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fireworks and new memories

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The fireworks cracked overhead, and Marty smiled. Shadyside's Fourth of July celebrations were well underway, and his friends had all dispersed throughout the large park as they watched.

"Hey." Andi smiled at him, her red, white and blue headband glimmering in the dim evening light. She shifted her weight, before responding. "Hey. I can't believe it's already the fourth of July!"

Marty smiled, his focus turning back to the display. "Yeah." He said, his eyes watching the display as more fireworks cracked overhead. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he smiled as he pulled it out, Buffy's name popping up. 

slayer: do you want cotton candy?? cy accidentally bought a huge ass bag of it and now he's trying to pawn it off on me 😂😂
me: ye sure. where are you guys?
slayer: I?? have?? no?? idea???? wait lemme ask him real quick
slayer: he says we're at the north entrance. i'll find you dw
me: ok bye love you
slayer: love you


"I can't see anything!" Andi's voice made Marty turn around and look at her. Andi was pouting, her arms crossed over her chest as she stood on her tippy toes, trying to see through the massive crowd.

The fireworks display had started around ten minutes ago, and Marty loved seeing the different colors exploding in the sky and how excited the people around him would get.

He raised an eyebrow at her before speaking.

"Do you want a piggyback ride?"

"What?" Andi's eyes met his, and he stifled a laugh at her confused face. He spoke again.

"Since you can't see through the crowd, and I'm taller than you, I can give you a piggyback ride so you can see the fireworks. Do you want me to?"

Andi looked at him for a moment before nodding her head. Marty smiled at her, kneeling down so she could climb up onto his back, before standing up and adjusting how her legs wrapped around his waist.

"Can you see?" He asked and Andi replied. "Yeah. Holy shit look at how purple that one is!"

He looked up at the sky, a wide smile forming on his face as the firework exploded. "I love the fourth of July so much." Andi mumbled, and Marty smiled. "The fireworks are amazing, and all the food? The best part in my opinion!"

Marty laughed at her words, the sky filling with color as more fireworks cracked overhead. "What was the first firework show you ever saw?" Andi's question made him pause for a moment, his grip on Andi's legs tightening as he made sure that she was balanced. "I think it was on some old kids show. Who's Who? Something like that. My parents aren't really going out to watch firework displays people."

"Oh my god." Andi said, her arms loosening around his neck. "I remember that show. It was the best!"

Marty laughed, before responding." Really? Buffy doesn't remember that show at all. Everytime I try to bring it up to her, she's so confused."

Andi laughed as well, her arms tightening as she pulled herself up, so she sat more comfortably on his back. "What was your favorite episode?"

Marty scoffed lightly before responding with a smile. "Probably the track episode. I think that's what made me want to be a runner honestly."

"Yeah," Andi hummed softly. "I loved the modern artist episode. I think I made Cece and Pops record that for me like eight times."

"They're your grandparents right? The ones who stopped that party you had, what, a year ago?"

"You remember that?"

"Yeah. You invited literally everyone to that party. It was awesome."

"Thanks." Andi's voice softened as she turned her attention back to the sky.

Marty looked down at his watch, one hand carefully letting go of Andi's leg as he checked the time. "Hey can you see Buffy and Cyrus? They said they'd be here by now."

Andi hummed under her breath as she looked around the busy park. "I think I see them over there!" She pointed towards a small clump of people who were walking in their direction.

Marty smiled, his grip on Andi's legs tightening, as he turned around, so that she can wave the other two over.

"Buff! Cy!" She yelled over the noisy crowd, and the two of them jogged over to where Andi and Marty were, Jonah lazily walking behind them.

"Hey." Buffy said, raising an eyebrow at Andi's position on Marty's back. Andi smiled at her, before releasing her legs from Marty's waist and sliding down until her feet reached the ground.

"Thanks for letting me see over the crowd Marty." Andi said with a smile, he smiled back at her, Buffy's fingers interlocking with his as she passed him one of the bags of cotton candy. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he handed the bag back to Buffy so he could check it.

andi: you make her really happy. like really really happy. not many people do that.
me: yeah?
andi: yeah 😊

Marty turned to look at Andi, a soft smile forming on his face as she smiled back, Jonah's jacket wrapped around her waist. He smiled back at her, before responding.

me: wanna do a rewatch of Who's Who with me?
andi: hell yeah!!

They shared a look, and Buffy raised an eyebrow at the two of them.

"What happened?" She asked. 

"Nothing." They said at the same time before bursting out into laughter. They were going to be great friends, Marty decided as he wrapped his arm around Buffy.