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Pocky Day

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It’s rare for him to venture to the middle school section, but then again, Tanjirou and his cohorts are currently still at that age- plus he did vouch for his sister, Nezuko, as a half-demon that will attend classes despite her affliction- and so far so good, from what he understood.

Nevertheless as he is the one who vouched for them, naturally the orders that were too sensitive to be sent over by SMS would have to be relayed verbally, in this case, send Giyuu (aka the person who supports their career) to the middle school class so that the members of the Night Club (aka the demon slayer corps) would know the after-school session (aka mission and patrol routes) they need.

(Nevermind that some of their tsuguko are there- for Shinobu, that is Kanao- or their siblings- for Sanemi, that is Genya- or hell one of their Pillars is still a middle school- Muichirou, but he hangs around more often with them in the college classes- but he doesn’t really mind because it gives him time away from their stifling group)

Besides, it lets him drift with his thoughts, like how he doesn’t really feel like he belongs- they’re 10 for heaven’s sake, not the traditional 9 person group- also Sabito insisting he’s sharing Water Pillar position with him? Yeah, no, Sabito can have it and he can just go on alone-

Well, hopefully they visit every now and then but overall, there is the feeling that he’s only being included because Sabito- and he’s not that oblivious to miss their looks every now and then when he enters the room, or when they think he’s not paying attention to them. He’s actually caught even Himejima-san glaring at him and he’s blind so….. Really, if they dislike him that much he’d rather leave- but even Oyakata-sama wouldn’t let him resign from his position and Sabito will probably hunt him down if he does attempt to flee- so he stays...

If Tsutako-nee is awake from her coma, he’s pretty sure she’s going to whack him on the head because that was a tad too depressing- but then again, he should probably file that leave in the schedule this weekend because bi-weekly visits to his dearest sleeping older sister was his therapy in life and reason of living.

Anyways, a tug on his sleeve makes his thoughts fall back to reality and he sees a girl in pigtails clutching a bag and staring at him earnestly.



“Uwaaa, he’s cool this close!!!!”

She checked the date and her bag and fistpumped internally, having prepared for this day. 

Every now and then, they send someone from the college section to their part of the school- and she’s seen them all, The Hashira, someone nicknamed, but this one- black hair, deep blue eyes, and the stare that tells you he’s better than you and how he’s so silent- Tomioka Giyuu, she has learned- she’s so glad they sent him today.

He’s pretty sure he’s a hell of a heartbreaker given how some of his friends have taken to guarding him, glaring at everyone else when they are together while he walks unfocused and just-  seriously how does he walk looking like he’s not part of this world?!?!

“The others probably sent him away from the date. But that doesn’t save him from me!” she internally crowed, already seeing the battlefield of the college classes earlier that morning. “I’ll defeat all of you and get a game with Tomioka-senpai.”

So he approached the stairs and she has camped there for an hour already, missing a class and losing the couple of hall moderators that have tried to catch her- all for this guy, and why not-

If she scores a pocky game with him, she’ll definitely not back down and get her first kiss with the school’s coolest guy (voted every year on the underground popularity group of the school by the girls- and he’s won all of them for every year since he entered the school)   because come on??!!

He’s still walking airily, not even paying attention to her, just eyes focused on his path, and so she takes the first steps, and manages to snag his sleeve. 

So here they are now, she’s seeing him up close and those eyes are too mesmerizing but she mentally slaps herself and answers. “Today is November 11, also known as Pocky Day,” she hands out boxes of snacks at him, “Want to play Tomioka-senpai?”



He stares at the snacks held out to him and tilts his head in question, the girl isn’t very familiar- but he recognizes the uniform to be Tanjirou’s year- he’s not very well-versed at holidays so he clarifies, “Pocky Day? Also, a game?”

She nudges at him to take her offerings while clarifying, “It’s a test of will using the snacks.” She opens one, chocolate, and holds one out. “Basically, you take one end and I take the other in my mouth- and we start to eat them- first one to pull away or last to get to the middle loses. If we arrive at the middle at the same time, it’s a tie. If you win, I give you all the snacks--”

He glances back down and remembers- the snacks were Tsutako’s favorites, strawberries and chocolates- but also with other variants. However, he misses out her next few words, “If I win, please become my boyfriend.”

So Giyuu agrees, nodding his head and making the girl red- was she sick? - because these would be nice to bring back to Tsutako, even for one moment, have her by his side, like they were young and just having a small picnic after school.



He crouches a bit, takes the other end she offered, and they start on the stick, but after one second- the girl flushes really badly-


Giyuu takes another bite and he comes closer and the girl bites away first.

So he stares at the girl who has placed her hands over her face, blushing really heavily, and he just proceeds to eat the entire stick she left - as she’s just leaning against the wall.

You’re just eating but what the hell—
I could die right now and be happy Senpai-wait!!

He swallows.

Also he’s just swallowing what the fuck Senpai that looks erot-

“Are you okay? You lost by the way.” He's watching her carefully, tilting his head again Like a cat...

She sighs and coughs twice, trying to get her heart under control, “I-It’s fine senpai. You’re too good at this game. You can have it all.” She offers the bag.

It was worth it though... Wait- why didn't Isay best 2 out of 3 oh no!

“Okay.. You look sick though?” As he takes the bag full of snacks from her, he asks, before leaning close to put his hand on her forehead-


So the girl does what feels reasonable when beauty-personified approaches too close-

She ran away.

Giyuu takes a moment to process everything before proceeding to his task of meeting his juniors, mentally shrugging the event.