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Heroes Never Die

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It was the night of Halloween, 1981, and just hours ago James and Lily Potter had been murdered in their own home. The only survivor being their baby son, Harry.


Hagrid, on Dumbledore’s orders, had gone to the cottage in Godric’s Hollow and, thanks to Sirius Black lending him his motorbike, had quickly flown baby Harry to London, where he would meet with the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall.


Once all three were outside the agreed house, McGonagall spoke.


“Can’t you do something about the scar on his forehead, Dumbledore?” She asked him dubiously, “surely there must be a way to heal it?”


“Even if I could, I wouldn’t,” he said. He had already tried to heal it, but already had a suspicion of just what was inside that mark. “Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground”


“Well,” she started, weirded out by the unnecessary revelation, ‘probably trying to distract me from the topic’ she thought to herself irritated, “it could be a lot worse, I guess. At least he will grow up happy, these two seem like good people.”


“Aye,” agreed Hagrid, “Lily’s cousin was always kind the few times I met ‘er”


Dumbledore frowned internally, he had wanted to leave Harry with Petunia, Lily’s sister, but knew that if he tried that with Minerva knowing about the woman’s resentment towards magic, not to mention Lily’s good relationship with her cousin, his plans would fall apart too easily. No, he would just hope this would not affect them too badly.


The old man was about to leave Harry on the doorstep when a very unamused redheaded woman opened the door of the flat.


"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?!" She asked him, glaring at the way he was leaning down with the bundle in his arms, "you can't just leave a child like that out in the cold! Come on inside!"


Dumbledore was rankled, who was this woman to talk to him that way? But having been discovered, he had no option but to follow her orders. Minerva and Hagrid shared a sad but amused glance at the resemblance of the woman to her cousin before following the headmaster inside the house.


"Now, why don't you tell me just why you were leaving my cousin's child on my doorstep?" She asked them seriously.


"Miss Evans, I'm sad to have to tell you this, but young Lily and James have been… they were murdered earlier tonight in their home, I’m so sorry." Said McGonagall, almost in tears.


The woman's face paled, but she quickly got a hopeful glint in her eyes.


"Lena!" She called to the house, "could you come here a second luv?"


Soon, a young woman with spiky brown hair came through one of the doors.


"What's wrong luv?" She said, concerned at seeing her girlfriend’s face so pale, “and who are you?” She asked to the other three occupants of the room.


"Do you think Winston and Dr. Ziegler could take a look at my cousin and her husband, they-" The redhead caught her girlfriend’s attention, her voice breaking, "they were murdered earlier today, Lena."


The brunette became serious in a moment, "wait here, I'll call them," she said, and before any of the three magicals in the house were able to ask anything, the woman disappeared in a flash of blue light.


Soon, and in the same blue glow, she was back.


“Mercy is on her way to our nearest branch right now,” she told the redhead, “Noctus and his family were with Winston when I called, he said he knew where they lived and went to recover their bodies,” she added, “said he had the needed authority to recover them without people asking too many questions. Don’t worry, Emily, we will have James and Lily back in no time.” She finished with a reassuring smile.


“Well, what are we waiting for then?” Emily said, “let’s get moving.”


“Before going anywhere,” started McGonagall dubiously, “could you tell us just what you’re talking about?”


“We will explain on the way professor!” Said the now livelier woman, “it’s too long to explain before Noctus gets them to the London HQ.”




While this talk was taking place, Noctus Ignis, a young man with long black hair kept up in a ponytail, was arriving at the cottage in Godric’s Hollow.


‘Well, at least the Aurors haven’t showed up yet, that will make getting their bodies easier.’ He thought to himself.


Just as he stopped his car just outside the Potters’ place, he saw Sirius pulling James’ body out of the ruins.


“Padfoot!” He called getting off the car, “get James in the backseat and help me get Lily, quickly!”


“Noctus?” Asked the young Black heir, “what are you doing here? And where would we be taking them? Th-They are gone, Noctus!” At this, Sirius broke down sobbing, what he had just lost catching up to him.


Noctus brotherly hugged the younger man, “don’t worry Sirius,” he told him, “we have a way to truly bring them back. It’s only because of Wizarding Britain’s obsession with being secretive that we haven’t been able to revive others with the same method.” He reassured his friend. “Now come on,” he added after a pause, “let’s get Lily and put these two in the backseat.”


“What are you talking about? There’s no way to bring someone back from the dead, is there?” Sirius asked dubiously as they made their way inside the house.


“The answer, my friend,” started Noctus, a smirk on his face, “is Overwatch, an organization both Lily and James, along with some friends and myself, were a part of. They took leave when Harry was born, but they still are considered agents.”


“And this group has a way to bring people back?” Asked Sirius in wonder.


Noctus just chuckled, “yes, Padfoot, we have a way. Or better said, one of our numbers has a way, she invented the method after all.” He said with a soft smile.


They quickly but carefully grabbed Lily’s body and wand, and got her in Noctus’ car, before getting themselves inside and speeding towards the London Overwatch HQ, they had a couple of friends to return to their son.




Just as Emily and Lena got to Overwatch London, Noctus and Sirius were arriving in the car with James and Lily’s bodies in tow.


“Come inside, quickly!” Shouted a deep voice from the doorway.


The Hogwarts group and Sirius looked gobsmacked at the talking ape standing there, but neither Noctus, Lena or Emily seemed to mind and just quickly got inside the building with their precious charge. Noctus with James and Lily, Emily with baby Harry asleep in her arms.


Soon, the group was looking at their friends’ bodies laid on beds, when a young, blonde woman came through the door of the room, carrying a long, technological staff.


“Thank goodness, It’s not too late!” She said, a soft Swiss accent to her voice, “Winston! Help me up here!”


Soon after she said this, and once the ape, apparently named Winston, had grabbed a hold of both of the bodies shoulders, they saw how the woman’s staff came to life, emitting a golden light that entered the Potters, who both jolted awake.


Sirius and Emily made a mad dash towards the resurrected Potters, Harry still in the redhead’s arms, while Minerva and Hagrid broke down with tears of joy at seeing their friends alive and well, it was a miracle!


Dumbledore wasn’t looking at it with the same eyes as the rest. If the Potters were back, he wouldn’t have the control over young Harry he needed to finally destroy Voldemort. No, for the Greater Good, they would have to go. He started to stealthily move his hand towards his wand.


“I’m sorry, but I can’t allow this,” he said, to the incredulous and enraged looks of everyone else in the room, “Obli-” He didn’t manage to finish the incantation before someone interrupted him.


“EXPELLIARMUS!” Screamed a female voice from the door, her powerful spell slamming against Dumbledore’s hand, sending his wand flying in James’ direction, who quickly snatched it out of the air, frowning when he felt it warm up in his hand.


At the door, stood a young woman with long, flowing brown hair. Her eyes, normally a bright green, were a blood red, with the white of her eyes having turned the darkest black.


“What do you think you’re doing?!” She asked, her voice now coming distorted, “and don’t give me that Greater Good bullshit! You were about to erase everyone’s memories of James and Lily coming back, weren’t you?! You want them out of they way, DON’T YOU?!” She snarled, her magic lashing out, binding and levitating the old man.


“YES!” Cried the ancient wizard against his will, “Yes, I need to have control over young Harry, only I can lead him on the path he must go so Voldemort can finally be destroyed!”


“Tenebrae,” said Noctus almost in a whisper, his deep voice icy with contained rage, “is the old man under our truth spell?”


The woman could only nod, shaking in anger.


“Well,” said Noctus, a vindictive, almost evil smirk on his face, making the old man gulp on sight, “let’s start the questioning, then.”


Dumbledore knew he was doomed.




The amount of stuff they managed to get out of Dumbledore during the impromptu interrogation, not to mention how twisted and, frankly, deranged , his plans had been, was appalling.


When he was forced to reveal his suspicions about Harry’s scar, the faces of James, Sirius and Noctus paled, the latter quickly moving to Lily’s and Emily’s side and casting a spell over the baby, taking a calming breath when he saw the results.


They decided to put Dumbledore under a magic suppressing field in one of the building’s cells while they decided what to do with the information they’d uncovered.


Once the old man had been taken away by Winston and Noctus, and said two were back in the infirmary where James and Lily were, the whole group started discussing what they should do.


“James?” Lily asked, after a little moment of silence, “why did you pale when Dumbledore mentioned that Harry may be one of Voldemort’s ‘Horcrux’?” She asked uncertainly, just what were ‘Horcrux’?


“Darling,” started James, taking a calming breath, “a Horcrux is one of the most vile, disgusting pieces of dark magic there is. Having made a Horcrux means that you have killed at least one innocent, splitting your soul and putting part of it in an object or another living being.” He told them, to the horror of those who hadn’t known about the existence of such magic, “while just one of these things remains, be it alive or an object,” he continued after a pause, “Voldemort will never truly die.” He finished, hugging Lily and his son closely to himself. Harry had almost lost both of them today, and would have been left to an uncertain future because of the old man, now he would make sure nothing like that could happen. 


“The bad news,” started Noctus after letting James’ explanation sink in, “is that there is a sliver of the bastard’s soul lodged inside Harry’s scar.”


Lily’s face paled at this, tears sliding down her face.


“The good news,” said Tenebrae, “is that from the results of the spell Noctus casted earlier, it isn’t truly a Horcrux, but a soul leech. It won’t be difficult to take it out of him without hurting him, don’t worry, it’s my family’s speciality after all!” She told the group with a reassuring smile, “we also should be able to use it to trace the others he has made, a soul leech wouldn’t have dislodged itself from his soul if it wasn’t already in tatters.” She added seriously.


“What should we do about Dumbledore?” Asked Minerva, she didn’t like what she had found out about the old man tonight, but didn’t think they would be able to get him imprisoned, at least not in Britain.


“Tenebrae and I are members of Revered and Most Noble houses,” started Noctus seriously, neither of them liked using their positions, but for times like this they came in handy,  “James and Sirius, for their part, are members of two Most Ancient and Noble houses, just among us four we already have a lot of weight. To that add Frank and Alice once we reveal to them what we found out tonight, and we should have enough weight in the Wizengamot to at least get him on trial with Veritaserum, the Pureblood Exclusion law wouldn’t apply to him, as a half-blood.” He finished


“I hope ‘e rots in Azkaban if we can’t get ‘im the Kiss.” Hagrid stated darkly. He was sad, but most of all angry at the headmaster for trying to use him in his plans for Harry. Now, he would do everything in his limited power to help young Harry, the same resolution being made by everyone in the room.




The ritual to rid little Harry of the leech had been fairly simple and almost harmless, so much so that the baby didn’t even wake up during the short process.


Well, “ritual”, it was just Tenebrae prickling the scar with a special needle and then pulling out the black ichor with her wand, and then storing it within a rune-covered crystal.


“This,” the woman said, holding up the crystal, “is our Horcrux-compass. It should be able to roughly tell us where the bastard’s Soul Jars are, once I learn how to build a map out of it, that is.”


“Well, now that that’s done,” said Winston, looking from Tenebrae to the three “civilians” in the room, “let me tell you, about the Overwatch organization…”