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Barbara Gordon does Lucifer Morningstar

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Barbara left her father a brief text, explaining that she's going out with a friend, and not to wait up.

Jim doesn't mind, he's feeling tipsy and nothing can bother him right now. He guesses she's going out with one of the guys she danced with, all of whom seemed respectable.

Lucifer walked her to his little black Corvette, and he held the door as she climbed in.

"Nice car," she smiled.

"You'd best buckle up, I enjoy going faster than most."

"I'm used to riding fast in high-end cars," Barbara grinned knowingly, "I've been in some amazingly advanced vehicles, they're very exciting, I also enjoy riding motorcycles, too."

"Oh really, you're rather surprising, I wouldn't  have taken you for a lover of excitement."

"Oh, I live for excitement, gymnastics, karate, mixed martial arts, wall climbing; I love it. I like the unpredictable feeling."

"You're becoming more interesting by the moment, Miss Barbara Gordon, indeed!"

With that, ensuring she was belted in, Lucifer hit the gas as Barbara squealed with delight as they sped off into the night.

At his hotel suite, Lucifer asked if she'd like a drink, and poured out a pair of bourbons.

Barbara swirled her glass and took a sniff. "Hm, smells tantalizing... I get the scent of, hm, let's see... vanilla... and caramel," she sipped slowly, "Wow, it's so smooth."

"You have an excellent nose for bourbon, here, come relax and enjoy it on the sofa with me."

Barbara sat near enough to be up against his side and wiggled closer.

Lucifer put down his glass and studied her.

She was full of surprises, beautiful, but not vain.

And there was something that made him want to kiss her.

He put his hand on her cheek, stroking the side of her face, as he did she blissfully closed her eyes and drank it in. He was so damn sexy!

"What are you waiting for, I'm right here..." she murmured.

Permission granted, he leaned over and kissed her, gently at first testing the waters, then as she responded kissed her more firmly and soon she opened her lips and licked his, asking to enter.

Their drinks went forgotten as they continued to kiss and hold each other. Barbara moaned softly pulling him closer.

Saucy little thing, he thought.

Very saucy!