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Guaranteed to blow your mind

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Theon woke with a start and the distinct feeling that they’d overslept. The deadweight of Robb’s arm held him grounded on the bed and did nothing to promote action towards getting ready for the day. He’d always known he had a bit of a thing for hands and forearms, but the way the tendons moved around muscles as the hard skin of Robb’s fingers stroked absently over his chest had his stomach flip and a need brew within him.

Gently, he took Robb’s thick wrist and shifted it from his body and onto the bed. He needed to get himself sorted before Robb woke, to clean the sleep from his eyes and ideally brush his teeth. But, like the previous morning, Robb had other thoughts. And this morning he put up further resistance to being left than he had the day before, more sure of his advances.

Give them an inch they’ll take a mile, thought Theon, amused.

Robb did none of the posturing he was used to. There was no artful stretches, no purposeful highlighting of assets, but gods did he have assets. When Theon slipped out of the bed, Robb simply rolled over and reached out to him. Large hands skimmed sensually over his hips and thighs.

Sleepy, Robb cracked a smile even before he’d opened his eyes. He was naked beneath the sheets, Theon’s brain unhelpfully supplied. How easy it would be to climb back into bed, to feel the strength in those arms command him, to guide him towards another mind-blowing orgasm. Theon’s legs still felt uncertain beneath him after the last round. Just as he felt himself begin to give in to temptation and return the smile, hands slipped casually under the waistband of his boxers and dragged them down to his knees, releasing his rapidly growing erection.

Robb murmured his approval, a proud smile playing on his lips, and scooted to the edge of the bed, still laid on his side, applying lazy kisses to Theon’s cock. Theon let out a small huff of a laugh taking hold of the bed post with one hand and threading the fingers of the other through Robb’s curls. Robb’s tongue swirled round him, slow and clumsy but eager, like the best morning kisses he’d ever experienced, and an arm circled his arse to hold tightly onto his hip and encourage him into a rhythm. The vibrations of the redhead moaning ran through him.

The tent forming at Robb’s groin became increasingly obvious. When Theon shifted his knee up onto the edge of the mattress, he looked down at Robb, hoping to both commit the sight of those swollen lips and hollowed cheeks to memory and that Robb would understand his intentions.

Robb’s bright blue eyes fluttered open and met his. He shuffled eagerly, keeping his lips against Theon, and pulled at him. With a last look at the sight, Theon climbed onto the bed and over Robb. He groaned at the depth to which Robb took him and prayed he’d last long enough that he might be able to bring him to sync. Curled in on himself, Theon traced the line of hair along Robb’s lower belly with kisses. The knees before him spread receptively to his advances, impatient with him taking his time, he half expected Robb’s touch to will him onwards, a hand on the nape of his neck.

Theon slid the sheet off Robb to uncover and explore his lower body, taking a moment to stroke and take in the image of the substantial length in the daylight. He felt Robb’s body tense under him at the sensation of lips against the silky smooth skin of his cock and the subsequent moan around Theon’s own. He had intended to ease them both in gently, to tease, but ultimately he couldn’t wait to fill his mouth and feel the pressure against his tongue and the ache in his jaw.

It was a thrill to play off one another's pleasure, each time Theon flicked his tongue in just the right way Robb’s groans shot through him, setting him alight. Robb’s hands fondled him desperately, kneading at his arse and dragging thumbs down just behind his balls to massage the spot, gentle yet firm.

With bliss mounting, Theon’s movements slowed. His efforts were directed to holding himself up and all he could find it in him to do was to hum with appreciation at the tight suction of Robb’s mouth and the brush of his thumbs. Theon pulled off. His cheek fell against the thigh beside him. He tried to regain some composure, but Robb’s intentions were set against it. Desperately, he kissed and grazed his teeth against the sensitive skin beneath his mouth.

“Fuck… Fuck me. I need more.”

Robb’s growl reverberated around Theon’s cock. He made a small whimper of a noise he hadn’t been aware he was able to make. The grip of a hand at his backside was lost momentarily, fingers finding their way into Robb’s mouth alongside him. Robb lapped hungrily at his own digits, motivations only becoming clear when they slipped between Theon’s cheeks and brazenly breached the ring of muscle.

By the feel of it, Robb cracked a full grin at the expletives pouring from his mouth. But gods, it felt good. He was so confident and sure of himself, the mix of saliva and his own come and lube from the night before enough to do the job, still stretched and ready for him. Ready and raring to go.

The retreat of Robb’s fingers left him needy, longing to be filled. A firm hold wrenched Theon’s hips and forced him from Robb’s face and down his body before settling at his lap. With one fluid motion, Robb sat and moved them to the bottom of the bed, his cockhead rubbed along Theon’s arse while he nuzzled at his neck.

“What was that? Tell me what you need,” Robb breathed hot against him.

“You. You- I need you. I need that massive prick inside me.” Theon’s lips curled into a smile. “You’re a fucking beast of a man.”

Robb stilled against him. Theon felt the bob of his adam’s apple when he swallowed, but he said nothing. Instead, after a moment's hesitation, he guided Theon over him and down. Theon couldn’t have held back the noises if he’d wanted to. Even held still he struggled to concentrate on anything but the sensation. His body cried out for more.

“This? Is this what you want?”

“Please, please fuck me.” With Robb’s hands steadying him, he had no need for his own to do the same. Instead, he leant back with one wrapping around Robb’s shoulders, flattening himself against his hard body.

“Open your eyes.”

Theon hadn’t been particularly aware that his eyes were closed, he opened them to meet Robb’s in the full-length mirror attached to the wall. Dark pupils blown with lust, they captivated him. Theon watched as his own hair was pulled lovingingly back from his face and tucked behind his ear on one side, allowing Robb to lick and nick at the lobe and whisper into the shell.

Robb’s voice rasped, “no one else will ever be enough after me.”

It wasn’t a question, but he was compelled to agree nonetheless. “No,” Theon whispered, rocking against Robb.

The hand at his side tightened and took control of his pace and brought him into time with Robb’s thrusts upwards into him. He watched Robb open him wide in the reflection, his legs spread to accommodate him. He saw his own jaw drop when Robb slammed into him, his hand pushing him down roughly to meet him

Any sign of sleep in Robb had vanished. He bit his bottom lip with concentration, his eyes scanning Theon, unable to decide where to stop.

“Look at you,” Robb told him, biting back a guttural moan. “Fuck, you’re exquisite.”

Theon chuckled helplessly. “That’s quite a word,” he just about managed breathed. He knew he had above average looks, he’d have been stupid not to, but Robb’s approval did something to him. He’d been deemed vain by other partners, having one insist he watch himself and his reaction whilst getting fucked turned him on more than he’d like to admit.

“No one else could manage to make something lewd so elegant… Look how well you take me.” Robb’s thumb tenderly caressed the head of his cock, fingers trailing along the length. “Bounce,” he said, finally wrapping his hand round.

Theon dropped his head back against Robb’s shoulder, his hair cascading over his chest, and closed his eyes once more, the thrill overwhelming him. “I’m not going to last,” he warned, using Robb for leverage as he lifted himself up and down, fucking down onto him and up into the ring of his fingers.

“You smell fucking amazing.” Robb inhaled, his soft lips in stark contrast to his stubble against Theon’s throat. His free hand took hold of Theon’s jaw to force him to face the mirror. “You’re not watching,” he scolded him.

Seeing Robb’s broad hand around his own sharp jawline, Theon felt himself tumble over the precipice and watched as he covered his stomach and Robb’s fingers in streaks of come, crying out what sounded suspiciously the name of a guy he’d only known for a couple of days and in a business capacity. His legs shook as aftershocks continued to run through him, and Robb, despite shuddering as he reached the point of ecstasy himself, stroked him through it.


Robb. His name. He’d said his fucking name. Theon’s own voice echoed over and over in his mind, joined by the glint he’d seen in Robb’s eyes. Proud, verging on cocky. This wasn’t supposed to have happened. He’d enjoy himself. He’d indulge. But never did he get himself for caught up. Primarily he got off on gratifying others, or rather on what he could do to others, how they reacted to him. It was what made it easy to walk away afterwards. He watched the look of complete and utter abandon on others faces.

He’d seen himself wrecked in that mirror.

“You alright?” Robb’s eyes were full of concern as he squeezed Theon’s upper arm tenderly.

Theon cleared his throat. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired,” he lied with a weak smile.

Robb nodded. His curls tumbled in the breeze while they stood outside the tailors for Theon to finish his cigarette.

He had been cutting down recently. It was one of those things that people were becoming increasingly intolerant off. But then there were those people who appreciated someone to share a smoke with or simply enjoyed watching him, it was a decent excuse to have quiet and private moments with individuals, and then there were these situations in which it felt nothing else would tone down the level of stress.

As though he needed any more complications that morning, he spotted an honest smile sprout on Robb’s face out of the corner of his eye. Following the direction of his eyes, Theon spied Olyvar approaching with a funny little dash across the road that somehow reminded him of Robb.

He should be pleased. This was the reason he was here. Not that he’d been told that. Robb’s suggestion was that he wanted to save face more than anything else. But that almost almost meant ‘make my ex jealous enough that they wonder what they are doing without me.’

“Hey! How’s it going?”

“Good, things are good. How are you all? Is everyone excited? All ready for the big day tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Sansa’s stressing more than Arya or Gendry, you know how it is,” they shared smiles that inexplicably irritated Theon, “but honestly, it’s all sorted now. Groomsmen are just picking up the suits.”

“Ah!” Olyvar looked between the suit carrier slung over Robb’s arm and Jon dressed in what was an identical outfit through the window. “You’ll look great I’m sure.”

Hesitantly, Robb smiled and licked his lip out of nerves. “Thanks. You too.” His cheeks turned a little pink. “I mean, you always look great… at these things.”

Theon found himself struggling for an appropriate witty remark, which was probably for the best as it was time for him to stand back and allow them to work things out. He hadn’t come here to jeopardise Robb’s chances.

Olyvar pushed his hair back, equally as flustered as Robb. Any other circumstance and he’d have liked to have knocked their heads together. Sure, it was endearing when he had someone blushing and anxious, but watching two with this kind of flirting was infuriating. What were they, fourteen?

“Well...I uh,” Olyvar finally glanced over to Theon, greeted with a scornful look, “I-,” he shook his head, confused, and turned back to Robb, “I should get on my way. See you tomorrow?”

Robb nodded, crease lines at the corners of his eyes showing as he smiled. Of course they’d fucking see each other. He waved Olybar goodbye, watching as he walked away. Was he staring at his arse?

What was happening? What was he becoming? Flirting or not flirting, it bothered him, and not because he wasn’t getting the attention. Or not just because he wasn’t getting the attention anyway.

Stubbing the cigarette out on the wall beside them, Theon decided his work here was done.


Everything had started out so well that morning. The only problem with the day was the hours between leaving their room and getting back to it. And Robb had every intention of avoiding any unnecessary family engagements. Any unnecessary tasks whatsoever. Get the suits, eat lunch, help Sansa with last minute panics, endure dinner, get out. When Theon had complained of being tired, Robb had been disappointed, but after spending every moment up until that point wanting the get him up against a wall he also thought perhaps it was a blessing in disguise not to be perpetually turned on by every single fucking thing about him.

The man oozed charisma. He was effortlessly seductive. His mouth around a cigarette almost floored Robb amongst those out shopping on the high street. He followed the movements as he watched Theon smoke, the bob of his adam’s apple on the elegant throat. When Theon had caught him looking he’d quirked his lips into that trademark smirk he had. A flash of teeth.

He’d eat him up. If Robb didn’t get there first.

But when Robb had winked cheekily back at him something in his eyes changed. The spark was extinguished.

Robb placed a hand on Theon’s arm, focusing on being affectionate rather than feeling him up. The warmth reignited the thoughts he was trying to push back. “You alright?”

The resulting smile left a lot to be desired. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired.”

He didn’t want to leave it at that, but if he’d learnt anything it was that Theon sometimes needed a moment's silence to open up to him. Robb hadn’t expected to become distracted by a familiar face across the road. Not even an appearance made by this ex could ruin his mood, he was on a high.

“Hey!” He smiled, putting on a brave face. “How’s it going?”

“Good, things are good. How are you all?” Olyvar asked. “Is everyone excited? All ready for the big day tomorrow?”

Robb hoped Theon noticed how little he would let his past get to him. How casual and cordial he could be. “Yeah. Sansa’s stressing more than Arya or Gendry, you know how it is, but honestly, it’s all sorted now. Groomsmen are just picking up the suits.”

“Ah!” Olyvar looked between the suit carrier slung over Robb’s arm and Jon dressed in what was an identical outfit through the window. “You’ll look great I’m sure.”

His cheeks warmed. With any luck Theon would think so too. “Thanks. You too. I mean, you always look great… at these things.”

“Well...I uh.. I should get on my way. See you tomorrow?”

Robb nodded and watched him leave, eager to be alone with Theon once more.

Theon cleared his throat awkwardly, bringing him back from his momentary distraction, and pushed the lit end of the cigarette into the brickwork of the tailors. “I’m going to get some rest,” he smiled half heartedly, “that alright? Didn’t exactly get much sleep last night.”

“Course,” Robb said as softly as he could. Had he gone too far? Gotten carried away? He could’ve sworn Theon had been enjoying himself as much as he had. He’d sort of initiated after all the night before, and this morning he didn’t have to reciprocate… perhaps he felt obligated. Fuck. Or, shit, maybe this was about money.


The afternoon and early evening dragged on more than he could ever have imagined. Did it really matter if a banner was dead centre? Did it matter if the bride on the cake’s hair didn’t match Arya’s shade perfectly? How many courses was it really necessary to have in a meal? By the time they were waiting for dessert, Robb was becoming desperately impatient. Robb who believed going out for food and not getting pudding was a terrible wasted opportunity. Robb, who when forced into a two course dinner deal, scoffed at anyone who chose a starter over a dessert.

Below the table, Robb pulled his phone from his pocket to message Theon, torn between something nice or something filthy, only to find one waiting for him.

Sorry, had to head back home. Let me know the money got back to you ok.


His chair scraped against the stone floor when he pushed back from the table, already clicking call on his phone. Answer, he willed Theon, hurrying away from where his family sat and ignoring the eyes on him. For fucks sake, answer. Call after call went to voicemail.

“Theon. It’s Robb. Answer your phone.” It occurred to him that it was probably him Theon was avoiding speaking to, but he really had no clue what else to say. He had no bargaining chip. No way of knowing what Theon wanted. Why he’d left. Only that he didn’t want him to. It was quite clear that in all likeliness the only reason Theon had been with him was the money, and he’d just given that up to get away. Why did he think he had any business going after him?

Footsteps sounded behind him. Jon. His eyebrow already raised.

“Do you have your car with you?”


30 minutes later and he was in the front of Jon’s car and there were finally signs to the airport. Anxious, he picked at a scratch on the dashboard made by Ghost a couple of years earlier. Jon let his dog get away with this stuff, but not affording Robb the same freedom, he smacked his hand.

“Give over.” Jon concentrated on the road, he’d refused to pick up the speed as they neared the terminal building.

Robb huffed and began to undo his seatbelt, ready to jump when they pulled up in the drop off area. He didn’t think, he just did, dashing into the airport, ignoring both the door he’d left open and Jon’s protests. But it was all in vain. The queue at the desk for the flight back to King’s Landing was empty, with only a blonde woman to apologise nonsensically, tell him she’d seen a number of tall dark haired men, and to insist she couldn’t comment on the attractiveness of the customers. A quick check of the departures showed that it was now boarding. He was too late.

Dejected, he put his phone to his ear and tried once more, planning what he might say to Theon’s voicemail. Hopefully he could make a case for meeting up once he got back. Dinner, drinks, he’d take anything he could get.

“Hey, Theon, this is a long shot, a really long shot. I like you. I know that it won’t be a big thing for you. Gods… I can’t bear to think how many people come after you. Shit… was I too… much? Fuck, this is terrible isn’t it, I’m being one of those creeps. It’s just… this isn’t normal for me. And, well, I thought maybe you had fun too.” He began to mumble, becoming increasingly embarrassed. “Obviously you’ve gone so maybe that’s not-” The phone cut him off. “Fuck!” He cursed loudly and was greeted by someone behind him clearing their throat. Could this day get any worse? Preparing the innocent, well behaved, look he’d been told he did so well, Robb turned. “Sor-” That was not the old lady or parent with a small child he’d been expecting. “Fuck…”

Before him, looking somewhere between amused and bashful, Theon stood, tucking his wavy hair back behind his ear on one side. He looked different like this. Robb wouldn’t go as far as to say he was no longer dressed to impress… just that he perhaps had a different target audience. Not the family.

Robb’s mouth went dry as he drank Theon in. The neckline of the t-shirt he wore under the leather jacket allowed for a glimpse of his collarbone, and the jeans were so tight they should’ve been illegal. He’d known Theon was out of his league, but this made it painfully obvious.

“I-” They both started at once and laughed.

“Sorry,” Robb smiled. Thankful for the small icebreaker, he held out his hand palm up to indicate Theon should speak first. He’d gone on enough already.

Thanks, Theon mouthed. As he spoke, he avoided eye contact, fiddling with something in his pocket. “Uh, so, yes and no. It’s,” he swallowed, “like you say, you’re not the first to…”

“Want something else?”

“Yeah…” He finally looked up, “want something else. The thing is, you’re the first to… shit, I’m not good at this.” Theon’s hand took Robb’s and he bit his lip, closing the gap between them until Robb could feel the heat radiating off him. He had been determined to have Theon make the move, but he was making things incredibly difficult, his body immediately reacted by mirroring him. “Are you going to kiss me, or not?” Theon asked, raising a perfect dark eyebrow.

He didn’t need asking twice. Robb’s hands hastily cupped Theon’s face, fingertips sliding back into his hair and thumbs grazing his cheekbones as their lips met. Theon’s lip’s parted eagerly, pulling him into a kiss that was perhaps a little much for a public place, it warranted a move of one of Robb’s hands to his lower back. Dipping below both the jacket and shirt, it pulled Theon flush against him. If it hadn’t been for one very familiar grumble they could’ve been there quite some time.

“Oh for fucks sake!” Jon exclaimed from behind Theon, having finally managed to park. “You’re going make me run over the waiting time, for *this*?”

Theon snorted, and looked back over his shoulder, “keep your pants on, he’s worth paying the fine for.”

Much to Jon’s annoyance, Robb took this as an invitation for another round of kissing. “Come back with me,” he whispered, breathing hot against Theon’s ear. “Please.”

“On one condition - I want a real date when we get back to King’s Landing. I’m talking the works.”

Jon’s brows knitted. “You’ve not taken him on a date yet?” He asked sceptically, looking between the pair of them. “How long have you been together?”

Whether to restrain a laugh or due to embarrassment, he himself wasn’t quite sure, Robb bit his lip and ignored Jon, choosing instead to press his forehead lightly against Theon’s. “I can’t wait.”