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Trial One: The Stray Dogs

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It was morning when he woke up, something that he had been happily getting used to. His sleeping schedule had been tempered by the man laying next to him, in his bed, in his apartment. Propping himself up on his elbow, he leaned in to kiss one of the hickeys he had made on Chuuya's neck the night before. It was times like this when he felt secure. His cute boyfriend was sleeping peacefully next to him, he had a job with coworkers he could really trust, and a home to return to at the end of the day.

After trailing some more butterfly kisses all over Chuuya's face, he finally began to stir. When he opened his blue eyes he finally decided to kiss him on the lips, short and sweet.

"Good morning, hatrack," he said with a smile.

"Morning, mackerel," Chuuya said. His brows were already beginning to furrow, so he decided to kiss there too, just because.

"The hell...? Stop kissing me so much, you're all slobbery."

"You didn't care about being 'slobbery' last night," Dazai said, mischievously wiggling his own eyebrows. He was met with a swift smack to the face with a pillow. He chuckled and rolled out of bed, stretching and disappearing into the bathroom to start putting on his bandages.

After putting them on and getting dressed, he took a good look at himself in the mirror. His complexion was a lot healthier than it used to be, and the bags that he had under his eyes were significantly less noticeable. The hickeys peeking above the bandages on his neck weren't. His cheeks weren't chubby, but they certainly weren't as sunken in either. And he didn't hate it when he saw his reflection in the mirror. He could look at himself without repulsion because Chuuya could too.

Breakfast was something more than canned crab, and it really was true that eating with someone made meals better.

"Oi, eat your omelet faster. I gotta leave in ten minutes," said Chuuya, who had been watching him since he had gulped down his own omelet, washed his plate, got his jacket and hat on, and sat back down across from him. And they both knew that letting Dazai drive could very well kill someone.

"But Chuuya, I wanna eat a heartfelt breakfast with the one I love this morning." He was being dramatic, but it worked nonetheless. Chuuya's cheeks were colored crimson as he tried to look annoyed like the tsundere he is.

"Shut up, if you really wanted to take your time this morning you should've woken up earlier," he said, getting up again and walking down the hallway to leave.

"Noooooo, Chuuyaaaaa, I'm coming!" He whined, finishing his food and throwing his plate in the sink to catch up. Before Chuuya could reach the doorknob, he tackled him from behind with a hug.

"Ack! Dazai! Let go! We're gonna be late!"

"That doesn't matter, Chibi! I'm always late to work!"

"Yeah? Well, I'm not!"

"If you worked at the ADA you could be late with me~" They managed to walk out the house with Dazai wrapped around Chuuya's back, surprisingly.

"Well, I don't work there now, do I?!"

The banter continued until their short drive to the Agency was over. The reason why Chuuya had to drive him there was to make sure he was there on time, but despite his best efforts, Dazai hadn't arrived to work on time once in his entire career there. Today would be no different.

Getting out of the car and walking to Chuuya's side, he knocked on the window for him to roll it down.

"Gimme a kiss?" Chuuya did, but then he flipped him off, rolled up the window (almost closing Dazai's hand with it) and drove off. He chuckled walking into the cafe on the first floor instead of heading up to the office. Only to try to get the workers there to commit double suicide with him, of course.


“Dazai, you’re late. A client has shown up specifically requesting you,” said Kunikida tersely. Atsushi didn’t even get the chance to say good morning to him before he was interrupted.

"Really? Someone came just to see lil old..." his voice trailed off when he saw who was sitting behind the divider. He didn't recognize him, but he could instantly tell he was a threat.

Sitting on the same couch that he had napped on plenty of times before was a young man with long black hair tied into a ponytail and blood-red eyes. His black bangs framed his delicate face, and when he saw Dazai, he looked up at him with an innocent smile. He wore a plain black suit and a choker to match. He couldn't physically see anything wrong with him, but he could feel it.

"You must be Dazai! My name is Jayvion Abernathy, call me Jay." He extended out a hand, but he didn't take it.

"Why did you personally request me, Jay?" His friendly face was gone, and he fixed him with a serious expression.

"Because I believe that Oda Sakunosuke can be brought back to life."