying to solve it for the past half an hour since he woke up. 

"I was made to be ready, Professor Namjoon." He mumbled, lifting the cube in front of his eyes to inspect, taking a note of random letters sketched on it.

Professor, Namjoon, got closer and crouched in front of him, humming happily to a song while removing the cables and cateters from his body. 

"How do you feel today?" Namjoon asked after removing everything, watching Jimin carefully with a smile and his dimples. 

"Feel?" Jimin tilted his head to the side, "What is that?"

"Oh.. It's about– emotions, sensations. Which you can't understand.." Namjoon mumbled and stood up, reaching a hand to Jimin, "Nevermind it. Let's go to the town. You are meeting Jungkook today!" 


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Jimin watched the scene out of window as they drove through town. There were many children running around, playing in the river and splashing water to each other. Since it was a sunny day, it was pretty lively around. The rubik's cube in his hand was still unsolved since he was so amazed by the scene outside to pay attention to it.

"My grandmother–" Namjoon started and Jimin flinched at the sudden voice. Namjoon smiled at him briefly before continuing, turning his body around to see Jimin better, "–she'd say your wishes will come true if you solve this rubik's cube."

"Hm.." Jimin hummed questioningly, staring at the cube in his hands and rotating it around thoughtfully. It was Jimin's -real Jimin- rubik's cube which Yoongi gave to him after waking up the first time after being created. 

Yoongi was the owner of J5813, who was the older brother of Park Jimin. He was close to Jungkook as much as he was with his brother. So after Jimin's death, Yoongi was the one who actually offered turning J5813 into Jimin to help Jungkook find his salvation. And Namjoon did what he was told; creating the Park Jimin from an android robot -J5813.

"We're here!" Namjoon exclaimed energetically. Jimin followed him out of the minibus and towards the river. 

"Professor.." He called softly behind Namjoon who was passing the stream by jumping on the rocks, his arms raised on his sides to keep his balance. He stopped as soon as he heard Jimin –almost falling while steadying himself, turning his head around to nod at the boy with a dimple-smile. Jimin averted his eyes to the clear water of the stream and asked hesitantly, "When will i start seeing the memories of Park Jimin?" 

He was fiddling with the cube in his hands, still rotating it randomly. He heard a low chuckle from him before Namjoon spoke:

"Well, i don't really know when the microchip of Jimin's memories i put into your brain will be activated; since you are my first human-android. But i'm sure it's soon.." 

Jimin raised his eyes, examined professor with wide eyes and nodded before Namjoon started to walk forward again. When they reached in front of a coffee-shop which the color pink dominated the decoration of most of the outer wall; Namjoon turned around himself clumsily and smiled at Jimin.

"I have to be somewhere soon. So i'm seperating from you here. I already showed you where is Jungkook's house. So you can find it without me, right?" Namjoon asked and even before Jimin could answer his question, he continued, "When you are done with the day, come back to my clinic. I will have to recharge you. Ah! Talk to the owner of this shop before going to Jungkook, hm? I'm sure you will find something to plan a way to help Jungkook." Namjoon winked and Jimin watched him go with a nod. 

He didn't really know what he had to do exactly. But he shrugged it and looked at the cube more for out of habit. He then noticed he almost solved the blue surface. After a few more rotation he finally solved it completely and read out loud the letters which finally seemed to create sensible words: 

"Spending happy days with Jungkook."


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


"Oh my, Jimin?! You are back!" 

Some handsome man with a pink apron hugged him as soon as he walked into the coffee shop. He stood frozen in his place and when the man realized he wasn't being hugged back, he pulled away slightly and held Jimin's shoulders; looking at him with a frown and nodding with a hum, "Sorry." He said finally and let go of Jimin.

"Ummm, i guess you know who– what i am already, then?" Jimin asked awkwardly.

"Yeah, i know." The man said, suddenly cheerful again while walking around the counter, standing across Jimin and leaning over the counter to stare at Jimin, "But i guess you don't know me."

"I can't, unfortunately. Since my memory-chip is not activated yet." Jimin bowed slightly.

"It's okay!" The man shrugged with a hand before reaching it to Jimin, "I'm Seokjin. I was, am, a close friend of yours and Jungkook. You two would've spent most of your dates in here." Seokjin chuckled.

"Oh!" Jimin shook Seokjin's hand immediately, "I see.." He then added, not really sure what more to say and avertig his eyes to the cube again.

"How about you take a seat while i bring you a cup of moch– ah, sorry. I'm an idiot, you can't eat or drink.." Seokjin mumbled, scolding himself.

"It's okay." Jimin smiled reassuringly, "Actually i can eat or drink. I'm pretty much designed like a human."

"Oh, really?" Seokjin asked excitedly, "Sit anywhere, then. I am going to prepare your favorite drink." 

Jimin nodded at the lively man and walked to the table at the corner which faced the river side, a street right out of the floor-to-ceiling mirror. As soon as he settled on the chair, his eyes blurred and a violent headache split through his head. Though it only lasted for a few seconds before a memory took over all his senses.


"Jimin-hyung!" Jungkook called between his high pitched laughs which only sounded like a heavenly melody to Jimin's ears, "Come on, stop it!"

They were sitting at their usual table in Seokjn's coffee shop: The corner which faced the river.

Jimin stopped imitating the grumpy expression of Yoongi –which never failed to make Jungkook laugh; and instead, stared at Jungkook's crinkled eyes, scrunched nose and bunny teeth. It was his favorite sight in the whole world: Jungkook being happy. 

"Stop staring.." Jungkook mumbled shyly when he noticed Jimin staring.

"I can't help it. You're etheral." Jimin said sincerely. He could probably watch Jungkook his whole life and never regret it. 

"Come on..." Jungkook rolled his eyes but his cheeks were blooming a beautiful pink anyway. Jimin chuckled fondly while reaching his hand on the table to hold Jungkook's hand. "It's so small." Jungkook giggled, interwining their fingers and watching Jimin's hand being engulfed by his bigger one.

"But they fit so well, right? Like two puzzle pieces which complete each other. Like us." Jimin hummed thoughtfully. He raised his head and was met with Jungkook's doe eyes, looking at him surprisedly. "What is it?" So Jimin asked, amused by the other's reaction. 

"I was just–" Jungkook stammered while averting his eyes suddenly. Jimin caught how red his ears were, "You never said something like this whenever i.. teased you about your hands. So i was surprised." He smiled awkwardly at the end.

"Cute." Jimin chuckled affectionately as Jungkook pouted. 

They looked at their hands, playing with each other's fingers until Jungkook traced the scar on Jimin's pinky with his thumb.

"This–" He paused as a cute frown appeared on his face, "I wish i could make it disappear. Since it was given you by a bad robot." 

"Not by a robot." Jimin mumbled thoughtfully. Jungkook stared at him with confusion. "Humans are way more dangerous than those creatures, Jungkook." Jimin looked out of the window, his face contouring in fear as he added, "Especially when they are hungry of power."

Jimin looked out for a while, reminding of only a few years ago when he was abused violently by the people who actually had to take care of him. He fortunately managed to escape from that place with his friend. Though it was hard living on the streets with no source of money. But even that was better than living in that hell of an orphanage. 

Jimin turned his face to Jungkook when he heard a soft sniffle. Jungkook was crying softly, still holding onto Jimin's hand while wiping his eyes with his other hand. 

"Hey hey, why are you crying?" Jimin asked, worried.

"I'm sorry." Jungkook croaked out, "It's just– i wish i could understand you."

"No." Jimin said firmly, cupping Jungkook's face with his hands and wiping the other's tears with his thumbs. Jungkook put his hands over Jimin's and looked at him with big, teary eyes. "I don't ever want you to understand. You don't have to– You shouldn't.." Jimin grimaced at the idea of Jungkook getting hurt, "I hope you will never understand this." He added quitely. 

Jungkook stared at him confusedly before finally understanding what Jimin meant. When he did, his eyes filled with tears once again. But before Jimin could tell him anything, he held Jimin's hand and brought the pinky towards his lips. He pressed his lips onto the scar and closed his eyes, staying like that for a moment. 

Jimin watched the boy intently, couldn't help the tears forming in his eyes. 

"I–" Jungkook mumbled before catching Jimin's eyes, "I will make you forget eveything that reminds you bad memories. I promise, i will do anything to make you smile so geniunely since i like that the most on your face. I will make it so–" Jungkook sniffled but resisted crying, "–so that even this little scar will only make you remember how much i love all of you."

Jimin bit down on his bottom lip to not sob or make any sounds. Tears were already streaming down his cheeks, he couldn't stop them even if he tried. But all of it was worth it. 

Jungkook was worth it. —


"-imin? Jimin, are you okay?"

Jimin shook out of the memory he was suddenly reminded of. Seokjin was staring at him worriedly, one of his hands on Jimin's shoulder while holding onto his chest with the other. There were the rubik's cube along a blue clay mug on the table, steam rising from it and dancing around. 

"Mocha, our favorite." Jimin said out of nowhere.

"Ah, ye– yeah. You remember?" Seokjin asked, kind of baffled at Jimin's behaviour. 

"I don't know. I guess the chip's finally activated." Jimin mumbled, wrapping his hands around the mug and enjoying the heat under his palms. "Thank you." He whispered and Seokjin squeezed his shoulder in response before leaving. 

Jimin closed his eyes while taking the first sip, milky liquid creeping over his taste-buds and down his throat. He decided he really likes the taste and it's a lot familiar. Then he thought it was expected since people had sensory memory as well –including taste and smell. He should've probably get used to it since the memory-chip was apparently activated so this wasn't going to be only time he's attacked with real Jimin's memories.


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Seokjin was really kind to him, Jimin thought real Jimin was lucky to have such a good friend by his side. He even showed Jimin the way to Jungkook's house once again since Jimin wasn't really sure if he could find it from Namjoon's vague directions.

The house was a traditional Korean house. It was pretty big though seemed kind of old. Namjoon told him that Jimin and Jungkook were living in one of the rooms they rented here, along with other occupants. But it was oddly quite, as if no one lived in there for years. If it wasn't for the pink-sakura trees surrounding three sides of the house, it would've even looked lonely.

Jimin walked between the small steams adorning the frontyard and reached the patio. There were finally sounds coming from the inside, as if someone was running around the wooden floor, footsteps. Jimin took a deep breath and rapped on the sliding door, the sounds stopping immediately.

"Hello? Anyone's there?" Jimin asked. After a moment of silence, someone finally answered, hence hesitantly:

"Wh– who is it?" 

Jimin guessed– no, he knew it was Jungkook's voice. There was no way he'd mistake it, Jimin's life, meaning his memories, consisted every form of this voice, after all. Jimin pulled himself together and answered Jungkook:

"I was sent here by Min Yoongi. You've been probably informed abo–"

"I don't want a robot looking like Jimin. Go back."

"If you maybe just liste–"

Before Jimin could finish his sentence, the door opened to the side and something soft hit him into the face; causing him to stumble backwards and gasp surprisedly at the unexpected move. Before he could even open his eyes, the door was shut close again. Jimin held the soft thing, a pink bunny shaped stuffed toy, and stared confusedly at the door. 

He was barely a robot. So even if he wanted to help Jungkook, he couldn't do anything without being given permission. Opening his bag, Jimin took out the paper of contract and called Jungkook again:

"If you don't want me to stay, then could you please sign this so i can go back?" 

Jimin waited for an answer, standing in front of the door and listening the melody the birds created with their chirps. He didn't get anything in response, though. Taking it as a confirmation to stay, Jimin shrugged and walked to the room right next to Jungkook's, its door already open and the inside filled with various articles. 


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Not knowing what he was supposed to do, Jimin decided to tidy up the room. There was a kitchen counter on the corner and a small floor table in the middle which yellow and blue cushions surrounded it. At the other corner, there was a big bookshelf containing various types of books along with other stuff like boxes and frames. Colorful pencils were scattered around, crumpled and torn papers spread on the floor. 

It was harder to clean up everything than Jimin has imagined it to be, since as he picked up stuff, he realized there was even more in the hidden corners, under the table or counter or anywhere he couldn't think of. When he finally finished it and sat down on a cushion hastily, he accidently bumped the bookshelf with his back and caused a few books along with a hard thing to fall on his head.

"Ouch-!" He gasped and covered his head just in case something dropped again. Sighing at his clumsiness, he started to pick up the books to put back into their place, noticing it was another rubik's cube that also fell down. But he stopped when he noticed a photo peeking in between one of the books. Putting other books in their place, Jimin placed the yellow covered book and the rubik's cube onto the table and sat cross legged in front of it. 

He pulled the photo completely out and looked at it carefully. It was a photo of Jimin and Jungkook. They were in front of the coffee shop Jimin visited, hugging each other tightly and smiling at the camera so big that their eyes were barely seen. 

Suddenly his head throbbed with a crushing headache and his eyes blurred. But Jimin didn't panic this time and let the next memory flood into his mind.


"Hey! Stop joking around. Or i'm not taking your photo!" Seokjin complained as Jimin and Jungkook were tickling each other and laughing without a stop. Though after Seokjin's threat they stopped immediately and tried to hold their laughs back while holding each other's hands in case one of them tried to tickle the other once again. "You guys are hopeless.." Seokjin sighed but smiled fondly as the couple fidgeted in their place, hugging each other and trying to pose properly. 

"It's Jiminie's fault." Jungkook giggled.

"Call me hyung, you little brat!" Jimin scolded before attacking Jungkook's ribs again. That started another fit of tickle fight between them, laughters erupting and filling the air. 

"I'm done, i'm going. Find someone else to take your third anniversary picture." Seokjin bluffed but it worked as Jimin and Jungkook suddenly hugged each other and posed awkwardly. They could stay like that only until Seokjin raised the camera to finally take the picture. They already erupted into laughters before the sound of shutter came, failing at posing once again.

But it was perfect. Their arms wrapped around each other, their biggest and most sincere smiles caught by the camera.

It was absolutely perfect. Because it was them. —


After the flashback ended, Jimin stared at the photo for a long moment while clutching onto his chest. He could actually feel how much real-Jimin loved Jungkook. 

And it scared him. 

He wasn't sure if he could bear this feeling when all the memories were activated. He was already overwhelmed by the intestity of love real Jimin felt towards Jungkook. 

Glancing at the rubik's cube which fell from the bookshelf, Jimin decided to forget about the memories for now. He was an android which was created only for the sake of helping Jungkook. He couldn't think of himself and should've do his job.


Just like his, this rubik's cube also had random letters on it's surfaces. Jimin guessed it was Jungkook's and started to solve it to find Jungkook's wishes. If he found them, then he could make them come true and help Jungkook feel happy. 

When he finally solved the blue part, sky already started to get gradually darker. He probably needed to leave and go to professor's workplace to be recharged. But after reading the wish, Jimin decided he wanted to make it come true as soon as possible. After all, he couldn't do anything for Jungkook today.

So a smile bloomed on his face as he read the handwritten letters:

"Drawing together with Jiminie ♥"


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Namjoon was probably right about the need of recharge. Since when Jimin finished his drawing, he was already ready to collapse onto the floor because he was too exhausted. But he was so satisfied with his black and white pencil drawing of the third anniversary photo, so he decided it was worth it. 

He checked his phone to look at the time and noticed a few messages from Namjoon telling him to come to recharge as soon as possible. Jimin sent him back a message and informed him before getting up with the drawing in his hand. It was almost midnight so Jimin slipped the drawing under the door of Jungkook's room and spoke quitely.

"I have to go now, Jungkook-ssi. But i will come back tomorrow. Oh, and i hope you like the drawing. Good night." 


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Namjoon scolded Jimin for making him worried but he still smiled fondly while hugging him afterwards. He made Jimin lay on a bed and put a few cateters into his body as Jimin slept through the whole recharge process. 

When Jimin woke up the next morning, he was excited to meet Jungkook, curious about the boy's reaction to his drawing and also because he was wondering what more wishes Jungkook wrote on the rubik's cube. So all while walking to Jungkook's house, he tried to solve the cube. But when he was passing by a street close to the house, the sounds of a few men yelling distracted him. He raised his head to look at the way the sound were coming but a man suddenly ran towards him and threw his arm over his shoulder.

"Jimin?! You are back! Man, i missed you.." Brown haired man said with a low pitched voice. He looked like he was in a hurry, looking behind them occasionally and ready to run again.

"Sorry, i don't re–"

"Hey, Kim Taehyung!! You fucker! Come here! How dare you make fun of us?!" Some thick-accented man yelled behind them. 

"Sorry, Junie!! I really didn't mean it." Taehyung yelled back, giggling like crazy. He was ready to run again but before he left, he smiled at Jimin and said, "Let's meet again and grab a drink together." 

Jimin watched the boy running and jumping over walls as the other men followed him. Tilting his head to the side, Jimin tried to remember the weird man but there wasn't any flashback of memories. He could only guess that Taehyung was probably the friend Jimin escaped from the orphanage with.

Letting it go and concentrating on the cube again, Jimin continued walking to Jungkook's house. When he reached it he still couldn't solve the cube but he knew he was close. So he put his bag and and the cube in the open room and knocked on Jungkook's door. 

"Good morning, Jungkook-ssi. I'm here again." 

He wasn't expecting an answer but still stood there for a while before turning to leave. And just when he was taking the first step, he heard a rustling before noticing a note sliding out under Jungkook's door. He immediately took it and read the familiar handwriting: thank you for the drawing

Jimin covered his mouth to block the squeal ready to come out. It was a few simple words. But he was still happy, almost jumping in his place with joy. Though he barely held himself back and spoke to Jungkook, trying to contain the excitement in his voice:

"I'm glad you liked it, Jungkook-ssi. I will–"

"Stop calling me like that." Jungkook's voice came from inside the room, surprising Jimin, "Jimin called me Jungkookie or Kookie." 

"I– okay! Then i will call you like that, too!" Jimin chirped excitedly, "Jungkookie!

"That's better." Jimin heard Jungkook mumbling. He finally went to the other room to solve the cube after that. Sitting down and eagerly working on the cube, happy that he was making some progress. 

He solved the green part after half an hour later, reading the wish out loud: "Cooking with Jiminie ♥"

It was cute how Jungkook put little heart at the end of his wishes. Jimin smiled and decided to cook for Jungkook next. Though he had no ingredients here unfortunately so informing Jungkook about his leave, he went down the town and bought whatever he needed to make a simply curry rice. 

On the way back he bumped into a few kids who were running around and played. They offered help since Jimin was having a hard time carrying all the bags.

"Sir, are you really a robot?" One of the kids asked curiously, other two also staring at Jimin with wide eyes.

"Hmm, i guess so." Jimin answered. It wasn't so rare for robots to be walking around but it wasn't common either. So at his answer, kids gasped and looked at each other with amazement written on their faces. 

"Then why can't you carry all those bags on your own? Aren't you supposed to be strong?!" The smallest kid asked. Jimin smiled at the eagerness in his voice.

"Well, i'm apparently a human-android. So i'm pretty much like a normal human."

"Then what's the difference?" Other kid asked, seeming kind of disappointed. Jimin looked at the sky and comtemplated before answering.

"For example, i have to be charged to work. I know only what my creater teaches me. I don't have a family, past, present or any future." Jimin explained, feeling sad for some reason. He never looked at it like this. All he knew and cared was how he was created for only one mission and that was to help Jungkook being happy again. 

"It's.. sad." The oldest kid said. And Jimin agreed internally. 


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Jimin waved at the kids and thanked them before they left. After knocking on the door and telling Jungkook he was home, Jimin started cooking. He didn't ask Jungkook if he liked curry. Jimin already knew from the memories. 

In the middle of cutting the onions, another memory appeared so Jimin closed his eyes and let it happen.


"Kookie." Jimin sniffled, "Stop laughing and bring me a wet towel." 

His eyes were burning, tears streaming down his cheeks. He was barely holding himself back from rubbing his eyes. 

"But hyung, why did you rub your eyes with the hand you touched the onion?" Jungkook mused, laughing at Jimin while holding his stomach. 

"I don't know, it happened." Jimin pouted,  "Nevermind it now, get me a wet towel."

Jungkook finally grabbed a towel and held it under the water. He was still laughing at Jimin. When he soaked the towel enough, he stood in front of Jimin and pressed it on Jimin's eyes.

"You are dumb." Jungkook giggled fondly. Jimin searched his waist blindly and wrapped his hands around when he found it, pulling Jungkook into himself and causing Jungkook to gasp surprisedly. 

"You love it." Jimin claimed, a cheeky smile appearing on his lips. 

Jungkook put the towel on the counter and cupped Jimin's face. 

"Yeah, i do. I love you." Jungkook confessed honestly, melting Jimin's heart into a puddle with his sweet voice.

"I love you so much." Jimin whispered, also cupping Jungkook's face and pecking his lips longingly. His eyes were burning with tears once again. But this time the reason was not onions. —


Jimin smiled at the memory. Real Jimin truly loved Jungkook. He could feel it in every inch of his artificial body. And surely, Jungkook loved him back just as truly, too. 

Jimin could now understand why Jungkook was so lost after losing his Jimin. Every feeling they held for each other was honest and pure.

Jimin wiped a stray tear slowly sliding down his cheek, not sure if it was caused by the onions or the memory. 


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Jimin put the food he made on a tray and put it in front of Jungkook's door. He then sat down on the floor cross-legged and knocked on the door.

"Jungkook-s– i mean, Jungkookie." Jimin corrected, "I cooked rice balls and curry for you. I don't really see you eating so i hope you will be more careful from now on." He waited for a while and continued after hearing rustling from inside, "I am not sure about the taste, though. Since it's my first time cooking." 

"Okay." Jungkook mumbled. Jimin gaped at the door and then smiled happily. 

"Okay!" He chirped before going to the other room. Sitting down on the cushion, he held Jungkook's rubik's cube and waited patiently until he heard Jungkook's door open and the tray being pulled inside. Jimin leaned on his back and lay on the floor, his arms spread around him comfortably, he stared at the ceiling with a giddy smile on his face.


He tried to talk to Jungkook a few times more after that, but he only got short answers from him. Jimin wasn't really discouraged, though. He spent the day cleaning up and drawing, and also solving the cube of course. He wasn't really good at it, though. Only before leaving he managed to finally find out the next wish written on the yellow surface: "Going to a festival with Jiminie ♥"


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


"Umm.. Professor?" Jimin called while Namjoon was connecting the cables to him as he was sitting at the edge of the bed. When the other hummed in response, Jimin continued, "When there is gonna be a festival next?" 

Namjoon peeked up at him over his glasses from where he was crouching down next to the bed. 

"Why are you asking?" Namjoon asked, still doing whatever he was doing with the cables.

"Well, i found Jungkook's rubik's cube which he had written his wishes on its surfaces. Since i don't remember Jimin's all memories yet, i am trying to make his wishes come true. And going to a festival with Jimin is apparently one of his wishes." Jimin explained, feeling drowsy and sleepy, probably because he was at the edge of his limit. 

Namjoon stared at him for a while as if he was contemplating what to say.

"You are lucky then!" He exclaimed finally, a smile appearing on his face, "Soon, there's gonna be a big festival in the town to celebrate the spring's arrival."


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Jimin spent the next few days with cooking for Jungkook, cleaning up, drawing and solving the cube. Since he was spending most of his time doing the chores, he couldn't really find time for the cube, though. 

Jungkook was still refusing getting out of his room but Jimin noticed the boy was speaking to him more and more each passing day. Jimin finally got to know other occupants of the house, too. Though it was actually only one person, his name Hoseok. He was abroad for a while and apparently that was why Jimin never saw him before.

Hoseok was cheerful and easy to get along. And Jimin learned, Hoseok was one of their close friends, too. Jimin was kind of surprised by Hoseok's first reaction to him, though. He craddled Jimin into his arms tightly and welcomed him even though he was the one who came back from somewhere far away. Didn't he know Jimin was dead? But Jimin dismissed it since he noticed Hoseok was kind of unique and different from other humans he got to know. 

Jimin decided to learn more about Jungkook through Hoseok, after that. But Hoseok was rarely at home, always busy with his work, as Jimin found out. So when he had time to talk to Hoseok, he took down notes about what Jungkook liked or disliked. 

Hoseok never tried going into Jungkook's room or neither tried to talk to him. Jimin found it odd at first. But Hoseok was probably being considerate towards his friend who was still mourning. 


"Banana milk, huh.." Jimin mumbled, reading the notes he took when he finished his afternoon chores. From what Hoseok said, Jungkook liked it a lot. So of course Jimin walked down the town only to buy lots of it for Jungkook. When he came back with bags of banana milks and opened the refrigerator to put them in, he was struck with another memory.


Jimin opened the refrigerator to place the ingredients he bought from the town, only to find it filled with banana milks. 

"Jungkookie!" He called to the other room, "Come here!"

Soon, a sleepy Jungkook waddled into the kitchen, a fluffy yellow blanket wrapped around his shoulders and over his head. His long locks were peeking under the blanket and falling over his eyes, looking absolutely adorable.

"What is it, Jiminie?" He said with a pout, yawning after and rubbing his eyes with his sweater paw. 

"What am i going to do with you?" Jimin mumbled, defeated. He couldn't possibly scold Jungkook when he looked so cute like this. So instead, he put down the bags, closed the refrigerator and walked towards Jungkook to hug him tightly. 

Jungkook buried his face into Jimin's neck immediately and almost purred at the feeling of Jimin's arms around him. 

"You slept late last night, right? You weren't in the bed when i fell asleep." Jimin said, his voice low as he didn't want to break the comfortable aura. 

Jungkook nodded his head slightly in response and Jimin cooed at him while rubbing his back softly. They stayed like that for a while before Jungkook peeked at Jimin under his long eyelashes.

"Sleep with me?" He offered, opening his doe eyes as much as possible and who was Jimin to deny, really. 

Forgetting about the refrigerator full with banana milks and ingredients which probably going to be spoiled if stayed outside; Jimin let Jungkook lead him to their small futon bed and slept through whole day with Jungkook breathing peacefully into his neck. 

And it was worth it even when he found the ingredients he bought either spoiled or stolen by the cats the next day. Absolutely. —


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


When Jimin realized he had a few more hours after finishing his chores to leave for the day, he sat next to Jungkook's door and leaned his back on it while solving the cube.

"Jungkookie?" He called only to inform the boy about his being. A rustling sound came from inside and Jimin couldn't help smiling. "I found out you wanted to sing with Jimin." He said, remembering the wish on the white surface. "Shall we sing together now?"

Jimin didn't mean to offer, but it came out naturally, suddenly. Jungkook didn't respond, though.

"I'd bought banana milk for you, too, though." Jimin pouted. To his surprise, the door suddenly creaked open. Jimin stumbled back a little and when he turned to his side shockedly, he was met with the beautiful doe eyes he witnessed in the memories so many times peering at him curiously behind the door.

"Really?" Jungkook asked, looking like he was barely holding in his excitement. 

"Ye– yeah? I mean, yes! I did. Lots of it, too." Jimin croaked out. He couldn't help his heart –or more like his artificial heart– beating like crazy inside his chest.

Jungkook stared at him for a while before sliding the door open compltely, Jimin crawling aside to not lean back on it anymore. 

"Can you bring me one?" Jungkook asked shyly. Jimin watched him with wide eyes, wrapped into that yellow blanket. He knew and saw Jungkook countless times in real Jimin's memories. But still, seeing it with his own two eyes was completely different. There was an itch, an urge inside his head; to jump forward and hug Jungkook like he did so many times before, even if as a memory. 

Jimin knew it was the memory chip placed inside his brain that made him want to do this or make him feel like this. But it was so real. As if he really was Jimin. 

"You.. won't?" Jungkook asked, looking disappointed. 

"Huh?! Ah– No! I mean of course i will bring you one!" Jimin jumped on his feet and ran to the kitchen. He took two just in case and ran back, sitting in front of Jungkook hastily and placing the milks in front of him. "Here." He smiled fondly seeing Jungkook's eyes widen with excitement. 

"Th– thank you." Jungkook mumbled while holding one of the banana milk in his hands.

"You're welcome!" Jimin replied, feeling giddy.

He'd never guess, it was only going to take a banana milk to finally lure Jungkook out of the confinement of his room. But Jungkook did come out, so nothing else mattered. 


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


"You look happy." Namjoon said as soon as Jimin stepped inside the clinic. 

"I am." Jimin answered honestly, "Jungkook opened the door today."

"Really?" Namjoon mused, though he didn't look much surprised. 

"Uh-huh. By the way, where can i find hanboks, Professor?" Jimin asked while settling on his place on the bed.

"For the upcoming festival?"


"Then you should go and talk to Seokjin. I'm sure he knows where you can find them." Namjoon winked knowingly as Jimin closed his eyes and dreamed a certain boy with doe eyes in a pretty yellow hanbok.


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Jimin walked the road leading to Jungkook's house with a bright smile on his face. He was hopeful and couldn't contain his excitement. Jungkook was finally responding him properly, after all. The promise of seeing him again also added to his eagerness. 

"Did it!" Jimin exclaimed happily and stopped abruptly on his way when he solved the cube completely. But as soon as he read the words on the orange surface, his smile vanished from his face; leaving a frown behind. 

"I wish Jimin will stop using violence"

Jimin's heart sank at the wish and before he knew it, he was running the remaining way to Jungkook's house. When he reached the frontyard, he was panting and his heart was beating like crazy. Though he ignored it and kneeled in front of Jungkook's door.

"Jungkook.." He called out, his head hanging low in shame and his eyes burning with tears. To his surprise, Jungkook opened the door and Jimin stared at his confused face before ducking his head down again. His knuckles were white since he was clutching onto his knees so tightly, "Did he –Jimin...use violence against you?"

He could barely speak out the words. Even asking something like this made him feel like his heart was being squeezed and cutting his breath. 

"What do you me–" Jungkook started but stopped when he noticed the rubik's cube next to Jimin. A sigh escaped from his lips, "Come in." He mumbled and left the door open before crawling back into the room.

Jimin watched him in confusion for a moment. But then he also crawled into the room. 

It was pretty messy. Books and papers and pencils scattered all around. A trail of clothes following another trail of used papers. There was an old digital piano on the floor, on his left where the window was. The opposite wall was completely a built-in closet, Jimin noticed since it's door was open. And when he looked at his right, he saw the futon bed spread on the floor, the fluffy yellow blanket and a few pillows dishevelled on it, which threw him into another memory.


Jimin kissed all over Jungkook's face as the boy under him panted to catch his breath, holding onto Jimin's biceps, eyes closed shut in bliss. 

"Hyung.." He whined, "Pu- pull out, 'm sensitive." 

"Hmm? Don't wanna." Jimin mumbled, still keeping on with his light kisses, trailing them down Jungkook's jaw and nipping at the soft skin every now and then.

"Come on.." Jungkook giggled, his voice coming out whinier than he intended it to, "I want cuddles." 

Jimin raised on his elbows and met Jungkook's hazy eyes. He brushed back the long locks sticking onto the boy's forehead and pressed another peck on his cherry lips before slowly pulling out. 

Jungkook winced a bit but as soon as Jimin was out, he hugged Jimin down to lie on his side and snuggled into his chest. Jimin also wrapped his arms around Jungkook and nuzzled into his hair. 

"Better?' He asked with a chuckle. Jungkook nodded and snuggled further into Jimin!s chest. 

Moonlight was oozing into the room between the closed curtains, illuminating the room just right. Dim and cosy. Jimin closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. He felt like he was truly happy. He was happy, honestly, whenever Jungkook was in his arms like this, actually. No matter what. As long as they were together, Jimin could live through any storm. 

"I'm inspired.." Jungkook mumbled suddenly, taking Jimin out of his reverie, "But want cuddles, too." Jimin could hear the pout in Jungkook's voice and his heart was filled with so much fondness that he felt like it was going to burst.

"Choose one." Jimin said with a smile.

"No. Want both." Jungkook shrugged and sat up on the futon, playing with the sheets and asking hesitantly, "Cuddle me while i play?" 

His eyes were sparkling like a clear night sky and there was no way Jimin was denying anything from him. 

So, while Jungkook was creating heaven with his fingers on the digital piano, Jimin settled behind him and wrapped them both with their favorite yellow blanket. 

Jungkook closed his eyes and threw his head back on Jimin's shoulder while his fingers worked their magic on the instrument. Jimin buried his nose into Jungkook's neck and inhaled his favorite smell deeply before leaving a soft kiss there.

"You are amazing, Jungkookie." He whispered, not wanting to interrupt Jungkook's music.

They stayed like that even after Jungkook finished playing. It was a magical moment, Jimin wanted to remember it forever.

"It's euphoria." Jungkook whispered after a while.

Jungkook didn't specify what he was referring to: the song or the moment. But Jimin didn't need to ask. As he already knew the answer. —


Jimin was met with doe eyes staring at him when he blinked next.

"Are you okay?" Jungkook asked.

"Yeah.." He replied immediately but Jungkook shook his head:

"Why are you crying then?"

Right then, Jimin noticed the tears drop to the floor in front of him. He quickly fumbled with his sleeves and wiped his wet cheeks hastily.

"So– sorry! I was just– i don't–" He tried to explain, panicked. But the sound of Jungkook's chuckle stopped him so he raised his head and looked at the boy. 

"You don't have to apologize." Jungkook said with a reassuring smile which his bunny teeth peeked behind his lips slightly. 

Jimin was truly mesmerized

"Follow me." Jungkook continued, crawling towards the built-in closet and wiggling inside the open door. 

Jimin stood in his place stunned for a moment. But when Jungkook peeked cutely to check him, Jimin also crawled inside. 

Closet was dark and cramped but enough to fit both of them. Jungkook closed the door and caused the room to turn pitch dark. Before Jimin could ask him what he was doing, suddenly the closet filled with soft red light, causing Jimin to gasp in surprise. Jungkook was holding a little button in his palm between them which was the source of the light.

"You want to know, right?" Jungkook asked, open-ended. But Jimin knew what he was asking so he nodded. "He didn't use violence against me. He would never do such a thing, could never hurt me." He added while putting the button on something Jimin couldn't make out.

Jimin exhaled relievedly at Jungkook's words. He really couldn't imagine Jimin in his memories –who loved Jungkook so dearly– ever harming Jungkook like that. Jimin's small hands were made to love Jungkook; not to hurt him.

"Watch." Jungkook said softly and a small screen appeared in front of Jimin, in the air.

Jimin glanced at Jungkook confusedly for a brief moment, but turned back to watch the video when he noticed the boy was focusing on the screen as well while hugging his knees to his chest.


The video started playing and a sleepy Jimin appeared on the screen, the camera was horribly close to his face –he was appearently fixing some settings and wasn't aware of himself. A smile appeared on his face after a while, probably proud to finally find a appropriate filter. He finally moved the camera away then, moving backwards while checking the screen all the time. Background got familiar; built-in closet and the wooden wall.

"Okaay~" He drawled, his voice raspy –probably because he woke up not long ago, and fell back on white sheets with a chuckle. A complaining whine came from someone who wasn't in the screen yet and Jimin giggled while rolling on his side, blocking the camera view accidently as he settled. 

When the sceen came again, this time there was Jungkook on the screen next to Jimin; spead on the bed comfortably and still sleeping. He seemed naked, white sheets only covering his private parts. 

"Wake up, pretty." Jimin crooned before pressing a longing kiss on Jungkook's cheek; all while holding the camera up in the air to record them. 

Jungkook stirred softly and opened his eyes slightly. It was obvious he was still not fully awake, blinking a few times in confusion before tilting his head to the side cutely and noticing Jimin next to him.

And Jimin. He was looking at Jungkook like he was everything he needed. And he really was. 

As soon as seeing Jimin next to him, Jungkook rolled on his side and hugged Jimin's waist to bury his face into Jimin's neck. The fondest laugh left Jimin's lips before the camera fell on the bed carelessly. Last thing heard was Jimin whispering -i love you- and the video changed.

Next video started with Jungkook rolling a gigantic snowball in the frontyard. Snow covering every inch of the place as if a fluffy white blanket.

"That's big enough, Kookie~" Jimin laughed heartily from behind the camera. Jungkook laughed along him but continued to roll the snowball still. "You will collect all the snow from the yard if you keep on doing that!" 

"No way~" Jungkook giggled but finally stopped when the size of snowball reached his stomach. He patted his hands in yellow gloves together, exhaling exhaustedly. 

"Are you cold baby?" Jimin's voice came, suddenly so soft, so fond. Jungkook looked at behind the camera, at Jimin, and nodded with a pout on his cherry lips. "Come 'ere.." Jimin crooned and the camera was forgotten once again when Jimin craddled Jungkook into his arms. 


Jimin's eyes were filled with tears once again. But this time, the reason was the overwhelming feeling of happiness surging through his veins at seeing the videos. It was so obvious that Jimin loved Jungkook as much as Jungkook loved Jimin. They looked content; like they were born to be with each other. To love each other.

"Looks like we were always happy, right?" Jungkook mumbled as Jimin whipped his head around to look at him in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Jimin asked. But instead of answering, Jungkook nodded his chin to the screen as another video started playing.


Unlike the others, this video started with Jungkook yelling at Jimin. The camera was apparently on the kitchen counter, angle weird and not capturing Jimin's face.

"I told you to stop hanging out with them! Why are you being so stubborn?!" Jungkook sounded geniunely desperate, as if he couldn't understand what Jimin was trying to do.

"Calm down." Jimin said, much calmer than Jungkook, "We can't talk properly if you yell like this forever."

"How about you telling me why you were with those men who sell illegal things; intead of keep on telling me to calm down?' Jungkook raised his hands next to himself.

"Look. I need money and on–" 

"Why? We are doing just fine, Jimin!" Jungkook exclaimed. 

"Jungkook that's not about it."

"Then what is it about?! Why are you hiding it from me? I don't understand– Jimin.. i just want to.. help." Jungkook whispered the last word and covered his face as a sob escaped him


Video ended there, leaving so many unanswered questions behind. Jimin couldn't find anything to say. He never saw real Jimin and Jungkook fight. Even in his memories. It was a foreign sight. Even though he wished another flashback to hit him so he could see why Jimin was involving himself with dangerous people even though Jungkook told him not to. But he was afraid to find out something he wasn't ready to witness, yet. 

He looked at Jungkook instead, finding him staring at the floor thoughtfully, looking somehow sad.

"I– i should've trusted you. But i was worried so badly. And you weren't telling me anything. Still.." Jungkook stopped, searching for the right words, "I know it's already late but.." He raised his head and stared at Jimin -his eyes oddly clear- before suddenly hugging Jimin and burying his face into his chest like he did in the memories or videos for so many times. "I'm sorry.." He croaked out lasty.

And Jimin was shocked. Even though Jimin was the one who was hiding something from Jungkook, even though Jimin was the one who was making Jungkook worried, even though he was the one who made Jungkook cry; Jungkook was still apologizing to him.

"No, i should be the one–" Jimin started but Jungkook shook his head violently and shushed him. Although Jimin wasn't sure if it was okay; he still hugged Jungkook back and enjoyed the moment instead.


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Jungkook fell asleep into his arms. So Jimin tucked him into his bed and walked to the coffee shop to ask Seokjin for hanboks. He still couldn't stop thinking about the video he watched earlier. Even though Jungkook didn't explain what Jimin was hiding from him; Jimin didn't ask either. But now he was really curious so he kind of regretted not asking. 

When he arrived the coffee shop and got inside, Seokjin welcomed him with a warm smile and led him to the usual table at the corner. 

"I was worried since you didn't stop by after your first time. How have you been?" Seokjin asked with a smile as Jimin settled at the table.

"Thank you, sir. I've been well. As i should be." Jimin said bitterly. Seokjin frowned for a brief second before squeezing his shoulder.

"Call me hyung like you used to do."

"Like Jimin used to do." Jimin corrected and Seokjin sighed and shook his head.

"Anyways. I will get you a mocha. Wait a bit." Seokjin processed to leave but Jimin stopped him.

"Ah! Actually, i'd like your time instead."

"Hmm.. You want to talk, huh?"

Jimin nodded. Seokjin looked around and checked other customers.

"I'm finishing in an hour. Is that okay?"

"Yes. I can wait." Jimin confirmed.


In the end, Jimin drank three cups of mocha until Seokjin was finally done and sitting across him, ready to listen to him.

"So. Tell me?" Seokjin said with his usual smile, leaning on table with his elbows and locked his fingers together.

Jimin gulped nervously. He never talked about Jungkook to someone other than Namjoon, so he wasn't sure how to start. But he soon figured out Seokjin was pretty comfortable to be around. He listened everything Jimin told him sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a frown. 

When Jimin told him about Jungkook's festival wish and hanboks, Seokjin actually beamed at him.

"I'm glad they won't go to a waste!" Seokjin chirped excitedly. He was clapping his hands and smiling brightly.

"What do you mean?" Jimin asked confusedly. Seokjin winked at him and got up without saying a word. Jimin watched him go and climb the stairs at the far corner of the shop, probably to the floor he was living in. 

After a while, Seokjin came with two bags he was holding over his palms carefully like it was something breakable.

"Here." He said while putting the bags onto the table. Jimin stared at the bags and Seokjin chuckled when he noticed Jimin's curious gazes. When he sat across Jimin again, he caressed over the bag thoughtfully and started to speak again, "Since i have a sewing machine, i sometimes make my own clothes. Jungkook was eager to try it himself, too. So i started to teach him. These.. are the hanboks he made for both of you. He was really excited to see it on you and go to a festival together while wearing them."

Seokjin seemed unusually sad. Jimin didn't know what to say. Even though he was standing there as Jimin, right in front of Seokjin; who Seokjin actually yearned to talk to was not him.  

"I'm sorry." So he mumled, feeling guilty for some reason.

Seokjin looked at him and Jimin could swear his eyes were filled with tears for a moment. But then he smiled brightly and they were gone.

"It's not your fault. So don't apologize. Just take these and make Jungkook's wish come true." Seokjin pushed the bags towards Jimin.

"Thank you." Jimin smiled and decided it was time for him to go. But then he remembered something so stopped and told Seokjin, "I want to ask you something, hyung."


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


"Hey? Umm.. Are you okay?" 

Jimin heard Jungkook asking him hesitantly. He was sitting on the floor, drawing the scenery with Jungkook. But since he couldn't stop thinking about the conversation he had with Seokjin, he couldn't hear Jungkook calling out to him for the first few times.

"Yeah.. I'm okay, sorry, was just zoning out." He smiled at Jungkook, looking at his eyes carefully before Jungkook nodded and focused on his drawing again. 

Lately, Jungkook was interacting with him more and more. Jimin was happy with the progress but he still couldn't stop thinking about Jungkook's eyes.

They looked dull.

Even when he smiled or pouted they were empty. Jimin couldn't help comparing them to the expressing doe eyes in his memories.

Jimin was worried; even though he seemed like he was making progress, Jungkook still stood in the same place internally. Jimin couldn't complain either. After all, Jungkook lost the meaning of his life. 

"Tomorrow there is going to be spring festival in the town. I thought we could go there together. I mean, if you don't mind?" Jimin ended awkwardly.

"Umm.." Jungkook looked outside and thought for a while before answering, "Okay." He nodded and kept on drawing.

Jimin thought it was a good time to bring up the hanboks. So he went to the other room to take them and resettled next to Jungkook with bags.

"What is this?" Jungkook asked, pursuing his lips in curiousity. Jimin smiled at his cute expression before pulling the neatly folded hanboks out and putting them on the floor in front of Jungkook. 

It was Jimin's first time seeing them. One of them was mostly black while the other one was mostly yellow. Jimin was almost sure yellow one was Jungkook's. When he checked Jungkook's expression, he saw a little smile dancing on his lips.

"Seokjin-hyung said you are the one who made them." Jimin said and Jungkook nodded slightly in response, "We can wear them for the festival tomorrow."

"I see.." Jungkook mumbled, still staring at the hanboks.

Rest of the day passed just like that. Jungkook seemed especially quite after the hanboks, though. When Jimin left, he thought how unusually calm the last few days were. He couldn't help but worry for some weird reason.

He walked down the streets while thinking about it when suddenly someone jumped in front of him from an alley. Jimin jumped back in shock and met the scared eyes of a boy who couldn't be more than 10. Before Jimin could ask him what was wrong, the kid ran away -disappearing into another dark alley.

Jimin was confused because the kid somehow seemed like he knew Jimin. Maybe he really did. Jimin thought how useful it would be if he got a flashback right now. Though when he continued walking, he remembered his conversation with Seokjin.

Apparently, Jimin was doing some illegal things with Taehyung to gain money for living before he met Jungkook. Seokjin said since he and Taehyung were young, they couldn't find a proper job then, either. But when Jimin grew older and was finally an adult, he started working in a restaurant, legally. But Taehyung still insisted on doing things illegally. Of course it affected Jimin, too. Taehyung was his closest friend, after all. And when he found out Taehyung was in a debt so deep, he found the solution in gaining money illegally once again. Which, of course, Jungkook would be against. Though Jimin was only going to do it until they paid Taehyung's debt,  he didn't want Jungkook to find out and be disappointed in him. But after all, Jungkook did find out. 

And that's how their fight started. 

Seokjin said Jungkook was only disappointed because Jimin hid it from him. Of course he wouldn't support Jimin doing illegal things; he would still try to help Jimin in any way he could. Jungkook probably thought Jimin wasn't trusting him

Jimin sometimes hated real Jimin for doing so many obvious mistakes like this. He had to be honest with Jungkook. 

It didn't matter now, however. Since he was long gone already.


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Next they when Jimin was walking to Jungkook's house, he saw people getting ready for the festival evening. Everyone was busy, but still lively, which Jimin liked the feeling of it. 

He knocked on Jungkook's door with a smile. Soon, Jungkook opened the door to him, his eyes as big as ever, hugging a pillow to his chest, hair tossled and adorably sticking out from everywhere. But for some reason he looked more exhausted than ever. 

"Good morning." Jimin said, feeling an itch to hug the boy and wrap him into his arms.

"Morning." Jungkook greeted back, rubbing his eyes and waddling back to collapse on the bed face first.

"I will prepare breakfast for you." Jimin said while going to the kitchen to cook, worried about the boy's health.

Jungkook never ate enough while always insisting for Jimin to eat with him too, even though Jimin didn't need to. But he still went along with it and ate with Jungkook. It actually felt good, if he was being honest. Sitting around the familiar floor table and having meal together. He gussed they were real Jimin's favorite times and that was why he loved these moments so much, too.

When breakfast was ready, he called Jungkook. The boy entered the room even paler than before. Jimin almost gasped at the sight.

"Jungkook-ah! What is wrong?" He asked while taking a step towards the boy instinctively. Though Jungkook tilted his head to the side and looked at him confusedly, as if he couldn't understand what Jimin was saying.

"You look.. pale. Are you okay?" Jimin explained, worry coloring his voice. 

Jungkook's eyes widened as he finally understood what Jimin meant. A reassuring smile bloomed on his lips as he nodded at Jimin. "I'm just excited for today." He added while sitting down.

Jimin wasn't really convinced. But didn't say anything and joined Jungkook at the table.


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


When it was time to get ready for the festival, Jungkook gave Jimin the yellow hanbok and took the black one with himself before closing the door of his room after himself, leaving a confused Jimin behind. He thought yellow one was for Jungkook. 

But when he put on the hanbok, it fit him perfectly and that was his answer enough. Moreover, when Jungkook came out of the room in the other hanbok, Jimin was so mesmerized that he suddenly got tongue-tied.

"Let's go?" Jungkook asked shyly and Jimin startled out of his daze and nodded at him.


너는 나 ~ 나는 너


Even if there was a heavy feeling inside his -artificial- heart, Jimin still felt excited while walking through streets which were already decorated as colorful as a summer garden. Everywhere he looked, happy faces of children and adults in pretty hanboks smiled cheerfully back at him. 

The best part of it all was, however, Jungkook being with him, too. Jimin even managed to hold his hand, saying there was too many people and they could lost each other, though it wasn't really possible. 

Jungkook's hands were cold which worried Jimin but Jungkook seemed happy so he let it go for now and decided to give extra attention to Jungkook in case he was getting sick. It wasn't going to be hard, too. Since Jungkook already got Jimin's all attention. 


Whole evening they smiled, listened music, tasted amazing foods and walked through parades aimlessly. Jimin couldn't contain his smile. Jungkook looked happy, too. Which was the most important point of it all. 

When it was nearing the time for the fireworks, Jimin followed his intuition and led Jungkook to the old wooden bridge of the river. Thankfully there wasn't many people around since they probably chose other obvious places to watch the fireworks. 

Jimin pulled Jungkook onto bridge and sat down with him, swinging their legs between the wooden railings and still holding hands. Sky was covered by dark clouds, unfortunately. Jimin thought they had to go back before it rained. 


Jungkook called softly and Jimin was so shocked that he almost gasped out loud. All this time, Jungkook never called him Jimin. And Jimin didn't dwell on it either. After all, in Jungkook's eyes, he was only a robot which looked like Jimin; not his Jimin.

"Ye– yeah?" Jimin stuttered, not able to hide the happiness in his voice. Jungkook smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

"I have only one wish left." He said and Jimin already knew what it was even before Jungkook said it, "Let's sing together."

"But i don't remember–"

"You do." Jungkook cut in. 

Before Jimin could protest, the sounds of fireworks filled everwhere; and as Jungkook looked up to watch them, suddenly the most angelic voice surrounded Jimin. 

Jungkook was singing.

Jimin's heart constricted and his eyes filled with tears as he watched Jungkook sing heaven. Fireworks were illuminating his face magically and Jimin thought he finally saw Jungkook's eyes shine for the first time just like the Jungkook's in his memories.

Then another miracle happened as Jimin started the sing along the song he never heard before. It was like his lips were moving on its own, wanting to accompany Jungkook's cherry ones. 

Jimin watched Jungkook the whole time, not able to take them away from the magical sight of Jungkook singing. When the fireworks ended, the song ended too. And only then Jimin remembered the song. 

It was..

"Euphoria." Jungkook filled in for him and turned his head around to face him, only a few inches between their faces.

Jimin didn't know what he was doing. But he knew it was also what supposed to happen as they both slowly leaned forward to connect their lips, their hearts.


Jimin didn't have a heart. At least not a real one. Was it really okay? Kissing Jungkook or being happy with him like this. Enjoying Jungkook's love even though the one who actually earned it was real Jimin.

Even though it hurt doing so, Jimin suddenly put his hand between their lips and prevented the kiss. He didn't deserve it, it had to be real Jimin who actually supposed to be sitting here, in his place.

"Sorry." He mumbled and pulled back when Jungkook looked at him confusedly. At least he didn't seem hurt, Jimin thought.

"You don't have to apologi– Oh no!" Jungkook gasped when the ribbon around his waist suddenly flew in air with the breeze and dropped in the river. Right then the sky rumbled and rain started pouring upon them. 

"It's okay, i will take it back." Jimin smiled. 

"You don't have to–" Jungkook tried to stop him but Jimin was already on his feet. River wasn't too deep so it was okay. Though it was cold when he took the first step into it. "It's okay, really." Jungkook tried to assure, still.

"No. You made these with your own hands." Jimin explained and when the water reached his knees, he already got the ribbon –thankfully stuck on a rock. He raised it in the air victoriously and looked at Jungkook, "I took i–"


Jimin whipped his head to the familiar voice, seeing Taehyung running towards them. Rain was starting to fall like it wanted to wash them away. The stream was getting dangerous so Jimin slowly got out the river as Taehyung reached the bridge next to Jungkook who was now on his feet, watching Taehyung confusedly.

"Let's make some money off him?" Taehyung said with a grin while throwing his arm around Jungkook's shoulder.

Jimin's eyes widened in shock and fear. Even though Taehyung was doing illegal things; he never thought he could go as far as selling people. Seeing Taehyung say it so normally, Jimin felt his stomach lurch in disgust.

"Get your hands off of him." Jimin growled as a thunder cracked the air, the loud sound of rumbling following it soon while Jimin was walking towards Jungkook. Taehyung's expression fell and he seemed geniunely confused, but didn't take his hands off of Jungkook. 

Jimin took in the sight of Jungkook who looked dangerously pale and exhausted, not giving any attention to whatever happening around him and staring at the stream hitting the rocks fiercly with it's force. 

Jimin held Jungkook's arm and pulled him to himself while getting between him and Taehyung.

"Get off." He  hissed at Taehyung.

"Wh– what?" Taehyung stammered, "Hey, what is wrong with you?"

"I said get off, Taehyung. Now." Jimin deadpanned, feeling himself getting gradually furious. He wasn't the only one getting impatient, either. Taehyung was clenching his fists at his sides, seeming just as furious as Jimin.

"Dude." Taehyung called with a fake smile, "Why are you being such a bitch now? We do it all the time, selling a–" 

Before he could finish his words Jimin was already punching him in the face. He wasn't sure why he did. Maybe he was angry because he didn't know the real Jimin completely and there was a possibility real Jimin was someone as disgusting as Taehyung said. Or maybe h wanted to punch Taehyung because he offered something like this. It didn't really matter.

"What the fuck–!" Taehyung held his cheek and spat blood. When his eyes found Jimin's again, they were almost literally burning with fury. Before Jimin could understand what was happening, Taehyung was already swinging his fist.

Jimin closed his eyes in shock and waited for the blow which never came. Instead, came a cracking sound and Taehyung's surprised hiss. Jimin opened his eyes but it was already late.

Jungkook was falling down the bridge.

Jimin jumped forward while reaching his hand to the boy. However he couldn't reach him as Jungkook fell back, his hand also reaching towards Jimin. 

The sky rumbled especially loud as the sound of something breaking lost beneath it. Jimin leaned over the railings, trying to catch a glimpse of Jungkook in the dark, dangerous stream. He didn't even think twice before trying to swing his leg over to the railing. But Taehyung hugged his waist and held him back.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! Are you trying to kill yourself?!" Taehyung screamed as Jimin struggled in his hold, yelling about how Jungkook was in danger and he had to save him. When Taehyung decided he wasn't going to be able to hold Jimin back like this, he turned him around and punched him in the face, causing blood ooze from Jimin's nose while falling on his back. Taehyung straddled his waist and punched him again when Jimin still struggled.

"Let me go!" Jimin screamed as tears streamed down his cheeks, mixing with rain and blood. When he turned his head to the side, he saw Jungkook resisting the strong stream by holding onto a rock, looking up at Jimin, completely wet, his beautiful long hair sticking to his face. And when his hand reached out for him, Jimin also dragged his trembling hand on the floor and reached out for Jungkook. 

"Jimin! Pull yourself together!"

"Jungkookie..." Jimin whispered in agony, wanting to move but finding no strength to do so. "He is going to die.."

"No, he can't–" Taehyung screamed, shaking Jimin desperately.



"Let me go! Jungkook is–"

"Jungkook is already dead!"




— Don't go.



—December 17th, 2422


"Jungkook-ah, stop it, please. I don't want you to leave like this." Jimin tried desperately as Jungkook ignored him again. They were in the airport, waiting for Jungkook's flight to Tokyo, Japan. Since their fight two days ago, Jungkook was ignoring Jimin and was sulking at him even now. "Jungkook, look. I know you're hurt and i'm geniunely sorry. But–"

"Jimin, can you please stop trying to explain it?" Jungkook huffed. Jimin knew if Jungkook wasn't leaving, they could make it all right between them in a few days at most. But Jungkook was going to be in Tokyo, without him, for a week and Jimin didn't want time and distance get between them..

"Please." Jimin pleaded, leaning forward to see Jungkook's face better, "At least look at me once before leaving." 

"Sorry, you should've come with me if you want to see my face." 

"You know i couldn't.."

"Oh, i know you could!" Jungkook exclaimed, finally turning around to face Jimin, "You could if you didn't waste the money we saved for this trip." 

"Taehyung was in danger."

"Then how about you told me so i wouldn't find out about how you weren't coming with me only two days before the trip?" 

"You wanted this trip for so long. I– i didn't want to take it away from you." Jimin explained, hanging his head low. 

"And what made you think that i would still want it when i wasn't going to have you with me?" Jungkook asked quitely. Jimin looked at Jungkook and his heart clenched with pain at seeing Jungkook's eyes shine with unshed tears. 

He lifted his hand to wipe the tears away from Jungkook's face. But before he could reach him, the announcement of Tokyo flight started and Jungkook stood up. 

Jimin swalled his tears and stood up as well, watching Jungkook drag the small suitcase next to him and processing to leave.

"I'm leaving." Jungkook informed hesitantly, as if he wasn't sure if he really wanted to go. 

As if he waited Jimin to tell him 'don't go'. 

"Jungkook-ah." –But Jimin couldn't see Jungkook's face. So he said, "Have fun."



No. Stay. I beg.



Jimin could physically see Jungkook's shoulders depress at his answer. And before he could find a chance to talk again, Jungkook was already walking towards the boarding gate. 

Jimin watched Jungkook as he waited for his turn. He wanted to run to Jungkook and hug him to stay. But he didn't. 

And when it was Jungkook's turn to finally pass the gate, he turned around to look at Jimin for the last time. 

Jimin fell back on the bench and buried his face into his hands. And only then he could whisper the words he itched to say for the last day.  

"Don't go."




—January 23rd, 2423


"Jimin? Jimin, can you hear me? Please. Please answer me." Yoongi sobbed, holding the boy who was lying on the floor, unconscious, like dead. His hand was trembling as he dialed Namjoon's number. 


"Namjoon-ah. Come here, please." Yoongi sobbed, "Jimin.. he attempted suicide.. again."




—January 30th, 2423


"Hyung. I'm not sure about this. It may affect him worse than before." 

"What is worse than trying to kill yourself, Namjoon-ah?" 

Namjoon stared at the floor, not knowing how to answer Yoongi. He looked at Jimin who was sleeping on the bed, in a coma. And then looked at the android standing by the door, watching them curiously. 

"J5813." Yoongi called from where he was sitting on a chair next to Jimin's bed, holding his hand. Android walked next to Yoongi at the call of his name. "Can you do it?"

Android tilted his head to the side, apparently confused by the small red button Yoongi was showing to him.

"Will you save him?" Yoongi changed his question. 

Namjoon watched the android glance at Jimin briefly before looking at Yoongi again. Even though he already knew the answer, Namjoon was still surprised by the android's agreement.





"Jiminie. Open your eyes." 

Jimin did open his eyes as soon as he heard that angelic voice he lived for.

And he really was there, right in front of him. There, stood his life. His past. His present. And his future. As beautiful as ever. As his as ever.

"Jungkookie.." He called out, his voice coming out sore, hoarse.

"Yes, love." Jungkook said as they floated in a blue void. He held Jimin's hands and pulled them closer to each other. 

That smile Jimin worshipped bloomed on Jungkook's face; allowing his bunny teeth to show, nose to scrunch and eyes to shine with the prettiest stars.

Jimin's tears were already running down his cheeks. And Jungkook cupped his face immediately to wipe away his tears as Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's waist.

"Don't go. Please." Jimin begged. 

"I'm not going anywhere, love." Jungkook replied calmly.

"No, no. Stay. I beg you." Jimin sobbed as Jungkook continued to kiss his tears away until he stopped crying.

When they were finally face to face again, looking into each other's eyes, Jimin choked out, feeling truly overwhelmed:

"I love you." 

Jungkook's smile got even brighter with the magical words, almost blinding Jimin. 

"I love you, too." 

Jungkook also whispered those magical words. 

And next, they were hugging each other tighter than possible. Jimin buried his face into Jungkook's neck and inhaled his favorite smell deeply, filling his lungs full of it. 

Jimin was content dying like this, in the arms of the love of his life. If it was a dream, he could give anything to not wake up again. He belonged here, with Jungkook. 


"No. Please. Let's stay like this. Let me stay here. Live here. Die here."

"You can't."

"I need." Jimin whispered desperatly, holding onto Jungkook as tight as possible. But gradually it started to disappear under his arms.

He hugged tighter.

But Jungkook still continued to disappear.

"No! Please." He choked out, but it was to no avail. Jungkook's now almost faded form craddled his face and pecked his lips once. "Stay." Jimin tried for the last time. 

Jungkook smiled and mouthed something before completely vanishing away


And then Jimin started to fall.


When he opened his eyes, Taehyung was still straddling him, sobbing and yelling him to wake up. 

"Jimin?!" Taehyung cried out when he noticed Jimin's eyes open. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He sobbed continously. "I didn't think it was this serious, please forgive me."

Jimin watched the boy sob. He wasn't feeling anything. Even when Taehyung repeated the same words Jungkook said him in his dream just before fading away.

"I'm sorry. But please. Keep on living."



2 Years Later


"Hey, hyung." 

"Jimin? Is that really you? Oh my god, you little shit!" Seokjin cursed while walking towards the blue eyed boy, and hugged him tightly. His tears were already wetting Jimin's yellow-shirt. "I haye you."

"Yeah, i missed you, too." Jimin chuckled as he also hugged back tightly.

"Where have you been?" Seokjin held Jimin's shoulders and took a good look at him.

"Everywhere.. and nowhere." Jimin shrugged vaguely.

"You look.. good. I'm glad."

Jimin smiled. 

"Did you–" Seokjin gulped, averting his eyes to the ground, "–ever visit Yoongi or Namjoon?"

"No." Jimin answered simply. Seokjin stared into Jimin's eyes which were dark, harboring no light.

"They just wanted to..."

"I know." Jimin cut in with a smile, "I'm not blaming them. But i was just not ready."

"Yoongi is worried." Seokjin remembered how Yoongi never smiled since Jimin suddenly disappeared with a little note only saying not to worry about him anymore. Both he and Namjoon felt guilty for what they did, even though they only wanted to help Jimin, even though Jimin never blamed them.

"I will see him soon." Jimin reassured. "Namjoon, Taehyung and Hoseok too. I will see all of them before leaving."

"You're leaving again?"

Jimin smiled at Seokjin's wide eyes, "Yes."

"But.. Why?" Seokjin asked, as if he couldn't understand Jimin, at all.

"Hyung. I can't stay here."

"You don't know that! You are better now, you can–" Seokjin opposed but Jimin shook his head to prove him wrong.

"I am living–" Jimin started, "–only because Jungkook told me so." 

Seokjin's heart clenched in sorrow. Of course Jimin could no way keep on living easily after losing the meaning of his life. Jimin didn't look like he was hurting anymore. But he didn't look happy, either. He just looked.. numb.

"I only came back to see you all before leaving again." Jimin explained. Seokjin could only nod in response. 

And Jimin was gone. Once again. But this time not to come back again.





"What is it, Kookie?" Jimin asked, settling behind Jungkook and wrapping his arms around his waist, propping his chin on Jungkook's shoulder to better see the book Jungkook was reading. 

"Nothing." Jungkook mumbled, apparently his attention still on the book. "Just reading a book about other countries." 

"Hmm.." Jimin hummed. Jungkook looked so focused on the book that Jimin whined in complaint after a while when he couldn't get the attention he needed. 

"What?" Jungkook giggled, finally noticing Jimin's misery.

"Is it more interesting than me?" Jimin pouted, kissing Jungkook's neck softly and revelling in the way Jungkook subtly bared it for him. 

"Hmm. Maybe?" Jungkook teased, laughing when Jimin growled and nipped at the soft skin of his neck. "What is it? Are you getting jealous over a book now?"

"I am. You should only look at me." Jimin mumbled and buried his face into Jungkook's neck while tightening his arms further around the boy's waist possesively. He inhaled longingly and filled his lungs with Jungkook's sweet scent. Jungkook chuckled softly, causing butterflies erupt in Jimin's heart with the angelic sound. 

"Dummy." He cooed but then took a deep breath and got serious. Jimin looked up at him and listened him carefully. "I want to sing. Not just for this town. But for the whole world. I want to sing.. in everywhere and nowhere." Jungkook turned his face to Jimin and pressed a longing kiss on his forehead before adding with his eyes sparkling tousands of stars, "Of course with you by my side." 





Jimin opened his eyes and smiled at the memory of Jungkook's doe eyes while sharing his biggest dream with Jimin. After Jungkook revealed his dream, it became Jimin's dream, too. Right there and then.

Because, Jimin's only dream was making Jungkook's dreams come true

The engines roared into the night and soon after the announcement reminding passengers to fasten their seatbelts, the plane ascended heavily from the earth. 

Jimin leaned his head back on the seat and closed his eyes after putting on his headphones. He pressed the red button in his hand and as soon as the soft melody he knew by heart now surrounded him, his whole body relaxed and a real smile bloomed on his lips.

After all, these were the only moments he felt like he was actually living again.