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Born without the ability to speak had always left you at various disadvantages in life, and right now was one of those, glaringly obvious. Currently, you were tied to a chair in the middle of a dingy, abandoned and rundown office, and though it served little purpose your mouth was currently duct taped closed. Exhaling through your nose was the only viable option if you wished to continue breathing as eyes slowly scanned around the room, the person who had tied you up was nowhere in sight, allowing you time to try and fight the bindings that dug into sensitive skin. How long had you been trapped like this? An hour? No, your arms would have been numb by then, maybe no more than a half hour? Reliving the events that led up to this moment, you had been planning to see your boyfriend, when someone grabbed you from behind pulling you into a side alley. It was late at night, and without the ability to speak up you couldn't alert anyone to your situation. Though, considering how much effort this person seemed to be going through you were starting to genuinely believe that maybe had you the choice to speak up they would have taken more drastic measures. 

The door slamming open broke your concentration, as a large hulking figure nearly broke the door frame as they moved into the room. Their face was concealed beneath an orange and steel spiked gas mask, one that made you shudder beneath what felt to be an intense gaze. They were silent, slow steps taken with effortless long strides as the large man reached you in three steps. You could practically see every ripple of muscle, the valleys and peaks of his abs, every fiber of him was taught like a wire and his dark clothing did little to hide this as it seemed ready to burst at the seams. He reached out, causing you to flinch instinctively, however he only pushed the back of your chair against the desk behind you. Turning your attention up to your captor, eyes shining with a dewy nervousness, you could hear them breathing heavily through the gas mask as their body radiated heat in waves. The balancing act of not leaning into gravity kept you from moving away from them, but it seemed they took this as a sign of compliance rather than survival.

Bringing the chair back to sitting, you were stabilized once again as all four legs touched the ground, only for them to jerk your head up by pinching your chin between their thumb and forefinger. Again, you could feel that intense gaze from before, but without eyes to hone in on, you felt lost and more than a bit frightened. The man took notice of your shivering, as they released your face moving back towards the door. How foolish of you to believe they would be leaving, it wasn't until the sound of a clicking lock reached your ears that you tensed once more shaking your head violently. This path they were on, it felt like some mission, on that they needed to see through to the end. It was all there, in the way they walked back towards your trembling form, the way there large hands wound their way through your hair before ghosting over the rest of your bound body, it was like they were examining you with every touch. 

The feeling of their hands on you burned your skin, nerves firing shocking signals through your spine as your back stiffened when the man passed a particularly sensitive spot. You couldn't moan, even as the sensation felt amazing, your sounds were nonexistent and the person seemed to pick up on this as they reached out tearing the duct tape away. The pain made you wince, a hiss of air escaping from between your teeth, but no words or curses or pleas for your life came out. Silent, as the day you were born, and perhaps until the day you died. While you ponder if this masked character would ever utter a single sound, you were taken aback when such a warm yet gruff voice spoke from behind the mask.

"You can't speak?" A simple question with a simple answer.

You shake your head.

"A shame, I always liked a screamer." That confession made your entire being tense like a spring. 

Unable to ask for clarification, you were forced to be the idle watcher of the scene playing out before you. From within the pockets of his dark green pants he removed a single blade, reflecting the low moonlight streaming in from the window slats behind him. The sight had your breath catch in your throat as you began to try and kick your legs, a feeble attempt to keep this man at bay, for you feared the wielder's intent more so than the weapon itself. Your actions had the opposite effect, and instead stirred them forward as one hand easily wrapped around both ankles pulling you, and the chair, into their overbearing warmth once more. He towered over you, and to get closer he was forced to bend over you forcing your face to press flat against his chest. He smelled like a warm summer breeze, and iron, almost as if he was bleeding somewhere. 

Being this close, you were able to feel ragged and laboured breathing, they were short and easy to miss, but the way his chest seemed to spasm almost painfully against you gave it away. If the cool metal of the blade hadn't slipped across your exposed skin, you would've continued to think about the man caging you within his arms, but now you were hyper fixated on the blade pressing into the rope near your wrist, the sharpened blade teasing your soft flesh almost to say it could cut you just as easily as these restraints if you weren't careful. Remaining as still as humanly possible, you did your best not to flinch with your entire body each time skin and blade made contact. Within a matter of minutes the ropes were cut away, freeing you from the chair, however despite the newly acquired mobility you dare not move. After all, the hulking form of the man had yet to pull away, instead they seemed too eager to press even closer allowing the tip of the knife to break skin as warm blood began to gently pool its way down the weapon sending another shiver up your spine.

He seemed to take notice of your reaction, now letting the blade slide up your arm, allowing the sharpened edge tease your skin once more before pressing the blade deeper into unmarked flesh letting more ruby pearls form and drip to the floor, most likely staining the carpet beneath. The knife was first to leave, then him, as he pulled off of your slightly trembling frame as the gas mask once again came into view. Silver of the mask and shoulder spikes glinted menacingly as the soft light refracted off giving an almost heavenly glow around them. A large black gloved hand, the one not stained in your blood, as it once more finds its way into your hair taking a fistful and yanking your head back sharply.

“Open your pretty little mouth-” you could feel the knife once again press into your flesh, this time however it was digging into your neck- “it would be a shame to carve your skin up anymore than need be.”

A knot formed in your throat, and swallowing it became difficult as the knife pressed closer into your skin drawing more blood to the surface as the sticky substance began to drip down your throat. Managing to finally get passed the nerves, the knife let up slightly as you parted your quivering lips partially. It didn’t seem like this was what they wanted as the fist in your hair forced you forward towards the ground causing you to gasp in fear while your eyes clenched shut in anticipation to meet the ground. Instead, your face was pressed against the rough fabric of dark green cargo pants, from which you could feel something warm practically pulsating against the side of your face. Opening your eyes, you finally made contact with what it was, as the large bulge in the man’s pants gave away the reason to why you were here, and with this newfound knowledge your desire to escape kicked back in as your wordlessly struggled beneath his firm grasp. This seemed to startle him, as his grip loosened just enough for you to push yourself off him and back towards the chair, as you turned ready to jump away from him and towards the door. It seemed he anticipated this as he shrugged off the earlier surprise, grabbing hold of your hair once more and yanking you back towards him causing your knees to meet the ground painfully quick as a gasp of pain forced your mouth open a bit wider.

“Behave now darling, wouldn’t want a sweet ray of sunshine to get terribly injured now would we?” his words made you stop, your body froze as the words he spoke rattled around in your head, but you weren’t able to process the matter further as the sound of a zipper drew your attention back up to his pants, as the free hand reached inside pulling out his thick cock.

Eyes blown wide, you looked from the massive beast before you and up to him, did he really expect you to fit something this large into your mouth? He could easily break your jaw with one accidental thrust of his hips, which you were able to see his pelvic bone now peek out from where his pants loosely hung. That thick knot in your throat returned, and you did your best to get rid of it as the dripping head of his cock pressed against your lips, smearing the precum across your mouth. You weren’t going to open now, to which he responded by yanking your hair back forcing you to open your mouth just enough to allow him to push the head of his massive girth past your lips and into your warm mouth.

“There you go darling, that wasn’t so hard?” both of you knew his question was rhetorical, as he slowly slipped himself deeper into the inviting sensation that was your mouth.

The strain on your lower jaw was intense, it brought tears to the corners of your eyes as you attempted not to bite down on him, or gag as the tip just barely brush against your throat for a moment before pulling back out ever so slightly. Opening your eyes ever so slightly, you could see that a fair amount of his erection was still left unsheathed outside of your mouth, and if it hurt this much you could only imagine how much more pain you be in if he decided to ram the full package down your throat. Closing your eyes you tried to wiggle your jaw, easing the pain slightly, as the man above you let out a soft and guttural moan just before he began to rock his hips back and forth against your face. At first the pace was gentle, almost like he knew you needed a moment to get adjusted to the size, but after a minute or so of this gentle back and forth the hand in your hair pushed you down, forcing you to wrap further around his girth as tears flowed freely from your eyes and down your cheeks, while the knife found its way beneath your chin pressing the stained blade into your burning flesh.

“Use your tongue!” he commanded between groans of pleasure, to which you compiled as your tongue began to move with the motions of your head wrapping around the sides and feeling every ridge and vein that pulsated against the wet muscle.

You could feel something twist inside of you, your chest pounded in anticipation and your stomach tied itself into knots, as your face wasn’t the only thing acquiring moisture now. Pressing your thighs together, you reached your hand out gripping into his muscular thigh as you twisted his pants around in your fist in an attempt to remain upright as his pace quickened, and every thrust pushed him deeper and deeper down your throat. It was hard to breath, and you were beginning to feel lightheaded, causing your grip on the man to loosen ever so slightly, but even thrusting like a madman he seemed to notice as he began to slow down for just a brief second. That was all you needed to get a fresh breath in through your nose, filling your lungs back up, as you gripped his thigh digging your fingers into the flesh to which he responded by forcing the last bits of his cock down your throat and thrusting fast against your face forcing your nose around the bush of hair at the base. Sparring a glance, you could see blonde hairs peek out at you, as your thighs squeezed together even tighter and your tongue move rapidly around the man’s swelling member with a fever. Once again the lightheadedness began to set in, and your jaw was screaming in pain at being forced open for so long, but it seemed that luck was on your side at last as a few more quick and sloppy thrust led to him pressing your face flat against his pelvis as warm cum shot straight down your throat in a gushing wave, all of which you were forced to swallow in an effort not to choke.

Once he was done spurting his seed, the man slowly pulled back, releasing your hair in the process, as you coughed and gagged, rubbing your raw throat and aching jaw. You likely would have passed out right then and there but your captor had other plans, as the knife came to rest at your sternum, just above the collar of your shirt. Your face once more captured between thick and calloused thumb and forefinger, as you were forced to look at him, and he took in your tear stained face. He said nothing, as the knife dug into your skin drawing forth more blood, before pulling back as he hooked your shirt beneath the blade and dragging it down as the room filled with the sounds of clothing being torn and shredded beneath a blade. The sound made you flinch, as you did your best to avert your gaze, however his grip kept you locked on him, as you watch your masked captor tear through your shirt, pants and undergarments like it was butter. Now, you were naked on the floor, dripping between your thighs, as chills ran over your spine in waves of nervous anticipation.

“You’re beautiful...darling...I think it’s time we have some more fun.” it didn’t take a genius to understand what those words entailed, as you were forced to your feet, only to land backwards onto the bed. The man quickly caging your naked body beneath his massive muscular one, his hands eagerly roaming the freshly exposed skin, until he let out a frustrated sigh. “I think this is getting in the way.” pulling off you, your eyes followed him as he now stood at the foot of the bed removing his pants and spiked shoulder guards, then his gas mask, and finally his shirt.

Now you were able to see him in his entirety, and you couldn’t deny your heart beat increased dramatically as the blonde man turned to face you once more. He was sculpted like an Adonis, his muscles defined and deep, every part of him was perfectly chiseled, the only thing even remotely out of place on his god-like body was a massive scar that constituted the majority of his left side. Your eyes lingered on the scar, perhaps for a bit too long, as the next moment your hair was once more in his large fist as the blade pressed into the meat of your thighs.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you...staring is impolite?” there was a large smile on his face, but it was far from a comforting one, as the blade slowly grazed your thigh causing you to shutter as his hot breath tickled the crook of your neck. “ going to be fun.” that was the last thing he said before releasing you, only to pin your body back onto the uncomfortable motel mattress.

Your mouth was forced open in another gasp, to which he eagerly took the opportunity to shove his dominating tongue into your mouth, exploring every section with intensity and you wondered if he could taste himself on you. His hands once again roamed your body, the hilt of the knife pressing against your side, while his left found a home between your thighs. Back arching towards him, his lips twitched upwards into a smile, as his large fingers teased at your slick lips while continuing to sloppily explore your mouth with his tongue. Your body wanted more, more than just these faint brushes of pressure, you wanted the friction of having something, anything, inside of you right now. He seemed to understand your silent desires, as the knife in his right hand left your body, only to be reintroduced as the hilt pressed against your clit and you jumped, the blade scraping against your inner thigh in the process.

The man either failed to notice, or didn’t care, as the hilt pressed deeper, moving closer to your entrance, as your slick lips coated the safest part of the blade. Your hands, free to do as they pleased, made their way up and into the styled blonde locks, gripping and pulling as the strands began to tangle around your fingers that searched for some purchase as the blade’s handle continued to press against you, even occasionally entering you only to just as quickly retract. Your legs were twitching now, the pleasantness of friction was only ever brief and short lived, as you continued to want for more and more than just the weapon of your captor. You began to think of how he felt inside your mouth, forcing your jaw open with his girth, and you wondered how it would feel to have every centimeter of his massive cock thrusted into you without hesitation.

It seemed they had a similar thought, as the knife was now discarded, freeing up both massive hands as they took a bruising grip onto your hips. Your eyes fluttered open as your lips were separated, and vibrant blue eyes met yours before looking down to where your pussy dripped in desperation for something to fill it. At first, he attempted to line himself up with your entrance without aid, but after the first few attempts failed his right hand acted as a guide, as he gripped his erection finding the right hole easily now. The only warning you had that he was about to push inside was his eyes locking with your own, and then he was in. It was hard to tell if your lewd body was wet enough to take him, or if sex with your boyfriend had made accepting something so large easier, either way you were grateful that the pain of him slipping inside was only a smidgen as painful as the deepthroating had been.

With one thrust, your body took him in its entirety, your stomach visibly bulging as you felt overwhelmingly full with this man buried deep inside your core. The warmth and sensation was overwhelming as you came almost immediately, your walls clenching tightly around him, before relaxing, to which you received a heart laugh from the man currently balls deep in you. You felt at home like this, legs spread out wide and body spasming around a monster cock, and you weren’t ashamed to desire more of it. With some effort, your legs managed to wrap around his waist, and with ankles locked you intended to remain there, even as he began to move his hips rutting his lower half against yours. 

His low and breathy groans, the sound of flesh smacking against flesh, and your breathy noises were the only sounds that echoed off the peeling walls of this room. It seems infinitely louder, and you were certain the whole prefecture could hear you two as he drilled himself into you, the head of his cock easily brushing against your cervix, hands holding you with such strength you knew that you might not be able to walk straight for a while after this. His warm body pressed against you, careful not to suffocate you beneath his weight, as steam seemed to almost roll of his body in waves. He was panting low and heavy in your ear now, as something warm began to drip down onto your shoulder.

Eyes squeezed shut, you could feel him move faster, his hips thrusting at paces you never felt before, and the feeling of his balls slapping your ass coupled with him pounding against the entrance of your womb left you seeing stars as it seemed like some of his girth began to fade, and the large sculpted muscles began to cover less and less of your body. His fingers, still long and gripping tight, began to feel bonier and less study, even the pelvic bone felt sharper against you as he continued to breathe those ragged and laboured breaths until at last he rutted against you one last time before releasing his seed deep inside of your core.

As you struggled to regain your composure, your body twitching from the euphoric high, the spots began to fade and your eyes fluttered open being met not with the strong and muscular man who had brought you here, but the bony and scarecrow-esque form of your beloved Yagi. A gentle smile crossed your face as you released his hair from your hold, gentle resting it against the hollows of his cheeks, drawing his gaze and attention to your face once more. His eyes, that same and ever present, glowing shade of blue bore into you before he sighed deeply as he carefully wiped the blood he had spit up on the back of his hand before leaning in and running his tongue over your face cleaning away the tears from before. 

He repeated the same action on any spot covered in blood, causing you to shiver beneath him, as your legs slipped from around his body and back onto the bed, as he withdrew from your warm pussy much to your dismay. Once he had satisfactorily cleaned your beautiful skin, he came to rest beside you on the bed carefully pulling your still quaking body into his embrace, his long fingers finding way into your hair and gently playing with the strands as you smiled happily against him. You could feel his chest vibrate, a low hum emanating from his throat, as he gently ran his unoccupied hand over your back.

“Are you okay, darling?” the concern was clear in his voice, and though you couldn’t answer him with words you nodded eagerly against him, and the tension he had been carrying seemed to fade away as he released a sigh of relief. “I’m glad I didn’t hurt you...the first time I cut you I was nervous...but you seemed rather eager about it all.” he gave an awkward, yet still hearty laugh, as he placed a kiss to the crown of your head. “I’m surprised still...that this was what you wanted...I will admit there was some fun to it but I rather worship you than harm you my love.” to which you responded with a breathy chortle and he merely sighed. 

Yagi had asked you earlier that week what some of your sexual fantasies had been, and you told him or rather wrote them down, and while he was taken aback by how dangerous you were willing to play he figured that he should be willing to give it a try. Even if he dreaded the idea of hurting you, seeing you tied up and at his mercy like that was something he wouldn’t mind seeing again, but next time he might just leave the knife behind.