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Ancient Alternian History

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The Fuchsia Troll is not a completely natural phenomenon. I know that might not be surprising to you since I’ve been explaining how I’ve been genetically manipulating almost every caste on the Hemospectrum, but this applies even more so to the Fuchsia Trolls than the others. It has to do with the Fuchsia Lusus, you see. Gl’bgolyb is, as I’m sure you already know, a Horror Terror of the Furthest Ring.

What I did was steal her away from her kin in the Furthest Ring and imprisoned her on Alternia. I then took a few samples of her physical being, fashioned it into a genetic code that was compatible to the Mother Grub, and sent it on its way. A hop, skip, and a jump in time later, and viola! A Fuchsia Grub was hatched. After which, I personally introduced her to Gl’bgolyb. While Gl’bgolyb was quite averse to being imprisoned on Alternia, she would continue to willingly stay to watch over the troll that she considered her own offspring.

Now that I didn’t have to keep an eye on Gl’bgolyb and make sure she wouldn’t try to escape, I set about spreading the word to the other
Sea-Dwellers that I had chosen a single troll among them to lead them. Keep in mind that this was a very long time ago, not too long after I first revealed myself to them. So the Fuchsia troll was almost as old of a species as the Violet troll. With this particular caste of troll being immortal, she could lead her species virtually forever. Of course, that wouldn’t happen for this particular individual, Her Imperious Condescension wouldn’t come around for many generations.

Continuing on, the first Fuchsia Troll grew alongside the other Sea-Dwellers, learning, training, and generally preparing for the invasion of the surface world that wouldn’t happen for millennia. To make sure she wouldn’t grow too comfortable in her position as the Empress, I struck a deal with Gl’bgolyb for her continued compliance:

There would only ever be two, The Empress and the Heiress.

There would always be the Empress to rule and the Heiress to challenge her when she came of age. This way, the Empress would always have to struggle for the throne. After an Empress would defeat an Heiress, she would grow stronger, then send her genetic material to a Mother Grub. The Heiress born from this genetic material would be stronger than the last Heiress. And if the Empress would defeat this Heiress she would become even stronger. On and on this process went, creating stronger and stronger Heiresses until one would defeat the Empress. Then the new Empress would repeat the process all over again.

The only exception to this process was the First Empress. As stated before, she died in combat against the Purple Bloods, rather than dying by her Heiress’s hands.

I can’t tell you how many times this process repeated itself, afterwards. Mainly because I didn’t care enough to count, but also because of the sheer number of times it’s happened. The closest approximation I can give you (without going back in time and counting each and every single case) would be.... a lot. Somewhere in the low thousands. And that was only until Her Imperious Condescension came to be. She was the Last Empress of Alternia. Every Heiress that came after her (aside from one exception whom I’m sure you’re aware of) died at her hands. And with every Heiress she killed, her power only grew.

I honestly have no doubt that if it weren’t for The Game, Her Imperious Condescension would have ruled for the rest of Alternia’s history.