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Happy Halloween-Wait...Hands Off the Fox!

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“Come on, girls! Not cool! You’ve been hogging Izuku for hours!” Kaminari whines and knocks his fist against the door (for good measure). Behind said door are Momo, Jirou, Hagakure, Mina, Uraraka, and Tsuyu. All of whom, as he’s said, have been hogging Izuku! 


“Oh, shut up! It hasn’t been that long!” Jirou snaps back, though there’s hardly any bite to her voice. In fact, she sounds much too amused for Kaminari’s liking. 


Kaminari groans in annoyance, knocking on the door again with little luck. No one answers, they all just laugh at him. Well, all of them...except for Izuku. Who’s been oddly silent this entire time. 


It’s strange...because he was pretty excited when Mina came up to him earlier, claiming that the girls had thought up the perfect costume for him to wear to the Halloween Party that UA was throwing. And by girls...that probably means Momo, Mina, Uraraka, and Hagakure. No offense to Tsuyu or Jirou, but they weren’t nearly as excited about the concept of dressing up. 


“Yes, it has!” Kaminari brings his phone out, pointing the screen at the door. In hindsight, he should probably know that neither the girls nor Izuku can see the time through the door. Still, it’s an attempt. “You’ve been in there since 4:45. It’s 6:15 right now!” 


“Have you ever considered that some of that time was dedicated to our own costumes?” Tsuyu cracks the door open, poking her head out to give Kaminari a look. One that is the perfect balance between unimpressed, but amused. “We need time too, ya know?” 


Kaminari crosses his arms, brow quirking up. He knows that if he tries to push past Tsuyu to see Izuku, he might get snapped at by the other girls. So, in the interest of not having that happen, he decides to just stay by the door. “If you girls are taking care of your own costumes, then why did you need to keep Izuku with you? Shouldn’t you send him out?” 


“No.” And with that, Tsuyu closes the door again. It’s not necessarily impolite, per say. It’s slow, deliberate, and technically Kaminari has more than enough time to stop the door from closing completely. 


The fact that he doesn’t is his problem, not Tsuyu’s. 


“Oh, come on!” Kaminari throws his hands up, completely done with this entire thing. He just wants to see Izuku’s costume. After all, the girls had been squealing and giggling about it ever since it was thought up. A guy can only take so much suspense!


Uraraka laughs at Kaminari’s expense, and he swears he can just see how she must be sticking her tongue out at him based on her tone. “Just go downstairs with the others! We’ll join you soon enough!” 


Soon enough. Kaminari mocks in his head. By now, he’s received enough migraines and scratches to know that mocking the girls when they can (oh so very) clearly hear him in not the wisest choice. 


Instead, he shakes his head with an exasperated sigh and turns on his heel. He can complain to Kirishima and Sero, who will 100% agree with him when he says that it is so not fair that the girls can hog Izuku for two hours. If he or any of the others (Shouto and Iida excluded) did that, then the girls would be whiny and pouty too! 




“My fucking god...what the hell is taking so long?!” Bakugou growls, inciting some laughter from Sero and Kirishima. “What the fuck are you little shits laughing at?!” 


“Y-you…! You growled!” Sero wheezes a bit. Laughing and talking aren’t two actions one should consider doing together. “It’s...oh my’s perfect!” 


Bakugou’s costume is a werewolf. On his head sits two very upward pointed ears and near his rear hangs a very convincing tail. As one can assume, they’re both blonde in color, matching the untamable spikes that Bakugou calls his hair. It was decided earlier that Bakugou’s canines could suffice as ‘fangs’ well enough on their own. If there was any need to put any covers on, they’d only be to lengthen said teeth. They were sharp enough as they were. 


“Oh, shut up.” Bakugou hufs, crossing his arms and turning away. If one looks close enough, the barest hint of rose pink can be seen spreading across his cheeks. Since everyone knows better not to invade his personal space (unless they’re desperate to get a violent makeover), nobody notices. “And I ask again...what the hell is taking so long? How long does it take to pull on pieces of cloth and stick whatever needs to be stuck on?!” 


“Details are important.” Shouto looks down at his own attire, tongue unconsciously licking over the fake fangs covering his teeth. 


His cape is pretty simple: black on one side and red on the other, with a little string to tie it around his neck. The pants a shoes are both black as well, with white gloves on his hands. The shirt...well, technically he’s wearing an undershirt and a vest. 


The dress shirt is white like his gloves, covered by a red and black dress vest that has about 4 buttons on one side and loops (that hook onto said buttons) on the other. The finishing touch is a white blouse-like cloth that’s attached to the string of his cape. One can say that he resembles a gentlemen from the Victorian age. Except, ya know, he has vampire fangs. 


“Indeed, they are.” Iida grins in a victorious manner, chest puffing out as his arms travel to rest on his waist. His face almost resembles Dabi’s, though instead of the purple skin he’s got going on, Iida’s spots are grey. 


He’s also only got one eye that’s covered, but that’s a minor detail. 


“What do you think?” Iida holds his arms out, exposing his painted nails. His sleeve stop somewhere around his elbow, the borders looking surprisingly clean-cut for someone who’s trying to pull off a Frankenstein look. 


Props to the shirt though, which has a tattered bottom-border. And to the pants, which have random patches along the thigh and knee caps. The boots are basic combat boots, but with the rest of what Iida’s got, it doesn’t look half bad. 


The pieces of metal attached to the side of Iida’s head could’ve been attached a bit better though, in Shouto’s opinion. But whatever. It’s Iida’s costume, he’ll do with it what he likes. 


“Dude! That’s wicked!” Kirishima pumps his fist into the air, the red wings on his back bouncing with the movement. He’s going for a dragon, though the only props he has are the wings on his back and the long (scaly-looking) tail. 


For claws, all he does is control his Hardening quirk to his hands, turning his fingers sharp and deadly. Seeing as this is a party and not a battle ground, it’s mostly for show. So Kirishima doesn’t have them out too much, and when he does, it’s not for very long. 


“Thank you, Kirishima.” Iida pushes his glasses up as he scans the room. “I see the girls aren’t quite done with Izuku yet. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t growing more and time passes.” 


“That’s what I said!” Kaminari throws his arms up, almost hitting Shouto and Sero in the process. The demon-wings on his back bounce (like Kirishima’s wings had) and his fangs some light with how his mouth is open. The tail on his rear moves side to side a bit, but otherwise, remains simply hanging down. “But they all just told me to be patient and wait until they showed up. But how long is that gonna take?! It’s already 7!” 


“And you wonder why you’re ranked as the most dramatic in the pack.” Jirou comments dryly from behind Kaminari, causing the demon to shriek and jump up. Like in the movies, he comically lands in Sero’s arms as he glares at Jirou. The horns on his head are messed up now since he jumped! And his wings are probably a bit crushed because of Sero catching him. Not to mention that his tail may have accidentally been pulled off. 


“Nice to see you, Jirou.” Iida hums to himself as he looks at her costume. She’s wearing some striped pants and high laced boots, with her own cape draped across her shoulders. Like Shouto, she too possess a little white blouse around her neck. Though, unlike Shouto, she’s only wearing a white dress shirt that has almost 8 buttons going down one side. “What are you?” 


“I’m not even sure.” Jirou looks down at her costume, arms spreading out to show off the dress shirt and all of the buttons. “Momo just thought I looked good, so we stuck with this.” 


“Fair enough.” Sero winks at Jirou, initiating an eye roll from the beta. “Where’s little Zuku?” 


“You didn’t notice him?” Jirou tilts her head in Izuku’s general direction with a raised brow. With how much complaining that was going on, she expected everyone to be rather vigilant of their omega. Kinda disappointing to see their lack of awareness right now. “We all got here around five minutes ago.” 


Three voices simultaneously shout with indignince and shock: “What?!” 


Shouto looks to Iida, sharing sentiment as the head alpha shakes his head. They have no doubt attracted the attention of at least half of the room now. Great job guys, great job…


“Where is he?” Kirishima rushes off towards where Jirou had tilted her head, head swishing back and forth as he searches for the signature mop of green curls. Or a large group of pack members. Either could suffice as a good ‘Izuku is here’ sign/marker. 


“Here, we should follow in case they accidentally knock several people over.” Shouto sighs as he makes his way after the three betas, already dreading just how many people they’ll be apologizing to. 


This isn’t an exaggeration either. Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina, Sero, and Hagakure have all proven just how unaware they can be when excited. Iida’s had to apologize to other students and teachers after watching them get knocked over by over-energized betas. 


“I think you’ll all find his costume rather pleasing to the eye.” Jirou chuckles as everyone, Iida included, seems to perk up at that. After waiting for so long to see what the girls had done to Izuku, the anticipation in the air is palpable. 


She can also just smell the pheromones they’re all giving off. 


“I can’t wait to see.” Shouto gives Jirou a wicked grin, fangs gleaming in an almost menacing way. Almost...because Jirou knows that Shouto wouldn’t bite her with those. 


And even if he did, she’d threaten to tell Izuku. That would convince him to back off pretty quick. 




“Wow, you girls did really good.” Satou reaches out to grab one of the fox-ears on Izuku’s head, fondly rubbing the fluffiness of the material. With how messy Izuku’s hair naturally is, the ears blend in so well. They look convincingly realistic. “You’re so cute, Izuku.” 


Izuku blushes at the coo, fiddling with the sleeves that pool at his fingers. Currently, he’s not wearing anything close to what he’d normally consider appropriate for such a public setting. If it were just pack, then sure, he’d be fine. Since they’re surrounded by other students from different classes, he’s feeling a bit...shy. 


The girls had already decided his costume, claiming that all he had to do was try it on to make sure everything looks right. Momo had made him clothes before, so the sizing was perfect (as always). It was just making sure all of the colors went well together and nothing needed to be added or taken away. 


What Izuku ended up in was rather surprising. Along his arms are long pieces of cloth that could, ideally, act as sleeves on a normal pieces of clothing. Seeing how this is a costume, ‘normal’ wasn’t exactly what the girls were going for during the designing process. So the ‘sleeves’ are disconnected from the body part of the costume, just meant for covering his arms while leaving his shoulders exposed. They’re all green, save for the beautiful swirly-vine patterns that run along the sides of the cloth. 


On his body...Izuku can safely just describe it as a green tank top (like his sleeves, there are some black designs present, but there flowers to accompany the vines). The collar is a bit different though, since it’s more like a tutle-neck in a sense that it travels up his neck. It’s also a bit tighter than tank tops normally are, like how All Might’s hero costume looks like his own skin at times. 


The ‘shorts’ that he’s been given are very form fitting, almost to the point where they squeeze his thighs a bit. Unlike the rest of the costume, which has a blend of green and black, the shorts are simply black. Same for the boots, that run so far up his left that he’s not sure they can be considered normal boots. They’re like thigh-high socks, except they’re leathery and more study so he can actually walk. 


Lastly, the ears and the tail are just bushy and adorable. They’re mostly convincing because of how they go with Izuku’s hair. If Izuku had fur, it’s probably be as fluffy and smooth as his hair. Also messy. 


That’s probably what Momo was imagining when she made the head pieces and the tail. 


Of course, there’s also the make up. He’s got black scratch-marks along his face, somehow managing to connect several of his freckles into one long line. There’s also some glitten along the black streaks, but hardly anyone notices. Izuku just has this shine in general (it may or may not be thanks to the multitude of light in the room), so glitter doesn’t really do much. 


“It appears we’ve been graced with the presence of a Kitsune.” Aoyama does a mock bow, taking Izuku’s hand so he can place a kiss on the knuckles. The cloth of his sleeve gets in the way for the first kiss, so Aoyama huffs and quickly pushes the cloth back to try and get an actual kiss in. It’s kinda frustrating, but not an ‘end of the world’ situation. “One almost as cute as moi.” 


“It does fit your personality.” Tokoyami’s head moves as he looks takes in the full extent of Izuku’s costume. He’s adorable as a little fox spirit. His intelligence is rather high, not to mention that he actually knows how to use all of the information stored into his head to his advantage. It’s not just there for the purpose of having it. 


Tokoyami will recall (with slight fear) just how little time it can take Izuku to plan out a complex set of strategies and back up plans. His record so far is 3 minutes and 33 seconds for a 10 step plan on how to successfully sneak past a group of villains (it was for a training exercise). Safe to say, Izuku’s team had emerged victorious that day. 


Also, not that Izuku will ever admit to being guilty of it, but he can be quite mischievous. The fact that he has an aura of innocence only adds to the effect. He’ll unconsciously use the weakness that his pack has for him to his advantage to rope his pack mates into extra training or studying with him. It’s not manipulation,’s also complete manipulation. 


“Oh, there you guys are.” Uraraka can’t help but laugh a bit too loudly as Kaminari stumbles towards them. He may or may not have tripped on his tail several times on his way over, which ultimately led to Kirishima, Sero, and Bakugou tripping after him. “What do you guys think?”


“Oh. My. God.” Kirishima (not so accidentally) pushes Kaminari’s stumbling self to the side as he takes big steps forward. He cups Izuku’s freckled cheeks in his hands and stares wide eyed at his costume. “You’re adorable!” 


Izuku winces back as Kirishima practically shouts in his face, but smiles nonetheless at the compliment. As said before, he was pretty shy about this idea at first because of how tight the clothing part of his costume was. But...with how everyone is cooing at’s a bit more bearable. 


“Isn’t he?” Mina giggles, hands coming together in front of her. She’s dressed as a cat. Her ears and tail are both a brown-tan color, white her body suit is covered in spots. She’s a jaguar, but some may have already confused her for a cheetah or a leopard. “We thought about making him a little kitten, but kitsune seemed more ‘him’. Ya know?” 


“I agree.” Iida catches up to the group, looking at Izuku fondly as Kaminari joins Kirishima in getting a closer look at the costume. “You girls did a fabulous job. He truly looks like a spirit, or a guardian of nature.” 


“I was going for spirit, but guardian works too.” Momo crosses her arms over her chest, the fairy dress she’s wearing wrinkling a bit. Her eyes crinkle in happiness as Izuku sends a thankful glance at her (she did make the costume, after all). And she easily sends her omega a welcoming nod back. 


“Guys, come on.” Izuku giggles as Kaminari jokingly tickles the base around his ear. It doesn’t actually do anything to him, but the gesture is just so cute. “I’m gonna go grab some juice. Anyone else want anything?” 


Nobody answers with anything ave for a shake of the head, so Izuku takes that as his que to slip out from the group and quickly grab his refreshment. The room isn’t necessarily crowded, but Izuku will always feel more comfortable around strangers when he’s closer to his pack mates. If there were any near the food and drinks table, he might be in less of a rush to get his drink. 


Seeing as how it’s just surrounded by some students from other classes, students that Izuku doesn’t know, he’s pretty adamant about being quick and unnoticed. 


Of course, fate has a strange way of working sometimes. Half of the time, it’s kind and grants the request of those who send them. The other half of the’s a jerk and decides to do the opposite of requested. 


In Izuku’s case, it’s right when he finishes pouring his juice into a cup. He turns around and bam! He knocks straight into someone. Someone he doesn’t even know. Which only freaks him out more because holy crap! He just got juice all over them! 


“I’m so sorry!” Izuku covers his mouth in shock and quickly turns around, intending to go back to the table and grab some napkins. He spilled his drink on someone, the least he can do is supply them with things to wipe themselves down with. “Oh gosh, I’m such a clutz! I’m so, so, so sorry. I’ll get you some napkins right away so you can wipe-!” 


“Dude, don’t even worry about it.” The other student, dressed as a fairly decent looking pirate, laughs and grabs onto Izuku’s wrist. Naturally, the action has Izuku tensing up, but the other doesn’t seem to notice. “Accidents happen all the time. Not like anyone died, or anything.” 


Izuku swallows, unnerved by how the grip around his wrist is as tight as it is. It leaves no room for him to pull out of it easily. While he certainly can use his strength to break the grip, he decides that maybe he can just peacefully and subtly let the other student know that he wants to be let go. Right now. 


“My names Kioshi.” The other student-Kioshi-introduces himself. He seems friendly enough, with how he suddenly smiles as Izuku and maneuvers his grip so he can shake Izuku’s hand. 


Something about that smile doesn’t sit right with Izuku. There’s also just this odd, uncomfortable twinkle in Kioshi’s eyes. Not to mention that the other is not subtle at all as he rakes his eyes up and down Izuku’s form. It makes Izuku feel beyond invaded and he can’t help but try to cover himself with his other hand. 


“H-hi.” Izuku swallows audibly. He can do this. He’s in a room full of other alphas and betas who are, to his knowledge, pretty alert and aware. If he starts giving off panicked pheromones, then one of them is bound to notice, right? And if they notice, then his pack will most certainly notice. 


He’s fine. He can talk to someone else and not get all flustered and embarrassed. It’s cool. 


“I heard your name’s Midoriya. The only omega in the hero department, right?” Kioshi still doesn’t release Izuku’s hand, and that’s when Izuku feels like it’s time to start resisting. He tries to be polite about it, only lighting tugging his appendage from Kisohi’s grip. If Kioshi is a respectful individual, like Izuku really hopes he is, then he should take the hint and let go. 


“Y-yeah. That’s r-right.” Izuku takes a deep breath and continues to try and pull his hand out. It doesn’t slip from Kioshi’s grip, like he really hopes it does. “C-can you l-let me go, p-please?” 


Kioshi tilts his head, eyebrow raising as a smirk pulls at his lips. Oh no. No, no, no. Izuku does not like that look one bit. It is not equivalent to when any of his pack members (Mainly Kacchan, Eicchan, or Shoucchan) smirk at him. It doesn’t make him feel warm and giggly/nervous (in a good way). It makes him feel a bit creeped out and heightens the desire to get away. 


Oh goodness...oh goodness...that last person to look at him like that was Monoma. And that was after he had teased the omega so much to where Izuku felt like he could cry. In a typical manner, Monoma got his ass kicked by some of his pack members and scolded by Kendou. Still...the experience wasn’t very pleasant. It never is with that alpha. 


“Let you go?” Kioshi whispers, bringing himself closer as he pulls Izuku towards him. Izuku tries to stand his ground and not allow himself to be pulled, but the boots that Momo made for him don’t give him any traction. He easily slides along the floor and against Kioshi’s chest. “And why would I do that? Can’t you stay a little while and keep me company?” 


Izuku flinches and his entire body trembles. Uhhhhh...Kioshi practically purred the word ‘company’. Something tells Izuku that the ‘company’ Kioshi wants is not by any means innocent. Which means that the logical solution would be to escape. Now. 


“N-no! I’m s-sorry, but m-my friends are waiting f-for me!” Izuku narrows his eyes as he tries to push at Kioshi’s chest, but Kioshi’s other arm comes up behind him. A gloved hand presses against Izuku’s lower back and the omega can swear that he felt Kioshi’s fingers scrape along his rear, near where the tail is hanging down. “Let go!” 


The whisper is harsh, but not nearly loud enough. Everyone around the two either aren’t paying attention, don’t care, or figure that there’s nothing bad happening. Which is really inconvenient considering Kioshi’s hand is now on his rear!’s actually there! 


Isn’t that just great?! Note the sarcasm on Izuku’s part. 


“Shhhhh.” Kioshi whispers soothingly, leaning down to nuzzle Izuku’s shoulder. Obviously, it’s an attempt to calm the distressed mega, but it only makes Izuku want to lash out ad claw something in panic. There’s an unknown ...alpha!...right near his neck! 


His nose is at the shoulder, but it could travel up at any minute! Not to mention that teeth could come out! And-oh! Izuku knows he should he pushing and screaming, but he doesn’t want to disturb the rest of the party. He’s too embarrassed and shy to call attention to himself. Ultimately, it just leads him to being the perfect prey for Kioshi. 


“I-I have alphas already! And betas!” Izuku presses his hand against Kioshi’s shoulders and leans back. It only leads to Kioshi getting a good look at his neck. “I’m in a pack! shouldn’t be doing this!” 


“Oh, but you’re just so pretty.” Kioshi purrs again, nuzzling Izuku’s shoulder. His grip tightens around Izuku and his eyes begin to darken as the struggles start to get more out of hand. Kioshi knows that he needs to get the omega calm, but he can’t be too gentle or he’ll lose him. “I’m afraid I can’t help myself.” 


“Is that so?” An unfamiliar (familiar to Izuku) voice interrupts the two, prompting Kioshi to growl. “Well, I’m sorry to say, but you might have to. I know you’re not deaf, so respect his request and back up.” 


“Who the hell are you?” Kioshi bares his teeth at the newcomer. A blonde beta is dressed as a ninja (ninja vs. pirate!), so the bottom half of his face is covered. He’s wearing almost all black, save for the few designs that’s on the midsection of the top part. Kioshi squints, as he’s sure he can also see a tail swinging back and forth (threateningly) behind the ninja before him. “You know what? Nevermind. Perhaps his ‘claimer’ should keep a better eye on him if they don’t want others to gain interest.” 


What is with this guy?! Izuku suppresses the urge to growl in frustration. It won’t help the situation and might serve to only make Kioshi more aggressive. I hope Ojiro isn’t alone. I don’t need him getting into a one-on-one fight with a jerk like this!


“Claimers.” Ojiro corrects, rolling his eyes. He’s more annoyed than Izuku is used to seeing him. And that’s saying a lot, considering they see each other almost all day, every day. They also happen to share every single class with the same loud, chaotic individuals known as Katsuki Bakugou and his whole group. “As in...more than one.” 


There’s also a bit of sass added to the mix. Lovely. 


“Though that should hardly matter. The fact that Izuku has already requested to be released should be enough for you.” Quicker than Kioshi or Izuku can register, there’s a tail wrapped around Izuku’s midsection. With a harsh pull, Kioshi loses his hold on the omega and Izuku is pulled to Ojiro. 


The beta immediately encases Izuku in his arms, tail wrapping protectively around his waist. Calming pheromones are released as well, an attempt to let Izuku know that everything will be ok and that he doesn’t have to worry about being manhandled by a stranger anymore. 


Automatically, Izuku’s arms are around Ojiro’s tail and he leans down to nuzzle the softness of it. 


This position is so familiar and normally done in a more pleasant setting, so Izuku almost forgets just what’s transpired to get Ojiro in this protective mode. 


“I suppose I should thank you for handing him over so easily.” Ojiro nuzzles the top of Izuku’s head, paying no attention to Kioshi whatsoever even as his previous statement is directed at the other alpha. “Come, let us take our leave-” 


“Hey, wait a moment!” Kioshi snaps out of his stupor only 10 seconds after feeling Izuku leave his grasp. It’s safe to assume (not even assume, if his glare or snarl is anything to go by) that he’s not happy. “Give him back! You had no right to butt in on our business!” 


“Our business?” Ojiro pretends to entertain the thought, and against his better judgement, Izuku giggles at the mock look of thought that passes over Ojiro’s eyes. Ojiro is someone who doesn’t typically show his more snarky side. So when it happens, it’s just so funny and cute not to react. 


“, that didn’t look like ‘our’ business to me. Just looked like you took the opportunity to try and harass my omega. Personally, I think that gives me more than enough right to step in.” 


“Your omega?” Kioshi takes a step forward, unaware of just who’s coming up behind him. It’s rather unfortunate, considering that his hunter is at least four heads taller than he is. “Yeah right, I didn’t smell you on him. You’re just pulling my-” 


“Izuku, Ojiro, is this alpha giving you a problem?” 


Kioshi’s eyes widen as another unknown voice just pops up from somewhere behind him. Will random people just keep out of his business tonight?! For fucks sake, where’s the common decency of the party attendees? 


“Hello, Shouji.” Ojiro bows his head slightly, feeling more secure now that he has someone else here with him. With Izuku in his grasp, he knew that he couldn’t use his arms or legs to defend either of them if Kioshi decided to charge. He might hit Izuku in the process. Not to mention that his tail is currently being used as a cuddle buddy for the still distressed omega in his arms. 


“Hi Shouji-chan.” Izuku chirps, feeling much more comfortable now. He’s not only got one, but two of his pack mates with one. One a beta, while the other is an alpha. He knows he’ll be fine now, so he can just focus on nuzzling Ojiro’s tail (which he loves to do when given the chance). 


Kioshi’s reaction isn’t as pleasant and he quickly whips around to hiss at the newcomer. “Why can’t everyone just mind…?” Kioshi gradually loses his voice (and his confidence) as his eyes meet a firm chest. Tilting his head up, he comes face to face with one of the largest alphas he’s seen. 


Granted, he’s not in one of the heroes courses, he’s in General Ed. For some reason (an obvious reason when analyzed closely) none of the alphas in the class, including himself, even come close to being as big as the one before him. 


And those eyes...fuck! They’re harsh look is more terrifying since Kioshi can only really see the eyes. There’s a mask covering the bottom half of his face, much like Ojiro’s ninja mask. Only it’s not for a costume, it’s for the sole purpose of people not seeing Shouji’s face. Not that Kioshi knows or needs to know that…


He just needs to be scared and that’ll work just fine for Shouji and Ojiro. 


“Let me’re another one of Izuku’s claimers?” Kioshi swallows audibly, but he refuses to be intimidated. Or, at least show that he’s intimidated. He’s an alpha too, so he shouldn’t be feeling threatened by a beta or another alpha. 


Besides, they’re in a public setting. It’s not like the alpha before him is going to risk beating him up and getting in trouble. Maybe if he plays his cards right, he can even turn enough attention to the alpha and slip away with the omega. He’d have to do something about the beta holding him, but that should be pretty easy. 


“I am, yes.” Shouji’s tentacles raise in a threatening manner, the one acting as his mouth coming closer to Kioshi. The alpha sneers in an attempt to msk his discomfort with disgust at the idea that there’s a fucking tentacle in his face. “And the others are scattered around the room, if you’d like to meet all of them?” 


Kioshi puffs his chest out, feeling more than irritated at the tone that Shouji uses. It’s like he’s trying to force Kioshi into submission by scaring him with the concept of angry alphas and betas being all around them. Being ready to swoop in and kick his ass at the snap of a finger. 


Well, Kioshi isn’t scared. If anything, his ego is filling at the chance to show off just how little Shouji is scaring him. 


“You’re all talk. You won’t do anything to me.” Kioshi mocks, once again becoming so engrossed in his own mind that he becomes unaware of his surroundings. 


When Shouji hinted at a possible meeting, that wasn’t a suggestion. Iida and Momo are walking towards them, expressions of clear displeasure and even a bit of genuine anger. Bakugou is being held back by Kirishima, Kaminari, and Jirou, all of whom look very upset. Mina is in the same position as Bakugou, though she has Uraraka, Tsuyu, and Sero holding her back. With the way Hagakure’s clothes are positioned, one can assume that she’s either leaning against Tokoyami or she’s gripping him to hold him back as well. Satou and Kouda are watching the scene with unsettled looks. 


And Shouto? Well...his positioning isn’t revealed until it’s too late. Rather unfortunate for Kioshi, who suddenly finds his feet frozen to the floor. 


“Incorrect.” A freezing cold hand lays itself on Kioshi’s shoulder, chips of frost starting to rain down and cover Kioshi’s costume sleeve. “If there’s anything any of us’s not ‘all talk’. We’re quite comfortably taking action. Especially when our omega is involved.” 


Kioshi’s teeth grit together as a crowd begins to form. It’s pretty difficult to ignore someone getting frozen to the floor. And even if they could, the enticing drama beginning to unfold is too much for some to resist. 


Momo approaches Ojiro and Izuku while Iida continues to walk towards Shouto. He lays a calming hand on the other alpha’s shoulder, a sign that he must calm down. 


“Izuku, what happened?” Momo cups Izuku’s cheek, but makes no motion to take his face away from the comfort of Ojiro’s tail. “Did this alpha hurt you?” 


Izuku shakes his head, nuzzling a bit into Momo’s hand. It’s almost as nice as Ojiro’s tail, if not a bit smoother since it’s skin and not fur. 


“He just touched me when I asked him not to.” Izuku murmurs, omega beginning to whine in pleasure at being touched so soothingly after being handled by a stranger. The quick adjustment from fear to pleased is so sudden that Izuku’s mind is almost mush. “Grabbed me and pulled me close. Touched my butt. Refused to let go…” 


Izuku lists off what Kioshi did, unaware of how the scents that his pack mates give off start to become stronger and stronger. There’s also the undeniable scent of possessiveness and fury mixed in the intense cloud. What makes matters worse is that it’s not just one person releasing this intense smell. It’s a good dozen. 


“How improper.” Iida’s lips curl up, disgusted that someone in UA (of all places) felt like that was an appropriate way to treat someone. Even with Izuku as his omega, even with the knowledge that Izuku is comfortable with his touch, he is constantly on alert. He constantly checks the pheromones Izuku releases to let Iida know whether he’s comfortable or not. He constantly asks just what Izuku is ok going through in terms of being intimate. 


Iida and the other pack members of Class 1-A are constantly in a state of awareness when it comes to Izuku’s limits. And Izuku, the little angel, is no different. That’s how the pack was even formed in the first place. The foundation of trust and affection put into it was built up over time, well earned and well kept. 


“Ojiro, please take Izuku back to our group.” Iida walks over to place a comforting kiss to Izuku’s cheek, a small smile breaking through his stern facade as Izuku giggles and tries to lean towards Iida’s lips. It makes giving the omega another kiss tempting, but Iida has a conflict to defuse right now. Before Kioshi loses patience and says something insulting, leading to Shouto and Momo acting in retaliation. Or, possibly, himself acting in retaliation. 


“Of course.” Ojiro huffs out his own laugh as Momo gives Izuku’s other cheek a kiss as well. Izuku, for his part, doesn’t disappoint and releases another bubbly giggle at the gesture. 


“My turn.” Shouto walks over, gently nudging Momo to the side, and takes Izuku’s chin. His kiss is a bit rougher compared to Momo and Iida’s, though Izuku hardly seems to complain. Like Iida and Momo, he’ll take any and all of the affection that his pack mates offer. 


Everyone has different kissing-styles anyway. So it’s kinda unfair to be doing comparisons here and there. Everyone is unique and does their own thing. That’s that. 


“Everyone! Please divert your attention! I promise we’ll have this student released from his ice-prison shortly! This conversation is private and it would be appreciated if that privacy was respected!” 


Ojiro quickly pushes himself and Izuku out of the crowd as Iida throws himself into being in charge of crowd control. Not that the tailed-hero doubts his alpha,’s gonna get pretty rowdy soon. Likely chance that multiple people in that crowd are going to want to know what was happening to warrant such a reaction from Shouto. Not to mention that, as Class 1-A, anything relating to them is often pried into. 


Classes get curious. Students get nosy. 


Honestly, Ojiro would complain more if Izuku hadn’t told him (and the pack) a million times that curiosity can’t be helped. Plus, the option of saying ‘just leave me alone’ is always on the table. Or calling Bakugou. That second option typically works better and much quicker. 


“What was that guy’s problem?!” Kaminari takes Izuku into his arms when he and Ojiro reach the group. The lightning-user nuzzles his face into Izuku’s messy hair and glares at the still gathered-crowd ahead. “Was he drunk? Did someone sneak in some alcohol?” 


“I doubt the dumbass was drunk.” Bakugou’s muscles untense, an improvement from how he was before. However, since he doesn’t have a track record of being able to remain calm for long periods of time, Kirishima still finds it wise to grip Bakugou’s arm. If the alpha does decide to charge towards Kioshi, at least Kirishima can lengthen the time it’ll take to get to him. “He was probably just trying to push his luck. How many fuckers have done the same thing before?” 


Everyone, except for Izuku (who’s still in his little daze at being surrounded by all the familiar & comforting scents), shakes their head. The answer to Bakugou’s question? Too fucking many. People seriously need new hobbies. 


Class 1-A is a pack. Has been a pack for a fairly long time. The notion that some classes in UA don’t know that is a little concerning, considering there was an announcement and it’s made clear through how Class 1-A acts everyday. Which brings up the next point...all classes know, they just don’t care. 


With Izuku being the only omega in the hero program, already, a smooth ride cannot be expected. Izuku knew it wouldn’t happen, and everyone else in the pack kinda just followed his lead once he explained his reasoning. There was also the case of just Izuku being Izuku. He was sweet, adorable, self-sacrificing, helpful, and just an overall nice person to be aroun. That being said, students from other classes trying to get close to him (or giving him a bit of a hard time because of his omega-hero status) hasn’t been shocking for a long time. 


Cases like this though? Where people pushed way past the limits and tried to be a bit more bold? That was still pretty surprising, considering just how tight knit their pack was. 


“Let’s just try to enjoy the rest of the night.” Uraraka releases Mina’s arm as the beta gently pries Izuku out of Kaminari’s arms. She gets her own hug in as Uraraka gazes at where most of the crowd had begun to disperse. Admittedly, it would’ve been pretty funny to watch that other alpha get cut down by their own head alpha. In front of a crowd, no less. 


Was that mean? Yep. Petty? Sure was. But it still would’ve been funny. Not to mention that the asshole totally would’ve deserved it. Even if the person he was harassing wasn’t Izuku, someone would intervene (most likely Izuku himself). Because let’s be honest with ourselves...touching and handling someone like he was handling Izuku is not ok. You do that in public, you might get the cops called on your for harassment or attempted sexual assault. 


We did him a favor. Uraraka concludes as she faces her pack mates, laughing along with everyone as Bakugou roughly grabs Izuku to stick his face into the omega’s neck. Better he learn the consequences in a school environment and not in the real world.


At least, that’s what it seemed like to Uraraka. A beta who was in a safe zone, away from any chaos in the room. For Kioshi, who was currently facing four angry alphas (Iida, Momo, Shouto, and Shouji)...there was a small wish for dealing with police. The police were mostly adults who had less scary and less handsy ways of dealing with pushy teenagers. 


The alphas in front of him? That didn’t appear to be the case, and...oh my god…


Did that dude’s fangs just fucking glow?!


Yep, Kioshi’s night started out pretty nice. Got to enjoy a Halloween party with his friends. Got to enjoy the great snacks and drinks. Got to meet a very pretty omega. Got to hold a very pretty omega. Now? 


Now, he was cornered by said omegas' alphas. All of whom looked ready to rip his hands off. Great way to end the night. 


Happy Halloween to him!