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Wait For Me And I’ll Find My Way

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True to her word, Alex was waiting for Lena beside the control panel for the red sun emulators. She offered Lena a tense smile. 


“You ready?” 


“As I’ll ever be.” 


She walked to the double doors and gripped one of the doorknobs, waiting as Alex punched something in on the control panel. 


“Good luck, Lena. I’ll be nearby, so, if you need something just, uh, yell.”


Nodding her head once, Lena turned toward the door and slowly turned the doorknob. She had been expecting something to be blocking the doorway after hearing something heavy hit the doors earlier but there was nothing there. 


Slowly Lena walked into the room, looking around cautiously. 


She could see five red sun emulators set up on the ceiling. One in each corner and one directly in the center. The room was cast in a warm, reddish haze. She could feel the low hum of the air conditioning working to cool the room.


It took her a moment to locate Kara. 


The blonde haired Kryptonian was standing near the weight rack, her arms bracing her against a stack of incredibly heavy looking weights. She could see her hands clenching and unclenching as she stood there with her eyes closed. Kara was wearing DEO issued shorts and a t-shirt, her hair still down in typical Supergirl fashion though quite mussed. 


Lena swallowed. 




Kara jerked her head towards Lena at the sound of her voice and Lena’s breath hitched at the look on her face. 


Kara looked wrecked


Her pupils were blown wide and her face and chest were flushed. By the look of it, she had started to perspire since Alex had increased the power of the red sun emulators, rendering the blonde near human.


“Lena,” Kara hissed through clenched teeth. “I thought I-“ she sucked in a breath and straightened up, “I heard you talking to Alex but I thought maybe it was just this…” she gestured vaguely to herself.


Lena’s heart clenched at the sight of Kara so obviously in distress. 


She slowly approached her friend, “No, I’m here. I came here as soon as Alex called me. She and Brainy explained what happened. I-“


“You shouldn’t be here Lena.” Kara said, backing away. Her eyes darkened. “It’s not safe for you.”


Lena shook her head. She had expected this from Kara. No matter what danger she was in, Kara thought of others first. It was one of the qualities Lena loved most about her. 


“I’m here because I want to be here. You wouldn’t let the other agents help you but Kara, you need to listen to your sister. Who’s to stay how long you can go on in this state? It could damage your mind, or even…” Lena’s throat closed up at the thought, “You could possibly die.” She choked out.


Kara turned away from her, her hands clenching and unclenching again. “The thought of touching… using someone in that way when I don’t have feelings for them, I just couldn’t.”


Lena took a breath and walked over to Kara until she was just behind her. “Kara,’ she began, “I’m not here to ask you to use them,” she said.


Kara turned around, confusion plainly written on her face. 


Here goes nothing.


“I’m here to ask you to use me.” 


Lena forced herself to meet Kara’s eyes. She watched as Kara’s expression changed from confused to panicked to something Lena couldn’t quite identify. 


“Lena, I could never ask you to- to do something like this. You… you’re not even speaking to me right now. I broke your trust and hurt you. You- you shouldn’t feel like you have to do this. I can’t let-“


Lena reached up to touch Kara’s arm, “Kara, I’m speaking to you right now. I’m here, standing in front of you wanting to help you. I know we have a lot to work on but right now the only thing that matters is getting you better.” Lena said, allowing a smirk to appear. 


“And if that means I need to inundate my best friend’s system by fucking her senseless, so be it.”


Kara’s eyes darkened once again as a blush flushed her overheated skin. “I… don’t deserve you.” She croaked.


Lena reached up to cup her cheek gently. Kara needed her and she was powerless to deny her.


“Darling, you deserve so much. Let me-“ she began but didn’t get a chance to finish her plea as Kara lurched forward and kissed her. 


The shock lasted only a moment before Lena leaned in, yielding to Kara’s need. 


Her hands went up to tangle in Kara’s hair in an effort to ground herself. Kara was so warm against her. It was if she were burning up. 


She could feel Kara’s hands on her hips, clutching at her as if she expected her to move in some direction that wasn’t melting forward into that toned body and eager mouth. Lena pulled Kara in closer, slotting her mouth against the near panting blonde. Her body moved on auto-pilot as her mind chanted ‘This is Kara, I’m kissing Kara, this is actually happening’


Kara backed away suddenly, startling Lena out of her thoughts. “I’m sorry, I didn’t-“ she panted, pausing to take a breath- “I should have asked first before kissing you. It’s just so hard to-“


“Kara,” Lena snapped, tugging a handful of Kara’s hair.




Lena surged forward and kissed her again, biting her bottom lip as she tilted her head for better access. Kara hissed at the sting and Lena reveled in the Kryptonian’s weakened powers.


Kara’s hands grew restless as they ran up and down Lena’s sides. She walked them backward as they continued to kiss. Lena was surprised to feel the wall against her back but she was quickly distracted by Kara’s greedy hands slipping under her now untucked blouse. 


Her fingers felt like embers, the heat causing her to shiver though she could feel her own temperature rising. 


Kara’s hands swept up her back and back down before sliding around to brace against her ribs and up to the bottom of her breasts before sliding down again. This time when she slid her hands up Lena’s back they had the hem of her blouse as well. Kara tugged lightly in question and Lena pulled back. 


“Take it off.”


Kara immediately tugged upward, waiting a moment for Lena to raise her arms to pull the satin material over her head. Tossing the blouse to the side, Kara dipped her head down to attach her lips to the newly exposed skin at the base of Lena’s throat. Lena tipped her head back to rest against the wall as Kara mouthed her way up her throat to her ear. 


“I want you so fucking much, Lena,” Kara breathed in her ear, “I can barely think straight.”


Lena felt her stomach flip at the raw need she heard in Kara’s voice. Slotting a leg between Kara’s, Lena dropped her arms to grab Kara’s hips, flipping their position so that Kara was pressed against the wall. 


Lena loathed her heels most days but at the moment they gave her the leverage they needed to press her thigh into the seam of Kara’s shorts. Kara’s breath hitched at the contact before a low groan escaped her throat. It took no time at all for Kara to find a rhythm with her hips.


“I can’t...can’t stop.” Kara moaned, her hands bracing against Lena’s shoulders. 


Lena kissed the underside of her jawline as she listened to the blonde keen. “Then don’t stop, darling. I’ve got you.”


It didn’t take more than few minutes and a handful of powerful thrusts before Kara’s back arched away from the wall, a beautiful moan falling from her lips.


Lena stayed close, giving Kara a moment to catch her breath. She placed a sweet kiss on Kara’s mouth when she felt the blonde’s arms move up to drape around her neck.


“As much as I’m enjoying this, I think we need to relocate. My heels are killing me.” She murmured against Kara’s mouth.


Kara huffed a laugh and pulled away slightly.


“I’ve told you before to consider more practical footwear.”


Lena leaned back and raised an eyebrow. “Do you want another orgasm or not?”


Kara scanned the room briefly, her gaze stopping on the corner of the room before fixating back on Lena.


“Actually, as much as I do, I think I need you to have a turn first. My blood feels like it’s boiling, like I need to… Rao... I need to feel you come, Lena.” 


Lena felt her knees weaken at the admission. If she compiled a list of things Kara Danvers would ever say to her, ‘I need to feel you come, Lena’ would be tucked down in the high hundreds between ‘I don’t feel like potstickers today’ and ‘You’re right, Kale is delicious’


“Okay,” she managed to say, “Let me just take off my-“ 


She suddenly found herself in Kara’s arms bridal-style.


“-heels.” Lena finished weakly.


Kara strode over to a stack of floor mats the agents used for training maneuvers and deposited Lena on the edge of the stack. “Here okay?” Kara asked. She ripped her t-shirt over her head.


Lena nodded absently, eyes firmly on the bare breasts and abdominal muscles on display before her. She felt desire settle low in her belly as she pulled Kara in. 

Kara dipped down and kissed her way down Lena’s neck. Lena could tell she’d be thoroughly marked before they were through. At her sternum, Kara reached up to slip a finger under Lena’s bra strap, her question clear. 


“Take it off, Kara,’ she breathed as she tugged the blonde head to her.


Kara fumbled with the clasp briefly before separating the fabric from the smooth skin beneath. Lena started to drop her arms to untangle the straps but clutched Kara’s hair once again at the feeling of strong hands cupping her bare breasts.


Kara quickly grew frustrated at the impediment though and pulled away for a moment, tugging the bra away. Lena’s arms dropped and she scrambled to brace herself on the mat as Kara’s mouth found her breast. 


Holy fuck ,” Lena breathed into the air around them.


Every single nerve in her body was focused on the way Kara’s lips traced around, eventually closing against a stiff peak. A warm tongue teased the tip in a swirling pattern before steady pulls of suction shot desire straight to her core.


Lena wondered if she could come just from Kara’s mouth on her breasts. She wasn’t normally this sensitive. She wondered if she was somehow infected by the toxin but the thought quickly scattered as Kara switched sides, teasing her other nipple with an eager tongue and lips.


Kara sank to her knees as she finally released Lena’s breast. Nipping the skin over Lena’s ribs, warm hands slid up her calves and the side of her knees. Lena tipped her head down to meet Kara’s hungry gaze. 


She almost couldn’t believe this was her best friend looking at her. Kara’s pupils were blown wide and her kiss-swollen lips were parted in anticipation. 


Lena wondered if she should stand up to take off her skirt but before she could move to do so, Kara moved her hands once again, firmly pushing her pencil skirt up her thighs until it bunched at her waist. 


“Can I taste you?” 


Lena nodded, her voice caught her her throat. Kara was going to go down on her. Jesus Fucking Christ and all the other man-made deities. The very thought made her clench repeatedly in anticipation. 


Kara hooked her fingers on the sides of Lena’s panties and dragged them down her legs, pausing to allow Lena to lift her feet. The moment the garment was freed, Kara parted Lena’s thighs and dove in.


The first swipe of Kara’s tongue pitched Lena back onto her elbows in surprise, her hips tilting upward greedily to meet Kara’s mouth. 


Fuck, Kara.”


Kara hummed, dragging her tongue up to Lena’s clit and trailed it back down before repeating the motion. Apparently pleased with her mapping skills, Kara began broad strokes with her tongue that soon had Lena reaching for a fistful of blonde locks. 


She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this turned on. Metropolis one night stand #5? Boarding school? That time her hand slipped on the settings button of her Womanizer? She had no idea.


Kara switched it up and every few strokes of her tongue finished with gentle suction around her clit. Lena couldn’t help the moan that bubbled out of her throat. She wasn’t going to last long at this rate, not that she really cared at this point. 


Kara must have sensed this because she began sucking on her clit for longer each time until Lena’s hips surged upwards, a hitched gasp tearing from her throat. And then she was coming and tugging on Kara’s scalp so hard her fingers hurt.


Kara mouthed at her a few more times before pulling back to look up at Lena. Her mouth and chin shiny and wet.


Lena was nearly on edge again just from the look of pure need on Kara’s face. 


She tugged her upwards, crushed their lips together as soon as Kara was in reach. She moaned at the taste of herself on Kara’s lips and licked into her supple mouth for more.


Kara leaned in further, pushing Lena backward until her back hit the mat. Kara swiftly straddled her, seemingly unwilling to break their kiss for even a moment. 


Lena reached up to grip Kara’s hips, tugging at the fabric.


“Mm, Kara, your shorts” she mumbled into Kara’s mouth. 


Kara uttered a groan of frustration but didn’t move other than to lower her mouth to Lena’s throat. 


Well then. 


Lena slid her hands under the waistband of Kara’s shorts. She felt like she was going to combust if she didn’t touch Kara in the next few seconds.


“Can I…?”


“Mmhm”, Kara mumbled against her neck. 


Lena immediately slid one palm upward to cup Kara’s ass and the other down to her goal.


Kara was drenched . Lena wasn’t sure which one of them groaned louder at the first trail of her fingers through Kara’s wetness.


There was something about being this close to Kara that cleared her frantic thoughts and scratched an unknown itch she hadn’t known existed until that moment. She felt almost feverish with the desire to be close to Kara. Touching her, tasting her. Inside her...


Lena circled her fingers around Kara’s clit a few times before moving down near her entrance. 


Kara released Lena’s well-ravished neck to rest her forehead against Lena’s shoulder as Lena teased around her opening. 


“Inside,” Kara begged, “Please, oh-“ 


She trailed off as Lena slid two digits upward into warm heat.


There was little coordination needed at that point. Lena set a firm pace, thrusting inside Kara as far as she could reach in that position, Kara’s hips aiding her effort with a continuous roll.


Kara felt so good. So warm and silky smooth, and oh so wet.


Dragging the pads of her fingers along Kara’s front wall, it wasn’t long before Kara’s body trembled with the effort to hold herself upright. Lena dragged her thumb up to rub against Kara’s clit and Kara came with a sharp gasp.


Lena slowed her strokes as Kara continued to clench around her fingers until finally the blonde heaved a shuddering sigh. 


Kara swayed slightly as she lowered her hips and pushed herself upright to straddle ena’s hips. Lena stilled her hand and watched Kara drag her hands through her tangled hair. She waited until Kara met her eyes before sliding her fingers out of Kara’s warmth and up to her mouth to taste her essence.


“Oh Rao,” Kara croaked, eyes focused on Lena’s mouth.


Lena smirked at Kara’s dazed expression. She wanted more and now. She tugged on Kara’s hip lightly.


“Move up,” she ordered.


“Move up?”


“On my face, Darling,”


Lena watched confusion melt to arousal on Kara’s face. The Kryptonian braced a hand against the wall to steady herself as she moved up to carefully hover over Lena’s face. 


Lena palmed the back of Kara’s thighs and tilted her head up to taste Kara fully. The warm tang of Kara was addicting and she only wanted more. She slid her tongue up to flick at Kara’s clit before delving down to where her flavour was strongest.


Kara groaned above her, hand kneading her own breast as she rocked forward for more.


Lena slid her tongue inside Kara, hands gripping to pull her as close as possible. The only thing that existed right now was the taste of Kara and the desire to make her come on her tongue. 


Over and over Lena thrusted her tongue inside Kara as far as she could, angling to press against her inner wall on every swipe. She could tell Kara was close if her rolling hips and hitched breath were anything to go by. Deciding to help her along, Lena pulled her right hand down and thrust two fingers into Kara’s clenching heat.


“Fuck,’ Kara groaned, and Lena moaned at the sound of the curse falling from her friend’s mouth. 


Sweeping her tongue up to Kara’s clit, Lena sucked hard and rhythmically and it wasn’t long before Kara came loudly above her.


Instead of easing her down from her high, Lena pushed through Kara’s clenching and kept up a steady pace as her tongue teased around her clit in light circles. 


Kara abandoned her breast to fully prop herself up against the wall, a keening whine escaping her.


One, two, three pulls of her mouth against Kara’s clit and the Kryptonian sobbed her release over Lena’s hand and face. 


Lena moaned at the sight and feel of Kara surrounding her. She was painfully turned on and squirmed uncomfortably on the mat. Her skirt was still bunched at her waist and no doubt ruined at this point. Her back, ass, and back of her thighs were practically glued to the mat below. 


Easing her fingers gently out of Kara, Lena tipped her head back to take a better look at her best friend.


Kara looked wrecked. The blonde was still catching her breath but her dark eyes were trained steadily on Lena’s face.


“I’m going to fuck you so hard this entire building is going to hear you,” Kara growled out, her voice so gravelly Lena barely recognized it. 


Not that it mattered, her mind short circuited in an instant.


Kara swung off of Lena and landed mostly steady beside the stack of mats. Focused on her apparent mission, the blonde reached for Lena’s hips to liberate her skirt. A rough tug of the zipper and ungraceful shimmy later and the skirt was tossed to the ground, forgotten. 


Kara smirked, glancing down at Lena’s legs. “As incredibly hot as you look right now dressed in only your Louboutins, they need to come off.” 


She stepped in close and lifted each of Lena’s calves, dragging her hands down to her heels, the expensive footwear dropping to the floor in tandem. Kara shifted her hands to under Lena’s knees, leaning in close.




Lena nodded, more than eager to hook her ankles behind Kara’s head as the Kryptonian hoisted Lena’s legs over her shoulders. 


Kara placed a tender kiss above Lena’s mound before delving down. Her tongue all broad strokes and unyielding intensity. Lena canted her hips forward at each swipe, her mind drowning in white hot lust. 


Kara’s pace was too fast and too intense, Lena couldn’t control her own movements, her thighs already beginning to tremble.


Kara’s left arm came up to press Lena’s hips down as the nails on her right hand lightly dragged across her inner thigh to meet her mouth. Lena barely acknowledged Kara backing away before two fingers slid firmly home inside of her.


The groan that tore from Lena’s throat was indecent. Kara’s mouth latched onto her clit, her tongue flicking her into a blinding frenzy.


Strong fingers pounded into her, unyielding. Each thrust pressed against her sensitive walls beautifully. It felt like Kara was everywhere and Lena was helpless to hang on. 


Hurtling over the edge, Lena arched her back as far as Kara’s arm would allow, a broken wail falling echoing in the room.




Kara continued fingering her through her release, her pace increasing. Lena’s hitched breathing filled the air around them as the pressure inside Lena quickly built up again. 


Finally, Kara’s tongue pressed firmly against Lena’s clit and Lena felt like her entire body liquified as she yelled out a garble of curse words and possibly Kara’s name.


Eventually Lena was aware of Kara’s fingers easing out of her and her mouth gently easing away rom her throbbing clit. Her boneless legs were carefully placed down to drape over the end of the mat once again and then she registered that Kara was leaned over her, a hand brushing sweat-soaked strands of hair off her forehead.


“Are you okay?’ Kara asked, her expression a mixture of amusement and tenderness.


Lena blinked, struggling to come back to herself. She hoped Kara was good on sex for now at least a few minutes.


“Mm,” she rasped, “I think you broke me.”


Kara grinned, her eyes lighter now and twinkling with endearment. “The feeling is mutual but in a good way.”


“Says the woman with super powers who won’t be walking funny when she leaves this room,” Lena grumbled.


Kara rolled her eyes playfully, her palm trailing idly down Lena’s jaw and neck to rest on her sternum. “I didn’t hear you complaining a few minutes ago,”


Lena smirked, “I didn’t know my own name a few minutes ago.”


“High praise I’ll absolutely take.”


Kara’s palm resumed its journey, slowing trailing down the valley between Lena’s breasts.


A rudimentary plan of action began to form in Lena’s mind.


“Kara, I was wondering… do you need to be powerless to have sex with a human?”


Kara paused, “No, I have control. I mean, normally. I’m not ever this, um, aroused.”




“Well, maybe close? Like once or twice? But not like this with you.”


“Mm. Do you think you’d have enough control now if we left this room? As lovely as it’s been to come all over fitness equipment, I think we’re both in need of a shower and perhaps a softer, less chafing surface.”


“Yeah, that- that’s a really good idea. We should, um… go do that.”


Kara shifted and the next moment she was standing with Lena was in her arms. Lena squawked in surprise.


“Kara! How… Aren’t your powers blocked by the emulators?” She asked, flushing at the feeling of being carried bridal style completely nude by Supergirl. Honestly, she had to be checking off boxes on several bucket lists in National City tonight.


Kara shook her head, already striding to the door, “Alex never turns it to 100%. Besides, I’m motivated. Shower, and… maybe another round? My blood doesn’t feel like its boiling anymore but it’s still there.”


Lena felt something pulling at her as well despite the thorough coupling they had engaged in but her thoughts were derailed by panic as Kara approached the door.


“Wait, Kara, we can’t just… we’re naked!”


Kara simply leaned close to a panel near the door and pressed a button, “Alex?”


Alex’s voice filtered through the small speaker on the panel, “Kara, hey. How… um, how are you feeling?”


“About eighty to ninety percent better, I think. It’s still there but not as consuming.”


“Okay, that’s good! Are you ready for your next blood test?” Alex asked.


Kara shifted a little. “Uh, no, not yet. We… uh, we want to go shower and…” she trailed off. Lena tightened her hold around Kara’s neck, offering silent support.


“Alex, we’re going one more round, and we need to shower,” Lena supplied


There was a moment of silence through the speaker before, “Oh! Oh, okay. Yeah… um, yeah. Let me just… There. Security cameras are down in the corridor. Let me know when you’re ready for that blood test, Kara.” Alex said.


“Thanks, Alex.”


Kara moved them to the door, pivoting to reach the handle with Lena in her arms. She eased out of the room slowly, wanting to be positive nobody was in the corridor before quickly striding across to the spare quarters, through to the small bathroom before easing Lena down to stand in front of the shower.


Lena reached into the shower to turn on the water, testing the temperature until she was satisfied. Turning to Kara, stepped back into the spray and arched her brow in question.


“Coming in?” She asked.


Kara shot her a heated look, her eyes trailing down Lena’s body at the warm water cascading over her shoulders and down her chest. Stepping forward, she pressed in close, dragging the shower curtain across behind her.


This should be awkward, the re-ignition, but oddly it wasn’t. Lena’s arms easily rose to meet Kara, one hand cupping the nape of her neck and the other pressed between muscular shoulders.


Their mouths met in a newly familiar pressure, firm but unhurried. The frantic urgency had abated but the need for just a bit more settled into each slant of their mouths. 


Kara’s hands cradled Lena’s hips securely, guiding her backward until her back pressed against the tiled wall. 


Hot, open-mouth kisses brand Lena’s neck as Kara arched into her, the feeling of their breasts sliding against each other sending sparks up Lena’s spine. 


This was so much better than a training mat. The poor training mat that Alex had probably already tossed in a dumpster somewhere. 


Lena’s concern for the mat disappeared as Kara’s mouth slipped down to close over a straining nipple, sucking firmly. 


Her knees wavered at the unexpected jolt of arousal but she felt Kara hold her a bit tighter. Thank the deities for super human strength because the brainpower needed to focus on not slipping in the wet shower stall was rapidly fading and she moaned in pleasure.


Kara released Lena’s breast with a pop and began worshipping her other breast with enthusiasm. Lena’s knees wavered again and this time Kara simply hoisted her up without breaking her focus, Lena’s legs immediately wrapping around Kara’s waist. 


Lena shivered but she couldn’t tell if it was from the cool tile at her back or the fact that her clit now had direct contact with Kara’s rock hard abs. She couldn’t help the roll of her hips, 


Kara’s moan of approval vibrating against her breast. Strong hands palmed her ass more firmly and aided Lena’s endeavour for more contact. Her slick wetness painted Kara’s abdominal muscles as she rocked in a steady rhythm. 


Kara switched breasts again, this time focusing on sharp pulling suction that shot straight to Lena’s throbbing core. Lena’s hips sped up as her back slowly arched, her breath a rapid pant into humid air above them. She just was almost there, she just needed-


Kara bit down firmly on her nipple and Lena rocketed into oblivion. Her head fell back against the tiles, fingers clutching Kara’s shoulders for dear life. 


“Fuck,’ she moaned, her lungs struggling to suck in enough air. “Fuck.”


Kara nuzzled the crook of her neck as Lena gradually came back to awareness. 


“You are so beautiful when you come,” Kara murmured against her skin.


Lena huffed an amused chuckle, her back resting against the tiled wall. “If by “beautiful” you mean wrecked, then absolutely. I haven’t had a workout like this in a while.”


Unhooking her ankles, Lena gingerly lowered her legs from around Kara’s waist. Kara held her steady as she shifted her weight a bit to ease her aching thigh and calf muscles. She felt like she could use a soaking bath more than a shower right now, but that could come later when she was tucked up in her apartment. Right now there was something equally delicious to finish.


“Want my fingers or my mouth, darling?”


“Mm, fingers please,”Kara rasped, hips twitching in need. Lena hooked an arm around Kara’s waist to anchor herself as she ran her fingers through Kara’s folds. Kara lowered her head to rest against Lena’s shoulder, eyes closed in concentration.


“Inside, please,”


Lena complied, sliding two digits into Kara’s wet heat, slowly pumping them in and out.


“Another one, please…’ Kara trailed off in a gasp as Lena swiftly added a third finger to her thrusts. 


Kara stretched around her beautifully, warm and smooth. Lena focused her movements as Kara’s panting increased, dragging the pads of her fingers against Kara’s front wall on every down stroke.


“Oh Rao, Lee… fuck...I…”


Lena felt the gush of wetness pulse around her fingers as Kara came apart, shuddering against her for a long moment. She slowed her hand to an idle caress as Kara clenched and trembled around her. 


Sliding her fingers out of Kara’s warm, she brought her hand up to her mouth for a taste. Kara turned her head to watch Lena suck two of her fingers into her mouth, eyes filled with something Lena couldn’t decipher. 


“Mm, you taste delightful, darling.”


“Lena,” Kara whined, a blush blooming across her cheeks. Lena grinned, pleased with herself. Kara was clearly back to herself.


“Feeling better?”


“Much better.”


“Good. Now let’s actually shower.”


By the time they finished showering, Alex had left clothes for them on the bed. They adorned the t-shirt and sweatpants, each working to finger comb their tangled tresses. Lena dropped to sit on the edge of the bed, fatigue slowing her movements.


Kara watched her, concern flashing across her face. 


“What do you need right now, Lee? Do you want to lay down? I could fly you home?”


The bed did look inviting. Then again anything horizontal looked pretty good to Lena in that moment. Scrubbing a hand over her face, she looked up at Kara.


“Shouldn’t you be getting your blood drawn?”


“Yeah, but I want to make sure you’re okay first.”


Lena glanced back over her shoulder at the bed and then back to Kara. 


“Go get your bloodwork sorted out and then… come back here for a rest?”


Kara graced her with an adoring smile,


“Absolutely. I’ll be back in a flash.”


A couple days later, Lena found herself curled up on her couch nursing a glass of wine. Her day had been hell, her patience long run out. It was odd, she was usually able to control her emotions a lot better. Her family had demanded it from a young age. Still, an irritation, an urge needled her and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.


It had been almost three days since she had left the DEO. Kara had gone to get her blood drawn and then returned to tuck them both in the cot for a rest. Lena had been so fatigued. She had curled into Kara’s side and slept like a rock. It had been several hours later when she’d been roused by the quiet conversation between the Danvers sisters. 


Alex had relayed Kara’s test results, apparently satisfied with the lower levels. It was done then. Mission accomplished. 


Lena had felt oddly morose as Kara flew her home that night.


She hadn’t spoken to Kara since.


Lena tried to tell herself that she wasn’t avoiding Kara, but that was a lie. Things were confusing and unsettled between them. She wasn’t sure if there were enough little boxes in the world to pack away this sort of entanglement.


A muted thump startled Lena out of her reflection. 


She looked up and saw Kara on her balcony. Standing, she moved to the door, unlocking it.


“Kara, hi, Is there something… has something happened?”


Kara looked a little weary. Lena thought back to the news of the day but couldn’t recall any alien battles or catastrophes happening.


“Lena, I know we’re not really, um… anything… right now, but, can I try something?”


Puzzled, Lena nodded. Whatever it was couldn’t possibly make her mood any worse than it already was.


Kara strode over and wrapped her in a hug. 


It was the kind of hug they had shared a hundred times at the end of an evening when they were reluctant to leave but had no reason to do anything but part ways for the night. 


Lena felt Kara turn her head into the side of her neck, the slow exhale of warm breath across her skin making her shiver.


The knot of irritation in her chest began to loosen. The scent of Kara’s shampoo and unique perfume relaxed her and she found herself more centred than she had been in days. 


Something about Kara’s close proximity was making her feel better.


They melted together for what felt like ages, each unwilling to separate.


“Um, I think you were infected by the alien toxin the other night. Alex thinks you contracted it through skin-on-skin contact when we, uh, y’know.” Kara spoke softly into her neck.


Lena was quiet for a long moment, mind turning. 


“Huh.” she finally said, looking over the balcony to the view beyond. “That would explain why I could handle so much stimulation without pain, or why certain senses were, um... paramount.”


Kara pulled back to meet Lena’s eyes. 


“Yeah, it was intense to say the least. I could barely focus on anything other than being as close to you as physically possible. Um, that’s the thing though...Alex has been monitoring my hormone levels and although not near the levels they were the day I was infected, they appear to be creeping back up. And, if I were to take a guess from your flushed complexion and elevated heartbeat you’re not unaffected either.”


Lena blinked. Of course there would be lasting effects. When did they ever catch a break?


“So what does this mean? As memorable as the other night was, I don’t think I have room in my schedule for marathon sex every few days.”


Kara blushed scarlet. 


“N-no, I don’t think that uh, level of intimacy is needed now. Alex is pretty sure it’ll run its course gradually but it might take a few weeks. Brainy is calculating I have a 5 percent chance of dying in that time and you, um, have a 28 percent chance, but that has nothing to do with the toxin and everything to do with your mother still being alive and Lex’s unknown status, which makes me nervous and wanting to be around you even more to protect you.”


Lena chuckled.


“My hero.” 


Kara squeezed her hand lightly, smiling wide.


“Since you’re here and quite frankly I’d like nothing more than to be cuddled up with you, would you like to come in? We could watch a movie or something?”


Kara beamed. “I’d love to.”


“Netflix and chill it is.”


“Lena! You can’t just say that.” Kara sputtered. 


“As if the thought hadn’t crossed your mind, Miss Danvers. Excuse me, Miss Zor-El Danvers.”


“I mean, it had but still. I’m still trying to give you space. It’s just a little hard right now.”


Lena chuckled. “I know, Kara, I’m just teasing. I do appreciate it but, I think we’re at a different place now. We’ve been a bit rushed along but it’s still the path I think we both want to be on. Am I correct in making that assumption?”


“Yes, very much so.”.


“Well then, we’ll work on it together from this point on.” Lena said, wrapping her arms around Kara’s neck. “Deal?”